Friday, November 23, 2012

Do you have a plan for tomorrow?

I have heard that big businessmen and people at high powerful positions have meetings lined up the entire day. They hardly find time to spend with their family also. Their schedules are packed days, weeks, months and sometimes years together. I used to always wonder as to how well they could exactly fix their future timings. Many of us are in a state of just thinking of what to do now many a times whereas these busy people hardly find time to ask 'What to do now?' because that has been planned way back in their past.

I definitely do not intend to scare you that if you reach such top positions, your life will become miserable but it makes me learn as to how much these people value and respect their time. How many of us actually do the same? Seeing my academic achievements when people think that I should have been studying all the time, I just laugh at myself when I recollect all those times of mighty hours that I had just wasted away. I do feel guilty of them now. I don't know if we really have piled up work and responsibility that can keep us busy for all the tomorrows but I am damn sure that we can fill the tomorrow's time with sufficient activities that shall help us grow. We miss out on tomorrow's time the main reason being we don't invest just five minutes of today to plan and schedule our tomorrow. If you can plan every hour of your tomorrow then you will never have a regret of having wasted time.

Most of us depend on the plans that others make for us which is by far only in the favour of those who planned. It's just our laziness that we depend on such plans and when the real planner alters the plan we are left with a bunch of minutes which we silently kill away by scolding the person who changed the plan. Remember friends! your tomorrow must be planned by you at any cost else you will be at the receiving end of your own anger tomorrow night like tonight for killing your own time. Please share your feedback on

Monday, November 19, 2012

Expressionless expression - A silent smile

So coming back to the same old topic of expressions. Every emotion
or a feeling has an expression associated with it. Some are good at expressing while some are still learning the art of expressing. The world has become so blind that it can see only what seems to be the outer cover. It has lost the capacity of looking deep in the eyes. You smile and laugh and the world thinks you are happy. You have a sulky face and a sigh on your face, world seems to think that you are sad while the situations can be completely opposite of what that is perceived.

Many might even fight back at me saying that it's the mistake of the person who is expressing. S/he is conveying the wrong expressions and is not only deceiving the world but her/himself also. So what pleasure did Charlie Chaplin have in making others laugh while he burnt in misery from inside? Unfortunately today true emotions are condemned if they don't sync with the situation. People are expected to behave and emote as the surroundings are else it's considered to be abnormal. A man lives in an entirely different world inside than outside. I clearly don't understand as to how can one compare the emotions of one person with that of the other. Everyone has a different emotional quotient and reasons for being emotional. No two people can be expected to express and emote the same way for a similar kind of a situation just because one expects them to. If a person is emotional it doesn't mean that s/he has lost the logical understanding. No one needs to justify the emotions logically.

When the outer world which is not the 700crore plus population but just the seven of those close people fail to understand your trust or emotions or feelings or honesty, all the expressions of true emotion get curbed and all that remains is nothing but an expressionless expression - a silent smile which is better than a straight face to avoid further conflicts and conversations. If you haven't been through such situations please do let me know on

No wonder you want what you want

We are stuck in this society which drives us crazy as often as possible. I am damn sure that you would have time and again faced the situations which are of not your choice. You desperately want something to happen and it always escapes away from you at just a hand distance. You can't let go off the desire of what you want. So once again you start running behind it. Leaving what you have and moving towards what you don't have is what is called as LIFE.

Each one of us is trying to structure out the unstructured web of thoughts and dreams in us. Each of us have a plan of how we should lead our lives. Each one of us have that amazing set of agendas on mind to execute. Unfortunately we get entangled in all other possible commitments before we even think of unwrapping the papers of dust covering our original ideas. Is it fear of not being able to execute all that we think that keeps us away from working on them or is it the immediate basic necessities of life that bind us from going away from working for them? As if it is not enough, upon these confusions come the conflict-solvers in the form of influences in our lives. Different people with different theories try to strategise our lives in the process of which we are completely lost in a complete new set of thoughts
which are once again influentially constructed. No wonder we enjoy them upto certain extent until the bug of idea caught in the web inside us starts screaching out.

