Friday, July 27, 2012

The blame game

Once upon a time in a village was a farmer who had a goat. He used to take the goat to the farm everyday and tie to a nearby tree and go for his work. One fine day it so happened that the farmer tied the goat to the same tree and went for his work. He had also placed his lunch box near the tree. There was a monkey on the same tree which had observed this routine from a long time. Once the farmer had left from there it went down and took the lunch box. It ate all the curd rice that was in the box. Since the goat was tied to the tree it couldn't help to avoid the monkey from taking the box. After eating the monkey smeared some of the curdrice to the mouth of the goat and went back on the tree top. When the farmer came back he saw that the box was empty and the bits of curdrice on the goat's mouth. He assumed that the goat had eaten the lunch and punished it.

Probably some of you might have listened to this story earlier. The wicked monkey put the blame of its theft on the poor goat by which it ended up on the receiving end of the farmer's rage. I am sure that you might be thinking back those incidents when you were in the place of the scape-goat due to a similar blame-game. In today's busy world everyone is so much engulped in work that twenty fours of a day are insufficient for any person to complete all the work that is assigned to him/her. At the same time one doesn't want to reject the work that comes towards him/her inspite of shortage of resources because every new work is regarded as new opportunities for growth. But when it comes to the failure in performing the work not everyone is ready to accept the responsibility for the same. That is when starts the game of excuses and the blame game. Obviously no one wants to be at the receiving end of the wrath of the authorities. Probably the fear of this is what drives one to enter the blame game. Its a vicious circle which once entered just doesn't allow you to come out of. The blame game continues until the last person doesn't find the next shoulder to transfer the blame on. All I feel is that it just takes away major chunk of your precious time of life.

No wonder that its an impulse to blame that is difficult to avoid sometimes. If you ever blame you don't have to take it too much into heart and feel guilty if you decide to correct the situation. Just explain to the team and person as to why you think so and apologise if the other person felt offended. Plan immediately as to how all of you can collectively get together to solve the pending tasks. Ever if you are on the receiving end of the blame don't allow your anger to block your mind. Just keep your smile on and do the same task of planning to complete the work. This itself will make the other person to take back the blame. At the end of our lives neither will we remember the blame we got or whom we blamed. Lets have sweet memories to cherish forever.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

People and Planes

Have you ever noticed a conversation between a senior citizen and a young kindergarten child? On one side there is one who is just born to witness the new world and on the other side is the one who has seen probably most of the world by age. Still the communication happens at the plane where both of them are common and that is at the level of the kid. Have you got a chance to be a part of discussions among employees and among employers separately. If you have had such a chance you would have clearly understood the plane at which discussions are held at these two levels. I am just trying to give you a glimpse of what are the different planes of thoughts that the same human being can be a part of. The same senior citizen about whom I talked about in the beginning might be even included in the discussions among employees and employers but the plane of thoughts would be entirely different in each of the three cases.

I am not talking about the different types of communication that happens with different set of people here. I am trying to focus on the psychology that sets the thought process in our mind to run at different altitudes based on our experience and the exposure we are exposed to. People who have read a lot of books, who have interacted with lots of people and who have travelled around lots of places as prescribed by Swami Vivekananda generally tend to have a vast experience in their pocket. The prime reason for them to have put in extra efforts in reading, interacting and travelling a lot is that they want to reach the depth of understanding of every possible thing. These are the kind of people who want to collect as much data as possible to analyse the existing facts so that they can plan well to construct better future for the society. If you observe such people they generally don't have time to gossip around and for non-reproductive work. Even just a 5-minute talk with them can make you understand the level at which they think. They wouldn't be worried about petty problems of paying monthly bills, ego clashes with neighbours or colleagues and so on which are the general daily issues of a common man. The most difficult and profound concepts of human behaviour and global happenings will be the general topics of discussion in such high plane thinking minds. I have tried to touch the extremes of planes of thoughts, talks, discussions between that of a common man and a visionary. I am sure you can guess the
different planes that exist between these two extremes in which we wander through with different people.

A final reminder that I would like to pass on is that whenever there is a difference in the planes of wisdom between two people there is always an argument rather than a fruitful discussion. Just make sure that if you ever get into such a scenario, if you are on the lower plane try to learn and understand from the wiser person whereas on the other hand if you are the wiser of the two try to clearly explain with examples and annotations to the other person and help him/her to rise his/her levels of perception without allowing your impatience or ego to come in between. Happy discussing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lessons from life form life

Life is filled with series of episodes where every episode has one or the other lesson to teach us. It's upto us whether we take those lessons or not but certain incidents are formed so perfectly that we derive philosophies out of them for our future. We frame rules based on these experiences and start applying the same rule for future experiences of our life. This is what I mean when I say 'lessons from life form life'. When two different people undergo the same experience their derivation of a philosophy out of the same kind of experience can be totally different. This will differ based on the intellect of the two people, their attitude, previous encounters with them, the family and surroundings around them during their upbringing and lot of other factors. Hence it is quite possible that these two people frame different kinds of philosophies out of the same experience and follow it in future. However a question arises as to which of these philosophies is right.

No philosophy is right, no philosophy is wrong. Everyone has the absolute right to define his/her own definitions for different feelings, emotions and similary experiences and that is the right which is often exercised to the fullest. Some might agree with the philosophies that you have formed while some might not. Similarly you might agree with someone's philosophies but not with those of the others. Though we know that the philosophies and lessons formed out of life by different people are different still their are some common philosphies that have been concluded by masses and have a global acceptance. These are the kind of lessons and philosophies that enter great books, your text books and the constitutions. Initially in our childhood we set one particular philosphy, the moment there is a situation where this doesn't work we frame a new modified version of the philosphy. With one more new experience where even this fails again we come up with the second version of it. This process continues in everyone's life as encounters with different people and different situations keep increasing. Let me tell you friends that this is a never ending process.

