Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dream for tomorrow Do Today

You dream to remove poverty from the world tomorrow
Have you earned your bread today?

You dream to eradicate terrorism from the earth tomorrow
Have you been kind today?

You dream to become the next Bill Gates of tomorrow
Have you started your business today?

You dream of surpassing Albert Einstein's Theory by tomorrow
Have you learnt something new today?

You dream to be the best sportsperson of tomorrow
Have you attended your practice today?

You dream to become the best-selling author of tomorrow
Have you written a story for today?

You dream of earning crores tomorrow
Have you worked for a buck today?

You dream to change the entire world tomorrow
Have you changed yourself today?

You dream to be the rock star of tomorrow
Have you entertained someone today?

You dream to be the best musician of tomorrow
Have you composed a tune today?

You dream of leading the country tomorrow
Have you lead yourself in the right direction today?

You dream of flying in choppers in the coming tomorrow
Have you allowed your heart to fly today?

You dream to travel through the space tomorrow
Have you observed the stars today?

You dream of becoming the next BIG ICON of tomorrow
Have you done your small service today?

You dream for a successful tomorrow
Have you done anything worthy today?

- Mohan.B.N.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Drops of water make an ocean

Every object on this earth is built by the connection of a number of tiny entities called atoms. Each year is formed by the combination of 365.25 days while each day is made up of 24 hours consisting of 60 minutes each. Sachin Tendulkar's hundred hundreds were formed by the collection of 10,000 one-runs. Reliance industries became a huge empire of business like that of TATAs by the combination of individual businesses. Likewise every work of ours requires tiny inputs to result in a huge output.

Many of us may or may not have big dreams and big goals in life. This doesnt matter at all because everyone of us have to be ready to earn the basic necessities of life. In this process we definitely come across many things which need to be done in order to accomplish the purpose. Some of them might be small while some of them might be huge but we need to remember that it doesnt matter whether the activity is small or big, only the completion matters the most. Even if one activity is neglected or ignored the process remains incomplete. The first message I would like to convey here is 'see no task as big or small, JUST complete it' because that is what completes the process.

Amidst many tasks at hand sometimes there are chances that we might be afraid or we might be too lazy to execute some of the tasks. At such instances the simplest way of pushing ourselves to perform the tasks is to set a time limit for the completion of the task. Once this time is set, we have no other go. We are forced by our subconscious to start and finish off the tasks one after the other. If the completion of one task is delayed it will affect the completion of the subsequent task. So the second message is 'set time frame for every task'.

After all we are humans. 'To err is human' is an age old saying. The human memory might fall short of remembering all tasks or even the report of tasks done. This may either lead to forgetting of the tasks or repeating of the tasks already done. Tasks undone dont complete the process and tasks redone waste the extra time and efforts which could have been used for another task. The best way to avoid both of these is by using a 'To-DO List'. Write down all those tasks which you need to complete in a list. Keep ticking off the tasks which are completed. This would be the best report card for yourself. This will keep track of the day you would have lived. The third message is 'Prepare a 'To-Do List' everyday for the next day'.

If you can get the above three messages completely inculcated in your daily life routine I am sure you would be much ahead in your life than what you would have been without using them.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rules in Life aren't Laws of Life

Every now and then in our day to day activities we see rules before proceeding. We follow certain rules and we break some. Knowingly or unknowingly some rules are designed to cause more trouble than to provide any good. Some of us formulate our entire life around these rules but get entagled in the spider web whereas some break the rules, go beyond them and either get penalised or successful. Its quite a contradiction that sometimes you win only by breaking the rules.

Having a one-way is the rule of traffic, but when an ambulance is having a patient this rule can be broken because the Law of life is to live, not to die because of the rule. While signing a contract a person can dedicate his time and efforts for the work as mentioned in the rules of the agreement but he need not dedicate his life for money as it is against the Law of life itself. Life is much bigger than money. Strictest of the rules are broken during the 2 most important phases of life as engraved in the writing "Everything is fair in LOVE and WAR"  because rules were meant to be broken infront of the Laws of life.

There is a big challenge to the framers and followers of rules because rules have their own dimensions to operate within. Once the boundaries of caste, religion, state and colour are crossed even the most followed rules become completely invalid when they are found to intimidate the Laws of life which are happiness, love and satisfaction. I would definitely recommend you to follow the rules but be cautious of not ignoring the laws of humanity in the process. Depending on the situation, certain rules can be ammended in order to safeguard the laws of mankind.

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Whatz your Glamour Quotient?

Like IQ and EQ, in the present day world the new quotient that everyone is hunting for and is rated for is the GQ that is the "Glamour Quotient". I am completely unaware if there is any test to find out one's GQ but am sure of one thing that everyone of us is scanned by the GQ scanner in others' eyes every moment of our lives. Right from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you go to bed someone or the other is watching how handsome or how beautiful you look, might not be consciously but subconsciously for sure.

