Monday, September 15, 2014

Group Call - The most awaited app of the world

Time is one of the most precious treasures of life that is severely limited every day. No matter how rich you are or how wise you are, you cannot extend 24 hours by even a speck of a second. Efficiency is the only factor that can enhance your productivity in the limited amount of time that you are blessed with in a day. Communication over phone being a part of our daily process, apart from talking on phone the overhead cost of time is the tapping of numbers on the keypad or searching the name to call and sliding the finger across. This process consumes focus as well as time. What if both these could be saved for you on certain big occasions and amidst tight time and busy schedules? Here comes the solution in the name of Group call for the entire world.

“Group call app acts as a hands-free when you need to make consequent calls to a group of people. All you need to do is create a new list, add the people from your contact list and click one button. The app starts calling one contact after the other without your intervention. 'Pause', 'Resume' and 'Stop' are some of the options you can use. You can shuffle the list, call from a contact in between and add new contacts in between.
Birthday parties, Event Invites, Marriage invitations, Daily calls to your teams, Follow up calls to clients, Client relation calls, Monthly call to all your friends, or Just anything about a group - Make a list and never bother yourself again when it comes to calling them in a sequence. One button and you just need to go on TALKING!
Keep the MAIN THING the MAIN THING - YOU TALK! We will dial for you...” 

Install the app, add your list to be called, play the app and continue your work. While your earphones or Bluetooth headset is connected to your smartphone, you are completely hands-free. While your vocal cords are busy talking to your friends and family, you are totally free to concentrate on your driving or do other household work or work on your laptops. You are completely relieved of the thinking process of whom to call next and you tend to get more relaxed in your conversations. You don’t have to pick up the phone after every call to search for the next name and dial. You buy peace of mind along with this free app. Isn’t that a fair deal!

This is what some of our users had to say about the Group Call app:

Chetan Yallapurkar- Founder of Honeymoon Havens and Mark Your Trails
Truly a must for daily call with team!!! I must say, it's a very thought through app so simple and easy to use. I loved the UI and the features provided. Cheers!

Arun chikkamarappa- A passionate trekker who has completed 200 treks at the age of 27
Amazing app Love the colour and the size of the app, very simple and user friendly. Helps making multiple calls very quick and faster, saves a lot of time and energy. No need to remember huge list of contact numbers now, Just make a list, add contacts and start callingJ Happy callingJ

Sujit Lalwani - Founder of Inspiration Unlimited and NGO
Simply SUPERB!! I always found it tough and painful to keep going to contacts, finding people and calling up every single day when I had to make calls to same set of people every day. Now I have various lists and I save a lot of time, mental energy and it FEELS GREAT TO USE THIS APP...

Kavyashree - Founder of the e4u project
Work becomes easier! I have a set of calls that needs to be made every day. I had to search for every name in my contact and sometimes I would forget a couple of them. Now this app has taken the responsibility to remember them! Thanks a lot for the app! is the link to download your Group Call right now! Watch out for more exciting features that shall be added soon. Not to forget to mention that this free app is completely ads-free just like how we love you to enjoy your life hands-free. We hope that this app will definitely make you happy by relieving your work to some extent and make you feel livelier. If you’re happy we are sure that you will make more people in your surroundings happy and the perpetual effect shall continue leading to a happier world. Hence Group Call is known as the most awaited app for a happier world.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Questions and Answers

The world would have been completely silent and calm if we hadn't had the fortune of speaking to each other. I am damn sure that, my dear reader, you are able to hear my voice in your head right now. You might be just reading what I have written here, but definitely there is a voice running deep down in your brain which is not audible to the outside world but, for sure loud enough for your head. Communication forms the intricate part of establishing a bond in any relation. It involves just exchange of opinions. Whenever no discussions are happening, then it only means that there are a lot of questions building up in our minds. All you need to do at such points of time is to throw the questions and get the answers. If you are on the other end of the table as a leader then pull out the questions and give the right answers. Questions and answers have the power to calm down all highs and lows of our feelings and emotions.

