Saturday, September 29, 2012

Learn the limits

Albert Einstein quoted that universe and human stupidity were infinite, while he was doubtful of the former one. No wonder that there is no limit to human stupidity. Its keeps growing day by day limitlessly. However apart from time and space which are eternal, everything else has a limit to its existence. Same is the scenario when it comes to we, humans. There is no question on the capacity of a human being which remains an ocean to be explored and exploited but in spite of this capacity there are certain shortcomings that we need to accept. These are called the limits or the check points which we need to learn about.

Everyone is blessed with some strengths and some weaknesses. There are positives and negatives in each and every individual. We can make a note of all our strengths and weaknesses. Earlier philosophy was to convert our weaknesses into strengths. As time progressed and the limit of available work time to finish all the tasks at hand started to crunch, new philosophy evolved which asked to only strengthen the strengths and just manage the weaknesses. I can be sure that the next philosophy to take birth will be a combination of both the earlier ones which will ask you to simultaneously strengthen your strengths while converting your weaknesses into strengths. Whichever of these philosophies you choose to follow is upto you as long as your work is completed within the time limit in the best expected manner. There are certain limits that we are used to till now in our lives. For example, one cannot go on continuously working for more than 8 hours, one cannot be awake for more than 16 hours continuously, one cannot read for more than 4 hours a day, one cannot sleep for more than 9 hours a night, one cannot write more than ten blogs a day etc. With respect to any work or fun we are involved in, we have certain threshold points beyond which we cannot go on. It's very important to be aware of such thresholds for the self in regard to various activities that we perform. These are what I call as limits and I advocate everyone of you reading this blog to learn such limits of yourself.

The disadvantage of being ignorant of such limits is that once you have tipped off the threshold for any such activity, you start feeling dragged towards the activity be it fun or work instead of being motivated. When you try to extend beyond the limit, you might end up with disturbed feelings and emotions which will further hamper the next course of action. When you are aware of your own limits, then you will clearly know as to when to take a break. Knowing your limits will also help you to plan your work and fun in proper balance to have a well-balanced life. Hence I reiterate to learn your limits.
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Not just another brick in the wall

This blog is based on one of the pictures that I came across facebook today. Infact just two days before I had this thought on my mind. I don't want to just live a life like any other normal ordinary individual whose presence or absence doesn't make a major difference to the world except at the elementary level. I want to be a significant contributor wherever I am and in whatever I am doing. I should be the outstanding figure in any group I am and I must strive hard to live these thoughts in reality. The photo that coincided with this thought was of a wall where all bricks were red in colour except for one. This one was blue in colour hoarding the quote which is the title of this blog.

That's when I decided to pen down this blog. No wonder that perfection is hard to achieve and almost impossible in many cases. But you can be sure that when you're marching towards perfection you'll meet excellence on the way for sure. There were so many freedom figthers but how many of them do we really remember barring a few names? No doubt that the contribution of each and every freedom fighter towards freedom struggle was important but there were a few names who made a major significant contribution and hence they are not just one among the rest others. Similarly if you are a student in school or college, do you prefer to be just another student in the class or do you want to be the best student who is also the class monitor depends upon your choice. If you're an employee in a job or a partner in a business, the choice to be the best employee of the company or the best employer of the business is in your hands. To be the best you need to contribute the most. Most of them are in the delusion that, more the one is provided with chances and resources, more can one contribute and be the best. I pity at such low thoughtful people. When the resources are restricted and limited, the one who extends and expands himself to the maximum to contribute in the most efficient manner becomes the best. Everyone can work and produce results when sufficient chances and resources are provided but only the champions who just don't want to be one among such everyones, work hard to produce the same results with lesser chances and resources. To not be just another brick in the wall, this brick was painted blue and also was embossed with the quote on it. So what more can you do than the others and what distinctive positive differences can be found between you and the ordinary normals are what that determine your speciality.

Life is once my dear friends! There is no point in living it away like the others do. Let's be differently eye-catching in some way atleast. Also let this difference be shown in the work that we produce with positive results with much more impact than that done by anyone else. Try to be special in some or the other way of your choice. You don't have to think out of the box to be extraordinary. Just do a little bit extra than the ordinary and you will be extraordinary.
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Flowers are few

Everyday when I think of coming up with a new topic for my blog for the day, I keep searching thoughout the day for some menaingful message that can convey a fruitful thought to my reader's mind. In this process I asked myself as to how can one come up with something new on a daily basis. The answer that flashed my mind was a big NO! No one ever comes up with anything new on this earth. There is abundance of resources around us which we use to modulate something that looks new.

As per the last statement in the above paragraph, I was looking around myself for an idea for my today's blog. As I was looking out of the window while travelling in the bus, I found these small white flowers that had just crossed the budding stage on plants under the fly-over. The concept of having gardens under the fly-overs was an interesting idea of mine which has been already implemented in many places across the city. So when I was observing one such small plant underneath the fly-over I could see these beautiful little white flowers. There were hardly ten of them in the entire plant. The first objects to catch my eyes were these flowers as soon as I saw the plant. If the plant was devoid of these flowers, probably I wouldn't have even remembered that I had seen the plant. These tiny flowers added to the beauty of the plant which became the symbol of recognition and remembrance. But the only sad fact was that these flowers were very few in number. Such is the creation of the Almighty. He always keeps precious things less in number or is it that whatever is in scarcity becomes precious? This is a deep thought to prod in further. Probably drinking water is one of the best examples for this debate. Decades ago when clean drinking water was available in abundance, people hardly considered it with utmost care but now when drinking water resources are srinking in size and number, water has become a precious commodity to afford which is no more available free of cost.

Precious items are always few in number but more in demand in this world. Be it precious gems and stones or precious people who strive day in and day out to make this world a better place to live. The choice to be like one of the hundreds of the leaves on a plant or like one of the few flowers on a plant is in our hands. Let us be those precious human souls on this mother earth who can make every moment of our lives precious to the world around.
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What? Why? How?