This is the exact point where in you have crossed the 2 stages;
1 - I can't understand what's inside me and 2 - Even others can't understand what's inside me. That is when you learn that no one else apart from you can implement what you want and you go behind making it happen. That is when you realise that the last resort is you alone who can feel, realise, understand and implement what you want. That's why I say 'No wonder you want what you want'. So do let me know what you say on

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Don't bore to the core

None of us intentionally want to get bored nor be a boring person. We want to live an interesting life and gain other people's interest in us as well. The simple rule is to give what you want to get. So if you don't want to get bored then make sure that you are not boring someone else. So how do we not bore is the core of this blog. Courtesy the experiences my team has had and suggestions made by our team leader, this blog shall solve your PR problems. {PR -people relations}
When does a person get bored? When s/he faces things repeatedly in the same old fashion. Eg: students are bored of lectures, employees of bored of working, wives are bored of cooking, teachers are bored of teaching. When does a person not get bored? When s/he faces something new which the person is willing to know and learn. I hope you have got your answers. If not, read further. Let's focus on not what we want to not get bored but on what we can deliver to not bore others. Whenever you are meeting the same person again, make sure you have a new information to convey. If you are meeting someone who wants to learn from you, make sure that you have something new and of next level than what s/he knows already to teach. If it's your client, make sure you have a new project or a product that the client can enjoy having and experiencing.

Know that for providing new everytime you will also have to undergo lot of research on what the person likes/dislikes and search for new things. Correct? Completely wrong. If you are a person who wants to keep yourself continually happy and excited and don't want to get bored then you will automatically learn and know new things and become an interesting person who neither get bored nor bores others. If I haven't bored you with this blog, then feel free to pour in your feedback on

Get ridiculed, teased, scolded, rejected and neglected

In today's sophiscated society, many are afraid of even receiving one negative comment on facebook also. That is the level of mental defence that many are trying to portray today. No one wants to be laughed at, no one wants to be at the end of receiving bad reviews as well. Everyone wants to present the best image of their's in others' eyes irrespective of the real hidden truth. Unfortunately people are heeding to what others say than what they know about themselves.

I remember a interview incident that took place between one of the famous directors from India by name K.Balachander and the superstar of Indian movies Dr. Rajnikanth. In this interview K.Balachander sir regretted that in the initial stages of Rajnikanth's career, he had scolded Rajnikanth many a times and today after seeing Rajnikanth grow to a Godly image for the people of India, he felt he had done such a foolish mistake of scolding such a star human being. This simple incident showed me two phases. One is, you are not a big-shot and you are scolded. Second, the day you become the big-shot those people regret who scolded you initially. So just don't get offended just because someone throws a negative comment at you. People exist to pull you down on spirits and enthusiasm, they will ridicule, tease, scold, reject, neglect your thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, words, actions, achievements and a lot more. Are you ready to grow so big that the very same people should regret their actions towards you at a later point of time?

Remember! every revolution is first rejected, then neglected and later accepted. Many fail to fuel their fire of passion in the first two stages itself seeing the responses of the people. Better not heed to the response at all until you reach the third stage. If you are sure to work and accomplish the task you have taken up then be ready to get ridiculed, teased, scolded, rejected and neglected. I will be glad to accept your feedback on

Friday, November 16, 2012

Feel and do/Do to feel

Life provides so many varieties of activities to us day in and day out. So how do we choose from this ocean of opportunities as to what we need to do. Forget doing, even talking certain statements is our choice. I have observed that in many of the trainings the trainer trains the trainees to say something and feel it when they say it. Oftentimes people just repeat without any feeling just under the force of the trainer. So was it the feeling or the saying which was important?

Motivation is something which is temporary and many yield in making commitments beyond their strengths because of the feeling fed in the form of words of motivation. After sometime when the motivation ceases inch by inch, people start to notice that even the feeling would have subsided and the commitments for which they had agreed with high intensity of excitement just few days back start feeling like heavy burdens on their heads. Time and again man has contradicted his own decisions and these kind of incidents repeat often. So let's first know that this is quite natural to happen and happens with all. Secondly, some people really feel the urge to take up some kind of a task which I may refer to as the inner instinct and hence they do and coach others passionately on the same lines. Others who wouldn't have felt the dire need to do the same agree to do based on the presentation probably without any feeling or a sense of pseudo-feeling and hence feel an aversion towards it later. So how do we solve this?

It's very simple but requires your time and action. Remember! no work is less significant in this world. So if you have taken up some commitment without a feeling for it, just forget about it and go ahead and do it as one of your basic duties of life. You might get the feeling while doing or you might not. If you feel the intensity of work it's good, if you don't then you need not have to take up the same commitment later. It's as simple as just writing your feedback on

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


IUNPB20112012 means IUNewspaperbag project on November 20th,2012. I had just given a small introduction of this mighty project in the previous blog. Then I thought of informing you completely on these lines. IUnewspaperbag is one of the Ambassador projects taken up alongwith OneYoungWorld, a globally reknowned organization. The link you can check out about this project is here - ' act_area_nid=4716&country%5B%5D=in&title= '. So this November 20th,2012, on the occassion of International Children's day this team is aiming to create 1,00,000 newspaperbags to create a mega awareness on the message of reducing the usage of plastics and recycling. Let's support this cause whole-heartedly.

