Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Write it down

Your mind is a never stopping generator of random thoughts. The speed at which the thoughts run and also the speed at which they change are really immeasurable. So this being the case do we really care about the thoughts that rule not only brain but also our lives? Very few would be the answer. Very few humans really pay the due respect for every thought that takes birth in the immensely clustered nervous system in their heads and no wonder it's a fact that only these people reach the pinnacles of success. The logic is very simple. A person who respects his thoughts would definitely check every word that comes out of his/her mouth. He/she would pay probably 1000% attention to every detail of his/her action. Naturally he/she is bound to achieve the highest possible perfection level in every work which would eventually lead to success.

If thoughts can influence our mind and life so much then it becomes absolutely necessary to give importance to them and that's what the blog is all about. We know that human memory doesn't have unlimited capacity. In one or the other way everyone of us are Gajinis except the fact that we have different intervals for forgetting and remembering stuff. This is where I want to shout out loud "WRITE IT DOWN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was one of the advice that I have been receiving time and again. I hadn't given the importance that these golden words deserved. The result was that I paid the price for my mistake. I din't accomplish any of those things which I thought many times again and again but never made an effort to WRITE THEM DOWN.

The simple psychology that works behind writing your valuable thoughts on paper is that when you write them down, you commit to yourself to convert those thoughts into things subconsciously. 'Thoughts become things' is a famous quote from the book 'The SECRET'. No doubt it remains a secret because very few people afford to open it. Your conscience, your auditory sense when you talk to yourself while you write, infact your entire body goes into the writing posture when you write the superb thoughts on a piece of paper. The thoughts expand from your brain throughout your entire body. You would have observed those people who fall in love and forget their entire self at times. The same way once the thoughts are written down, no more they are in you, it's more of you are in them. This effect is going to drive every next thought, word and act of yours to implement and accomplish them.

I am damn sure you are thinking something after reading this blog. I would request you to pen down your opinions, thoughts and comments on is.mohanbn@gmail.com