The three simple question words that rule our life every moment are 'What', 'Why' and 'How'. Everyone who is born on this earth has to die one or the other day. There is this small span of time that we live on this earth between our birth and death which we call as life. One of the famous statements running around all social networking sites today is 'stop existing, start living because life is once'. What is the difference between living and existing in a life? Probably when you take control of what's happening in your life it's called living and when your surroundings direct the path of your living it's called existing is what I interpret the earlier statement as.

What are the dreams that you have dreamt so far? What is that you want out of life? If you can answer these two simple questions 33.33% of your life is solved. Unfortunately in today's world people are not even clear as to what they want. Without knowing what they want, they are sad that they are not getting what they want. Clarity of definition of goals, dreams, desires and visions is the first step of life. Many try to skip this step and hence end up failing and falling because the steps of life are not simple steps of concrete that you can jump over. Each and every step of life is there for a reason which cannot be skipped or jumped over. If you can clearly ask and answer yourself as to all that that you want and write them down, it will be the best help that you can serve yourself.

Why?The degree of motivation behind any work depends on the degree of happiness and satisfaction that the result of the work can bring you. Only when you are clear with what you will be getting out of working for something will you work towards it strongly. So the second very important question is 'Why you want what you want?' If you can chart out all the real reasons behind your necessity or desire and draft them against every item on your 'what-I-want-list', then this will perfectly answer the strength of WHY behind every WANT of yours which will solve next 33.33% of your life. Stronger the Why, better are the chances of accomplishing because better will be the prospects of one working towards achieving.

This is the only question that no one needs to answer to other or to the self. Probably this is the only question that gets answered automatically in the process of answering the first two questions What and Why. For everything in this world there is a particular set of algorithmic steps that take us towards completing the task to get the reward. This process gets known in the process of research and search for answers to the first two questions. Also the answer to How is always specific and never generic which will complete hundred percent of your life.
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Lack is Luck

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This is an adage that has stood true till date and will remain true forever. Whenever the human mind has felt a lack of something that has always set a process of thoughts to run in order to solve the lacking. Today no one has to invent a pen because it already exists. When there was a need for a device that could be used to write on paper and which could be used again and again just by refilling, man invented the pen. Not just with invention of materialistic things, lack plays a very important role in the discovery of the self as well.

I remember one of the interviews of Shah Rukh Khan where he had mentioned that he was afraid of being poor and hence he worked very hard to become rich and famous. You would have read or heard many such similar stories where in some people would have felt a strong desire for having something in their childhood but due to the lack of resources they or their family couldn't afford what they wanted. This lacking fills in a very strong motivating factor in them to work towards earning what they wanted. In this process man learns the different difficult lessons of life. Life is like a game of different levels. More the levels we want to grow through, more the challenges and more the problems to be solved, more the lessons to be learned and skills to be developed. Only when a person feels a dire lacking of something that he needs or desires does he develop the spirit of working. Today's younger generation has been pampered with all that it asks for by the loving parents while the same parents are worrying as to why their kids are becoming lazy and obese day by day. When a kid is getting all that it wants without even working for it just by asking it's parents, why in the blue sky would it search for a reason to work? Some lessons of life have to be learned the hard way but seldom the blind love of parents allows them to realise this.

Motivation or inspiration can only be passed through words but the sources of these lies in the lack of basic and dreamed necessities of human mind. Harder you work, luckier you get. Harder the situation, harder you'll work. Hence I came up with this blog 'lack is luck'. At that time of lack, one might feel sad but that will be the trigger that will make one develop to the position that he/she will deserve what one lacked before. Eager to know your feedback on

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Your work Your royalty

In the investor words royalty is defined as "A payment made for the use of property, especially a patent, copyrighted work, franchise, or natural resource. The amount is usually a percentage of revenues obtained through its use." Probably I wouldn't prefer to complicate the meaning or the definition by way of elaborated complex description as we don't need it. If you have understood the above definition which I am sure that you have then to make your understanding simpler just read the title of the blog once again.

Whatever you work on earlier during your lifetime is what that will serve you when you're unable to work later. Today, many people are in the rapid mad rush of building materialistic assets one after the other with an unending list in their hands. In due course they are forgetting to build the contribution that their work can generate. I am not against the process of building materialistic assets as I do agree that it's very important in life but let me reassure you that its not the only solution for the days of drought. If an author has authored a book, he keeps getting royalty income when every new copy of his book is sold. Similarly when a musician has composed a music album, he keeps getting royalty income for every record that's sold. These types of royalty keep continuing and increasing as long as the book or the music can satisfy the customers. So an author who invests more on enriching his writing ability to cater to mass audience can write more books of more vareity and have more sources of royalty income. Similarly a musician who can nourish the musical talent in him in diversified directions to meet the tastes of diversified music lovers can enlarge his modes of royalty income for all the musical work that he does. In either of the cases, if the author or the musician starts focusing only on increasing his bank balance or the luxury chart of his house exploiting the temporary popularity in ignorance of the growth and development of his talent then he might soon end up in losing the people's interest because people demand change and novelty.

The example of the author or the musician was just to illustrate the importance of the quality of work that one has to deliver over the mere fulfillment of basic and baseless necessities of life. Your work is what will reap you fruits when you're no more in a position to deliver the same what you could do some years back. Hence focus on what you can do more, what you can do better and how much more your work can contribute. My work is to develop the messages in my blogs to reach the different strata of thinkers and readers and also to know their reviews on

Until you achieve

Life is a struggle in pursuit of what we desire to achieve. Expectations keep building, efforts keep increasing until we reach the destination destined for us. In this process of relentless working, the goal seems distant though we inch towards it step by step because we aren't sure as to how it feels of having achieved it until we do it.