It's a great news to know for every Indian that this project born in India is being supported by 26 other countries of the world. Anyone above the age of 18 can volunteer for this project to be a part of a mark in history. More than 20 schools of Bangalore will be participating in this project because it's happening on International Children's Day and the children shall be the right people to carry forward the message of saving and making our environment better. Hats off to the vision of Er. Sujit Lalwani and his team of IU {Inspiration Unlimited} who have taken up this daring task. Also not to forget to mention Ms. Beena Chowdary, a law degree student who has been appointed as the CVH (Chief Volunteering Head) to carry out this project. She has got friends in Meghalaya and Chennai also agree to participate in this campaign. Then entire step to step procedure of how to make a newspaperbag which can hold 5-6kg easily has been shown by her in the video .

Friends! The entire report of this project shall be presented at OneYoungWorld 2013/14 conference in Johannesberg in Africa. Every school's logo would be added in the report presented at the summit. This event shall showcase the magnanimous impact that can be created by a huge team oriented towards a particular goal in a matter of just 2 to 3 hours. So, if you also want to volunteer and be a part of a historical event like this, do message or call on +91 9916034862 or +91 7829414616. You can even drop in your messages on

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Will have to make it happen

Just a few seconds back while I was thinking of a topic for today's blog and was chatting with one of my colleagues, she was telling about all the meetings that she had lined up from november 15th onwards for a mega IUnewspaperbag campaign of making 1,00,000 newspaper bags on Novemeber 20th,2012 on the occassion of International Children's Day. She has voluteered to be the Chief Volunteering Head for this humungous project taken up by Inspiration Unlimited. I was really inspired to talk to this young lady by name Beena Chowdary who is pursuing her graduation in Law in one of the finest institutes of India. When I asked her as to how would she manage her studies with this busy schedule for the newspaperbag project, she just replied "will have to make it happen".

What a wonderful attitude to see in youngsters today! She has complete belief in the work of hers and is sure to manage all commitments simultaneously, the reason being she respects every commitment. We have seen 'n' number of people around us who are just trying to find an excuse to escape from their commitment on many occassions. Probably I have no rights to blame anyone of them and I accept the same as well. If one is not involved in multiple commitments then what's the fun in living a limited life catering to just one particular work from 9 to 5? LIFE itself means Learn In the Form of Experience. If a person is not engaged in multiple tasks then how will s/he be able to gain multiple experiences? Repeating the same experience everyday definitely doesn't give the same enthusiasm of a new experience. If you are not fulfilling the bucket of diverse experiences then where's the question of living and loving a holistic life?

So, friends! don't fear from taking up new commitments. Blunders and mistakes are bound to happen and that is exactly called as experience. But make sure of one thing that you will carry the attitude of Beena Chowdary and that is, 'will have to make it happen'. This attitude alone shall clear all the roadblocks and build a proud past for you. Do let me know if even you are interested in participating in the newspaperbag project on november 20th on

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just chillax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is that which is the most essential when the mind is completely cluttered with all the happenings around? Just Chillax man!!!!!!!!!! Well! my dear reader, you will be completely disappointed if you're expecting some serious lesson for life in this blog but I can assure you on thing for sure and that is, this blog will come in handy whenever you are completely stressed out or burning in the fire of confusion.

Life is all about living happily. There is no point in worrying as all the worry of life doesn't matter when we are dead and gone. Touchwood! Let's do our work and enjoy life but I also accept that our emotions and feelings often get targeted by the situations we are in. So at such times of stress when you have no idea of how to move forward with a light heart, just chillax dude!!!!!!!! Go off to some silent and clean place not too far away from home. If you have some really cool friends who are involved in the same situation as you are take them along. Please don't take someone who doesn't understand your lifestyle and workstyle. Sip a coffee and just tell yourself the formula of 3 idiots- ALL IZZ WELL!!!!!!!!! Put yourself out of the difficult situation and pat yourself for reaching there because difficulties only indicate that you are growing. Discuss or envision a bigger and brighter future and set some schedule to deal with all the problems individually. Don't plan anything else apart from that. Just spend some quality time to understand yourself and your friends better and get back home.

There is not a limited work that can be done and finished in this world. Work keeps piling up one after the other and if one can s/he can even work after dying and still there would be lots left. So give some breaks for chillaxing as well so that your mind and soul are rejuvinated back to the normal state so that you can think of better ways of handling the stuff at work. Do let me know if you liked this blog on

If you were your idol

I believe that each one of us have someone or the other as our idol either consciously or subconsciously. I hope my belief is true as well. I am also sure that we would dream to reach the heights what our idols have reached and achieve the wisdom that they possess. But we cannot get to know the day to day activities of our idols and the way they handle them. So how do we become a replica of our idols which we envision to be?