People would have been more than happy if everyone around them did exactly as they expected each one of them to do. Unfortunately, what happens in a human's brain seldom reaches the people around. As a result, exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings in terms of words are very essential. Sometimes, or should I say, a lot of times not all the points made satisfy a person's appetite for information or confirmation of the information received. At such times, there are always possibilities of confusions, distrust, emotional conflicts and a whole lot of other silly issues to creep up. The assumptions that build due to too much of gap in communication also submerge the truth and the reality and build a mountain of unnecessary heap on top of the objectives, due to which the complete essence of the objectives is forgotten. The arguments and disagreements arise. Losers give up fighting on such issues to resolve them either due to ego or laziness. But a leader must take the stand. He must be ready to put down his ego, crush it and take the first step to make the person in front of him sit, and help in solve the queries bothering the relation. Heaps of irrelevant and irrational questions need to be answered until the true objective surfaces itself. Every human being is at least blessed with the ability to realise the importance of lost objectives, and when made realised to be ready to relearn them. Some souls get their ego as a defence just to win the argument rather than the true discussion or the objectives. Once again you need to question and get the answer or answer the same old question until the ego is satisfied.

The biggest role of a leader comes to picture here. A leader must be ready to dig into the mountain of doubts and uncertainties that people carry in them, due to which, neither they proceed in life, nor allow someone else to move ahead in life. A leader's job is to make people answer the questions and thus form a channel for them to leak out all their negativity so that positivity can be filled into them. The process is not as easy as it can be spoken about or written or read. It's a tough job of a leader and only a leader can take up such tough challenges and solve them to make the world a better place to live in for people around him.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Every problem has a solution

Life is a wonderful journey for those who are ready to see it unfold and be prepared to receive the shocks and surprises that it might throw. For some, life becomes drudgery because what they expected and what life gifted them were in opposite poles. No one decides what one needs to get out of life. It's a culmination of lot of factors that moulds the life the way it unfolds. Things that we can have control on seem easier than those on which we don't have any control. Such uncontrollable circumstances take the name of problems. Every problem has a solution just like how every lock is made with a key. Problem is a problem until we discover the solution for it. The best part is- everyone has equal rights to discover the solution of any problem troubling this world.

Once a person is born on this earth, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot escape the clutches of the earthy life until his time to leave the world arrives. Until then he has to pass his time on this planet. When we have no option to escape life, let's enjoy life. There is no point in sitting and moaning about things happening around us. You have the rights to cherish the good moments of life. Likewise you have the responsibility to combat the sad moments of life. While good moments make your heart go light, the tough moments should make you tough to face the challenges of life. Nothing comes easy here; you have to earn it, my friend! For those who doubt whether they will be able to earn what they desire to, here is the simple single philosophy which can empower you to believe in everything that you wish should come true. Every problem has a solution; you just need to discover it. You cannot say which solution will, for sure, solve the problem but you can be sure that when you hit the right solution the problem shall vanish. To make it happen you need to have a firm belief on God and thyself. You have to believe in yourself that you are going to be the problem-solver. Only then will your mind open up to search for solutions. Mind is one of those wonderful creations of God fit in a human body that can solve the unimaginable mysteries of this beautiful planet. Use it well and believe in your efforts which shall go on to solve the problem. What you dream is your right and no one has the rights to snatch it away from you.

There are a lot of people out there who will create problems. There are a lot out there who will complain about problems. There are plenty of those who will only see the problems and run away from them accepting defeat. None of these three categories of people take any action to solve anything. The remaining is the fourth set of people like you and me who should become the torch-bearers for the rest of them around us. We should carry the light of solutions to all the problems that hit us. Not to forget the most important lesson during the tough times of life - "Every problem has a solution".

Friday, September 12, 2014

Everyone needs that trigger

All of us are loaded with huge amounts of talents, skills and abundance of intelligence and energy. Each one of us possess a diamond or a dynamite in ourselves in terms of the worth and explosive capacity respectively. We need to explore the hidden treasure in each of us to scale the unimaginable heights of life. In the search of finding the strength and support that can accomplish his dreams, man has travelled across the world, and sometimes into space too than trying to find them in himself. No gun which is loaded with bullets fires all by itself at the enemies. There is a trigger for every gun that fires away the fears of life. Everyone needs that trigger to jump into real-time action. You have the chance to be that right trigger in the lives of those who are in your network; use it well.