Be it a problem or a challenge or a milestone, each one of them has a definite algorithm and a defined time interval associated with it for anyone to accomplish it. The understanding of the degree of this definition or the definiteness varies between individuals of various calibre. Massive experience backed up by amass of knowledge are the two essentials that can make possible the understanding more clear. While building the knowledge base and filling the experience bag, we walk towards our goals in the darkness of uncertainty with a torch of hope holding the arm of belief. Hurdles appear in varied sizes and various forms at different time intervals to test us as well as to toughen us. There is a fear encovered with disbelief that creeps through our nerves in such occasions of failures when we disagree to rise up and walk further. Unfortunately many end their journeys in such scenarios. Only those special souls who keep fuelling the inner lamp of self-belief and confidence oxygenated by the Universe's blessings make it through the tunnel of hardships to the throne of success. One fact is sure-shot with each one of you who traverses a similar path and that is, you are in the state of wilderness until you achieve it and realise as to what it takes to achieve only after you achieve it. Such is the maze of God!

Many a times man is in the delusion that he knows the solution for a problem at hand but there is always this probability of the solution not working that adds the situation with more entropy. We have to accept this but keep working towards our goals. The feeling of accomplishment and the steps to achievement can be described and explained verbally a million times but you won't be able to taste an ounce of it until you achieve it on your own.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whom To Blame?

Accidents are common incidents in today's busy and urgent lifestyle scenarios. Sometimes its hard to distinguish between accidents and coincidents also. Whenever good happens there is seldom a search for the reason for that goodness that happened. In fact there is a wide claim that spreads among all present in the situation to be responsible in their own ways for the good that happened. But when something turns out to be bad, fingers start raising and pointing in all directions apart from the reverse direction. So whom to blame in such circumstances?

I am very sure that you would have witnessed many scenarios where in two individuals end up in a conflict either by oversight or sheer negligence from both the ends. If you are a viewer in any of such cases your logical mind can easily contemplate as to how the conflict could have been avoided with just few small precautions from either of the sides and the complete problem would have been in void. In most of such cases you would have seen that both the parties in conflict would be blaming one another until their energy and the angry emotions lose strength. Probably there are very few instances where either of the parties or both understand the entropy of the accident and smile away back. If at all there is a hurt caused on any one of them, more focus would be diverted to heal the hurt than to fight over it as to who was the real reason for it when sane minds are involved.

The above paragraph was just a simple common everyday example. If you can view at a global level you can see that the same scenario exists everywhere. People with power blame that others don't listen to them while the others feel that people with power aren't using it properly. Both are just blaming each other. The only solution to avoid this blaming game is by cooperation between both the parties to achieve the defined objectives. Remember friends! blame is not a game it's a shame.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Decide to not ask

I remember the famous thought stated by my dear birthdaymate Albert Einstein which goes like this -"I thank all those who denied to help me because of which I could learn and do all of it by myself". Probably due to time and knowledge constraints not everyone of us may be able to follow this statement though we agree with the same. There are innumerable situations that come in our lives where we are entrusted upon with certain work and we start searching for all those who can help us in that regard. Sometimes we are lucky enough to receive the help that we expect whilst sometimes we are at the end of receiving rejections as well.

The decision to not ask for help is one of the toughest decisions that you can take in any scenario. I am not suggesting one to stop asking people for information or service. When the source of any information or service is a specific individual and you cannot afford to have it done by yourself you may ask for their service in return of some payment but when you are self-aware about the algorithm to reach the information or the skill to learn the work to be done you might just be leaning one someone else for help even if its in the form of payment and might end up on the side of losing the experience. When you decide not to ask for help in any form your mind is forced to search for everyway to get the information you need to perform your work except for asking someone else. This provides enough force on the brain to innovate new ideas to accomplish the work at hand and that is where all your creativity will burst out. This process of punishing helplessness on oneself is a bit tough when you can see knowledge modules moving just around you but its quiet necessary to evacuate the dependency quotient from within and fill in the confidence to accomplish anything all by alone self.

Take any inventor for that matter who innovated something that didn't exist before. He or she was forced to think on creating something that didn't exist just by using the existing components and no one else knew the procedure for the same and hence it was helplessness forced upon by the surrounding environment that made him or her to invent what he/she did. You will explore the solution provider in yourself for any problem you face when you take up the complete ownership of solving any problem that you come across by yourself just by deciding not to ask anyone else for help.
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Calmness counts

Once Swami Vivekananda and his disciple were travelling by foot to a village. On the way they saw a river and Swami Vivekananda asked his disciple to get him some water for drinking. When his disciple went near the river, he saw that people were washing clothes, vessels and animals and some were taking bath in the same river. As a result the river water was very dirty and unfit for drinking. The disciple reported the same to Swami. Then both of them walked away from there and in the evening while returning back from the village they stopped at the same place near the river and once again Swami Vivekananda asked his disciple to get him some water for drinking. The disciple obeyed the order and saw to his surprise that the river water was very clean and clear and got it for his Swami. Then Swami Vivekananda asked his disciple as to what he had learnt from this experience. So the disciple was wondering as to how the dirty water of the morning had become clean drinking water within a matter of few hours. Then Swami explained to him that when sufficient time was allowed for the water to settle, all the dirt were separated away and clean water remained back. Likewise there is always lot of clutter of thoughts, feelings and tensions in our minds of which we cannot get rid off at once. So we need to allow sufficient time for the unclean thoughts to drain away so that the mind remains calm.

No doubt that in this busy world where responsibilities are pounding one upon the other racing the order of priorities in our lives, we are bound to be stressed with multiple work on our minds. Sometimes we even forget the importance of which work to be done first or which work later. There spring up instances when either fun or work fail to give the necessary excitement to life. Everything seems to be less interesting with a strange sense of dissatisfaction of lacking something in life that could spice up some joy. Then hundred percent commitment and passion do not get into any work. Visions and dreams start feeling less important in front of the temporary unhappiness at heart. Every human being is bound to go through such instances 'n' number of times in life. Just be ready for it friends! You cannot keep getting frustrated during all such instances. Allow time to pass by. Time will filter off the unnecessary thoughts and help you refocus on your goals once again and you can restart all over again with full zeal. Infact a conscious revision of your own goals, dreams and visions can hasten the process of coming out of this hibernation process. Just be calm enough to take care of the disturbed mind because calmness counts.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Only a handful

No matter how much we try to grab, we can always have just a handful. Open your arms to collect the rain drops, million might touch your palms but only a handful of them stay back. Same is the case with everything in life. We live through a million moments but only a handful of them live back in our memories. We meet and interact with thousands of people but only a handful of them hold our hands. We scan through numerous books during our entire lifetime but only a handful of knowledge remains in our brains.