I would like to convey an important philosophy that I came up with which is to keep learning from everyone's philosophies. Learn all but apply the one that suits a situation. There is no point in debating or arguing as to whose philosophy is good or whose is bad. It might just end up in wasted efforts, energy and time. Listen to perceptions of different people and you will be easily able to find out the expertise level that the other person has in comparison with that of yours based on the latest modified version of his/her philosophy.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


One more strong reinforcement happened yet again during the bodybuilding time in the gym today. The importance of a trainer or a training partner with you during your work or workout is a great asset that you shouldn't miss out on. Probably a team member is quite different from a partner. In a team the tasks are generally divided and different members execute different tasks to accomplish a common goal but a partner is one who will do the same work with you. Especially in bodybuilding the importance of a training partner cannot be overseen. A simple example to state how powerful and important the word 'partner' is that of a marriage wherein the couple are called as partners because they will be sharing every act of life. Business partners is a more closer set than business associates.

While I was working out today, halfway through the workout I started feeling like almost I had lost all my energy. My palms and fingers couldn't hold the dumbles or barbells for long. I felt as if I couldn't complete even my regular number of repetitions. At this exact time came my trainer whom I would like to refer here as partner because a trainer is one who trains you on how to perform certain activity and you're left to practise on your own but a partner is one who will join hands with you in the work. My trainer provided the right support throughout my second half of the workout for bisceps and helped me complete the workout. This last point is the most important. A trainer might just train you and will teach you how to learn from failures and succeed but only a partner will make sure to support your lack of strength and help you accomplish the work within the right time. That's why I regard a partner different from a trainer. No doubt that a trainer's role is also very important on which I don't have any doubts but I want to stress here the importance of having a partner in your work to just make sure that both of you complement each other whenever one falls short of strength and make sure that the work is completed within the given time.

Perhaps it may not be possible to have a partner always in all our work but if there is a chance to have a partner then don't miss him/her. Some of them have this opinion that they need to do everything on their own single-handed and do not want to rely on anyone else. This learning is also very important. Make sure that you learn to do everything by yourself but it may not be same situation always. Certain times demand help and at that time don't have any ego to take the support from a partner because the completion of work within the given time is always a higher priority.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Care for those who care for you

No beating around the bush, let me come straight to the point. Care for those who care for you. This world is filled up with seven hundred crore plus population but the world that belongs to you will be of those people who care for you only. I am not against any kind of service that should be contributed towards the society irrespective of whether we get returns out of it or not. It must be done. When the word service comes, immediately you can be very sure that you can't expect anything from the other side. Be prepared for this at the beginning itself. But when it comes to expectations between people who surround us everyday be very cautious enough to know as to how much to expect out of whom.

Our family comes the first in this regard who bestow upon us the utmost care and its your duty in return to provide the highest care for you family that supports you day in and day out. Next comes those close knit of friends who have spent sufficient time with you and a very cordial relationship exists between you and your friends. Let me reveal the bitter truth that this group of friends between whom the mutual care will be the highest probably whom you can refer as the best of the friends cannot be more than fifteen to twenty. In most of the cases it doesn't even cross single digit. When I say friends in this regard definitely I don't refer to those hundreds of friends that you have on your facebook friendlist. The next circle is that of the official arena of colleagues. You can be lucky enough to find some really genuine friends who really care for you in this set. If you find some, do care for them also. The final set of people are the so called 'just friends' or the 'hi-bye' type of friends. Sometimes some of us are so open hearted that we give our best care and concern to almost everyone who meet us. We belong to that set of fortunate children of God who can smile at anyone who comes in front of our eyes. We are those extraordinary people who can make anyone feel that they are very special to us with hundred percent genuinity. We are those amazing human beings with a lovely heart who can't stand hurting anyone even by a mere sigh. We belong to those committed individuals category who will live upto every expectation that of the other person has from us whether he/she belongs to our family or friends or just another human. Feel proud if you belong to the above fantastic set of souls on this planet.

But the cruel truth is that not all people on the earth are the same as you my dear reader. World is filled with all types of people. Some who just want to take advantage of your genuinity, some who can't tolerate your happiness quotient, some who can't see you being appreciated, some who take pleasure in just hurting you and so on. Just remember one thing - "When people falter your expectations continuously, just know that they are not going to last for long in your life". This was a learning passed on by a business giant to his relative who shared it with my mentor who taught me the same. So remember friends, whenever you are caring for someone other than the family and the best friends, be aware about how much is given back also. There's no point in showering your entire care on someone who doesn't know the value of it. Your caring for a non-deserving person is your denial of care for a more deserving person. Use your care with extreme care.
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clarity, Definition, Transparency

When you are travelling along a highway to a far off distance its so important to have a clear idea of the path that you will traverse and also the transparency of the glass so that you can have a clear vision of the road ahead. Likewise in life its very important that we should be aware about how clear and well-defined our goals, dreams and visions are. If the driver doesn't know the exact destination and the exact path to reach the destination but only knows an approximation of where the destination is and a rough plan of road to reach the destination, even then the driver can find a route and reach the destination also but the extra time and energy spent in due course will be an extra expenditure. This extra can be small or big depending upon the lack of clarity and definition. However small it is, it is definitely going to cost the driver.

Everyone of us are sailing through the happenings of life day by day with some plan in mind. Some of them have just handed over the control to the circumstances around them and are under the misconception that fate will take care of them. I feel really sorry for such people. I would like to quote a very famous quote of Sri. Dhiru Bhai Ambani here which goes like this - "If you don't work to build your dreams, others will use you to build their's". Proabably this is the case with most of the people in today's world. That is why it is utmost essential for one to know the clear direction along which he/she wants to take his/her life in. Most of us have some plan or vision in our mind towards which we struggle day in and day out. But I want to stress upon the point about how clear and well-defined this goal is set in the mind. How clear are we about the path that will lead us to the dream in our minds? How transparent is the glass of imagination in our mind about our future? are some of the questions that I want my dear reader to think about and ponder over for an answer.