I am not talking about the cinematic way of glamour which has gone a lot of levels below the respectable standards. The Glamour Quotient that I am referring is how well and how attractive can you present yourself in front of the crowd that you not only earn their respect but also send some current through the strings of their guitar in their hearts. This would be the best blend of the highest glamour quotient that you can achieve for yourself. The reason I am stressing on this topic today is because 'People see you first and then listen to you'. Out of the 5 sense organs we have, eye is the most important one which catches every action first before any other. As the saying goes 'First impression is the best impression', I feel the first impression is always casted by you by your looks. Dont undermine your looks my dear friend.

Even I have heard to lot of those advices when advisors advise you to be very simple when it comes to dressing up yourself. Examples of Mahatma Gandhiji and Narayan Murthy are the most prominent in these advices. Do you know the about the dressing style of Mahatma Gandhiji when he was a lawyer before entering freedom fight? He used to dress up in the best of the English, parsis dresses for different occasions. NarayanMurthy sir never attended any conference meetings of Infosys in plain pant and shirt. He used to be always in the best of the formal suits. Be simple at your attitude and look fabulous by your style. This is what makes the perfect blend of GQ. Only when the magnet attracts, the iron filings stick to it. Only when you have the capacity to attract people, can you pass your ideas to them.

Generation after generation the dressing style is changing. Make sure that you are not carried away by the lower standards of wearing torn clothes. Look out for dresses that suit your body structure the best. Choose specific colours which can match with your complexion. Learn to wear a dress which suits for the occasion and the kind of people you will be with. If you are not aware of these things find a person who has caught your eyes with his/her looks. Take the help of him/her to help you out in shopping. Models, people in the entertainment field are the best choice for company. Come out of the shell and stand infront of the mirror to check out in which dress you look the best. Spend sometime trying out different clothes, observing well-dressed people and statues in the shops where different dresses are showcased. Also go for some really cool shoes or sandals which match with the kind of dress you intend to wear. Goggles which really match well with your face complexion and shape will definitely increase your Glamour quotient. Last but not the least make sure you have a proper haircut if you are a guy or neatly combed hairstyle if you are a girl. Also with regular exercises and good workouts you can have the best figure to fit into the trendiest of the clothes. I would strongly recomment that a body in good shape can enhance even the beauty and glamour of the dress you wear.

Final suggestion would be - FEEL LIKE A SUPERSTAR in whatever you wear. This feeling itself adds on tonnes to your Glamour Quotient.

I have tried my best to present to you all the lessons that I have learnt in the past few years about enhancing the glamour quotient alongwith the logical reasons to do the same considering all limitations. Find yourself the most gorgeous, the most glamourous, the most attractive, the most handsome in front of the mirror because you deserve to be one.

Only one line people should be singing after seeing you which should be
"Dekha tho thuje yaar Dil mein baji guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Self-Cheat > Else-Cheat

Probably everyone one of us in this world is a cheater. At one point or the other in our life we have cheated. Please dont get me wrong. I am not blaming anyone here. Its the basic instinct of any living being on this earth to take the easier path. Seldom do we select the longer and harder path for any of our tasks. I am not against taking easier paths. Any sane mind would always choose the simpler and easier way of doing something than the harder one. But one thing we need to be cautious is that we are not breaking any rules of the game while going for the easier shortcut. Would we take the same shortcut if the monitor of the task is right in front of us? If the answer is YES, cheers! carry on but if the answer is NO, then you have started cheating.

In life we would have witnessed innumerable people who cheat others for different kinds of reasons. They always feel that they were just intelligent enough to fool the other person but they are absolutely wrong. They have forgotten that in the process of cheating someone else they had cheated their own conscience. Lets bring down the level of cheating now. Forget cheating others there are numerous instances when we cheat ourselves. If we can win over this self-cheater we can win over the evil devil of cheating others.

We would have decided that we will be on a diet for next one month but the sight of junk food makes us cheat ourselves to eat it. We would have decided to study for 4 continuous hours but the news of sports update cheats us into watching the game for one hour. We would have committed to work extra in office but the peopleless environment pushes us out of the seat to cheat our own commitment. You would have promised your mom to complete the housework but the thought of your friends partying makes you forget the promise. All the above instances may seem so natural and too silly to be discussed. If so, its how silly you take your own word. If you can cheat yourself, you can cheat anybody in this world.

The choice of cheating the self and taking the alternative path may bring momentary pleasure but never contentment. Try to challenge this inner cheating sense for once. There will be dilemma and negotiation in the mind between you and yourself for sometime but once this confusion subsides you will be able to see the clear path of fulfilling the commitment and the eternal happiness of having self-control rejuvinated. Instance by instance when you grow stronger through this experience of cheating-self versus yourself fight, you will achieve the highest level of self-control. From then on you will never have to yield to the excusitis syndrome and will be able to fulfill every commitment that you make to yourself or others.

After all , life is all about commiting to your dreams and fulfilling them which never gives an option to cheat yourself.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Man-made are not GOD-made

Man has grown to unimaginable extents imagined by few chosen ones on this earth. He has gone on to create spaceships where life can exist being completely in no contact with the earth. Man has developed jets that can travel faster than sound. Man has divided the earth into continents and countries where one man needs another man's permission to go from one country to the other. Was the earth created by man or God? Was the iron used to build the spaceships and jets put in the earth thousands of years ago by man or God?