Life is all about filtration due to the limited capacity that a human being possesses. Not just the capacity its also about the necessity. Its inherently built in our systems to hold back what's necessary and to let go of what's not. I remember the statement of Robin Sharma which goes like this "The best way to start off with an idea is by having a lots of them". Also Zig Ziglar who is a master salesman mentions in his book that creativity takes birth out of abundance of knowledge. To dig deeper into this statement we can take the example of famous scientists like Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Eisntein and others. Thomas Alva Edison failed 9999 times in innovating an electric bulb but succeeded only after these many failures, Albert Einstein came out with an equation of mass and energy relationship a E=mc^2. This was a single equation that the entire world came to know about but the amount of research and efforts behind deriving this equation was humungous for sure. This also relates to the perception 'only a handful'. No matter how much ever a man works and achieves only a handful of accomplishments of his get to be known by the world. All those great men out there in the open world achieve bigger and grow bigger day by day because they are aware of this fact that only a handful of their work gets to be known by the world. Hence they put in all that they have got in them to make things happen.

Unfortunately this truth of life takes a lot of time to sink into many of the common minds. In this 2-minute maggi noodles world, people want results and recognition very quickly irrespective of however small their work is. Remember friends! however long a river is, it can fertile only few banks that it passes by. Ultimately most of it has to reach the ocean. Only by doing a lot can you accomplish few achievements in life. Just be ready with open hands to hold back the handful of rewards which will only come after you have put in uncountable efforts behind the same.
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Respect commitments to the self

Commitments are the most important promises that we make to ourselves and to others. Commitments are also used in certain other different scenarios such as personal commitments or family commitments or business commitments where in sometimes they are not just promises but are contracts or dire necessities without fulfilling which the life cannot proceed in a sound manner. If we expect someone else to believe in our commitments, we must first believe in us that we will live upto the commitments that we make to ourselves.

New year resolutions are some of the common commitments that people make to themselves and hardly few percentage of them are ever fulfilled throughout entire lifetime. It all depends upon how much of respect that we give to our own words. I still remember an example wherein Mahatma Gandhiji had stopped eating jaggery for some days just to advise a son of His disciple not to eat jaggery, because Bapu felt that if he couldn't stop eating jaggery, he couldn't advise someone else on the same lines. So he took a commitment to Himself that he wouldn't eat jaggery. The prime motive of His was to lead by example and hence he respected even this small commitment to himself though the situation would have got resolved by He just adivsing the little boy. Just because of his commitment to lead by example he could forfeit his desire for jaggery. Such should be the respect that we give to our commitments. Sometimes we make commitments out of motivation during a small period of time and after that motivation subsides we start disregarding our own commitments and break them. The reason for this is that we forget the reasons for our motivation that we had sometime back. So how do we make sure that we don't break these commitments?

If you can live upto the commitments that you make to oneself then you can easily fulfil the commitments made to others. Hence I will talk or rather write about just three simple steps to make sure that we respect and fulfil the commitments made to the self. First, write down the reasons for you taking up any commitment and preserve this to read and re-read everytime you are working towards this commitment irrespective of whether you have or have lost the motivation. If you have lost the motivaion, reading will trigger it back, if you still have the motivation it will just multiply by re-reading the reasons for the same. Second, there will be certain instances when you will be dragged away by negative forces such as laziness or ill health or disinterestedness or disturbed feelings due to which even reading doesn't bring back the motivation. At these circumstances, just remember that by breaking the commitment you are going to further worsen the situation and just by doing the small work required will definitely make the situation better. Its a simple human psychology which always becomes happy when you do something that you think you cannot do. Third, the belief inside us in ourselves grows everytime we stand for what we speak. We don't have to make big commitments to change the country or the society or the world. Small simple commitments that we make to change ourselves positively can be more than sufficient to cast an impact towards global betterment because you are bound to definitely influence this character of yours into others around you.

Everyday blogging is one of the small commitments that I make to myself and fulfil but sometimes when I fail to do so, I come back with double the efforts to cover up the past failure. Hope to know your stories on self-commitments on

I know but I won't do

I know that I have to study well to get good marks but I won't study. I know that I have to perform really well at work but I won't work to my best extent. I know that I need to develop additional skills and keep myself updated but I won't practise the same. I know that I need to research and do market study for my business but I won't do it. All these statements stand only until the deadline approaches near. Until the deadline is decided these statements will continue in our subconscious minds either we knowing/unknowing them consciously.

I can be very sure that this has happened with everyone of us that we sometimes forcibly drag away ourselves from what we are suppose to do. The author of the book 'The War of Art' clearly describes this negative force that keeps us away from our work as 'Resistance'. He also describes in detailed chapters as to how this resistance takes different forms as disinterestedness, sleep, rest, recreation, fun, fear, resultless and other forms. International inspirational speaker and the best selling author Shiv Khera states in his book 'You Can Win' that even winners don't like to wake up early, they also don't like to work hard but still they do irrespective of liking or disliking because the work demands them to. Sometimes its hard to understand that why we ourselves forbid us from working or from continuing to work in spite of knowing the advantages, the rewards that can be achieved by performing action towards our very own work. Probably the visions ahead of our work fail to pull us towards them or the motivation in ourselves fails to push us forward. We see ourselves encompassed by the weakerself in us who dominates us more with fears and distractions. No doubt that we need to fight hard to get out of this entagled prison of feelings and emotions.

The only way to save ourselves from such dangerous situations is by planning an exciting line of work towards a grand vision within short intervals of time. The size of the dream or goal or vision that you visualise for yourself depends upon your imagination. Goals that take too much of time to accomplish sometimes lack lusture to keep us motivated continuously. Hence its very important to design short term goals which can be separated by decent intervals of time and which can be accomplished with calculated amount of work. Only then can you convert 'I know but I won't do' to 'I know that I can do'.
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Self-study for studying self

Today's education system is designed so well that it teaches us about everything that is present around us. We are taught about things, places, animals and people. We learn history, geography, science, society, psychology and a lot more. Innovations and discoveries keep piling up our syllabus. There are multiple degrees and the scope of knowledge keeps multiplying as we get deeper into any subject. Unfortunately amidst all these there is not even one single opportunity for us to learn about ourselves. Probably this is the only subject that any human mind could not design until now.