Let me make it very clear dear friends that we have a life of fixed time limit and we don't have eternal time to experiment and traverse every other path to reach our goal. Every extra minute spent and every extra thought invested on a disorganised plan is a second and a thought energy lost which could help us reach our goal earlier with an organised plan. A clearly defined vision and perfect structured plan of work can help us really save lots of time and mental energy and help us accomplish more and more. Start defining your goal and plan for future right now........
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Slightly hatke

A very slight minute change in the normal routine can just surprise the human mind in such a way that it can almost take away a day long thinking time of a person. Just yesterday it so happened that one of my very best friends sent me a mail with nothing written except for the subject and that too the subject was a question about my phone. As I didn't know that it was a blank mail, the moment I saw the mail from her with this subject I opened it and was scrolling up and down to search for the content in the mail. After good amount of scanning I realised that there was no content at all in the mail. This kept me wondering! I was thinking all day as to 'why did she ask this question?', 'why was this question sent in a mail?' and that too 'why was this question put in the subject itself without having any content?'. I was trying to figure out all day the reason behind this mail. If it was just for an information she could have asked me over a message or a phone call or a ping on chat but why did she send such a no-content-only-subject mail? was running in mind all day long for which I couldn't find an answer. After much thinking I gave up to reason out myself and asked her directly. Then I found out that she just needed an information about it and as I was offline at that time she just sent out a mail as she used to in her office for short mails which didn't require explanation but just the subject was enough. It was as simple as this.

That is when it flashed to my mind that how a simple change in style of asking for an information could attract so much of my mental energy and thinking time. This is what I call as 'slightly hatke'. Just think about it pals, we are often bored of doing the same old things that we do everyday in the same old fashioned way. Everything that follows a certain pattern starts getting boring after sometime. Even if its not getting boring atleast the surprise element is lost in that activity. People will seldom recognise you when you're doing the same activity as they think you do. You won't be able to attract one's attention unless there is some different style attached to the same work of yours. Forget attracting others' attention, we ourselves start losing interest when the work gets monotonous and there's nothing new or different style associated with it. Probably this is the main reason today why students are losing interest in studies, employees are losing interest in their jobs, players are losing interest in their sports and so on and so forth. Talking about sports the IPL was a big hit just because it was slightly hatke from the normal form of cricket. It was shorter than the one-dayers. It had the concept of super over in case of a tie. It had dance for fours and sixes. Though the same cricket players played the same cricket with the same international rules, few additions here and there and the slightly hatke style of aggresive cricketing caught the interest of all the people.

So the moral of this experience for me is to be slightly hatke in style whenever you are doing the same old fashioned work. Try out something new which can spice up your everyday routine. Try adding a cinematic dialogue in your conversations for sometime. When you start feeling bored about that after sometime try out some shayaris in between your conversations. Keep innovating. I gave an example of conversation because I am an ace converser. I converse with everyone I meet, even if its just for two minutes in an elevator, an elevator pitch you see! Keep sharing your feedback on

Maintain distance

The world is in itself a family and all of us belong to that. All of us have to gel with each other and cooperate to make the world a happy place to dwell in. Humans should not allow their ego to come in between relationships and make the best use of different talents of different people to yield the best positive results to the team. Every moment of our life we keep interacting with one or the other person either directly or indirectly as man is a social being. During these interactions our relationship grows to different extents with different people. So what is the extent to which another person can interact with us or to what extent can we take the other person for granted is dependent on the distance that's maintained between us.

In case of a stranger, the distance is just infinite because neither you nor the stranger interact with each other. In case of parents or spouse, I feel its the shortest distance that can be maintained in life which tends to zero. In case of relatives, friends and colleagues this distance between you and them takes different sizes. Its very important for us to understand that we can't be close to everyone like that of a family. So there should be some extent of limitation for any kind of relationship outside family. Neither can you take anyone for granted nor should you allow anyone to take you for granted. Always keep your mind clear enough to recognise when either of you are crossing the boundaries. In case of any relationship it is necessary for you to clearly understand what is the respect and dignity that needs to be exchanged between the two of you. Sometimes either we get too harsh to enter the personal space of someone else or on the other hand we become too modest to allow the other person to intrude into our personal space. Just make sure that you alert yourself when you get into any of these scenarios. If its the first case, please don't have the ego to apologise to the other person for stepping a bit extra and if its the second case, inform the other person in gentle words that he/she is crossing his/her limits. Else the relationship is going to ruin one step ahead for sure.

I wanted to narrate some personal experiences in this blog but have avoided it only because my reader shouldn't get influenced by them. Everyone has self-respect and love for one's own interests in this world. At anytime a comment on it by an outsider always hurts. I feel in this world people are killed more by words rather than bombs or swords or guns. Let's spread smile and sweet feelings all around us by maintaining proper distance. Please feel free to share your feedback on

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A day to start with

As I start off my blogging in the morning itself today I feel that today is a bit different than other days. I am feeling sad on one side that I missed my gym today but on the other side I am atleast content that I have used the same time to write my blog. Seeing the positive side of anything is very important else you might just end up in the pit of guilt from which it is hard to come out. But as I just glance through the imagination as to what all I would be doing today it all seems covered up with lot of stuff. Very important for me would be to make sure that my priorities are addressed in the right order throughout the next sixteen hours. That's why I named this blog as 'a day to start with'.

