Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Collecting new experiences

Last few days I have been in a spree of meeting people and learning about what they have done and how's their past been. Due to the 
people from diverse backgrounds whom I have met, I have learned many lessons and also understood about the human psychology partially. As a reason of these meetings, I have got immeasurable understanding about how people of different age and belonging to different backgrounds think and act. I cannot definitely claim that I understand everything but surely I understand a bit better now than before.
We have got one single life and in that we have a very limited amount of time. It is definitely impossible for us to go through all the possible experiences in the world. So sharing the stories of our personal experiences and listening to others' experiences are the only ways through which we can assimilate variety of experiences which help our wisdom grow. This inturn shall help us to handle various challenges ahead in life. Not just an advantage for us, by collecting new experiences from others we gather sufficient knowledge that we can guide some other person who is undergoing a similar situation like one of the experiences that we have gathered from other people. More the amount of varied experiences, more the problems that can be solved because problems are limited in variety but are applicable to many people. So a single experience of one person who has solved a problem is sufficient to solve the same problem of thousand others.
The best way to make a collection of new experiences of many people is by meeting and talking to a large number of people. In today's busy world, people seldom find their close ones to be free to discuss in detail about all the experiences that they have undergone till now. As a result people are ready to share their experiences with someone who has the patience to listen to them. So just be a good listener and you can take away a baggage of experiences. You can share your experiences with me on

Monday, January 28, 2013

Awareness ~ route to fearlessness

27th of January, 2013 was just an awesome day. Early morning car driving followed by a fantastic activity of meals donation accompanied with brithday celebrations of one of my closest friends, Bharath.G.C alongwith a chance to listen to Sulibele Chakravarthy at JAGO BHARATH function. However this blog is dedicated to the most loyal and humble person whom I have met in my life, my dear friend Bharath.G.C who shared this awesome lesson with the entire team of IU, "Awareness~ route to fearlessness".
Generally, we are afraid of those things which we haven't faced yet in our lives. We are afraid of them because we lack awareness about them. We are unaware about how might that thing or situation be. A simple example is that of darkness or spirits. People are afraid of darkness because they don't know what might happen during darkness if they take any step, people are afraid of spirits because they don't know what to do if they ever come across them. All the fear is due to the earlier heard stories about how darkness or spirits have harmed someone. Basically without having experienced oneself or have given a chance to oneself to face the fear, unwareness itself creates a fear. If one knows very clearly that whenever there is darkness one just needs to light a lamp or move towards a source of light, all fears vanish. As we grow in life we expect things to be as we want them to be. What we want depends on what we have seen earlier in life. Anything new about which we are not aware instantly creates a fear in us stopping us from trying it out.
Hence, knowing and learning more will always help us take action to expand our horizons in those directions. The action taking step itself defines that one is fearless. Once you have learned about the consequences that your action might reap then you have a clear idea in mind as to how to take the first step. The route to take action is to be fearless and the best way to develop fearlessness is by getting more and more awareness. Thanks to Bharath.G.C sir for sharing this wonderful lesson. You can pour in your thoughts on

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Youngsters with

On a sunday morning when more than half of the city is still sleeping, we 25 youth of bangalore have joined hands with organization to walk an extra mile to bring a smile on someone's face. Today we have teamed up into teams of two and have moved to different localities of bangalore in search of poor and needy people so that we can serve them with our homemade food. I am really happy to let you know that 24 students from Vijaya degree college who are doing their graduation have volunteered to make this campaign a massive success. I am blogging live while the event is happening. Hence you might find most of the sentences in present continuous tense. Since I don't have any internet access right now, I will be posting this blog by tonight.
All these volunteers from Vijaya college gathered in the college premises at sharp 9:30am to know and understand the complete procedure to perform this fun-filled activity from After getting the necessary instructions from me, all these 12 teams sped in different directions through different means of transport. Some took their 2-wheelers, while some boarded buses while the rest gave some work to their feet. It's a privilege to see youngsters involving in adventurous social activities. Top three teams will be selected based on the number of meals they donate, their reporting and the time taken to complete the task and these team members' names will be featured in the report of this entire activity.
All the teams have reached back within 2 hours and are sharing their fabulous experiences and learnings with others having donated close to 100 meals on a sunday morning. Some are satisified, some are proud, some are happy, some are inspired etc. Varied emotions is seen on these young faces. Really glad and happy to know that a routine monotonous activity like meal donation gave so much of learning and enjoyment to students. The winners of the competition will be announced soon. You can check out the photos on