This was one of the practical experiences that I had very recently based on which I am sharing the idea with my dear readers in this blog of mine. Just few days back I was engaged in a work for just 5 minutes of taking few photos. I captured them on my S3 and a thought came in mind to ask for a review but left assuming I have done the job right. Within 2 minutes I got to know that I was supposed to take another photo as well. So I had to redo the work. The very same day I had to get the same photos printed but unfortunately my pen drive was infected with virus when I reached the shop. I had to travel back once again home to mail the photos to be printed. Once again there was a redo of work. I was totally frustrated with the day and couldn't get back my enthusiasm at all and that is when I thought about what would my idol do in a similar situation.

My idol would have definitely spared a minute to get a review on photos before leaving the place. My idol would have had a plan B for getting the print outs by sending out a mail as well along with the pen drive. Even if these two weren't done my idol would have accepted the human instinct to error and would definitely complete the work like I did and be happy that the necessary lessons were learnt. So just think as to what your idol would have done in the same difficult situation as you are in and you will automatically be able to handle any kind of challenges. So, if your idol was reading this blog what feedback would s/he give on

Should children be put to work?

India's Census 2001 office defines child labour as participation of a child less than 17 years of age in any economically productive activity with or without compensation, wages or profit. I definitely support this and would condemn any such scenario where not just a child even if a grown up is employed but not paid. There is a big difference between unethical labour and an ethical work.

The meaning of labour is already known to you where in the child is deprived of its childhood and the work is harmful to its physical or mental development. However there are other types of simple work such as distributing newspapers, milk, vegetables to houses, assisting in accounting in general and provisional stores, painting pictures and making handicrafts for sale etc. There are a lot more of such examples which will not involve much of labour and are not at all hazardous in any format. These types of simple work just require few hours and dedicated interest and efforts for completions. The best part about them is that they pay back those who work as well. I honestly feel that children must be enrolled in such kinds of work for them to understand that 'every pie counts' as I said in my previous blog.

But what's the right age to put children for work? We have heard and seen that children in some of the foreign countries start earning their own living at the age of 11 or 12 and leave their homes to become independent. India is a different country for sure and hence the same model doesn't work out. Hence I recommend that 14 years must be an ideal age for children to start working part-time for at least 2 hours in a day. One main restriction should be that this work should be known and monitored by the child's parents. Though 18 is when Indians get the right to vote constitutionally, I feel that today's generation matures far ahead at the start of their teenage. By 14, when the child is in the high school, he/she would have understood the basics of adult work-life in this world and that must be the right time for them to experience it part-time as well.

This part-time work will definitely increase the seriousness towards life, cut off the unnecessary distractions, provide financial education and practical education of life, help them to develop time management skills and more positive impacts. Would really love to discuss more on this topic with all of you. Please write your opinions to

Every pie counts

Financial crunch is the best time to teach the value of each and every pie left in your pocket. Unfortunately today's generation has been cursed from understanding the value of each pie courtesy the pampering parents who want to provide the best life for their children. I remember this famous incident which repeated in two entirely different places. When a small kid of age around 14 was asked as to what would he do if he got hundred rupees from his father, he replied that he would party with his friends. When asked what would he do with the same hundred rupees if he earned it from his own efforts, he replied instantly that he would save it.

The value of money is known to the one who earns it by him/herself. Just think of those poor people who earn their food only by the daily wages they earn. If a day goes without work they have to go without food. They don't have the choice of choosing the tastiest food out of the umpteen choices available. They can only afford what can fill their stomach at the lowest cost. They clearly understand that every pie counts. Not just them even the people who jump into the field of business and entrepreneurship also learn the same lesson repeatedly. A job may give you the necessary income of constant flow irrespective of whether you like or dislike the work. Unfortunately 'every dream counts' is the lesson that majority of the job-goers fail to realise. However when you are in business you are the owner of your time and money and no one else is their to guide you or push you in this regard. You have to choose wisely on how you spend or invest each of the two. That is when you realise that every pie/second counts.

The lavish lifestyle shown on movies and the company of few rich brats have unfortunately spoilt the young minds who fail to recognise the value of each hard-earned pie of their parents. Some children take it for granted that parents are there only to spend on them and suffer due to this mindset when they grow up. IS THERE A SOLUTION FOR THIS?
Definitely YES!!!!!!!!!!! watch out for my next blog. Till then keep writing to me on

The name is Ashok Shankar Rathod

Ashok Shankar Rathod is the boy who invested just a single football to start his organization OSCAR. No doubt that he is already quite famous because of the 67 newspaper articles that have featured him and the numerous TV channels that have interviewed him. Still I wanted to document his success story in my blog as a small gift of gratitude for the amazing lessons that he taught me. Let me give a small introduction of him first.