Amidst so many work that is clogging our mind, we seldom get time to visualise something that will happen in future. Most of the times either we are busy contemplating what happened in the past and why it happened or our brain is completely busy in completing the present task at hand. Friends! just give ten minutes early morning even before you think that your day has started to just visualise as to how you want this day of yours to be. Just try to imagine yourself smiling all the day, making people feel good, completing lot of tasks without any tension and be lively and energetic all through the day. You can set the set of values that you will be following today no matter what happens. You might just decide to be helpful to anyone you find who is in need of help. You can easily plan the duration of time that will be required to complete any major work. More than that when the mind is free in the early morning and trying to search for a clear plan, all those tasks that seek your highest attention come on your mind immediately. Make sure that you're just putting all those thoughts into a neat To-Do list so that your mind doesn't have to worry as to what to do next when it is engulped in confusion. You can even list out the people with whom you would want to connect either through internet or phone or a personal meeting. Even that person will feel happy that you planned to sync up with him/her. Let's spread happiness folks!!!!!

The biggest advantage of this ten minutes of thought-process early morning before you start your day is that your day will get organised to the best perfection level. I can challenge you that most of the times we can't remember what have we done on most of the days. All of them seem similar rather same and there would be no special moments to remember a day barring a very few exceptions of occasions of celebrations. Why not strive to make everyday a memorable one only if you can plan in those early ten minutes of the day as to what you
would be doing today to make s
ure that this day remains in your memories forever!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lesson a day

Its so obvious that most of the times we just sail through the series of our daily activities. Sometimes I just wonder how the subconscious mind of ours is so well programmed that we do the same routine set of activities everyday without getting bored even an inch about it. Amidst our busy schedule and the number of commitments that we need to cater to, are we able to devote sufficient time to introspect is my doubt. With most of us when we turn back and see life we fail to see what we did in days, we always see what happened in a year.

Introspection provides such a clear picture of our daily work so well that we can learn a lot from it. We can improve upon the right things and at the same time learn to avoid the mistakes that we made. Most important of all our daily acitivity is a clear reflection of our values, priorities and goals in life. This will provide the necessary feedback to correct ourselves to be better tomorrow than what we are today. In my daily habit of blogging, I keep searching for hints in my entire day so that I can share a valuable lesson with my beloved readers. I can for sure find a new lesson everyday because I have committed myself to learn something new on a daily basis and to share it with my friends. Today when I was looking through the flashback of my thoughts I was unable to find a very major lesson but still pondered over what's the learning for today that I can share with my pals and the lesson that we should learn a lesson from everyday struck my mind and that is what I have shared here today.

Search for an opportunity to learn something extra everyday. Be it a new word, be it a new information, be it a new wise lesson but make sure that you are atleast one step better today than what you were yesterday. Growth is the other name for life. The nature takes care of our physical growth, time takes care of our age growth, let us take care of our mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Willing to read your views on this blog on

Monday, July 16, 2012

Walk Jog Run Sprint Bolt

This was a quote on a T-shirt that I observed in the gym. Initially at the first reading I couldn't understand it then I realised that these were the measures of our pace of movement and in that category Usain Bolt had achieved so much that his name was also included in the measuring scale metrics. For the benefit of my dear reader I would like to let you know that Usain Bolt has been one of the fastest men on this earth winning many competitions in running sports. You normally jog faster than you walk, you run faster than you jog, you sprint faster than you run and if you are ahead of the speed of sprint then you are in the Bolt category. This is what the title symbolizes.

While thinking about this topic I just saw around how lethargic the world was. People are walking slowly, someone is sipping the coffee at the rate of 20 seconds per sip, some are working so patiently that the work itself would get bored to be completed. Just observe the scene around you friends. You can see how slow things are moving. The construction projects taken up by government take years to get complete, the plans set up for development of the common man take ages to get implemented and so on and so forth. Infact when I observe myself when there is no pressure I just take all the time in the world to finish the task. Have you been through those fabulous experiences of having delicious lunch for more than an hour? If you can just collect all these scenes in your mind together and press the fast forward button you can watch how funny it would be. No wonder on the other hand that the tasks would get over so soon that you would have enough time left to rejoice other things of life. I agree that there are certain moments that we must savour with the highest patience and time but for all other things I think having pace is a good advantage.

Just remember friends, that we we don't have time for eternal with us. All of us have limited amount of time vested into our life by the Almighty. How much we make use of it is what counts at the end of the life. Every second that you give extra to a task is your denial of that extra second to another task. If you can walk a bit faster to save few seconds, if you can read a bit faster to save few minutes, if you can work a bit faster to save few hours, if you can think to plan a bit faster to save few days probably you would end up saving few extra years of your life which can be invested in a lot of other productive activities. Your time starts now!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The birth of Talent

It has been a question on mind right from childhood as to why different people have different talents and varied skill levels in those respective talents. Everyone of us are born as babies emptyhanded. A poet is not born with a pen in his hand, a cricketer is not born with a bat in his hand, a painter is not born with a brush in his hand, a singer is not born with a mike in her hand. Still we see that some excel in sports, some in arts, some in science. I keep wondering sometimes as to how a child develops a talent of his/her own in the process of growing. Today while I was teaching my younger brother about painting, probably I saw the birth of the talent of painting in him which I want to share in this blog of mine.

As everyone of us know that be it any talent, no one is a master of it right at the beginning. Only he becomes a master of the talent who works as a slave of his persistent interest and commiment to the talent. At the beginning stage, any person develops an interest towards a talent due to various reasons. May be an inspiration from a role model in the same field or a chance to try out the talent accidentally or a force by parents or teachers to work on the talent for the sake of grades. Whatever the reason might be the amateur gets in touch with the talent. The talent is not born even at that time. It is just getting ready to take a part of life of the amateur. The moment the fresher to the talent starts enjoying the refreshening feeling that the talent generates in his heart is the time the talent is born. The talent is born inside the man himself. The young boy matures into a man to safeguard and develop this talent of his. This scenario is quite similar to the situation wherein a gorgeous girl impresses the teenage boy and the wink of her eyelashes blossoms the love in the heart of the lover. As this love fills the life of the lover so does the talent starts to encompass the artist.