Are we really republic?

The word 'republic' means a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president. I know that all of us Indians had a wonderful time on 26th of Jan, celebrating our Republic day but on the same day I had an experience which actually questioned as to how much republic we really are. Probably not only w.r.t India, even some other countries might have the same issue.
I was walking on the pavement and I found this guy selling corn. He looked pretty young to me. Somewhat I felt that I needed to talk to him. I went near him and asked him as to how much of corn does he sell in one single day. He replied 6-7kg initially and then said that yesterday he was able to sell 10kg since it was a holiday because of republic day as well as a weekend. Then when I asked him as to how much he earns per day. His answer was a shocking "Rs.3000/month!" I went into bit of mathematics at that time. Even if he sells 100gm of corn for Rs.20, he is going to sell 1kg of corn at Rs.200 which effectively yields Rs.40000 for 200kg sold in one month assuming an average of 7kg sold per day. When I went back to him to ask as to how many hours a day he works, he replied "10 hours". A guy who works for 10 hours continuously each day of a month is earning just Rs.3000.
Even more disheartening fact was to know that he had just passed 8th std and didn't continue his education as he was disinterested in it and hence took up this job at Bangalore though his native place is Bihar. When the present generation which is suppose to be going to school is working on roads for such mean jobs, how can we expect this generation to be capable enough to elect a representative or President for our country as the word republic says. So my dear friends, it's very important for us to join hands to make sure that we pass on our nation to safe hands and that can happen only when such children are motivated and helped to continue their education. In this regard I would like to congratulate the campaign of "IUY2C" through which the college youth of our nation are taking initiative to go and talk to school children about the importance of education and helping them realise the value of it. Register yourself on if you're interested to be a part of it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Revolutions have happened and shall happen again

Industrial revolution, White revolution, Green revolution, American revolution etc have happened in the history and have been recorded very strongly. Massive rapid changes have taken place due to such revolutions which have completely changed the face of nations. If revolutions have occured in the previous past then it is obvious that revolutions shall take place in the future also. Revolutions took place when masses were worn out with the recurring odd times and few couraged up to lead all of them to fight the system and change it for the better. So if you're frustrated with the number of odd things happening around then just get ready for one more revolution.
Every system is designed to be in a stable state and only then equilibrium can exist to maintain the required balance. But disturbances are bound to occur in any system. So when such perturbances penetrate the system, it slides to one side. This goes on until the tipping point when the system is about to completely fail and become extinct and that is the exact point when the threshold of pain is reached by the majority existing in the system. Since never any system can become obsolete, it has to be brought back to balance where majority in the system are happy with the system. At such times occur revolutions which restore the harm caused through decades in a matter of few years. The only deceiving part of a revolution is that people will not even have an idea when it is about to occur which they least expected in their entire lifetime.
It is a disheartening fact today to hear that people have even lost the hope that the world shall change into a better one due to regular bad things that are happening around day in and day out. If Mahatma Gandhiji had given up his hopes upon Indian freedom within first ten years of his freedom struggle, then probably we wouldn't have got our freedom during 1947 itself. If Mother Theresa had given up hopes on serving the numerous patients then probably the world wouldn't have known the real meaning of 'service to mankind'. The reason they created a revolution in what they did was because they believed in their vision and fought every circumstance to bring it into reality. Hence amidst the millions who have lost hope on positive change in this world, you have to decide whether you still want to remain in those millions or want to step ahead into the group of those few who shall create a revolution that shall change the life of those millions for the better because revolutions are bound to happen. You can surely share your participation on