Going back to the story of Ramayana, an ancient manuscript of India, there is an episode wherein someone has to fly across the Indian Ocean which is widespread thousands of kilometres to reach Lanka, the land of the evil king Ravana. Many monkeys claim different distances that they can fly across but Hanuman, being the staunchest devotee of Sri Rama doesn't raise his voice. This startles his seniors who were very much sure that this magnanimous feat could be achieved by none other than Hanuman only. Then one of the seniors goes to Hanuman and speaks to him about his strengths and his achievements when he was a child. Hanuman, being one of the Supreme deities starts recollecting his inner strength and starts growing in size to get ready to leap across the Indian Ocean, a massive feat which he finally accomplishes. Likewise each one of us has expressed our best forms or our best performances in some or the other places or at times. Since the human memory is not as long-lasting as that of a computer, we tend to forget our own capacities and credibility. At such points of time, all of us need some triggers that can put us back into our peak forms once again. Sometimes situation can become one such trigger. Sometimes people around us become the triggers for us. All that we need to know are that we are needed to get triggered as soon as possible. There is no point of loading the ammunition if you're not using the weapons. In the same way, there is no point having loads of talents in us if we are unable to use them for a good cause.

Different people get triggered for different reasons. One must excavate his thinking process to find out the reasons because of which he can get triggered. Humans are experts at studying about others than themselves. Using the same strength each one of us has the ability to assess our friends or relatives much better. Let's use the same power to find out what are those triggers which are absent in their lives. Being an outsider we can find those missing ones and supply such triggers to others on a regular basis whenever required. If each one of us can be those triggers for the people around us then each one of us stand the chance of getting our triggers from the people around us. This mutual triggering can empower each one of us individually and our society as a whole.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sanskrit - the mother of all languages

My most favourite language is Sanskrit. The rich cultural and scientific heritage of the Hindus is reflected in our ancient Sanskrit scriptures and literature. The modern day scientific discoveries which are named after people from the Western world were written and proved in our old Sanskrit books. A lot of information regarding our space and solar system which were discovered after modern equipments were invented, were observed by eminent personalities who resided thousands of years ago in India. Mahabharatha and Ramayana, which are the biggest epic manuscripts in the entire world were also written in Sanskrit. It is even believed that the Gods and Goddesses converse in Sanskrit. As per the modern world's research it has been proved that Sanskrit is the best language for the understanding of computers at a binary level. Sanskrit being the oldest language to exist till now is considered as the mother of all languages which originated much later.

Indians were considered to be highly intelligent and intellectual during the olden times even before the invasion of foreigners. Wealth and knowledge were the key resources of the ancient Indian kings and emperors. Some of the foreign rulers attacked India and purposefully burnt a lot of libraries and lakhs of books were lost in this manner. Cutting down on the education tools of a man can bring down his growth opportunities and that is what exactly people who attacked India did. However, after going through all these hardships Sanskrit has still survived reaching as many new people as possible. Sanskrit carries pure divinity in itself. According to me, only the pious ones get the chance to study Sanskrit. Vice-versa is also true. Those who study Sanskrit can also purify themselves and their souls is one more strong belief of mine. Being the oldest language, today patrons of Sanskrit language have decreased due to the onslaught of foreign languages like English, French, German, etc. People are losing interest to learn the language of their own motherland and are paying fees to learn those languages which are not even related to their motherland. Sanskrit carries the beauty that none other language can even come near to match it. The diversity in the kind of literature that is found in Sanskrit language is second to none other.

The Vedas, scriptures which are considered to have no author but recited by the sages during their penance due to the blessings and teaching directly from the Almighty carry the most powerful lessons that are required for anyone to become successful in life. Due to lack of encouragement by the modern education system which focuses only on national language, international language and regional language, Sanskrit is lacking the back up needed to be the part of our lives. It's time we start valuing the language of our land and foster it in order to gain back the identity that it deserves. Sanskrit must become the part of our daily lives is my dream. Sanskrit has the power to bring you out of any problem and is the best way to get showers of blessings from the Gods.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You need to hasten the work

People are different. No two human beings have the same fingerprints or the same DNA structure. When the basic formation of a human being is itself unique to each one, how can one person expect someone else to be same like him/her? Anyone can only get closer to be as you are but no one can be perfectly like you. Each one has a pattern associated with his/her subconscious when it comes to work. Everyone develops an algorithm for the work in front and works at a speed distinctive to each individual. By the way, this blog post will work out for you only if you are one among those people who likes working fast, who likes results to happen quickly than merely waiting for results to come. Only momentum attracts more momentum. This blog post can add more momentum to your work only if you love to have momentum in your life, be it at home or at work.