Thus the talent starts evolving with every practice in the mind and body of the human. More the interest, more the passion, more the commitment, more the practice, more the talent growth happens just like how a child grows into a beautiful lady with great care and nourishment. Every man gets a chance to try out his hand at different talents but he chooses to give birth to which he is attracted more. Perhaps only God can explain the reason for this attraction and why different people are attracted towards different talents. I just feel its similar to how different people are attracted towards different people of the opposite gender. At the end of the day all that counts is how well one takes care of the talent that is born inside. I request my dear reader to recognise the talent that is born within and nourish it well to present it as a gift to this world.

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The Right Time

Knowledge is in abundance around us. Lessons are in million numbers. Theories and agendas are running pages together in books lying in the libraries. Immemse wisdom circulates through the brains of highly intellectual people whom we are surrounded with. Stories of rags to riches and solutions for all problems in the world are printed and picturised in movies. Yet not even a single person on this earth knows every lesson of life or every solution to a problem. The reason is not just because the information world is vast. The reason is also that the discovery of a solution happens only when the person faces the problem.

'Necessity is the mother of all inventions'. This quote is so famous that even a school going child knows this. The reason for every invention that has happened was the necessity of it that demanded the invention to happen. Bringing this concept at the individualistic level, everyone of us learn new lessons and find solutions to problems only when we require it. It all happens at the right time. Sometimes we feel that we know the answers for certain questions posed by life but later we realise how cliched our answers were when we really face these questions in life. Very few among us actually put an effort to learn solutions even before the problem occurs. Most of us search for solutions only when the problem occurs. Probably this is the law of nature as the first statement of this paragraph says. I am not inclined towards whether you find the solution before or at the time of the problem because I believe in either case solution works only when the problem occurs. Therefore I am fine as long as you find the solution.

Its always necessary as human beings that we grow in our wisdom and intellect day by day. But we know that this growth happens only when we start learning new lessons and solutions to new problems. New questions and problems arise only when you start venturing into new activities and new information. Hence I would recommend my dear reader to expand your horizons of learning and increase your areas of interest so that you get a chance to learn as much as possible and also exercise your skills in every direction because we know that the learning will happen at the right time when you encounter the situation that demands.
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's make things happen

With the advance of technology and science the world is just getting into more chaos than getting streamlined. Certain aspects are getting easy while having their negative impact on other merits. A very simple example for this is more and more people are surrendering to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure just because they are using easier means of commutation and daily work because of which they are unable exercise their body. Not just at an individualistic level even at the global level things are not happening in a smooth manner. Most of the population is confused between what to prioritise in life. In this confusion of life people are failing to recognise the consequences of their ignorance and negligence. Many of them are lost in finding the solutions to their own life problems. So a very of few of them are left to strive to make this globe  a better place to live in. Amidst the ongoing politics, cold wars, terrorism, natural calamities people are finding it difficult to escape from the tough challenges posed by the society. Man today is trying to just safeguard himself than thinking about how he could be the reason to release other man of the fear of security. Though people have lost faith in finding good happening around them either in relationships or business or in the society few great leaders have evolved to restore this faith in the masses. I would like to salute some of these living legends namely Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve jobs, Warren Buffet and many of them who have just not made it big in business but also have taught the world how the business success can be utilised for the betterment of the society and the planet.

I would like to urge my dear reader to come out of complacency and the disbelief that this country or the planet can't get any better. Its time for people like us to take action. Being educated we can clearly understand the problems that have been eating our society and think of solutions for the same. I don't expect a college going student to go and donate millions for the upliftment of the poor. I ask not just the youth but the entire population of common man 'What is that stopping us from coming out of our comfort zone to make a difference in this world?' Let me assure you friends that the leaders and visionaries are very few in numbers on this earth. More than 99.99% of the global population is the common man category who has just assumed that a common man can make no difference to the world. If this huge population is sitting silent and ignorant of the ongoing events then definitely its difficult to see a better future even if hundred extra Bill Gates or Steve Jobs arose. I being a common man would like to ask my reader who is a fellow common man that if all the common men got together towards a vision of seeing a beautiful future for our next generation would it be impossible? Definitely not! Let's take up small initiatives to make things happen instead of waiting for someone to rise to the position of a leader and then lead us. Let's spread the message of peace, cleanliness, love, trust, respect and leadership in everyone around us. Let's look for opportunities where in we can contribute our little bit towards the betterment of the society and the globe.

A simple act of ours to donate a meal to a needy person can reduce the hunger quotient of this world. If students in a class can just contribute one rupee each, it could buy the text books for a poor kid. If we stop throwing waste around and educate the people around us also to do the same, it can reduce the infections and diseases and increase the rate of healthier earth. If we just stop complaining about the bad qualities of a person and start appreciating the good in everyone, it will spread the thoughts of positivity throughout the universe. If everyone of us can just keep smiling always at each other it can reduce the more than ninety percent of ego clashes, emotional and health disorders. If we just shared our knowledge and wisdom with people around us, I am damn sure that this world will have a fairly high intellectual population. I have shared my message with you beloved reader and I believe you will help me to pass on this message to more of them out there.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Refocus Reorient Resurge