Vehicles built by man serve him only upto few tens of years but the legs given by God serve him for lifetime. The computer built by man needs upgradation every couple of years but the brain given by God never ever requires upgradation. All materialistic pleasures built by man give only outside pleasure to man but the emotions and relationships gifted by God give eternal happiness to him. Cinemas created by man entertain as long as he is awake but the dreams generated by God entertain him even in sleep. Man could only build gardens but God built forests to protect the earth.

No matter how high man rises in his intellect and intelligence he can never surpass the supreme conscious being. Till today there has been no product built by man which is 100% defect-free whereas God-created ones are always 100% pure. Let's raise our conscious to get connected with that of HIS. Lets shed off the ego of mankind that has been depleting the earth of it purity day by day and surrender to the supernatural power. Only then there is a life of purity and bliss.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to Bangalore!!!!!

Hello! Welcome to Bangalore. Bangalore is known as the Garden City as well as the Silicon Valley of India. You have various places to chill out, for shopping, for business meetings, fun, adventure and everything. The best part about Bangalore is that it offers all these facilities to every kind of a visitor to Bangalore.

First of all you might land at BIAL (Bangalore International Airport) at Devanahalli. From the airport to any part of the city VOLVO buses are available which are of pretty affordable costs. No need to go for a cab which might cost almost 4 times more. If you are arriving to bangalore by rail still you have the prepaid auto facility and nearby main bus stands like magestic, market and Sivajinagar which will help for commute to any part of the city.

For accommodation generally you will find lot of lodges near majestic which are for general public. If you are looking for some posh hotels to check-in you have 3-star hotel options like Hotel Nandhini - St Marks Road, Ramada Hotel - No. 11, Park Road, Shivajinagar, TAPGold Crest - No - 37, MTB Road, Opposite Nandani Hotel Road, Parallel To JC Road, Near Minerva Circle, the Infantry Hotel - 66, Infantry Road, 4-star hotels like IRIS hotel near brigade road, ROYAL Orchid - Dickenson road, The Pride -Richmond Road, Regaalis - Lavelle road, 5-star hotels like The Park- MGRoad, Taj Westend- Race course road, The Gateway Hotel- Residency road, The Chancery Pavillion- Residency road, The Oberoi- MG road, The Lalit Ashok- Kumara Krupa highgrounds, Le Merdien- Sankey road, Leela Galleria (Leela Palace)- Old airport road.

For shopping you have some of the best malls such as Mantri Mall in malleshwaram, Phoenix City Mall in Mahadevapura, Garuda Mall near brigade road, FORUM in Koramangala, LIDO mall in Ulsoor, UB City on Vittal Mallya road. Also if you are interested you can visit MG road, Brigade Road, Commercial Street for shopping. The Malls also have facilities for multiplexes where you can chill out with your friends and family for cinema.

If you are interested in parks and gardens you can visit Cubbon Park, LalBagh, Ulsoor lake for boating, Lumbini gardens near hebbal, new parks in sadashivnagar. You can also visit Bangalore Palace, Tippu Sultan Palace near market, Isckon temple in chord road rajajinagar, Bull temple in basavangudi,  if they match your interests. Wonderla near bidadi and Fun World near Frazer town are places of fun, game and adventure which include water games as well. Resorts are pretty far away from the centre of the city. So be thoughtful of time.

Also the traffic in bangalore is pretty high. So plan your trip to bangalore and the places you want to visit much ahead of time. You can check out the cost, availability, timings of all the places that I have mentioned above on net. I have tried my best to give you the utmost necessary information for your stay in bangalore. I hope it will be useful.

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10 minutes to type

I have just 10 minutes to finish this blog. What is the topic that I am gonna touch in this was a question in mind just 30 seconds back. So I made it the title of the blog. Like we have extempore in school where we pick up a chit and talk about the topic in that chit spontaneously, this is called instant blogging.

When I think of the content, I want to share what all happened today and especially the most important learnings that might help the reader to take back something from the blog. Gymming has been one of the profound passions of mine which I dint miss today. Arnold Shwarzenegger in his entire 15 years of career in bodybuilding has fallen sick only twice and that too just common cold. This was one of the most motivating points why I recommend work outs and exercises to people. Also one more advantage of this intant blogging is that I would pass on only really important points for life.

Just 4 minutes to go. Celebrations make your day memorable. Had a chance to cut a cake for my birthday today and was presented with a mega handmade greeting card by AASLESHA. Really awesome feeling to see that I have completed 25 years of my life and looking forward for more. Learnt one of the best things from my mentor "what you think you are, what you show you are and what people think you are must be in sync" - Sujit Lalwani.

Last minute to review the entire blog before posting.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Being Inside Out

"Being Transparent" could also have been the title of this blog. Can your thoughts, words and actions be in sync always? In the normal world there is world of a difference between what we think, what we talk and what we do. Why does this happen is the question of this context? Is it really that difficult or problematic to speak out what you are literally feeling!