Several wise men always have mentioned that the strongest people whill be those who have the most self-awareness. I don't know if anyone can deny this. I believe its our responsibility to know about ourselves to the best extent. I say, 'best extent' here because it's absolutely impossible to understand completely as to how a human mind reacts to any new situation. As time progresses the situations around us change, our wisdom grows and so do our challenges. So time and again we keep changing our behaviour in accordance with the lifestyle around us. In this continuous process of change we need to learn about our own strengths and our own weaknesses. We need to evaluate our own performance time and again only to search our for own flaws which the others can't identify and be willing to rectify the same. Probably someone else can note out key points about us based on what we showcase. Based on what we talk, how we behave, what we like or dislike someone can feel that they understand us completely but I can be more than sure that the God has kept the greatest challenge in discovering the self. Its quite important for everyone of us to understand onself in order to live a fulfilling life.

Hence I came up with the topic 'Self-study for studying self'. We have to study about ourselves. No one else can do this assignment for us. We need to sit and introspect about what we spoke and what we did. Obviously there is no harm in standing and introspecting either! We need to evaluate our own desires and understand the reason for our behaviour on different occasions. This will definitely be an unending process till death. There is no point in learning and achieving everything around you unless you can know the real reason that your mind will be happy and satisfied with. Hence set the process of self-study to understand oneself right away.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Common with the Lords

I was born on 14th of March,1987. 14th march is also the brithday of Albert Einstein and Aamir Khan. Whenever I think of this topic I feel really happy and there is a strange sense of greatness that I was born on the same day as these great men. Albert Einstein was a lord himself in the field of physics so is Aamir Khan in the field of cinema. I don't refer to anyone as lord comparing one to God. Lord is a symbolic word of having achieved something great in a field and to stand as an example to follow for others. This common ground of being born on the same day with these fantastic people itself motivates me to work more.

I have given an example of my own and how I feel about it here. Sometimes even you would have faced situations wherein you found certain common things between you and some great human beings. Probably one would have been a college dropout and might have just started a company. This might remind him/her about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Larry Ellison. Someone might have been deprived of basic education during the childhood and might come to hear of a story of another person who had undergone the same situation but still made it big in life. This might trigger an inspiration inside that person to work in the similar fashion to achieve something big in his/her own life. Just these common points between a normal individual and a big achiever can be the bridges for tranfer of inspiration. Its great to discover such common grounds and derive inspiration from them.

Each one of our lives are completely unique. No two individuals can have the same line of life lived but still there can exist few matching points between few people. This world provides the same set of challenges and difficulties to same set of people who travel towards the same destination either knowingly or unknowingly. Hence its always beneficial to find the commonness between one and another great achiever so that it can inflict a feeling of pride as well as a sense of matching upto the same achievement. Really eagerly waiting to read your comments on

Saturday, September 15, 2012

No short-cuts then easier-cuts

'There are no short-cuts to success' is one of the most common heard adage from majority of the people. Hurdles and challenges are the components that exist by default in our journey towards success. Many of them try to look out for short-cuts and end up in long hours to come out of those short-cuts to the main roads to reach success. Then what are these new cuts, the easier-cuts?

Today, I was suppose to reach my office from my home using my bike. Yesterday I had taken the normal route via main road and it had taken almost fifty minutes to reach the office due to traffic jam. So today I took a different route avoiding main roads as much as possible and I was able to reach my office within a matter of fifteen minutes. This taught me a lesson. I hadn't travelled lesser distance on either of the days. I had travelled the same distance but the time taken and the petrol spent were different in amounts on both occasions. I already had the experience of traffic jam on the earlier route. Hence I took a new route which had meagre traffic the next time. Once we are experienced at solving problems, we can solve the same repeating problems again. Right? Why do you want to face the same problems again? Just avoid them friend! Move onto a new route with less problems when the same route can lead you to the same destination.

Ultimately at the end of the day reaching our destination is our purpose. Life always will bestow upon us the experience and wisdom needed to reach our goals and visions. There is no point in searching for shortcuts for the same. Probably you can find and use the easier-cuts once you have seen the harder ones which is called usage of experience.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

A daily affair

Let me clear the general misconception first. An affair means "anything done or to be done; anything requiring action or effort; business; concern:". I hope I can proceed with a clear picture now. We must know that everyday is precious to us and every affair we take up in a day is as precious as the day itself. So what is this daily affair? We are used to routine monotonous work of doing the same things day after day. How about we add some spice into this!

An affair is just some simple act that you decide to take up. Apart from all the repeated stuff that we are into everyday we can think of some new activity which consumes the least amount of time and energy but still can provide the thrill of having done something new. It can even be a learning of something new. Everytime when you are getting ready to go for a movie that you haven't watched before or the crux of which you don't know there is always some sense of excitment and curiosity about it. If there's an urgent work told by your mom even before going to the movie, you will still complete it quicker because you don't want to miss the movie. The best part is that you carry the same enthusiasm that you have for watching the new movie while doing the work just before the movie even when the work itself is not so exciting. Similarly when you have assigned an affair of a new task for a day which you will be doing in the latter part of the day there will always be an excitement about doing the new thing which will keep you pepped up all throughout the day. This pepped up feeling fills your complete focus in any work that you perform at any point of the day. Moreover having done something new on each day however small the activity is will definitely keep adding to your experience and learning of life.