Focus, orientation and the surge towards your goals, dreams and ambitions are what make them come into reality. In front of the random situations that come before us and block our path we humans are too weak sometimes to fight against the odds. All the goals and dreams fade away under the shadow of the confusion eating our mental energy. Knowing that we have to do our regular work we miss it in the thought of finding the right solution for the question running in the mind. Atleast if the issue resolves on a positive note, you can be happy to get back to your work but when the issue tears your soul apart and breaks you down completely it is just damn difficult to get out of it. But remember friends, one who fights this fight of resurgence is the one who comes back stronger. I remember the incident in the life of the bodybuilding idol Arnold Shwarzenegger when he was in love with a girl and when he wanted to go to America to enter Hollywood, she was not willing to accompany him. Arnold describes in his book 'The Education of a bodybuilder' that at that point of time he was completely torn between love and his ambitions. Though Arnold spent sometime crying over the issue he had to finally decide to refocus, reorient and resurge towards his goals in life and he did the same. As a result of this comeback power he went on to conquer not just the hollywood but the hearts of millions of Americans. Likewise even I faced certain challenges of similar kind which just pulled me out of my regular workouts. Its been almost four days since I went to gym. Really disappointed with myself in this regard. Thanks to my mentor who helped me to overcome the tough situation with his wisdom-filled lessons. It was hard to accept the truth but there was no other way. A strangling feeling deepened inside but time always has the solutions. As time passed I could gather myself up back and once again refocus, reorient and resurge towards my dreams.

Folks! time and again distractions, problems, confusions etc might just put you to a halt and trouble your mind and soul. Just remember one thing that time will pass. Good and bad times shall prevail for sometime always. Life is itself designed in such a pattern of highs and lows. When the problem is eating up your mental and emotional energies probably you won't be able to cater to your physical self also. You might just get lost in the distress that the problem induces. No matter how much ever wishful we are to win over the problem, sometimes the fate takes the winning side and we can do nothing about it. Just believe that God has planned it all. Just keep the belief in yourself that something better is going to come. Don't stop your action at any cost. Refocus on your priorities, reorient your actions towards working towards them, resurge like a tsunami once again with full zeal and energy to conquer the world. Even Robin Sharma states that sometimes we go offtrack only to come back ontrack. Recognise back all your strengths, remotivate yourself, get reinspired from your inspirational sources, reread your goals and dreams, become like a reborn phoenix and start flying again. The world doesn't end with any of our woes. No one ever will stop their life for the sake of your difficulty. You will be the one who will be responsible to either die in depression of the defeat or bounce back from the failure putting all your energised efforts to accomplish your dreams and visions. Ultimately the choice is YOURS alone.

My dear friends! its been a really tough task in last four days to get over the challenge. It was hard indeed and literally tough to get over the consequences of disappointment. I would advise my dear reader to make sure that you share your set of issues with someone whom you have trust in and learn the next steps to be taken which I did. The life is long enough wherein we will definitely meet a lot of new people and we are bound to find the right ones for us to be surrounded with. Shed the tears of emotions while increasing the longevity of smile on your face continuously which helped me get stronger. I am going to gym tomorrow morning for sure to restart my bodybuilding. Willing to know if you have had any such experiences on

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What is more precious than time?

This was the question on which I had pondered over time and again. Time is one thing which is completely not under our control. By the time you read these sentences probably five seconds have gone by. Everyone of us know it very clearly that our time on this earth is limited. No one has ever lived on forever. Inspite of knowing this truth we waste the precious time that's blessed upon us. I just feel that Shiv Khera is coming to slap me to remind how time is very important when he writes in his book 'You Can Sell' that it doesn't require a master degree to understand that time is precious enough not to be wasted. I don't have to say anything beyond this to emphasize the value of time. Then what is the answer for the question in the title of the blog?

The answer is your mental energy. We humans possess different kinds of energies such as physical energy, mental energy, spiritual energy and emotional energy. Here I would like to touch the topic of only mental energy because that is the one which keeps working continuously non-stop. The human mind can never stop thinking. Thoughts keep jumping from one nerve to the other continuously. Probably you are imaging the picture of the brain while reading this. That fast is the power of our mental energy. No doubt that in our daily life we come across challenging situations. Some might see them as irritating scenarios as well. The moment you take something as a challenge your mental energy works to find solutions but if you view it from the negative perspective your mental energy gets wasted in thinking about why it happened only to you, why is it so worse and so on. For example, I was just observing the people in a cab while leaving the office. There was a delay of two mintues since all cabs came to the exit at the same time and people started scolding the situation. Further the driver took a wrong route by mistake due to which the cab was held up in a signal for two extra minutes and people in the cab were pissed off. Guys come on! mistakes keep happening. Lets really worry when the mistake is big enough to make a huge impact. If its a small one which won't affect you and which will get resolved within few minutes then why the hell do you have to worry about it so much. Calm down people. These petty things are too tiny to seek the attention of our precious mental energy which can think and plan about big inventions and discoveries. Let's not heed to these unnecessary tensions.

Your mental energy should be focused on thinking positive things that can help your development and the same of the world. Probably even if you waste time playing or relaxing a bit extra you can catch up by using your mental energy in the highest efficient state possible to cover up for the lost time but on the other hand if you waste your mental energy on unnecessary silly things the trauma of it just continues to spoil the mental energy and time further. In a way you lose both mental energy and time. So program your mind in such a way that it doesn't respond to small minor distractions or distrubances rather is more focused towards your goals and dreams.
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God has planned it all

For those believers in God I need not go into deep description of this title of the blog but for those people who don't believe in God, I hope atleast you believe in energy defined by science. Energy that we can't see that has set the structure of evolution of the universe. There is this universal energy responsible for the planets to go around stars, the energy which is responsible for life to exist on this planet earth and so on. There is a systematic process set rolling involving so many non-systematic incidents. I am sure you have atleast heard of how the earth balances the life population. So behind all these happenings there is some master energy and some master plan against which we humans are too tiny to challenge and fight. This master supreme energy is what I bleieve as God. When you plan you might fail or succeed but you can just be sure that whatever happens will result in good for you if you believe that it was planned by God to make good happen for you.