You are walking to a class and you find a student in a very nice dress. Will you appreciate immediately or think what would he or she reply if you appreciated? Or there might be an ego inside you which may lead you otherwise saying he might be in a good dress but he is not a topper like you. When teacher explains a very good point in the class, do you acknowledge that or still keep regretting as to why took that course? When you come home late you know that your parents are angry about it. So do you apologise for it or justify the reason that you were late for? There are lot of choices of responses for all of the above questions. But the final destination of choice lies in your conscious which knows if you are really accepting the truth or you are trying to cover up the negligence.

There are lot of barriers in the world of feelings and emotions that bind us in such a way that we cant even breathe through the knots. Your heart craves to have a mercedes but the brain stops you from expressing the wish as it knows the practicality. Your intellect understands the high calibre of your colleague but your ego stops from appreciating that. Your soul cries out of pain when you come across a mishappening but your pride of being a MAN stops you from shedding those tears which inturn fill up a tsunami inside you. Your friendship calls you to call your friend the fourth time but your self-respect stops you from even picking up the phone.  The child inside you wants to play with the kids on the street doing hip-hop but the adolescence on top of you forbids the same. You want to hug your friend during the most sensitive situation but the question 'what will others think of you?' keeps you both apart.

I have tried to portray some of the fightings of feelings inside us in this blog. Please let me know if you also fight day and night through this war of life on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

Friday, March 16, 2012

Guidelines for freshers

It was around 2.5 years back when I joined a MNC(Multi-National Company) as a fresher, everything was new. The cubicles, big board rooms, pantry, conference halls etc which were not in our college were all neatly furnished and clean. Not much of noise, completely air-conditioned and most of the people in formal clothes. A strange feeling yet some kind of apprenhension ran through the veins. I would love to share all my learnings of this fresher employee phase with you in this blog.

Generally at the beginning, the first 2-3 days are dedicated to orientation programmes where you will be let known about the company policies, your bank salary account details and the different provisions provided by the company. Make sure you write down all the details, the website links, contact numbers that are spoken during these sessions. This might be boring enough but its very important at a later point of time. You would be signing lot of autographs on different forms and documents, so please read the content of these without fail and understand them well before you sign.

Once you are into office starting with the regular work get to know your team well first. Dont stop at this. Make sure you get to know as many people as possible in the office right from the security guard. Generally in working environment, information is not kept in one text book of a syllabus like in our colleges. Different information will be floating in the office. It will be your network in office which will help you reach all these information. By information I mean only official work-related information, not any gossips. First 6 months would be very important during which you are expected to learn a lot than work a lot. So make maximum use of this undocumented clause to dive into different areas your team works on. GOOGLE would be your best friend when it comes to any kind of doubts. Whenever you have a doubt ask uncle GOOGLE first and only if you dont find an answer go to your colleagues. This will keep the respect for you in your colleagues' eyes at a higher level. During breaks just confirm what you learnt on http://www.google.com/ was proper through casual discussions with the teammates.

Coming to the monetary part, make sure you understand every component of your salary. What are gross and net incomes? what are allowances? everything mentioned in you payslip. If not request a meeting with your HR representative to learn about these. Also start off your investments right from the time of you first month salary. Investments safeguard your future as well as save the tax money of the present. Catch up for some coffee time with you father or uncles or seniors to learn about what kind of investments to go in for tax exemption and make the necessary ones ASAP. Store all these official documents in a safe place. Keep an eye on all the mails that you receive and consult your manager for any kind of trainings available for freshers and take them as early as possible.

I feel the above guidelines should help you build quite a good career as a fresher. For more information you can definitely contact me on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Want to know about Datawarehousing?

As I am working in the IT industry I thought of taking up a technical topic for today's task of ABAD(A Blog A Day). I would be discussing about datawarehousing concept today. Datawarehousing comes under the umbrella of database management system ie DBMS. DBMS is one of the strongest counter-part of OS which together form a giant system architecture.

Information in this world is scattered in different places in different forms. If all these information can be collected and kept in one single space then it would be very easy for analysis. But how to get the information stored in different sources to one place? This is a big question to answer. Before proceeding further, if we accomplish the task of bringing all data from different sources into one system it will be very easy for analysis, very easy to compare different factors and supportive enough to take decisions based on the analysis. This is the concept and reason for datawarehousing on a generic note.

Getting into more technical depth, when data is stored in the tabular form we call them tables. Different tables consisting of different information when stored in one particular space it becomes a dataspace or a database. If many such dataspaces exist which have common information but in different structures of tables it will not be easy for us to compare them as table structures vary. At this point of time we model a standard structure of tables in a separate dataspace and trasfer all information from other dataspaces to this standard dataspace. This process is called datawarehousing.