Since I write a blog everyday before I go to sleep, my mind keeps searching for anything interesting around me all throughout the day because I have a daily affair of coming up with something new in my blogs everyday. This keeps me alert in everything that I am involved in throughout the day. I hope I have executed my daily affair for today with this blog. Would love to know what are the daily affairs that you will be taking up on

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now or Later! It’s yours

It so happened that when I was in this continuous spree of writing blogs daily, on one of the off days I missed writing a blog. I almost forgot that I need to write a blog daily. The next day morning when I woke up there was some kind of unsatisfied feeling inside troubling me which I couldn’t understand. Then, after sufficient amount of reviewing the previous day’s memory, I found that I had missed my blog for that day. Immediately I switched on the computer and wrote two blogs, one for the previous day and another for that day. That is when the lesson stroke me that now or later we are alone responsible for the work that we are committed to.
Procrastination is one of the strongest diseases that has entered the DNA code of humans. Unfortunately there is no tablet or tonic in the field of medicine to cure the same. Postponing the work that we have to do has become one of the natural habits of us. Last night studies, last minute decisions, last moment work are some of the regular terms that resound our surroundings. Many of these are a result of our laziness to perform the necessary duties when there is sufficient time. Our mind becomes lethargic during leisure and turns efficient only when there’s a crunch of time. The only medicine to solve this procrastination is to consistently reinforce our conscious mind that the work assigned to us is our responsibility and we alone are responsible to complete it either now or later. None of us can predict future and claim exactly what can happen the next second precisely. So when we are aware of this improbability let’s complete the work now itself. Some have even more auspicious timing for doing any kind of work. Please get rid of all such stuff. For doing any good work, anytime is good and more than everything, completing it at the earliest is always better. Hence doing it right now is the best option.
We are sent on this earth to fulfill a special purpose and that is to leave this world a lot better than what it was when we were born here. Let’s focus our complete energy to complete every work that comes our way right then and there with proper prioritizations. There is no point in delaying anything because either now or later your work is only yours. Only you have to complete the work to yield the complete benefits that the work has to offer you.
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Nothing is permanent. Really?

In one of the forwarded emails I found this message as ‘Nothing is permanent’. The example used to depict this message was that of Arnold Shwarzenegger. There were two photos of his in the mail. First photo showed Arnold in his best physique when he had won the Mr.Olympia title in the sport of  bodybuilding. The second photo was a recent picture of Arnold in his sixties. The fun part was the creator of this mail was trying to convey the message that the muscles that Arnold had built up during his twenties were no more at the age of sixties. Hence he concluded the message that ‘Nothing is permanent’ and forwarded it. I don’t know how many more were logically blind enough to believe in this and forward the same.
It is general knowledge that a human body deteriorates as age progresses. In fact as per scientific research it has been found that humans lose half a pound of muscle every year after the age of 25. This fact has been reproduced by Arnold Shwarzenegger himself in his book ‘The Education of a Bodybuilder’. No one has ever proclaimed that the human body once built to the best form of physique will remain the same forever. Not even the best of the best bodybuilders like Arnold or Ronnie Coleman for that matter. So I really don’t understand the sense behind coming to a conclusion that ‘Nothing is permanent’ which is completely invalid. Probably if the person who concluded this has done so on the basis of physical forms we can accept it only for physical forms of entities only. Let me take Arnold’s example itself. When Arnold entered the field of bodybuilding, he redefined the field itself with young achievements, his new techniques and created a record history of titles. He brought much respect to this sport which people complained about previously. These achievements of his will forever remain permanently in the pages of world history unless there is a burn out of the earth itself. All of us know that life is mortal but the impact of the work done during one’s life remains. Mahatma Gandhiji is no more but his struggle for Indian freedom and the title of ‘Father of India’ will remain permanently forever.
Friends! My sincere request to my dear readers is not to fall for such brainless forwards and come to improper conclusions. It really hurts when one single mail tries to zero out all of the achievements of great men like Arnold or be it anyone else for that matter. Let’s extract positive lessons out of others’ lives and implement them in our life instead of drawing such pessimistic conclusions which won’t even motivate us to work further.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pre and Post Work

So you have started to read the blog. Probably your intention was to read the blog. Let me divide the procedure into even more minor details. The work that you decided in your mind to do couple of minutes ago was to read the blog. You might have seen the link to the blog on facebook or you might have directly entered the URL for my blog. Anyways your ultimate objective was to read the blog. Once you finish reading this blog probably you will close this window or open another website on the same window or might even shut down the computer. However your task of reading the blog was the work that you intended to do but in the process of accomplishing the same you would do lot of other things before and after reading the blog as described in the above lines. This is what I call as pre-work and post-work.
Most of the times our subconscious mind is so well tuned to go through the pre and post steps of any work that we don’t even realize that we are investing our time and efforts of completing. They do not even enter our To-Do lists. Still they are very important to complete. Else the work that we decide to do ends incomplete. Many try to take shortcuts to avoid this pre and post work and end up in redoing the entire task again and again. Remember friends! Every work has a logical series of steps of execution where none of them can be skipped. How disciplined and ordered we are in life determines the amount of extra time and efforts that we can avoid spending on these pre and post works. As per scientific research it has been estimated that on an average man wastes around 15% of his time in rearranging the disordered things. Lack of planning and prioritizing are some of the key points that affect the efficiency of our work. Hence next time whenever you are planning to any particular work just have a count of time and energy that you spend on the pre and post work. If you can tabulate this regularly you can have a clear estimation of the extra time and efforts that can be saved by better ordering and planning.
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Experience is something that we build as time progress with our age. As all of us know, everything has a limit. So does experience. New challenges and problems keep coming as we move ahead in life. There are some problems that repeat and there are some that are new. The first time we face any particular problem we are unaware as to how to solve it and also we don’t have a prior experience of having faced it. This makes the situation even more challenging. That is where comes into the picture of a back-up called as EXPERIENCE.
I am calling this experience as back-up because this is a experience which we haven’t  got on our backs but it lies as a back-up in someone else’s kitty. It so happened that in last few days I was on bad health for sometime. I knew what medicine would suit my body at such situations of cough and cold and I used to apply them before to resolve the matter. This time the cough took a serious form and started severe trouble. None of my earlier methods worked, even the doctor’s consultation couldn’t make any impact. That is where the back-up of experience came as my saviour in the form of my dad’s experience. He suggested me few medications which I implemented immediately and saved myself a lot of trouble. This was possible because I came across a new problem for which I had no experience or learning to solve but could take the help of my father’s experience  to resolve the same. When you don’t have the experience just buy it from the one who has it is the lesson that I learnt from this experience of using else’s experience to build my own experience.
No doubt that it is impossible for a single person to go through all the hardships to learn all the solutions for all the problems in life. Different people go through different problems and build different experiences. One doesn’t have to spend all his time to undergo different experiences. Just buy the experiences of others when you haven’t had them and use them wherever and whenever necessary. In this regard, one of the strongest methods that I would like to suggest is to read autobiographies and biographies of great people which comprise of a variety of important experiences.
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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Keep trying but differently