In my childhood when my grandmother used to say that everything is already planned in the drama that God has written and that's why the past incidents have happened the way they have happened, I used to argue with her that there's no drama and if there is one it should tell us the future. I was so stupid that I didn't understand that it required wisdom to read the drama not just a question. When I turn back and see the past incidents of my life, I just realise how well the dots were placed and connected by God to help me reach the position I have reached now. Might be it will be too small of me to analyse everything of it by logic though I can do it. I just feel satisfied and blessed that God planned it so well for me. When I extend this thought to the world I can clearly see that inspite of so many efforts by man to systematize the running of life, God keeps surprising him with new things, fooling him with randomness and exciting the game even more day by day. If you are standing with the ego of the self that things will happen only as you want them to, you are just spoiling your time with disappointment. I am not trying to say here that one shouldn't put his efforts in doing things. That is the utmost necessity because God has planned it so well that if one person has no reason to do a certain thing some other person has million reasons to accomplish the same because God has planned a dynamic drama not a static one.

At the end of the above conversation what I would like to convey to you my friend is that we are in this world to play our roles. Circumstances and situations will keep changing. Some might favour us while some might deceive us completely. Just keep a hope and belief in the eternal energy which I refer to as God that everything has been planned to happen only for the good of you. Don't jump into conclusions anywhere about how things happen because God always loves to surprise you. Keep learning through the game of life, explore and most important of all enjoy it. Afterall at the end of the day we know the truth that birth, death and change are the only three constant things on this earth and the time in between birth and death is meant to be lived with utmost life in it.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Food donated is hunger killed

Food, clothing and shelter are three basic necessities of life. Everyone of us on this earth are struggling through life to fulfil these three constraints of life. Be it a multi millionaire or a person who earns every meal of his day on that day, no doubt that all of us are in a pursuit to satisfy our basic needs and probably man could have survived even without clothing and shelter but not food for sure. This is the reason food stands at the top of the priority list. It was indeed a great eventful day today when a group of youth woke up to a social call on a Sunday morning when most of the rest were enjoying their cozy sleep on a weekend.

A group of twenty youths studying in different courses and young professionals working in different MNCs got together this morning to be a part of an exciting event of meals donation. I was glad and surprised to be a part of this super happening. This was not just a normal meals donation in an orphanage or an old age home where you just go, donate and feel satisfied for doing the good deed. Today's generation looks for adventure in everything and that is what exactly happened. There were twenty enthusiastic Indians who were grouped into ten teams of two each and were asked to explore random areas of Bangalore, find the needy people in that area and serve them meals as an initiative of IU cares under the banner of The best part was that people had to take buses to new places. Also this entire task had to be completed within just 120 minutes. 

After the entire adventuristic task people came to share their feelings and experience of donating meals. We search around different places to buy things for us but this was the first time for many of us when we searched for someone who needed our service. It was a sense of accomplishment after we had killed the hunger of close to hundred genuinely needy people. It was a reinforcement in us that good deeds can be done in an enjoyable way and that's why I feel that I want to share this event with all of you. An amazing feeling to see a hunger free world set in all of us today. Are you also with us to make this dream realise into reality???

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You and your Universe

Law of attraction, Power of Belief, The Secret are the terms that explain the power of universe in making your dreams come true. When you sternly believe in something the entire universe conspires to make it happen. This law and concept have been explained in numerous books and I don't want to get into the details of it. If you're not aware about this Law of Attraction then I request you to kindly stop reading this blog right now and invest just two minutes of yours to search on internet for the meaning of law of Attraction, learn it and then proceed reading this blog. In this blog I want to talk about the implementation of law of attraction more than the concept of it because more often I have seen people not using the weapons they have but just increasing the weapon load on their shoulders.

Whenever you are wanting something make sure that you believe that's going to happen even before it has happened. This might just sound a bit too kiddish but trust me it works. Once you have already believed that it's happening for sure start emotionally enjoying the process of your dream coming true into reality. This is a complete game on your subconscious mind. You start feeling the situation of future right now at the present moment in your conscious mind. Obviously the conscience tries to tell you that it has not yet happened. Avoid listening to it and lie to yourself that your desire has already come into reality and you're savouring the moment. Repeat this process everyday as many times as possible. Whenever you're talking with someone, somehow include this topic of your future dream and talk what you would be doing when it happened. Spread the news about this dream of yours to as many people as possible not just with a hope that it might happen but with a belief that it will happen for sure. Convey the belief in you into the other person with the same zeal such that it should start making even him think about this dream of yours. All these thoughts transform into waves of energy and finally yield in the realization of your dream. Its simple as Einstein's equation of Energy = Mass*C^2. When the energy formed by thoughts of your dream grows strong enough it takes the shape of the real object right in front of your eyes. Thus the universe helps in converging your vision into reality.

There are only 2 entities in this universe. One is you and the other is your universe. Team up together to fulfil all your dreams and visions.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Surprise the saboteur

It was a long tiring day continued to night but I just don't feel that tiredness when I come online for blogging to share the lesson of the day with my dear pals. We humans have a tuned mindset in many regards. Few of them are like we follow certain things only if they are interesting enough else however valuable they are we neglect them, we celebrate success and victories and enjoy every bit of it but we are totally sad and depressed whenever we face a defeat. We are happy when we are praised and angry when fought with. This world is not pure enough to leave you to play as per your wishes. There are checkpoints everywhere where people want to just take the advantage of you, cheat you, deceive you or do any kind of wrong thing against you. Such people are called as saboteurs, people who ruin stuff. Generally our reaction towards such people is that of hatred, anger, silence, disrespect and other hard feelings. How would it be if we surprise these saboteurs!!!!!!!!