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part VII

At the end of the grand event, after the speeches by the chief guests, all students were really happy to have attended such a wonderful workshop. Nagamani mam gave the vote of thanks, thanking the chief guests, students, lecturers, distinguished guests, speakers and all the supporting staff. Even the dignitaries present at the event were really happy to see that the audience which comprised majority of the youth students were interested in learning about waste segregation and management.
My learning from this one-day workshop is that today how small mistakes of ours are leading to huge problems which are once again attacking us back. The responsibility to keep the house clean doesn't rest only with the municipal corporation. It lies in the hands of each one of us. We have to start spreading awareness among people about how harmful it is if we don't manage waste properly and start implementing the methods required for proper waste recylcing. Each one of us will be responsible for making our environment clean and free from all sorts of pollution. Unfortunately many educated people are committing the same mistakes was a disheartening thing to hear.
Overall, it was a great event to learn a lot technically and also to know about how different institutions had taken up the task of recylcing their college resources very seriously. Such events should be conducted at regular intervals in different institutions so that the idea gets in deep into every citizen. I congratulate and thank BBMP for sponsoring such a programme and Prasanna Udupikar mam from VVN degree college for being the key initiator for this entire extravaganza of knowledge sharing. I hope and believe that such events recur often because the more it gets delayed the more our environment gets polluted. I have started my work of spreading awareness about waste management and segregation with people whom I meet, have you started yet? You too can if you have either attended the event or have read these 7 posts on my blog.

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part VI

The cherry on the cake for the entire event was Dr.Yellappa Reddy sir who has worked in forest department and also the chairman for a prominent organization at the age of 77. He spoke about how there is no garbage in forests. Animals and birds know that the place should be clean to give birth to their children. Suzuki, an 8 year old girl had spoken about how the environment was hampered by man in last few years at Rio conference for which none of them could answer. He told that the material required for a mobile is mined in a place in Cuba and if any people revolt against it, they are severely punished by the mining company. He threw light upon how 250 granite cutting companies left sledge as waste. This harms cattle which feed upon such waste and hence the milk they produce is polluted.
He mentioned about a case where in two post graduate students from RV College of Engineering had swam through drainage water to get samples to present it in the court to prove the presene of dangerous mercury in the contaminated water. He mentioned that 25 to 50 gm of mercury is sufficient to kill 1,00,000 people. He mentioned one more case about women farmers in Gulbarga region who suffered due to cervix cancer and breast cancer due to pesticides used including endosulphan. He took the pollution control board, agricultural and community health departements for their carelessness who didn't test as to how these chemicals would affect humans.
He then explained about how death of honeybees and other insects can happen due to the sugary type of waste that we throw around in parks and public spaces. This inturn would reduce pollination and hence vegatation output would get degraded rapidly. He also mentioned about Ramagundanahalli, where in there is a tree with 700 honey combs and as a result there was an increase of 25% in the food production. He shared about an instance in chikkaballapura where 500 kids from 5 panchayats gathered together to conduct a parliamentary session and performed it to utmost perfection resulting in government granting them Rs.75,00,000 worth services.