The process of extracting data from source dataspaces into target dataspace such that data structure is modified to fit into the standard model is known as ETL(Extract-Transfer-Load). Once we do this we can see the data in standard tables of target tablespace using a reporting tool on a web-enabled interface. This concept of software products is used by big businesses to make decisions at the higher management levels. The revenue of such software products runs from millions to billions.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The extra-effect to your lifeSTYLE

12th december has been celebrated by many Thalaivar fans as the World Style Day. No doubt that billions of people all across the globe are impressed by Rajnikanth's unique style. Infact Rajni himself says that if he is the style king then Sivajiganeshan must be called as the style chakravarthy. Amitabh Bachchan is still remembered for his DON style though he is nearing 70. Rahul Dravid who very recently retired from cricket is very well known for his stylish stroke playing quotient.

Why am I talking about style so much? Why is this style so very stylish? Why are people so crazy when Rajnikanth just moves his head or hand? There are answers for each of these questions. Everyone of us have a particular style of walking, talking, eating, riding the vehicle etc. Then why doesn't any person appreciate my style of doing something? might be the question running on your mind currently. The answer is very simple. We havent made our style extraordinary enough than the ordinary. What do I mean by this? Here's a simple example that I had read from a newspaper. Everyone walks inside the room just by opening the door. But when the same scene was given to Rajnikanth, he used open the door, enter the room and close the door with his leg from back. This was the extra touch that he gave to ordinary action of opening the door. As a result he has the extraordinary style. Everyone watch movies and enjoy it, later forget it. I watch movies of multiple languages and learn the different languages. As a result I can converse in 6 different languages today. This is my style.

By adding extra to an ordinary work, we develop an extraordinary style that people will notice: Agreed, but why is that just a normal activity of celebrities gets so much attention? Once again the answer is simple enough. When you make one act of yours extraordinary, that extra-effect adds on to not just that act of yours but to your entire personality and from that time people start noticing it. More the number of people you display this extra touch of yours more will come to know of your style. When the propagation is sufficiently large enough, you will be identified with your style.

This blog of mine is from my observation of lot of people around me who have made their simple acts of those days great style today. Try giving some extra-touch to your daily activities. I am more than sure that you will develop a unique style for which you will be famous for. Who doesnt like to be SYLISH!!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 12, 2012




i. He dint have a pair of slippers in earlier days of career but even after reaching stardom he wears simple hawai chappals.
ii. He used his friend's toothbrush to brush his teeth when we was poor but now people are ready to pay crores for his one smile.
iii. He was rejected by many directors in earlier days but today top directors are behind his dates ready to pay crores of money.
iv. He was struggling to even earn enough money to have food before he met his mentor but later he wasnt able to find time to have food.
v. He suffered a nervous breakdown in mid-thirties but still continues to rule the reel world in sixties.
vi. He used to hardly sleep during his earlier days of career but now he goes to himalayas just for meditation.
vii. He took loan from his friend to start his career but today he has donated crores of rupees for social work.
viii. He was a low paid conductor at the age of 24 but today he is the 2nd highest paid actor of Asia.
ix. His mother tongue is Marathi but he is the No.1 hero of tamil fim industry.



i. He never learnt English in his childhood but later he went on to become the superstar of HOLLYWOOD.
ii. People used to ridicule his sport earlier but later he made his name equivalent to the same sport worldwide.
iii. He used to get inspired seeing his role model's photos in magazines but later he beat the same role model in the international level competition.
iv. He had to escape from army to perceive his dream but later became the head of robots army.
v. He came in search of sponsorors for his sport to foreign countries but now the federation built by him sponsors the annual sports events of all types.
vi. He has been Mr. Universe for 3 years consecutively and Mr. Olympia for 7 times.
vii. He was responsible to inspire a short weightlifter to become an international icon in bodybuilding and win Mr.Universe.
viii. He has lost only thrice in competitions during his entire career in bodybuilding and the youngest Mr. Olympia winner at the age of 23 years.
ix. He was born in Austria but became the Governor of California state in USA.
x. He started his career as a bodybuilder, then became the super action star of Hollywood and later became the 38th Governor of California state.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!

Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!
This line from one of the old hindi songs aptly applies to everyone of us. Its so obvious that every living being is amused to see the muse in another of the same or similar kind. Every human being has the basic instinct of excitement whenever he/she comes across a new thing or new place or new person the degree of which may vary. When the excitement level reaches a particular level then you get the music inside that of the guitar. Then you say Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!

Let me get a bit personal in this context. It was the time of school days upto 7th standard when everything was about play. Then started the high school followed by undergraduation wherein all focus was on studies, marks and ranks. Then came into engineering being at the verge of completing the teenage. This was the era of 4 years of transition from a schoolchild to an adult called the youth. Crush and love were the topics which were spoken more than the syllabus. Naturally it is the basic instinct at this age for any person to get attracted towards the opposite sex.

'Love at first sight' was a theorem unproved for every single. Most of us were striving hard to prove it. Thank God! that we failed most of the times. A glimpse of a beautiful face would make my smile bigger than before. Infatuation was the word given to this feeling. Nothing to feel guilty about it. I would take it positively because the next one hour I would be more energetic, more enthusiatic and less sleepy for sure. Another smiling face in the corridor would rise the music volume inside the mind, sorry inside the heart. Goosebumps were bound to occur whenever there was a chance to converse with good looking girls. White skin-u; girl-u come-u, mind-u reverse-u gear-u was the suitable line for a lunch break because girls from bio-tech department also used to come to the canteen. Every gorgeous girl would make the butterflies fly inside me. I was confused as to what to name this feeling. Then I decided when you have a feeling just FEEL it, dont think about it, sometimes brain loses connection with the heart. At the end of 4 years I could list out names of atleast 4 to 5 beauties from every department of my college catching just a glimple of whom my heart would start with - Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!