You might be just wondering that this idea is strangely against the norms of normal human behaviour. Infact the title itself is in contrast trying to connect two solstitial ends. On one hand there is surprise which depicts a positive feeling while on the other is the saboteur which indicates the negative impression. When 98% of them follow the normal ordinary customs, 2% out of the crowd change the direction to create a new result and that's what this title is all about. I am damn sure that you would have heard that whenever there is any tough situation- "respond but don't react". Reaction is something that is spontaneous but response is something that you choose. Whenever there is any argument or any fight, bad feelings immediately follow the situation between the two parties. If you're one of these parties then take the way that 2% of the population will take. If you're sure that you were very clean with your intentions and actions then surprise back the opposite party which was a saboteur putting you into disgrace. Show no sign of disrespect or any hard feeling with respect to the person who actually made the mistake of putting you into trouble. Instead show a wide smiling face filled with energy. Accept the wrong done to you and work to better the situation. If possible even help the opposite saboteur to benefit from your actions. Just forget the harm done and behave as if you really never spotted the negative done to you by the saboteur. Get along with him/her as if everything is just normal and all was normal before as well. Concentrate on driving a far more better friendlier relation with the same person.

Probably the last few sentences of the previous paragraph might have confused you a little. Let me explain friends that we live in a very small world. Though the earth bears a 700 crore plus population our world is comprised of those few hundreds whom we know and interact with only. What is the point in carrying negative feelings and emotions against this small subset of the world. More than harming anyone else we are just harming ourselves. Forgive and forget and move on to make things better. The place you give for one negative emotion in your heart means the same denied for one positive emotion. Lets avoid this. The moment you surprise your saboteur with the good feelings, you also give a chance to him/her to learn a lesson. His anger can only fight with your anger but not with your sweet smile. Even that person has to lose the battle of ego clash infront of the love that you shower because his guilt of betraying you will be clearly visible in the mirror of your genuinity. All of us together contribute to the happiness quotient of this earth. Let's make our best efforts to increase it to cross the limits.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Recognize your life's story

Recently I was invited along with my mentor, Er.Sujit Lalwani to give an inspirational talk to students in Kundapur. The talk was organized by Saraswathi Group of institutes and Akshaya Coaching classes led by Mr.Rithesh Kamath and Mr.Rama Murthy respectively. The talk was sponsored by Moodlakatte Institute of Technology, co-sponsored by Arena Point, Veta One, Chinmayi hospital, Shree Krishna Educational Trust and Gold Jewellers including the media and banking partners as Suddhimane and Axis bank.

During this talk I happened to share my story of life during which I had my own challenges and how I had overcome them. I also shared the story of Sri. Narayan Murthy sir who was responsible to make INFOSYS the face of Indian software industry. After I narrated both these stories a powerful thought was lingering in my mind which comes in front you in the form of this blog.

When I had to go through the struggles of my life, I had no other option but to grow through them. Probably optimistic attitude and a liking for challenges always pushed me to win over every defeat and create records. At that time of my life all I had done didn't seem much bigger. It was all a flow that had to flow but later today when I turn back and see I can clearly see how inspirational I was to myself. If I had taken even one wrong decision at any of those critical points of my past, probably I wouldn't have been writing this blog today. In the similar fashion, I have also been inspired by listening to lot of others' life stories. Some of them were great phenomenal leaders well known all over the world while some were leaders of their own lives. When we read autobiographies of great people, we tend to see some similar incidences and qualities in our very own lives. Great men have always recognized the greatness in them that has inspired them and have shared it with the public while others fail to recognize their own capabilities. Everyone of us have been put to tests in life by the circumstances around us. Everyone of us would have fought through some of them and would have come out successful. The point here is whether you recognize your potential at these junctures or you just move on forgetting it. If you spot that experience as a strength of yours, you will add it to your inspiration and move on to greater tasks else you are just undermining yourself. 

Once you recognize the inspirational story of your life make sure that you're sharing it with people around you. Some might value it, some might just neglect it while some might feel that you're boasting about yourself. Please be immune to any of these outcomes. You are sharing only to spread the knowledge of yet another inspirational story. If sharing this is to be called as boasting about oneself then every autobiography writer has done the same through a book not just by a talk. Inspiration is suppose to be spread throughout the world through different means and you are a messenger through your story, that's it. Care enough to note down every inspirational incident of your life and share it with the world.

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Learn from the small

Small things make big difference. This statement is indeed so true in almost every aspect of life that it can't be denied. Humans are always deceived by size of appearance, size of age and size of grandeur. Very few pay attention to the minute details and only those go on to make sizeable difference in this world. The big structures catch our eyes in the shadow of which we fail to recognize the tiny entities around us. But we mustn't forget that everyone of us evolved from a insignificant sized cell called zygote. Evolution has proved time and again that today's small creatures grow into the magnanimous features of tomorrow's planet. Hence we must care to understand and learn the small beings as well.

A very simple example is that of ants which are so minute in size but still have a lot to teach us. Their discipline while walking in a line, their effort to carry ten times their own body weight, their continuous motivation to work continuously are some of the things which if we imbibe in our daily lives can create wonders. A spider webs so well that its art of webbing can be a new design for a website. Talking about spider, I remember the bat as well. These two small creatures have given rise to the idea of super humans like spiderman and batman. May be this was the result of learning from small beings. You can also learn from a baby on how to smile at simple things. You can also learn the curiosity and inquisitiveness from small children. Only omission we will have to do as adults is that of our ego which blocks us from respecting anything that is younger or smaller than us. Our over confidence that makes us complacent from expanding our existing knowledge should be shred in order to explore the world. If a simple flapping of a butterfly's wing can change the direction of the Tornado winds as per butterfly effect then just imagine how learning from simple things can change our life altogether. Be focused and observe little in detail enough to learn and understand the smaller things as well.

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sharing is caring

Hi friends! Probably this will be one of my short blogs but its very important to share because I care to share with my lovely readers. You share with those whom you care for. Be it sharing of knowledge or inspiration or emotions, sharing always strengthens the relationship. In sharing we learn more by understanding others' viewpoints. This also helps us grow in life. Sharing food or clothing or shelter will akways help the needy. Lets share with care to develop our family on this planet called earth.