Nothing happens on its own on this planet. I truly agree that the sunrise and sunset are not controlled by any switch. Things that are taken care by nature shall happen without any interference by humans but those things that form our work don't happen on their own. We need to work to complete the work. Our efforts, energy and time are required for things to move in our lives. How fast or how slow we complete the work determines how fast or how slow, how big or how small we achieve our results. A lot of work in our daily routine needs involvement of multiple factors from environment and other people, on which we don't have any control apart from few words of motivation or caution. All that we can depend on to the maximum level is our very own efforts. Self-dependency is the best dependency. You need to jump into action the moment you see slow progress. You need to take initiative to hasten the momentum around you. A lot of people out there are completely goal-less and target-less. They don't have immediate deadlines nor a series of tasks on their to-do lists which need to be completed one after the other. As a result, people are used to a very slow paced life and emulate the same in any environment they are. You need to influence them back instead of getting sucked by their slow speed. Hence you need to jump onto the floor and take work into your hands and finish it at rocket speed. This automatically fills in energy into the environment, which eventually starts infecting the people around and hastens their speed too.

The faster you complete the more you can do. Time is limited to 24 hours a day and the speed of time is constant at one second per second. Time neither runs fast nor slow. It's you and me who decide whether to be in sync with time or get out of race. Accountability to get things done well within time in the best optimized manner is your responsibility if you're a leader. It might sound like bossing over if you're instructing the work to happen fast. If it sounds so for people around, then just jump and do what a boss is supposed to do. He needs to jump on field, start working and show that results can be achieved within the required time at the best efficiency level. Actions can speak more fluently than words and are better understandable by people who turn deaf to some of the advices.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


All that I can do at this point of time is laugh at the turn of events in life. It makes me wonder just like how my mentor wondered once upon a time, “Why is God doing all these things?” As I see things unfolding from a higher plane it becomes quite difficult to even anticipate which pawn He is going to play from which direction. It is His world and He has all the rights to move around things and take anyone of us for a ride. I have learnt that we must stay calm and focused with complete belief and faith in Him that He is acting only in our favour. No one can even contemplate why something happened. He knows it all. I bow to Him. I shall stay calm and stay focused.

There are two ways to look at life, or rather lead life. Decide what kind of a life you want and work hard to convert everything in your favour until you get to live the life you want. The second option is- accept the chain of events as they come in life and take the given ride. Everyone has an option to choose the kind of life one wishes to live. The second option is pretty straight forward. Hence there is nothing much to discuss on it. The first option is quite interesting. It teaches you that you can’t demand from life whatever you want. You need to earn every bit of what you desire to deserve it. The turmoil, be it emotional or physical, shall attack you, either separately or together. Be strong at such points of time. Reacting to any situation shall only make matters more worse. Stay calm and tell your heart, “ALL IZZ WELL” in 3 Idiots style and know that every problem has a solution. Don’t let your focus divert from the end result that you have already envisioned to happen. Your belief is tested by these temporary challenges. They are short lived. Being loaded with many negative thoughts gathered from past experiences of life, even the mind might undergo the fight to maintain itself positive. Stay calm!

There can be no achievement in life which can be accomplished without facing the tough challenges of life. Achievement that is achieved without any obstacles overcome sounds as no achievement at all. Stay focused on your goal and shield your mind with the strongest weapon called “BELIEF”. Every coming trouble should only go back disappointed that it couldn’t even shake you a bit. No one knows which decisions are right and which ones are wrong. Taking decision is a responsibility and one must stand up as a leader to take decisions. One should be ready to even fight to make the decisions right after being taken. To carry out such responsibilities on your shoulders during the most critical juncture of your life you need a mentor to guide you how to handle the burden. I am lucky to have one and I am happy if this blog post can guide some, who miss a mentor in life. You need to stay calm to take adequate decisions and stay focused to make the right set of moves to receive what you believe.