I know that the above story of mine is the same as those of many youth all across the globe. Lets go to the next level of this feeling. As I said before, the basic instinct of every human is excitement and happiness upon seeing anything or anyone which or who is more exciting to look at. A child's heart starts singing for a doll. A dog's heart starts singing for a bone. A boy's heart starts singing for a girl. A mother's heart starts singing for her baby's smile. A father's heart starts singing for his children's success. Everywhere around us there are people just seeing whom our energy states can rise high enough that we become more active. Lets take the feeling from them and put the energy into work to become more productive.

A human works for other humans dependant on him/her. A human achieves success to show off among humans. A human interacts with another human for every basic necessity of life. If our entire lifestyle has been designed so by the Almighty that every moment we are surrounded by people for sure then lets make the best of use of it. Try to spot out those interesting people just seeing whom or just talking to whom or just walking with whom you would be more happy and excited. As this number increases the impulses of smile and the vigour of taste for life keep increasing which will make the life a delicious meal to savour.

Make sure that you meet eye to eye with a person atleast once in an hour in your daily life at the point of which you heart rings the bell - Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tribute to the LIKER of HITLER

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been one of the few inspirations who has proved that hardwork and clear ambitions can take a human to climb the ladders of success one after the other. From being a soccer player in a school team in Austria he went on to become the 38th governor of California state. He has played different roles of life like bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, politician etc.
Arnold known as "The Austrian Oak" during his bodybuilding days was inspired seeing photos of bodybuilders in magazines. He was a guy who wanted recognition which he couldnt find in team sports. As a result of which he made a shift to individual sport, bodybuilding. He got addicted to it and went on to become Mr.Universe at a very young age of just 20. This required lot of hardwork, patience, discipline, perseverence all of which were rendered by Arnold to the sport with complete dedication. Arnold has lost only 3 times in his bodybuilding career but all the 3 times he was awarded the 2nd prize. He learnt lessons from each of these defeats against Chet Yorton, Frank Zane and Sergio Olivia and created a track record of 7 times Mr.Olympia title winner.

After proving that he was best in bodybuilding he entered Hollywood. He initially acted in action-oriented roles but later expanded his acting skills even into comedy genre. Indeed it was a tough time for him to learn english and speak fluently being an Austrian but the name is Arnold, synonym of GROWTH. He impressed his audience and even established the superstar status in movies. Then in the later part of his career he jumped into politics only to give back to the society what it had given him during his earlier days. He also expanded his horizons in business and investment and no doubt that he has been quite successful in them too.

Initially, he was influenced by bodybuilding but later he became an inspiration for bodybuilding field itself and has proven the time paradigm shift of inspiration. He conducts Arnold Expo every year comprising of competitions of all sorts of sports to encourage sportsmen/women all over the world. The good news is that shortly Arnold Shwarzenegger would be in Mumbai, India participating in the bodybuilding competition for Mr.India.

Arnold always wanted to become someone like Hitler or Jesus with the power to influence masses and be an extraordinary personality in the world and the history is the proof that he has accomplised it. One simple yet big lesson from the life of Arnold is "GROWTH".

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When light falls on any surface it scatters around. Certain amount gets absorbed, certain amount gets reflected, certain amount may even get refracted. Inside a diamond, light gets caught due to total internal reflection and produces the shining to the stone. The same concept of total internal relection is responsible for the light to travel through the optical fibres to far off distances.

Think of a bus. I imagine a red coloured bus. When I was travelling in the bus today I saw a lady wearing platinum ear-rings. Platinum jewels advertisement comes on television. While I was watching the television yesterday my brother came back from school and wanted to watch WWE. There was a match happening between 2 wrestlers. They had 6 pack abs. This reminds me of the abs workout that I do in the gym. My trainer helps me and guides me in the workout. He was into modelling earlier in his career. One of my friends used to be a model for Vimal brand. Vimal was the brand of clothes that was started by Dhirubhai Ambani. Dhirubhai Ambani was responsible for making Reliance a very big brand. Reliance Time Out is the bookstore from where I buy books. FULL STOP!!!!!!!!

In the above paragraph, I started with just one thought of a bus in my mind. After that even without my conscious involvement, the brain started adding thoughts one after the other. I kept listing down whatever my mind was thinking. I started out with a bus, then went to platinum-television-WWE-abs-trainer-model-Vimal-Dhirubhai Ambani-Reliance and finally had to stop my thoughtflow at books. The speed of this thoughtflow was so rapid that the time between the thought of the bus and that of the books seems very very less. As many authors say thoughts have frequencies like light waves. Just as light scatters whenever it falls on any surface, likewise even our thoughts are just scattered around in our mind.