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part V

Mohan.B.N, myself took upon the stage and was disappointed ot see a lethargic audience post lunch. So I kicked off with a power-packed start to make the crowd vibrant. Then I gave a presentation about IUnewspaperbag project about we were able to make 1,00,000 newspaperbags during the month of November in association with school children who were much younger to us. Thanks to Sireesha.M.k, online presence manager of Inspiration Unlimited who made a very beautiful powerpoint presentation for the session. Then I narrated a story about a crow and a sparrow in a village and conveyed the message about how small a contribution each one of us could make only if we didn't listen to what others teased us as. The crowd was filled with enthusiasm and the aura in the auditorium was trasnformed from a silent sobre one to a power-filled one. There was a tea break after my talk during which many students and teachers congratulated my energy-filled, powerpacked talk that just inspired all of them sitting in the room. I just thanked God and my mentor for all that had happened.
Once we returned from the tea break, Mr.Trilokachandra who is the additional commissioner of BBMP and an IAS officer spoke about Pegovian tax levied upon the polluter in foreign countries. He also told about the extended producer responsibility that is expected from companies which generate a lot of waste. For recycling aluminium people are ready to buy waste aluminium at a cost of Rs.60/kg but it becomes a waste if mixed with food. So he also advocated for a behavioural change in one crore people living in bangalore. He also claimed that Bangalore was the first city in entire India to make it compulsory to segregate the waste at the source itself. During this talk, he asked for feedback from students and the feedback session was really filled with enthusiasm due to the previous sessions.

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part IV

Smt.Radha.V.Kale explained that waste is something which is a mismanaged and misused material. Wet waste doesn't give a stinking smell when sufficient oxygen is allowed. The stinking smell is due to the reduction process only. Aerobic composture is aslways good using earthworms. 1000 earthworms can do a job that can be done by a pair of oxen. She exlpained about vermicompost. There are about 3000 species of earthworms in the whole world, while there are 300 plus species in India only. She advised about 3Is and 3Vs to the students which are 3Is- Interest, Involvement, Induction and 3vs-Vision, Venture and Victories. She also showed a video about a physically handicapped farmer who got to know about preparing compost in his farm through ITC and how he had benefitted from the same. Shoba mam from Mount Carmel College assisted during this presentation.
Then came Mr.Manikandan from Oxford institutions who explained about recylcing of waste water and how this project was implemented in Oxford college. He taught the students about BOD-Biological Oxygen Demand, COD-Chemical Oxygen Demand, centrifuge used to separate the waste from the water. He informed about how oxygen parlours are today charging rs.350 per hour. After his informative presentation, came upon two ladies both by name Sujatha who worked in a college to segregate waste and its management. They informed about how around 500 people were given ID cards as official waste pickers by BBMP due to the efforts of hasirudala team.
It was time for IU - Inspiration Unlimited to take the stage and I was all set to emblaze the crowd with the IUism unlimted energy and IUnewspaperbag project. Let's see the IU episode in the next post.

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part III

Then came the founder of hasirudala NGO, Smt.Nalini Shekar who explained about organic and inorganic waste. Any waste which can be converted to manure is an organic waste. She explained about how hair, dust belong to wet waste. She also informed about other types of wastes such as sanitary waste, hazardous waste in CFL bulbs, construction/debry waste. She also spoke about how waste pickers can separate plastic into 17-18 different varieties of wastes and paper into 6-7 grades based on their physical properties. In bangalore, today, waste sorters, scrap traders are managing 600-800 tonnes of waste and hence are helping to reduce an expense of Rs.13,00,000 per day. In Pune, waste pickers collect waste from 55 lakh homes and hence have invested in a scrap store and are earning Rs.35,000 to Rs.40,000 as divident per year.
Smt. Nalini also explained about how garden waste should be managed. She advocated that college should involve in waste management and make things happen for the society's good. After her talk there was lunch break for about 40 minutes during which lots of discussions went on among students and lecturers. Then when the afternoon session resumed, Smt.Shirley from JyothiNivas college informed about AURA - go green initiative of her college and Parivarthana started by Mr.Jayakrishna who is a social entrepreneur.
Then came on the stage Smt.Radha.V.Kale who has served in the industry of waste management for a lot of years with an experience of 40 years and who has been the director for the research and development department as well. Let's see what she had to say in the next blog.