Monday, September 08, 2014

You got to feed the baby

I am sure that each one of you must have witnessed some or the other time in your life as to how a baby is fed. The infant might cry to have its food but her mom doesn't leave it just like that. There is a tussle between the two when it comes to having food. No matter how much the baby fights, mom wouldn't allow her to sleep with an empty stomach. Mom shall try all possible different ways of bribing up to scolding to the extent of beating the child if the child disagrees to have food. Because mom knows that the baby has to be fed, else it shall only spoil its own health. The objective is to feed the baby no matter what strategy is used. Mom becomes powerful enough to even bring the moon on earth just for the baby to have its dinner.

For leaders the world around them and the people around them are like their children. Leaders know what's right for the world and the people inhabiting it. If you're a leader you must take the step to take care of your surroundings. You must take up the challenge to make sure that people around you are fed well and leading quality lives. It doesn't matter whether people are ignorant about you, whether they are ridiculing you or they want to rebel against you. All that matters will be your love for them. No matter how much a baby kicks its parents, the parents do not let go off the child because it's their future in physical form. Likewise, leaders must be ready to bear the blunt of people around. Not everyone will be ready to trust you the moment you are taking some initiatives. It's not even necessary for everyone to believe what you're doing is right. Results should speak of your work. Your confidence in the work you have jumped into and the perseverance to bring your vision into reality shall drive in confidence amongst people around you to start believing you. It shall take some time before people are convinced about your leadership traits which they can imbibe in themselves. They need a proof already doing it and it can only be you. Beware! You will never be able to satisfy everyone around you. Someone somewhere or the other will definitely be unhappy or disappointed about you. Keep continuing your work irrespective about who appreciates or not until you reach your visions. As long as people are benefitting from your being on this planet there is no turning back in life.

Remember the baby crying and hesitant to have its food whenever you find people who are not ready to listen to your advice or suggestions. You shouldn't get angry being a leader. Instead you should only feel pity towards the person not paying heed to what you say imagining him/her to be a child in terms of maturity though s/he might have grown in age and physically. You should never give up on changing his/her mindset towards positivity. This task might take a minute or an hour or a day or a week or a month or a year or a decade or a lifetime. No matter how long it takes, you need to be the grown up mature person to innovate different strategies in order to make people follow your right directions.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

An awe Inspiring eMagazine and An even more inspiring APP

Life itself teaches us to learn it from experience. There are lots of things that are running in this universe and as per Butterfly Effect every small instance occuring in this universe has the capacity to influence our lives. Vice versa is equally true. We inherit the ability from the source which we come from, which is nothing but the same universe to influence every bit of the universe that surrounds us. Following the same philosophy, with the hope of influencing the universe that surrounds us with inspiration through information a dream was born about two and half years back in the form of an eMagazine known as "IU eMagazine".

Today, people are fed up with the magnitude of negative news that is engulfing every page of the print media and every second of the visual media. What we see, what we read and what we hear are what that influence our thoughts, actions and character. To break through this shell of negative environment that is draining away the positivity and happiness from the world and lives of our fellow human beings, IU eMagazine has been striving hard to bring positive information from every corner of the globe possible in order to inspire every individual who clicks it open. Being the No. 1 Inspirational Magazine online, IU eMagazine has kept the gossips at bay and given focus only to bring the bright and positive information to keep you positive and inspired towards a beautiful life. The purpose to inspire the world has garnered global appreciation for the magazine, and today, there are readers from more than 150 countries of the world who endorse this wonderful concept. The authors who contribute to the magazine through their articles, poems and stories hail from diverse backgrounds from 50 different countries.