Ashok Rathod is a boy from a slum in Mumbai who started teaching football to the others kids in his locality. Then he motivated them to continue their education keeping his football coaching as a fulcrum. Because of this initiative of his more than 600 kids continued their education without dropping out of school. He was even responsible for 150 girls to enter schools. He was awarded the RELIANCE Real HERO award as well. He has represented India at international level youth conferences and has travelled to foreign countries 9 times within the age of 24. His organization OSCAR - Organization for Social Change, Awareness and Responsibility has reached 6 states of India and has impacted 1500 kids.

Key learnings from Ashok Rathod which happened when I met him on November 4th,2012 were as follows; Patience and courage are must if you want to achieve your dreams and visions. As we grow up we take a lot from the society and hence it's necessary for us to give back to the society as well. People will tease, doubt and ridicule us on our way but we must be focussed on our work and towards the completion of our work. Many might even not support, still we must be ready to work single-handedly on our goals. I really thank Mr.Ashok Rathodji from the bottom of my heart for the immense learning and the example that he has set for the world to follow in coming times. Friends! you can mail your thanks which I shall forward to Ashok sir on

Influx of ideas

As I keep writing blogs one after the other each one with a new idea and a new concept concealing a new thought, I just keep wondering as to how I am able to come up with such diverse topics. That is when the cocept of 'influx of ideas' flashed in my mind on which the current blog is all about. Influx means an arrival or entry of large number of people or things. So do you want to know how to create an influx of ideas in your brain? Here's the answer.

The target is what that decides your mode of action and planning. The better defined the target is the better and faster is your approach to accomplish it. Defining a deadline is even more important. All these settings for the target subconsciously set an alogorithm running on your brain that starts putting more number of brain cells into the thought process of completing the work at hand. More the number of neurons at work more the number of thoughts and ideas. Also repeating the same task having the same procedure might at times tire away the enthusiasm in us. Hence when the target itself is exciting enough to employ all your creative talents, it becomes even more easy for a variety of ideas to influx on your mind. Also make sure to remember that ideas that pass through our mind fail to get registered with our memory unless we write them down. Hence penning down your ideas is very important as well.

I have heard of this anecdote of how a coal turns into a diamond when sufficient high pressure is applied on it for a number of years. Similar to this when there's a pressure of completion on our mind it  automatically forces all the energy to divert our brain cells from thinking of distractions to giving birth to a variety of new ideas. Would love to receive an influx of your feedback on

The Real Failure

"Failure is the stepping stone to success". "Failure doesn't mean the end, it just means that your success is postponed". You might have heard 'n' number of such other quotes on failure. Any failure that you face in the process of your work towards success is not a real failure at all. It was just an experience and a knowledge building incident which was bound to occur in the path to success. However let me reveal to you the REAL failure here. The real failure is when you fear and fail to start your work.

I can guarantee you that there are more number of people in this world who have been afraid to start their work and have failed than those who have actually started the work and failed. As I said above the real failure is when you haven't started the work also because no one can really estimate at what point you reach success. So your success might meet you at any point during the progress of your work and hence once the work has commenced you are already in close connection with success through your work. Your work is just a bridge between you and success. But when you have not started the work at all then all possibilities of having the bridge also cease to exist and hence it's a self-declared defeat. More than that, I can say that your dream or goal or vision has failed to lure you towards it because failure when expanded becomes 'failed to lure'.

Let me take you to a higher level of perception now. Folks! there is nothing called as success or failure. Both are just perceptions. It's the way you look at the situation you are in. However there is no other bigger mistake than not starting your work towards what you want to accomplish just because of fear. Face the fear and mail your feedback on

It's yours as long as it's not exhibited

I would want to quote the simple example of Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Jobs before I jump into the details of this blog. Sachin was very passionate about cricket and started playing on the streets as a child. As time went by he started playing for his region as well and finally reached the Indian team. He was just displaying his talent whenever he went for selections. Once his talent was sufficiently exhibited it became a responsibility on him to play well as the pride of his country was at stake. So his talent was no more his alone, it became an asset for the nation and the team. Steve Jobs started the company Apple and designed computers, tablets and phones based on his idea of user interface satisfaction. Once his initial products became successful among the masses, people started expecting really quality products and out of the world design for the products from APPLE. They were even ready to wait in queue to buy its products. Once Steve Jobs technical talent was exhibited to the world no more it remained restricted to him alone, it became a hope for a better life for the world. The same trend continues with Apple company even today as well even after the demise of the great soul.