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part II

Nylon used in betwenn polythene and polypropylene for sacks of atta is also very difficult to recycle due to difference in melting points. Plastics of certain kinds can be used as alternate fuel resources and hence replace coal. Due to overuse, even the carbon in soil has reduced to a great extent. Hence the strong message was not to mix food with plastics.
Then came the Mayor, Sri VenkateshMurthy who exclaimed that plastic and hospital waste have reduced the value of garbage and this must be taught by students to the public. Mavalli, Mandoor and Dhoddaballapura which are dumping yards have become horrible spots today. Adding to this, Sri. Tallam Venkatesh sir spoke about how even small help from public can help solve the problem and advised that patriotism should be instilled in children at a very young age. This was followed by a tea break where in students and teachers from other colleges started interacting about the topics discussed in the morning. Post tea-break it was Dr.Meenakshi Bharath who took the stage with her humour-filled motivating speech. She advocated the usage of public transport.
Coming to the waste management, she called upon every person in the hall to become the leader of their respective street since each one of them had the ability to transform. She taught about how to form a team in the community and also informed that Bangalore generated 3.5 million kg of waste every single day. She gave a presentation about segregators, composters, carbon footprint, and home-grown-food items. She called upon the youth to be honest with their work.

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part I

On 21st Jan,2013 close to 300 youth of bangalore witnessed a fantastic one-day workshop about waste segregation and management which was conducted by VVN Degree college and sponsored by BBMP(Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). Smt. Prasanna Udupikar mam was the key convener of the entire event supported by the principal of VVN degree college, Smt. Namitha. Tallam Venkatesh sir, president of VVN Trust was also present during the inauguration of the event along with VenkateshMurthy, Mayor of Bangalore.
The event was inaugurated by a devotional song to Lord Vinayaka and lighting of the lamps by the dignitaries. Dr.Almitra Patel who is a member of Supreme Court of India for country's municipal waste management spoke about how the waste problem started in bangalore. Till 1960 there was no waste issue in bangalore because the waste was used up by farmers for their crops but with the subsidy given for urea and introduction of plastics stopped composting and made the waste useless. Black spots got created in different parts of the city as even rag-pickers couldn't separate plastic from food. She also mentioned the use of plastic if it can be recylced and reused. Tar roads need good shredded plastic so that they become 2-3 times better. PROBES/101/2005-2006 explains as to how to use plastics and PROBES/122/2008-2009 explains about differences of roads with and without plastics.
In one of the incidents in Tamilnadu, a school asked the children to bring one kilogram of plastic from their home in exchange for Rs.1 pencil. 1 tonne of plastic was collected in 10 days and a fantastic road was laid. Smt.Jayalalitha who was the then chief miniter ordered to lay thousands of kilometers of similar roads and it improved rural employment. Dr.Almitra Patel mam also informed about ghatta where recycled plastics chops are made into polystyrene, polypropylene and others in Nayandanahalli, Hosaballa.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Waste Management - A necessity for our future

Vanivilas Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore-560004
Invites you for the


(Informative and enlightening sessions)


Sponsored by
Venue: Maruthi Sabhangana(VVN College Auditorium)
  Time: 10.00 AM
  Date: 21st January 2013

Prof.Prasanna Udupikar                 Prof.Satish U Mahishi
Convener 9449800783                      Co-convener 9986793396
Prof.Sreekanteshwara                     Dr.Namitha M G
Vice-Principal                                      Principal