"Try and try again till you succeed" is one of our childhood lessons of life. No wonder that we need to reinforce this lesson time and again in ourselves to solve many problems. I remember of the mythological stories that I used to hear in my childhood wherein there would be fights between mythological heroes and the asuras, I mean the villians. Mythology involves magical powers as all of us know. So these asuras used to have magical powers due to which killing them would be very difficult. Then our hero used to try different weapons (astras) and different mantras to kill the enemy. Finally the hero would return victorious killing the asura.

Similarly we face different challenges and problems in our day to day life. Be it health issues or financial crisis or problems on the professional front etc. Everywhere solution can be found only by trying to solve the problem. The same old medicine prescribed last time for the same health disorder doesn't work anymore and you have to find out an alternative medicine to better the health. The same old deal doesn't solve the same new business problem. So you need to chalk out one more better deal to resolve the issue. Ultimately there is no other solution other than trying out different methods because problem needs to be solved however simple or complex it is. Many give up in these trials because they get frustrated trying out the same methods again and again in vain. Most of them don't think of alternate methods but just try sticking to the conventional solutions which work no more in resolving the modern age problems. One gets bored of trying out the same solution many a times and gives up. Hence I recommend to keep trying until you solve the problem but make sure that you try differently each time the earlier trial fails.

In doing so, there is innovation all the time to discover a new solution and also the motivation and hope do not go down easily as we keep trying something new. Life is a maze set by God to solve. Whether you try solving it or just keep quiet, it doesn't matter to life. Life keeps adding challeneges one upon the other for you to resolve only to help evolution take a faster progress. Everyday I try to chart out some or the other new thought in my blogs to kill my own stagnancy of mindset. Hope to see your reviews on the same on

Prove before you leave

In today's versatile world there are various fields of your choice. Multiple options infact have created confusion on our minds as to which one to choose. Its a great journey to explore field by field and find the one which suits us. But we are sent on this earth with a limited amount of time and also our age keeps increasing as time passes by. Hence its important to choose our field of career as early as possible. Some enter a field and just get clogged in it and assume that itself as their field of expertise and continue. Probably this is not a blog for such complacent ones.

This blog is a dedication to every fighter who takes up the challenge to reach his/her field of passion inspite of all the odd circumstances around. In this process of chossing the right field some devalue other fields. Either they don't pay the interest that's required since its not their field or give half their efforts. In either of the cases they are at loss because its not the field that's wrong, its the attitude. When you're fighting to take up a career of your passion and in pursuit of it if you are working in another career make sure that you are no less capable even this field. To achieve success in every field hardwork and dedication are the only two things that matter. Above that if you're passionate about the field its an added bonus. So be it any field you are in, even if you are planning to leave it in sometime give your best and prove that you are far capable in handling the work there. If you quit without proving anything people will definitely look down upon you that you were incapable. Forget others, you yourself will feel the guilt of failure at excelling. Its important to have the right positive attitude of excelling in whatever that comes our way. People should feel the pain when you are quitting that field to take up a choice of the field you are passionate about.

Only then you have proved to yourself and others that you could achieve success in any field that you step in. This not only serves as a proof for your professional ethics for others, it serves as a confidence booster for the self. When you can prove to yourself that you can rule the field which you are not passionate about, just imagine how serious and successful you can be in the career of your choice. So whatever field you take up whether you continue or leave it just make sure to prove that you can do it all.

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

The passing time

1440 minutes of a day sometimes feels very less for us. We are piled upon with responsibilities and work right from the time we wake up till the time we get back to bed. Its so difficult to complete all the day's work within a day. Hence many extend their days into nights as well. Students study extra hard until midnight, people work overnight to meet completion before the deadline. The time is just passing by all the time. Time is so eternal and consistent that it takes no break whatsoever. Inspite of working continuously for hours together some achieve more while some achieve less.

The reason for the difference in result for the same input of time is the efficiency in usage of time. I still remember an example of one of my seniors in my college who had to take an appointment to meet his own father. I don't want to get behind the emotions of this statement but let's accept the truth that some people are really busy where every minute, every second of their's counts. Do we have a tight schedule like this? is the question. Some might feel 'yes' because we need to get up early in the morning, get ready, reach our college/office, come back in the evening to finish off the pending tasks of work or study or home and go back to sleep to wake up early next morning again. If you feel this is the busy schedule due to which you cannot really do all that you want then you are absolutely wrong. The time we spend in bus just travelling is a passing time. The time that we take to walk slowly towards our classroom or cubicle in office is a passing time The time that we spend to watch a good song on the TV amidst our work our study is the passing time. The time that we spend to just get out of the house to take a walk in the balcony and see who's on the road is a passing time. The time that we spend on talking about others with our pals is the passing time. There can be countless such examples of passing time where only the time is passing by the next hour and we are stagnant at the same state of life doing things which won't help us move even an inch forward in our lives. This is where we lose the efficient usage of time where the successful people take a victory over.

There is no offence to anyone who loses time in any of the above manners. It is quite natural until we understand the preciousness of time and planning. More important of all is the desire to utilize every moment of life to reach faster towards our dreams. One with no purpose of life and no goals just passes all the time day dreaming and blaming that nothing can happen in life. Friends! once again I stress upon the best usage of time. All the best!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Upgrade Yourself

The world has become too competitive for us to catch up with. If you are not updated then you are out-dated is a common philosophy that you will hear around. Laws are changing, new technologies are evolving every single minute in one or the other place. Yet most of us are under the shadow of complacency in our own worlds and one fine day when we are face to face with the trouble due to our very ignorance we don't have any answer for it. Newspapers fall short of covering all the news thats happening all across the world. Internet is too vast and complex for us to get a concrete incremental data. The only choice is to upgrade ourselves.