Dear friends, you are a source of unlimited bunch of talents. Don't hide it from the world. Exhibit each one of them. You are the medium chosen by God to contribute your talents for the progress of the world. The talent remains your asset as long as only you know about it. The moment it comes into the light of the common man's eye and he sees the worth and virtue of it, the talent gets shared between you and the world. From then onwards you just remain a mere source of your talent and it shall find its destination in the hearts of the world. This is what will bind you to the world just like how a drop of water in an ocean forms a part of the ocean irrespective of its individuality. So you don't have to be highly secure about your talent. Just be aware that your talent is at the service of the world and exhibit it more and more number of times to a larger audience of the world. Don't feel shy to write to me about your talents on

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The primetime focus

We have to agree that there are innumerable distractions around us to drag us away from what we are supposed to do. Even more threatening fact is that not all distractions are bad, some are good as well, some are even better than what we are currently working on. Steve Jobs stated this perfectly - "People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully".

Even I have to confess that I lost my focus a bit from my daily blogging habit because of the 'n' number of other urgent things that needed immediate attention. But needless to say that I'm BACK. Sometimes you just miss your track only to discover it back with more clarity. So choose carefully as to what are those which you chose to focus on to complete and divert all your energy to that first. Where focus goes, energy flows and idea grows. Even if you have missed focus from those which you committed for then don't dump yourself in worry on discovering this flaw. Just get back your primetime focus back on it. The primetime means the time dedicated for the prime interest which occupies the highest position in your priority list. So bring in your focus back in the primetime to cover for all the backlogs of your commitment. The best part is that the focus shall expand to occupy each second of your primetime.

We are living in a world where we are entitled to perform a lot of roles and a wide range of activities. Amidst all these we should not lose focus from our primetime activity that builds us. Even if you lose by any chance just back to it with complete rhythm using the concept of primetime focus where in you convert all your time available to primetime to focus on the work that you had left unfinished.
I hope that your primetime focus on feedback is back on

People are different so are their definitions

I am damn sure that you would have heard people saying 'according to me', ' my definition of ___ is' and so on. I always keep wondering when I hear such statements as to why the dictionaries exist at all. Oxford, Longman and many others have struggled to build such wonderful collection of words and their meanings. I just feel sorry for them when people come up with their own definitions and meanings for the most common words.

People are different and so are their definitions. I purposefully wanted to touch upon this topic because I have been involved in many situations of conflict of definitions. Anyways I can't blame anyone of having their own definitions because everyone evolves one's own definitions based on the environment and the experiences of life. Since no two people have the same graph of life no two people can be expected to have the same definitions and that is where the conflicts start arising. No point in blaming on the differences as they exist by default. We should at least concentrate on avoiding conflicts further by trying to understand the definitions of others. Now one might feel that only his/her own definitions are correct and need not adjust to that of the others. I so agree with you because I also feel the same but  do you remember our previous blog 'Feel, felt, found'?

In order to avoid conflict first learn about the definition of the other person. Then analyse if the same definition suits you as well. If yes then there's no conflict, if not then analyse the other person's definition. If the relationship with this person really matters to you then you may go ahead and discuss to arrive at a common definition, else you might just ignore as long as there is no conflict. Please share your definition of feedback on

Attitude reflects in every sphere

Many times you might have come across people who will say that they are very fast in certain things but not the same at work. There might be other instances as well when you will find people who will have all possible reasons of disinterestedness in studies but will be very much interested in every other activity involving fun. Some claim that they are highly responsible when it comes to personal matters but can't keep up the same in professional matters. These kind of indifferences will be many.
Attitude is something which defines our approach towards any situation in life with definite restrictions. When there are no boundaries in terms of space or time, whatever you do is always right and justified but the moment the rules come into play it's very important to be aware of each of our steps. That's when the real attitude gets tested. The intensity of seriousness that you give in the subject of your interest will be the same as that in the area of your liability. No one likes liabilities for sure but you cannot escape them as well. No matter what, you have to deal with them every now and then. This is the time where in all your minor and tiny attitudes and habits come into picture. For example if you follow punctuality, you will be punctual whether it's a cinema or a board meeting, if you follow speed of action and sense of urgency, the same will show up whether it's in professional work or personal commitment. This is what I mean by attitude reflects in every sphere of life.

So the simple test to evaluate yourself is to observe yourself as to how you respond in any situation that you are in. That will automatically reflect your approach in other situations as well. You don't have to live a decade to understand yourself. All it takes is a few moments of unbiased observation of the self. Hope this blog will be useful for you. Eager to see your comments on

Friday, November 09, 2012

Do once; promote a 100 times

We live more than a zillion moments in our life but seldom do we remember each one of them or rather I should say, seldom there is a need to remember all of them. But we definitely remember those significant moments of our life which we lived our best probably some which were too emotional to us, some which marked the turning points of our life and so on. Achievements and accomplishments of any kind of big work or an award from our past always linger on our mind and tongue for sure no matter even if we have done them just once.