10.00 to 11.15 AM
Chief Guest
Worshipful Mayor.VenkateshMurthy
Keynote Address
Smt. Almitra Patel
Member, Supreme Court Committee For Solid Waste Management
Presidential Remarks    
Sri Tallam Venkatesh
President, VVN Trust
11.15AM – 11.30AM                               
Tea Break
11.30AM – 12.15PM                               
Technical Session 1
Resource Person                 
Dr. Meenakshi Bharat
Simple Ways for Waste Management
12.15PM – 1PM                                       
Technical Session 2
Resource Person                   
Smt. Nalini Shekhar Hasirudala
Inclusive Waste Management
Integration of Waste pickers in Solid Waste Management
1PM – 2PM                                           
Technical Session  3
Waste Management in Schools and Colleges A Pragmatic View
Jain Group of  Institutions 
Sri. Marwan Abubkar
Project Manager, Radio Active
Mount Carmel College      
Dr. Radha Kale
Director, Mount Carmel Research Centre
Oxford Institutions            
Prof.Manikantan N
Department of Microbiology
Jyothinivas College           
Department of Biology
4.15PM – 5PM                   
Chief Guest                        
Sri K.V. Thrilok Chandra IAS
Additional Commissioner
Presidential Remarks       
Sri Arun Kumar
Secretary General, VVN Trust
Vote of Thanks                   
Sri Chandrashekhar

Organising Committee Members:
Prof.Sandhya Suri           Prof.Nagamani C N        Ms.Anithakumari
Ms.Divyashree S R           Ms.Akshaya B R

OOD facility provided by Regional Collegiate Education
                            No Registration Fee

A magnificient event to educate the masses to solve the current problem and prevent the future generation from suffering from the same. Let's make this event a grand success with all your participation.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Connectors for the world

The worldwide population on this earth is a huge human network. Not all 7 billion people know each other but the more number of people you know the better it is because man is a social animal. I also believe in the principle of having just those few individuals who can be completely trusted in one's life and no one else. But to find those few trustable individuals we have to scan through many hollow strangers. Hence having a big network shall always help.
The reason I am talking, sorry writing about human network here is because today anything that has to happen cannot be done by a single person. It needs a collaborative effort of many people who also share similar interests and goals. So how do we get in touch with all those people who share similar interests as that of ours? The answer for this question is 'connectors'. Connectors are those people who maintain a huge diverse network of people with them. They do not pay to have this network nor they work only to get their network. These connectors increase their circle of known friends wherever they go or wherever they are irrespective of the background of the person. They enjoy making new friends, interacting with people and learn more about others and diverse mindsets.
The best service done by these connectors is that they can connect any person in their network with someone else who is in need of the service shared by the other. There might be absolutely zero benefit for the connector himself/herself. Still s/he make the problem-holders meet the solution-providers for the betterment of one's life. The advantage of connector's interference is that the trust gets leveraged through the connector which is not the case when a stranger meets another prospect for a solution. Thus connectors help the world to get interlinked and help more and more people get more and more friends. If you want to know as to how to become a connector, you can message me on

Friday, January 18, 2013

A glimpse about ebooks

Nowadays we find lot of people reading, playing, talking, enjoying and doing hundred of other things just on their electronic gadgets. Mobile phones, tablets, phablets, PCs, laptops have changed the way of life from what it was just about 2 decades back. All the knowledge that we accumulate is either by reading or listening. Coming to reading part, books were the main source of information until the advent of internet. With internet entering our households, schools and universities from cyber centres, internet became a powerful storehouse of information in-house and books got reduced to certain extent. About just 5-6 years back, with internet entering our smartphones alongwith launch of tablets in the market, lot of people have moved away from traditional printed books to ebooks.
More than 60% of the population in US relies on ebooks for information. Since the preservation of old books in the form of paper is becoming difficult, they are converted into ebooks for eternal preservation of information. Moreover ebooks avoid the carrying of heavy books and save on the printing cost. They also help in reducing the cutting down of trees for paper. However few people do argue that ebooks with all the hyperlinks in them make it easy for readers to get distracted towards some other content and hence the whole purpose of reading a book is defeated. Still many favour the same as an advantage as it helps to refer a lot many sources at one single place without running around to fetch different books. ebooks are available at affordable costs on online centres such as iBookstore, Amazon's kindle, Aldiko reader and lot of other e-retailers and can be bought with just few clicks of a button and online shopping. With the ebooks era, competition to acquire the ebooks market share is also growing. Some ebooks are being sold for a mere cost of 2cents while some free of cost just to encourage more and more people to get engaged to the habit of reading books online on their smart devices.
India and brazil are the next big markets for ebooks industry though it is still in its nascent stage in these two countries. 17 to 24% of adults having access to internet have bought an ebook from these countries. With growing middle class economy and availability of economic smartphone-like devices, the growth of ebooks industry is forecasted to be very positive in coming years. Some even predict that in next 50 years, printed books might become extinct and be only found in museums as almost everyone would be reading ebooks. Do research more on ebooks as it is one of the modern age businesses. Do pass on your suggestions on ebooks on