It was the next step aimed by this wonderful team behind the revoluntionary magazine to reach out to people who don't have computers, those who don't have enough time to sit at one place and access computers, those who are continuously on the move, those who cannot afford to buy a laptop and others. With the new age technology making it possible to access the online world with just a finger-tap on the screen of a smartphone, you will be more than happy to know that you will be equipped to access IU eMagazine-  your source for unlimited inspiration in the same way. Henceforth, you can access your favourite articles, poems, inspirational interviews and stories using the brand new app of IU eMagazine on the Google Playstore in the Android market. The infant is just 2.5 year of age entering the playhome called the Playstore. It's time to unlock your smartphones/tablets/phablets, open the playstore, download the 'IU eMagazine' app and enjoy reading to get inspired towards a fulfilling life ahead. Feel free to go ahead and recommend the app to anyone and everyone you know and be a part of this positive movement to change lives of people for a better world. You are a part of the universe that created you and you have every right to influence and inspire it for a better life for everyone around you. IU eMagazine app shall be your weapon to inspire the world!


Saturday, September 06, 2014

Not everyone is you

In the tight race of making many things happen it becomes quite difficult for everyone to play the role like everyone else. Each one shall follow a style of one's own in a speed of one's own. Everyone needs some space to pitch in one's own performance. Unfortunately not all kinds of work are individual-centric. Lots of tasks are dependent on more than one individual. That is where coordination and coherent speed of working need to be maintained to accomplish the results. While doing so, due the slowness of few people the entire team shall follow a slow process. No one can blame the other because it's all team efforts. All that you need to know is that not everyone is you, not everyone is like you.

God has bestowed each human being with some or the other talent. Each one of us go through or each one of us is waiting to find that Eureka moment when we discover our passion. It takes quite some time for all of us to discover our true passions. It's not just God alone who decides your talent. The environment you grow up in and the influences that you undergo during childhood also matter in moulding your talents and skill-sets. This being the case, one must not hurry on concluding someone else's capacity. One must always have the God's advocate eye to search for positive stuff in the most adverse situations. One must be able to recognise the true strength in the person standing opposite him. A fish can win a swimming race but never a running race. Likewise the moment you have spotted strength in a person in your team, make sure that he gets only those kinds of opportunities where his strength gets utilized the most. This shall empower him as a great leader. A leader must stop expecting that even the people working around him should have the same calibre and deliver the same results. God has never produced clones on this planet. So, no matter what, two people cannot work the same way at all points of time. Hence a leader must know that not everyone can be him, and guide accordingly. The moment there are expectations out of people to perform the same way like that of yours, they shall only shatter and bring more sorrow and lesser progress for the team.

A budding leader also looks up to his leader/mentor and it is natural for a budding star to imagine being a leader someday later. It takes committed hard work to reach a significant leadership position. Never ending efforts are indispensable while working to become a strong leader. When you are growing you must close your eyes and ears for any sort of stuff wherein you're pitched against the notably strong people. You need to remember that everyone cannot be like you and you cannot be like your leader at one shot. Treat people as they are than treating them for the way you desire them to be. None can ever be like you.

Friday, September 05, 2014

VTU results

VTU - Visvesvaraya Technological University is one of the most profound universities in Karnataka. Many of the engineering colleges are affiliated to this particular university. As every semester of engineering course or any other masters course completes, results are revealed by the university for the students. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to comprehend the marks that one has received versus the marks that one anticipated to achieve. Many students are facing a lot of apprehensions because of these results which determine their placements, higher studies opportunities etc. I wanted to share my views of how students should take their VTU results, or any other exam results for that matter, and analyse them well rather than breaking their head on them.

All our lives we keep working for Vitamin-M. During childhood it's marks and during adulthood it's about money. Since marks and ranks hold higher priority for the society, no wonder that results affect the way the society perceives us based on our marks. Hence results become the apprehensive points for both students as well as parents. Students must learn to handle their results in such a way that the results don't drain away their mental energy. Marks just measure how well you have learned and written the concepts in your answer sheets. They don't determine how well and to what depth you have understood any of those concepts. When the results are announced, try to match your expectations with the marks announced. If they are matching, probably you have been able to anticipate well and the evaluation has also been genuine enough, only if you have expected what you exactly feel you deserved. Only if there is a disparity between your expectations and marks, there arises the tension. At such times, I have seen so many students who waste the entire day the results are announced just thinking about how they lost their marks. There is no point thinking then because you cannot change anything. All that you need to do is to have a calm mind and think what you can learn from the results. Either your expectations need some correction or the papers need some re-evaluation. Revaluation is not just about getting those extra marks; revaluation affirms your anticipation of the results of your efforts which builds your confidence in yourself more.