Can we develop a system of thoughtprocess similar to the optical fibre communication which makes a single ray of light travel long distances without scattering? Can there be a thought process by which we can make our thoughts aligned with respect to one particular work without allowing any other stray thoughts to come in as stray light cant enter an optical fibre?As an optical cable protects all the light within it without allowing any loss, can a system be built in our brain by which we dont miss out on the necessary thoughts for a particular work? Can we program our brain in such a manner? If the answer for these questions is YES we can be very sure that we would stop wasting 90% of our time.

Today I feel, bigger than the loss of money or the loss of time is the loss of mental energy ie the loss of our power by generating useless unnecessary thoughts is slowing down our work progress. Only if we could enclose every precious thought of ours into a system like optical fibre................... Unfortunately "To err is human".

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Thursday, March 08, 2012


Hi buddy! I am delighted that you have taken few precious minutes of your time to read through this blog of mine. I dont believe in telling you a fairy tale written by someone and narrated by someone else. I want to share a small experience of mine with you. Hence I will be talking directly to you. I hope you are fine with it. Say "YES" {I can't forget my nursery habit of saying "YES" once we become friends :) }.
It was on a sunday that I was supposed to travel to mysore for a business seminar. You must be really wondering - "What an idiot to work on a sunday also!". My answer is "Yes !" I used to work in a job for 5 days and work on my business over the weekends. I woke up at 4 am that day, got ready and reached mysore by half past 8 am. I took the seminar in the morning, visited my aunt's place in the afternoon, met the clients in the evening and left for bangalore at night and reached  my home city at 12 am MIDNIGHT.

Now the real thrilling episode begins! Are you curious to know what the MIDNIGHT WALK is all about? Say "YES". A bit loudly, please. Thanks, I heard your inner voice :)
I could not find any buses to home. So, I decided to take a walk. Mind it! It was not 12 pm but 12 am. Since midnight is all about darkness and silence barring a few insects making noise here and there, I could barely see anyone on the road. As I walked some distance a bunch of guys talking in malayalam started following me. I got a bit tensed. A few seconds passed and one guy screamed "Adingada" (which means HIT him). Oh man! this voice caught my nerves and made me increase my walking speed. It was only few steps later I realised that they had taken a different road and I was all alone again.

Dont you think the same happens in our lives? Sometimes we feel a bunch of problems are trying to intimidate us, but as time passes we realise that those problems were never ours. It was only our fear that made us sweat even during the midnight cold.
If you also feel the same, say "YES".

Well, I hadnt still reached my home yet. As I walked along I saw 2 people walking together. I thought it would be better to stay close to them. Remember the 1st std lesson - "We are strong when we are united". Few steps later, one of the 2 guys took a left turn and said bye to the other. I thought "may be his destination was left. Not all of us know about our right destinations"(a small mindbender). As I walked, the left out guy asked me if we could go together because he was afraid of the stray dogs and also of the unwanted friends who might take your money without asking you in the darkness. He shared about his experience in the job for few minutes and it was his time to take the right turn for his right destination, the HOME. I was once again left all alone in the silent breeze of night.

Life is all about short journeys with different people during different intervals of time. You have to travel through your life from birth to death with just one permanent companion and that is one and only YOURSELF. Close your eyes and recollect those memorable moments with those people whom you miss today....
As they say, the show must go on; Life must run on. Let me tell you the final, the most challenging part. I reached the road where my home was and I was very happy that I had reached my destination. But GOD had his own test. I was hardly 30 steps away from home and 2 dogs started barking at me. I dint know how bad their day was as they were throwing all the frustration and anger in the form of loud barks at me. To my badluck our neighbours were too tired to wake up at 1 in the midnight to see what was happening on the road. I dint know what those dogs thought about me. If only they could understand what I spoke I could have told them "I am not one of those unwanted friends of darkness. I was one of the most cultured kid on this street". You can laugh imagining my shivering hands and legs, my sweating face and the angry ferocious villainious dogs but this was the most important lesson of the walk.

Are you confused?....Listen more. I prayed to GOD, held myself together, had my eyes intact with those of the dogs and took small steps forward. The dogs after sometime got tired of barking and moved away as I opened the gate of my house. I had reached my DESTINATION.
As the old proverb goes "The darkest hour of the night occurs just before the dawn" which even the famous author Paul Coelho endorses, I had faced the most terrifying moments at the end of my journey just before reaching my home. Remeber pal, the toughest fight comes in our life right at the time when we are about to achieve our goal. Do not get bogged down by it. Just believe that you have no way out to turn back or escape apart from walking ahead. Fix your firm belief in GOD and yourself, face the problem right in its eyes and take small steps forward and no one can dare stop you. Ultimately the journey is yours, the goal is yours and the person going through this enthralling experience of life is YOU yourself.

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Learn yet not Learn

My first attempt at poetry :

You learn from sun
How to shine!
You learn from moon
How to smile!
You learn from human
You are just a human
Neither the sun nor the moon!!

You learn from flower
How to blossom!
You learn from river
How to flow!
You learn from human
You are just a human
Neither a flower nor a river!!