It's quite natural that you would have heard about how your grandparents had to walk miles together to their school in their childhood. You would have definitely heard about your aunts and uncles who were the best students of their class of their times and were the so-called toppers of those times. Might be you yourself might have got some really good rank in some entrance exam or might have been a champion winning awards in some sorts of sports. You might have even cracked a business deal that was worth a fortune. The best part about all these one-time struggle and success is that we can promote them as long as we live and no one can dare question us as they have already got imprinted in the pages of history. Every single time promotion of any one of these always takes us back to those old memories and we are even able to feel the same emotions. A milestone once covered always serves as the medium of experience sharing with the new generation.

Similar to the past, even in the future obstacles and challenges will keep coming. Just remember that you will have to surpass and win over them just once and later you can narrate the story a hundred times without any fear. I limit it to hundred times only because I believe that you would have surpassed even more milestones by the time you complete promoting the earlier achievement a hundred times. Once I finish a blog I can promote it a hundred times until I receive your feedback on

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

To find space in a woman's heart

Love is such a simple yet a profound concept. It's a feeling, it's an emotion which has taken the highest number of votes in the democracy of emotions and feelings. When it comes to love between two souls it has been statistically proven that it's males in most of the cases who propose their love for the lady with whom they dream of their future. I am not sure if any business proposal would be more important and difficult than this proposal of life itself. Let's see how our hero finds space in his woman's heart.

Love is all about occupying a part of the being of the other person and moreover it's about finding or discovering the space for oneself in the other person's heart. We can remember so many people in our brain because that's the duty of the brain to act as memory storage but we cannot calculate the love for each because brain doesn't have this facility. It's only the heart which has the exclusive property of storing unlimited love and there is where the guy has to step in. In one of the interviews of Shah Rukh Khan, the King Khan of Bollywood who is very famous for being a great romantic hero, he mentioned that he is able to showcase romance so well in the movie only because he works on finding the space for himself in the heroine's heart. This is what makes even the heroines very comfortable to romance him in movies. I felt that it was totally true hearing these words of his. Every guy out there has to understand to find space in his woman's heart if he is planning to propose her.

It's a known proverb that the route to a man's heart is through his stomach because men are more satisfied with food than anything else but it's not the same case with women. They are just special creations of God. I can clearly understand the trouble of all those guys who are struggling to find a space in the woman's heart of their choice being a guy myself. Don't give up guys, keep trying because she is just waiting for you to find out the right way and I clearly know that the lady reading this blog is smiling now. I try to find space in the hearts of my readers who can write their reviews on

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

One sword to protect 100 wounds

Imagine a battle of the times when there were no guns and bombs. People used to fight with metallic weapons such as swords and chains. Sword fight is one of the famous duel between two opponents. If a warrior is already hurt with a hundred wounds on his body, it's quite difficult for him to continue the battle but if he has just one sword in his hand still he can definitely continue the fight such that the wounds are no more hurt and get enough time to recover by the time he keeps fighting and defending himself and continues the battle.

If you have imagined the above scenario exactly or even approximately then you have already got my message. The above battle is what I refer to life as since life is just a series of challenges that we are fighting day in and day out. The warrior is none other than the person who is reading this blog right now. The hundred wounds are the hundred flaws that exist in imperfect beings like us. Let me assure you that there is no Mr.Perfect in this world. The single sword is nothing but that single strength of yours that will take you ahead in life. Friends! just accept the truth that flaws exist in all of us but the only difference between any two people is the number of flaws that are discovered and those which are still hidden from the light of reality. It's quite natural for a warrior to get hurt during a battle and the same way it's quite natural for one to have flaws. But you have to remember that a sword in hand can make the warrior ultra-powerful in spite of the wounds. Similarly one strength of yours if repeatedly executed can shadow all the flaws that you have.

Well! It doesn't mean that you can walk away just like that with one strength. The warrior while defending himself with the sword also makes sure to medicate the wounds and become perfectly fine. Likewise it's our duty to work on our flaws and try achieving the perfection of flawlessness how much ever impossible and distant it might sound. Remember to keep strengthening your strength by exercising it as often as possible and simultaneously keep working on your flaws as well. No wonder that I ask you for your feedback once again on

Not interested but compulsory

I have met a lot of people who say that they are not interested in doing certain things but are forced by their parents, relatives or society to do the same. Especially coming to students, some of them don't like to study. Some employees don't like to do the work and follow the rules of the company. Lack of interest coupled with forced implementation is just lengthening the gap between the work and the people. I am damn sure that each of us are committed to something that we have no interest to do. So how do we deal with this?