Coming to the most important aspect of the revaluation fees, how do you judge whether you want to spend for it or not? If the disparity between the marks expected and marks assigned is more than the range of 15-20, please go ahead with revaluation option though it might burn your pockets a bit. If the difference is somewhere near 10 marks, leave those marks for the external factors that influenced the evaluation of your paper. So your decisions should be quick the moment you see the marks. Results shouldn't take away your mental energy on the things that you need to focus on today and make you think what you wrote few months ago.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Remember people and their names

A name is an identity of a person. Every person associates himself/herself with this identity. A baby which is newly born into this world doesn't have to worry about what it's called. It knows that all the people around it are only there to take care of it. All those people who smile at it and call out any sound seem to be talking to the baby. That's when the baby doesn't feel any need of a name or an identity. But as we grow up in life people know that we no more remain babies who don't know how to take care of ourselves. So the extra-care that a baby deserves gradually reduces. That is the time of identity crisis for a growing infant who doesn't find much attention from the elders. Hence an identity requirement arises and the child gets christened with a name. Thus a name becomes the identity of the person.

Name is an entity that symbolizes a person for lifetime. As a result, every person gets attached to it emotionally as well as spiritually. More than knowing that we are human beings, we refer to ourselves by our names as if there are a billion species out there in the world with different names other than just homo-sapiens. This close becomes our name as an integral part of a person's life. It's almost like a part of the human body from then onwards. When someone forgets our name it is as if he has forgotten that we are alive. Even if a person misspells or pronounces wrongly a name, the person gets severely disturbed. That's the essence of importance that one associates with one's own name. There have been so many examples when people have broken relations just because a person didn't care to remember the name of the other person. A small spelling mistake in the name is not tolerated by many people because one cannot visualise himself/herself with the wrong spelling. Hence one should be very much careful while writing down the names of people, especially while printing on banners and invitation cards. Every person has a dream to make a name for himself/herself before leaving the planet because no one shall remember the amount of money you make or the number of properties you build. All that the people shall remember once a person has left the planet is that, "There once lived a person by name ___________ who did so and so........"

By now if you have understood the importance of the name for a person, you will never even make a mistake by chance also to misspell or wrongly pronounce or forget a person's name who has been your acquaintance. People are happy to be recognised, exclusively by their names. Hence remembering people and their names becomes a very important factor in all our lives. We need to give that extra effort to remember people who have crossed our paths and especially their names too. Only then will we be able to build a strong network of people around us who shall respect us for the kind of respect we show them. Only by influencing positively the lives of thousands can we make our lives worth being lived and rejoiced.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The grapevine communication

More than 50% of the productivity of companies is lost due to grapevine communication. For those who are unaware about grapevine communication, you can Google for a lot of information and statistics out there. In simple words I can explain that grapevine communication is the portion of communication during our work time which doesn't result in any kind of results or progress. Simple examples of grapevine communication are; two colleagues gossiping about the clothes of their manager or someone sharing about review of a movie with his teammate during work timings. Such stuff doesn't lead to any progress of the work or the individuals involved, and definitely not that of the company.

People join companies and work only with an intention to progress ahead in life and to maintain a well-sustained livelihood. Being so, still they involve in grapevine communication and cut down on the productivity of the company. This is quite a paradox for many of us. Well! It’s all but natural for us, human beings. We are not machines. We have an extra emotional part to us. Machines keep doing the work as per the instructions given, whereas humans need an environment that is lively enough and congenial for their style of work. A laughing or sniggering environment is generally preferred to keep our moods high. Sometimes just to drain away the home strain with a third person like colleague makes people feel much relaxed to work. To cater to the emotional states of oneself or that of others people jump into grapevine communication discussing about all the stuff apart from work. That is where one of the individuals involved in the communication must be at least aware of recognising the trap that each one is jumping into knowingly or unknowingly, and cut short on the unnecessary discussion. Unfortunately, people hinder away from putting the full stop in such conversations with the fear that they might attract the scorn of their fellow-mates which is the case most of the times in work places. A person who thinks of work is termed as a killer of happiness for employees. As a result, many managers and directors are hated because of their seriousness towards work resulting from their in-depth understanding of the consequences of grapevine communication.