How far can you plan?

Planning is an essential asset that is required for every person on this planet today in this fast progressing world. So how far can one plan is a question of interest. Generally people have short term, mid term and long term plans. These plans vary based on the time required to accomplish the short term, mid term and long term goals. However when a person is involved in planning, it is not just for what length of time is the plan made which is important but how detailed the plan is, is also very important. So when I ask 'how far can you plan?', I refer to both the length and depth of planning.
Everyone has to do something or the other to pass time. Some might work while some might play while others might just rest. The human mind is so well tuned to continuous activity that it keeps asking for what is the next task. As a result everyone of us has some idea about what to do next. This is where we can differentiate between A stars and rest of them. How well and far planned is your next activity determines your course of life. People who are in pursuit of their visions, goals and dreams generally are aware about all the minutest details of their plan and also have a rough picture of the next plan such that it progresses towards accomplishment of their visions. They even chart out a time plan so as to complete the different steps of the plan. The rest might just have an idea on what to do next and might think about its execution only during run time. Unfortunately such people end up with reasons and excuses more than results. They shall have no idea about what is supposed to be done after that activity. This is where we take our time, resources and life for granted.
Whenever you are into an activity you must be aware about at least 5-10 next steps as to how you will grow and master that activity and also what you would be achieving at each step. Sometimes people jump into work out of curiosity or temporary motivation without understanding the long-term goal of that work. When their immediate targets are reached, they find themselves clueless about how to continue further, whether to continue further or change. Hence whenever you're planning to jump into something try to make a plan which has depth as well as longevity. You can share your opinions on

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jan 13th,2013 witnessed one of the best magnanimous events in Kundapur, one of the districts in Karnataka, India. The aim of the program was to trigger the inspiration in youth from different regions of the west coast of Karnataka namely kundapura, udupi, bhatkal, moodalkatte and others. The entire 8 hour event was organised by Saraswathi Group of Institutes and Akshaya Coaching Classes headed by Rithesh Kamath and RamaMurthy respectively. They had really worked hard for last 45 days to make sure that close to 1500 students would go back from the event empowered and with a fire in them to accomplish their dreams and make our nation proud. It was one of the best events to kick off this new year with unlimited enthusiasm and motivation.
The event started by about 9 am in the morning with prayer and a small stage performance. Then came the highly energetic gentleman to trigger the fire of passion and aggression in students and he was none other than Mr.Gururaj Pai, an educator who has been very passionate about taking speeches and motivating the youth towards a better future. His voice was powerful enough to fill in watts of power in the studnets sitting in the hall. He taught about memory techniques and basic principles of life that one needs to follow. His main message was to love oneself. His speech of 100 minutes was filled with loads of energy. Then came Srilatha Danya mam who has been a M.Sc 1st rank holder. She spoke about the flaws in the current education system and suggested a lot of methods by which the education system can undergo a rapid positive change. Even the students voiced their consent to her suggestions and promised to support her in all her movements. She instantly became a role model to a lot many girls at the event. After her contentful speech there were demos by students of kundapura about flying quad-rotor, robotic bird and hacking. Gautam Navada was a 19year old kid who had started a website and had got lakhs of visits on his websites. He was the young star for the day. Then the crowd broke for lunch at 1:10pm.
Precisely at 1:40 pm the crowd gathered back only to witness a roar of applause when they got a glimpse of the person for whom the entire lot had been waiting from the morning. It was none other than Er. Sujit Lalwani who thrilled the audience just by his entry. There was an uproar of happiness among the crowd. It was as if they were all waiting since morning only for this moment. The next 3 hours was just a feast for the audience. Sujit sir spoke of varied topics in his amazing style and the crowd was only mesmerized by his talk. He spoke about patriotism, respect towards parents, working towards one's own dreams, developing the nation, self-appreciation and lot of other topics. The feedback from the students was tremendous. I am happy that I was also a part of this event and got few minutes to convey the inspirational story about an eagle's life. Vijeth Shivaraj and Shyesh.K.S also had been a part of this mega event. I would like to thank the organisers, volunteers, speakers and all the sponsors who were responsible for making this wonderful event happen on 01-13-2013.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The idea matters