Let's accept that the world doesn't run on our words. There is a structure that has been established by many civilizations through decades of decades where all of us have landed up in. I haven't heard of any person who has proclaimed that he is very interested and passionate about brushing his teeth and taking bath everyday. Still we do these 2 activities no matter how difficult or boring they are. {I really pity those people who surround the specimens who don't perform even these 2 basic essentials}. Coming back to the point of interest in the work that we do, let me not inhibit from claiming that not every work is interesting. It's upto the person who is entrusted with the work to perform the work with complete interest in it. When certain work is compulsory and you can't escape from it then it's good to do it. Even more better is to generate and vest some interest in it and doing it.

If you like sweets you can't keep eating them daily because very soon you will get bored of it. There should be other spicy and sour food that you must taste in between so that you completely rejoice the sweet once again. Same case with the work. Complete the work that's compulsory and once you have done it you will be filled with double the interest to work on your passion. Completion of any form of work is what that gives the ultimate satisfaction to human life. I have completed my work of blogging, can you complete your work of writing a feedback how much ever disinterested you are about that on

you NEED it, you GET it

Life is not rosy all the time. It shows its side of thorns as well at critical junctures. Thorns are nothing but the rules and regulations that are difficult to bypass. Adding to the woes of common man there is just not enough transparency in the existing laws and legislations. Compounding these with corruption has just made the procedure to get what you need more and more difficult. There is no point accepting defeat against the giant barrier built by all these. Amidst these, we have to screw in our way to get what we need. Here I would stress on the entire 'need' rather than 'want' because a 'want' can be postponed but not a 'need'.

When you are on an endeavour which has a clear mission and a vision to impact a massive area of growth positively just be sure that you will have to deal with a majority of roadblocks as well. You will be meeting 'n' number of people from diverse backgrounds having diverse opinions. You will have to convince all of them and take their permissions and consents before proceeding further. At no point will you be allowed to skip these blocks without facing them. You are bound to the game of clearing each one of them. At such points you might be facing rejection and ridicule very often. Just don't give heed to any of them as long as your work is completed. Be persistent in convincing the opposite party to agree to your ideology. You might not even have enough finance with you which could have done the same job of convincing. Even if you have don't use it for the work of convincing which you can do yourself. This will at least save the money for a pertinent usage in the future. Keep patience and a 'never give up' attitude close to your heart which will guard it from any external comments or hits. Keep in mind  that all these intermediate obstacles are just a test for your clarity of your vision and the leadership ability in you to bring your vision into reality.

Nothing comes free of cost on this earth. Every baby struggled to stay crumbled in its mother's womb for 7 to 9 months and to come out into this world. This struggle was worth to get a chance to grow up in this amazing world. When you want something only your heart is telling it to you but when you need something both you heart and brain command you to get it. So convert all your wants into needs if you really want them, sorry, if you really need them quickly. I would definitely need everyone of yours feedback to understand and learn more on

Monday, November 05, 2012

Every idea deserves its value

It was around a couple of days back when I was conversing to a friend of mine that she told me that she could make french fries better than that at a outlet of a big giant restaurant. So I told her that she could get in work with that chain with her new recipe. She laughed saying that she was going to do MBA not to become a cook. Instantly I told her that MBA was all about implementing your idea, managing to plan a business out of it and administer it grow bigger and if her recipe was really good enough she could become a millionaire in a week. She responded that she didn't want to become a millionaire. Immediately I retorted that it wasn't she who chose to be a millionaire, it's the idea which deserves to earn a million dollar.

I have seen and heard many people who are very modest and humble but being humble and modest doesn't mean that you should give away valuable stuff at small prices. There is a significance of everything, every thought and every moment and each one of them must be provided the due respect and reward that they deserve. To go at a microscopic level as the title of this blog states, every idea deserves its value. How does one determine the value of an idea is immaterial as long as the idea is not implemented. Certain ideas enter certain minds in certain situations and nothing of these is a coincidence. Everything has a purpose behind its occurrence. Some ideas are just powerful enough to generate revenue for crores of masses. So, it doesn't mean that one starts feeling that s/he doesn't want or deserve the revenue that her/his idea can generate. The money that the idea can generate will also have to be reinvested to grow the idea bigger and to reach out more people.

If you have any idea on your mind just start implementing it at any small scale level possible instead of thinking how big or how small the idea is. No idea can be measured as long as it's in your mind because it is just a thought which doesn't have any dimensions. The impact of any idea can be measured only after implementing it. Remember that God has blessed this idea upon you so that you can do justice to it bereft of your emotions or desires.I will be very happy if you let me know if I can be helpful in any way for your idea on