People, while working, must realise that they are in the workplace not to deviate from work. They have to focus on what is the next target or which is the next deadline. That shall keep all of us in regular momentum so that we don't stray away into non-essential chit-chats. Even if our colleagues are getting into such stuff we must take the initiative to reorient them towards their work. Only then an organization can become a giant. Though there might be resistance initially, people shall understand your true intentions towards progress of the work for the unintended interruption in their conversations and shall start following the suite very soon.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Find your light tower

The world boasts of a diverse population consisting of multi-talented people from all races of life. Each one born on this planet carries an exquisite talent of his own. Life is all about finding the real strengths in oneself, and making sure that all those come to right use for the enhancement of the lives of beings around us in our environment. This being the case, every human needs to know his true potential as early as possible. To find it and use it in the right direction he needs a light tower which can guide him.

This light tower is none other than a mentor. Every human being is a bubbling mass of massive energy and potential. All that one needs to realise is how to channelize this enthusiasm. People keep exploring new things voluntarily until they find something strong that catches their attention for a long span of time. They want to contribute to this world in some way or the other, but are unfortunately unaware of the right ways to do it. A horse which is trained to run in a race can make the jockey win and win good sum of money for the people who have bet on it, but the same horse in a wide open field might run in any direction but won’t make even a single pie. The reason is, in the race there’s a goal and person to keep the horse focused on the direction of the goal. In an open field there is no jockey, nor any kind of direction towards goals. Hence each one of us should find a mentor who can guide us to run in a focused manner towards the goals and dreams that we have set in life. There is no harm or any rupture to our self-esteem if we are ready to accept the guidance of an experienced person. No matter how much we are independent we have to accept the law of nature that we cannot see anything without light.

Choosing a mentor or searching for a mentor doesn’t mean that you don’t know what to do in life or how to do what you want to do. Any person walking can reach from one place to the other in darkness also, but the moment there is a light tower, it shall guide him with light to reach his destination in the safest and  the shortest way possible as he can see things much clearly now. Likewise the addition of a mentor in our lives will always give us more clarity in our paths towards our dreams. Once you reach your destination you not only complete your journey, but you also leave footprints for those who are following. Your footprints might become the direction for someone and that person is right now searching for a mentor like you. Can you be one?

Monday, September 01, 2014

Passion to Pressure

In today's world, everyone is mad behind one thing or the other. Someone is crazy about movies while someone is crazy about studies. One paints a lot while one writes a lot; one talks a lot while one speaks a lot. Different people carry different kinds of interests but there is always a limited set of practices that take highest priority in their lives and they go on following them. While doing so, many don't even realise as to why they started prioritizing certain kind of interests more than the others. Over a period of time such interests get converted into passions. Passions start defining a person from then onwards and build the pressure to perform each time.

It's not difficult to develop passion towards something. It happens naturally for every human being. Unfortunately some of the people get into wrong notions of passions and also wrong passions that don't lead them to good progress in life. No matter whether the passion is good or bad, it encompasses us as we spend more amount of time with it. Gradually we start living just to pursue our passions. Passions become the leader of our lives. Passion is what gets us an identity and we wouldn't like to lose respect that's once earned. As a result, performing our passions on a regular basis becomes more of a necessity than responsibility or vested interest. This builds pressure on an individual to perform well each time the audience expects him to do so. This pressure convinces any depressed soul on this planet to launch himself back on the stage and show what he became famous for. This is positive pressure. Pressure is very much required on all of us to perform to our peak levels. Without pressure no one ever gives his/her best. Coal lying under the pressure of the earth's crust for thousands of years finally converts into precious stones called as diamonds. Likewise the passion pressurizes us to work hard to live up to the status of the passion. Under this pressure we become those diamonds which start glittering and emitting light in the form of our passion.

Each one of us is talented in one or the other way for sure. All that we have to do is to explore our hidden treasures in ourselves. The world out there is waiting to see what you have in store for it. People who lack opportunities and resources behold a dream in their eyes that you have the ability to give them freedom from their apathy. You have the responsibility of this universe to make it better. Discover your passion by trying out all that you can get your hands on. You need to search through a million pebbles to find the real pearl. Once you find it, it shall rule your life from then onwards to take it to the best extent possible.