Just few days back I had written a blog about executing the ideas and thoughts that come to our mind. After I wrote about how people tend to deviate away from work and don't execute what they think, I switched the frame of reference to those people who are always
thinking and simultaneously executing a lot of their plans. Then I realised that the execution of each and every idea that comes to the mind of such people is very difficult because ideas run a lot faster than execution. That is when I read a famous anecdote and concluded that execution is a must when the idea matters despite all constraints of time, money and human resources.
Once two people were travelling in a train. The second person was really awed by the persona carried by the first person. That is when the first person shared his vision with the second person to create an institution for science, technology and innovation. The result of this sharing of an idea was IISC- Indian Institute of Science, the second person was J.R.D.Tata while the first person was none other than Swami Vivekananda. This was the anecdote that completely took my thought to another higher level of perception. It's always not possible by us to execute each and every idea of ours due to different constraints. Sometimes people feel that they cannot share an idea of thiers with others because it might be stolen away from them and they might not get the credit. Other times people might also feel that without them doing the work by themselves first, they cannot ask or guide someone else to execute the idea. As a result of any of these confusions, finally the idea doesn't materialise into execution which is once again a loss for this world.
Once an idea comes to a person's mind which has the capacity to do good to the human society it must be executed. If the same person who got the idea cannot execute it either due to lack of prior experience or insufficient resources, it must be shared with people and for sure he shall find one person who will take the idea to the execution step. At the end of the day all that matters is execution of an idea which really matters to our world. Feel free to share your ideas about this blog on

It's easy to give up

Everyone of us have big dreams, big goals and big visions. Each one of us want to work towards these with the best abilities possible. On the way we definitely come across a lot of obstacles. We are even strong to fight against these but however sometimes it so happens that in spite of the external obstacles we have our own internal obstacles that drag us back. Depressing emotions due to slow speed
of our growth or lack of care around us or inability of doing things that we like and getting entitled only to responsibilities are in or the other way responsible for the internal drag. At all these times it's very easy to give up.
The only achievement after giving up on the task that we had determined to perform is that we get sufficient extra time to do the next tasks and nothing else. This extra time got also shall not be utilised properly because of sthe lack of motivation to complete the previous work would still carry it's inertial effects due to which even the next task shall get either delayed or undone. Giving up actually leads to losing of the battle within our innerselves. It brings down the respect that we have for our own decisions and commitments towards ourselves. If one cannot be committed to oneself for one's own benefits how can s/he be able to deliver promptly to the commitments made to others? However, all these thoughts do not occur to the human mind when the body and the lethargic self have taken control over the human mind and giving up seems to be easier than far and pushes one to give up easily.
It just follows the general rule of the world. Success seems to ask for extra hard work whilst failure is as easy as just giving up. Even if you fail after doing the complete work to the best of your capabilities then you only fail w.r.t your expectations and not the real work. You have just fallen, you need to once again rise up and start working towards your success using the lessons learnt from the previous fall. Failure is as easy as just giving up. You can write back to me on