When I say 'upgrade yourself' I target at the basic learning ability of any individual. As children we are sent to school to learn how the world functions. As we grow up we are taught experimentation to understand the logic behind our learning. Once our education is complete we get into our work wherein we learn the different aspects regarding our work. If you see the graph most of our educaiton is broadbased during our childhood and as we grow we get into being more specific. After 2 decades of such education we only find ourselves in one well of a subject out of which we don't have any reach. This will definitely not fit in today's world. Anyone who wants to grow big in life has to have his feet in as many wells as possible. Upgrade yourself by learning something new of some new subject on a daily basis. If you're a science student learn something new on arts or economics or law and vice versa. Start using the principles explained in other areas into your core area of expertise. Every new innovation in the present and future world will be a blend of multiple areas. Start educating yourself in every area possible. This will be a self responsibility for self upgradation.

Sri Jawaharlal Nehru was known as a walking encyclopedia. Even Dr. Kamal Hassan has been called so. This is one of my goals as well. Our brain has unlimited memory and that's the speciality of God's creation. He keeps unlimited powers in limited sizes. One of the best ways that I discovered about learning new things was by interacting with every individual I met. I have learnt Assamese language from security guards at my office. Every new person, every new book, every new place has something new to teach us everytime. Let's use everything to upgrade ourselves.
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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Every act counts

"Once upon a time there was a small kid by name Monu in a village who started going to school at the age of 5. Since there was no transport facility the small child had to walk for a mile to the school and walk back the same distance. Everyday Ramu's dad used to give one rupee to Monu and allowed him to spend or save it as he wished. Once, on the way back to home Monu found a balloon seller and was very fascinated by seeing the colourful balloons. He bought 2 balloons with one rupee which he had got in the morning from his father. He tried to blow the balloons but they were tough for the small kid. Then Monu saw a tap nearby and an idea clicked in his mind. He kept the balloons under the tap water and the water filled the balloons making them big. Monu was very happy and started carrying the balloons all the way home.

This continued for a couple of days and one day a small thorn pricked one of the balloons and the water started sprinkling out of the holes. This was even more fascinating to see. Hence Monu picked up the thorn and made few more holes on both the balloons. By the time he would reach home all water would be sprinkled out of the balloons on both sides of the way Monu had walked. This went on for a few months and Monu observed something really unexpected and a marvellous change. He noticed that on both sides of the path he used to walk daily there were small plants growing day by day and small buds had started to take birth. Monu was filled with joy. Hence Monu decided to continue the same act of his everyday. Within next few months Monu could see a stretch of beautiful flowers all along the path.

One fine day in the morning Monu's dad asked Monu as to what he had done with all the one rupees he had got for so many months. Monu replied that he had spent it all. Father was very unhappy that Monu hadn't learnt the lesson of saving money and had spent all of it. He scolded Monu and warned him that he wouldn't get any money from then on. Monu was afraid to speak seeing his father in such anger and went to school silently. But that evening he didn't have the money to buy balloons to water the flowers. He felt really hurt seeing the flowers on his way back home that he couldn't water them. Then Monu gained his courage back and went to his dad to take him out for a walk. Father was still angry with Monu but obliged to the kid's request. Monu took his dad near the rows of flowered plants and explained how he had spent all the one rupees. Father was in tears seeing the scene and hugged Monu and kissed him. Father realised that Monu hadn't spent the money, infact he had invested it. He also informed Monu that they would get almost hundred times more money by selling those flowers than what Monu had spent on them."

Ramu's dad wasn't aware what would it yield by giving just one rupee to a 5 year old kid apart from just teaching financial education. Neither Monu was aware what his play with balloons and water would result in apart from his playing pleasrure. Both of them did their acts just naturally as normal human beings. But the acts of both were so powerful that they showered the blessings of God on Ramu's family. Similarly friends! even in our lives we keep engaging ourselves in so many acitvities for different reasons. Just keep doing all of them with your full heart. You never know as to which act of yours will yield the treasure of life for you. Hence I proclaim that 'every act counts'.
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Monday, September 03, 2012

Daily decision

So many of us make resolutions for every new year and often we fail in following many of them. Longtime commitment is something hard to commit to for most of us. We definitely try our best to follow the resolutions taken but sometimes our memory limit lacks the ability to remind our resolutions to ourselves. At such rare occasions we fall prey to desires and distractions and break the vow taken. Whether you steal once or hundred times you are still called the thief. Hence once we break the resolutions we don't mind breaking it 'n' number of times which drains away the meaning of resolution itself.

Since I am into the field of bodybuilding and health fitness, strict diet, disciplined workout and regular routines are some of the things I need to be really specific about for rewarding results. I have observed most of them very excited on the first day of joining the gym and the excitement most of the times doesn't last more than a week. Infact with myself, I have had the experience of yielding to junk food and missing workouts due to laziness many a times. I used to take a commitment for 3 months to follow strict diet and regular workout but due to some or the other reason I was never able to follow it hundred percent. This continued for almost four months since I had started. Then I adopted a new method of breaking up commitment on a daily basis. One day is good enough for us to remember the decision that we would have taken in the morning till night. Early morning I used to take simple decisions as I would workout completely for 90 minutes today and I would restrain from eating any oily or sugary food only on that day. This was something very easy to follow because the mind had no constraint for the next day. So it allowed me free of distractions. Next day once again I would make the same decision only for one day and it would work perfectly fine.

I started applying the same principle for other interests of mine. For example just writing one blog a day is a routine decision that I make in subconscious everyday. You can decide on whatever you want to improve and make one decision per day and follow it perfectly. The short term commitment is something which is very easy to fulfil and also it doesn't get out of our minds very easily. I make some new decisions on different days and enjoy following each one of them. Hope this helps you too. Do share your opinions and feedback on