You learn from wind
How to blow!
You learn from bird
How to fly!
You learn from human
You are just a human
Neither the wind nor a bird!!

You learn from sky
How to keep growing!
You learn from earth
How to withstand burden!
You learn from human
You are just a human
Neither the sky nor the earth!!

- Mohan.B.N.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Will you relive your life once again?

Hi folks! First of all I would like to apologise for not being able to update a blog yesterday itself as I had promised earlier that I would be writing a blog a day. 'If you miss a lunch you are entitled for a grand dinner' is a saying as per which I will be posting 2 blogs today. Let me kick off with the first one.

Now that you have read the title of the blog "Will you relive your life once again?", you might be guessing what this blog may be about or wondering to know why I ask this question. This question came up on my mind based to back to back experiences that I had very recently. Day before yesterday while I wrote the blog on the Rabbit and Tortoise story, it so happened that I had completed the blog and clicked on PUBLISH POST. At that time the autosave got interrupted and all of a sudden the login screen came back. I went to the previous page only for my 30 minutes of writing not to be seen. I tried to go through drafts but in vain. Unfortunately I was too sick to sit for that 30 mins itself. I had just felt the nerve of relief when I had written the last line of the blog and all of a sudden it had vanished in air. Now the choice was either to yield to the uneasiness and pain of rewriting the entire blog again  and quit or to withstand the pain and recompose the blog to keep up my vow of ABAD for march month. I felt the second one pushing me more than the first one pulling me back. Hence I went ahead and rewrote the entire blog and published it.

The 2nd incidence was today in office. I was supposed to prepare an excel sheet document and send it to my manager quickly about datamodel changes in JDE world A9.3. It took about 15 minutes to collect all the relevant information and update the excel sheet in a neat format. Once again the situation repeated itself. I accidentally closed the excel document before saving my changes. Man!!!!!! I told myself and reopened the closed document to check if I was fortunate enough not to have lost the changes made. But mistake is a mistake and cant be undone. All the changes were gone. Once again, efforts and time had to be spent for rework. The choice now was either to go through the tedious process again and mail it to my manager or give it up to let the other colleagues follow through. I felt a strange sense of ownership of work which told me it wont take much time for the rework, lets do it! I agreed to this philosphy and finished the work.

After these 2 incidents, I just asked my mind would we people really be willing to do the same work all over again if for some unfortunate reason it gets washed away. Would we be willing to spend our time and efforts on rework again and again? Would J.K.Rowling have written the entire book of Harry Potter once again if for some reason her original manuscripts were lost or burnt? My mind added more complexity to this situation by asking me back whether we would choose to do the same activities today which we had completed yesterday with lot of sweat just because we lost the proof of completion of yesterday's work. Adding more what would we have chosen if we had a choice either to relive all our yesterday, days before yesterday,  weeks before yesterweek, months before yestermonth, years before yesteryear  again for accomplishment of something or just move forward from the present life.

In my opinion I just feel the reason or the purpose holds the highest strength to push us to redo the rework. If that is not strong or important enough for us, we might choose of not doing it again. This might vary from person to person, from situation to situation. Question is - who is stronger? Person or the situation? This is an open ended writing of mine. Friends! I would like to know what are your views on this. Please dont miss to add your opinion in the below comments section. I am damn sure that you value your opinion which you can share on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The biggest wrong lesson that you learnt in your 1ST standard

I dont think there exists anyone on this earth who has done his first standard and doesn't know about the famous story of animalkind wherein a race was set between a fast and furious rabbit and a slow and steady tortoise. Neither me nor you know where the race was set? who set up the race between these 2 animals? for how long the race happened? but still each one of us have been taught either by our teachers or elders the moral of this race story as "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE" at one point or the other in our lives.

As soon as the race began, the rabbit sped miles ahead of the tortoise who was struggling hard to run carrying his heavy shell on his back. As rabbit saw that the tortoise was way behind him, he thought of taking a power nap before reaching the finishing line. The tortoise kept putting its efforts, surpassed the sleeping rabbit and reached the finishing red ribbon and won the race.

Folks! Only if the rabbit had not slept in between the race there would not have been even 0.000000000001% probability of tortoise winning the race by running faster than the rabbit. Was the rabbit foolish enough to sleep during a race? I am not sure about the answer but if the rabbit was really serious about winning the race it would not even have paused to take a deep breath. Logically a tortoise can never run as fast as a rabbit or even think of beating it in a running race. We all know this.

The biggest mistake made here was putting the strength of one animal against the weakness of the another animal in a challenge. Had the case been a race between 2 rabbits or between 2 turtles the moral would never have been 'slow and steady wins the race'. Inturn it would have been 'fast and furious wins the race'. Likewise friends beware! Most of us make the mistake of comparing our weaknesses with someone else's strengths and feel inferior or the other way ie, we start comparing our strengths with someone else's  weaknesses  and feel superior.

As my birthday-mate(Albert Einstein) rightly said "If you expected a fish to climb a tree, it would think of itself as a failure all its life", lets not make the same mistake and learn the wrong lesson which we did in our first standard. Rather lets get back on track to weaken our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths.

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