Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Line by Line

Due to bad food in the evening today, I had a kind of bad feeling in my gut because of which I couldn't even workout in the gym in the late evening. So, came back home after some 10 minutes of cardio and saw my brother and cousin playing carrom. After a long time even I felt like getting my fingers tested at carrom and joined the game. Glad that the opponents were far less experienced compared to my gap in practice, I won both the games that we played. After the game, I went along with my cousin to drop her to her home and on the way was enquiring about her studies. She mentioned something like 'I don't understand certain stuff while I study'. This dragged my attention and I offered to clarify some of her confusions.
As we entered my cousin's house, she took out her Physics text book and opened a random chapter which had escaped her understanding. We started reading this new chapter. We took up the first paragraph of introduction and I read a line and asked her to repeat and then explain it to me in simple words in her mother tongue. I could find that it was difficult for my cousin to understand even the first paragraph of introduction of a chapter. Only when we read it line by line and I made her translate each line into her mother tongue and explain it to me was she able to get the meaning and complete understanding of the entire paragraph. All the time before when she had studied these chapters, she had missed this line by line approach. She had tried to scan through the paragraph and understand the concept which always deceived her understanding. Once I taught her this simple algorithm of understanding line by line which required more time and patience she could appreciate its simplicity because no more understanding could evade from her.
Not just studies, be it anything in life each one of them expects detail level attention for deeper and better understanding. Every situation demands momentwise reading to understand the depth of it. Every relationship requires understanding of every emotion of the people to foster better relationship. Recently I read a statement which read 'God lies in the details' which is absolutely true. One who pays attention to details can never miss out on a chance to succeed. I appreciate every feedback of yours on

Monday, March 25, 2013

Talk to self

I was checking out one of my diaries that I used to use before where I had written the notes of the leadership workshops that I had attended. In one of its pages it was mentioned that talking to oneself is very important. In Hindi it's called as 'aatmachintan'. Discussing with oneself is the best way to bring about clarity for one's decisions and shall help in aligning one's actions towards accomplishing the goals set.
Time and again people are confused about their own decisions. The reason is that they decide once and discuss about their decisions with 'n' other people to seek their opinions. Unless they get majority of the responses positive, they go on doing it believing that their decision will be right only when majority of the people also accept it. In doing so, people are just adding more confusion to their decisions rather than strengthing them and acting on them. The most important person on whom all your decisions might impact is you yourself. Hence you need to discuss about your decisions with yourself more than anyone else. More the number of times you discuss, more the clarity you will have as to why you made those decisions. Not just decisions, be it an idea or a simple thought or a dream, vision, goal or anything concerned with one's life, s/he has to talk to himself/herself to understand the basis of one's own thinking and evaluate it oneself. Unless you are clear about what you want to do, you can never expect someone else to understand the reason behind what you want to do. Talking to self regularly for a good amount of time shall always make our thinking clearer to ourselves first, which later can be conveyed to anyone else with complete confidence and clarity.
Talking to onself needn't have to be only verbal, you can even write and explain to yourself all that you want to do. Once you are convinced logically with your explanation then you can give a green signal to yourself to go on with your work without turning back. You always reap the benefits of what you do and never that of others. Hence it's completely upto you as to how much you talk to yourself so that you are the first one to be clear than anyone else about what you're going to go for. You can post your feedback once you talk to yourself for a minute about the blog on

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The reason I started blogging

I think it was in my 4th year of engineering that I started blogging. This was the first phase of my blogging when I blogged 7 posts. The main reason I had started out to blog was to improve my vocabulary to fare well in the GRE test which I never took up till now. GRE is taken up to pursue post-graduation studies abroad after engineering. As I was willing to take up higher studies after my engineering I started preparing for GRE.
I used to choose ten words from the book which had the whole list of thousands of unknown words to me, learn their synonyms, meanings and make sentences using them. Since I had to practise them and remember them for a long time, I thought I would write a blog which shall be a combination of all the sentences containing the new ten words learnt for the day. Also I needed someone to evaluate if my understanding was correct. Hence everyday, after writing the blog I used to send the link to one of my friends by name Sushanth and get it corrected by him. He was a champ in both Mathematics and English. It was a very good practice to take up new words everyday and inculcate them in my daily communication to develop my vocabulary. By writing them down, it could go deeper into my memory. Though this process didn't last long enough, it definitely improved my confidence in speaking English and eventually helped me develop my English speaking skills.
This was a very simple method that anyone could use to pick up few new words a day and start using them which would help to improve speaking, reading and writing. However this activity was the reason that I entered the world of blogging. Though it was a long pause after the initial set of 7 blogs, blogging has just become a part of my daily life today. You can share your ideas on improving English abilities on

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daughters and dads; sons and moms

Before I begin, let me make it clear that I am not generalizing anything here. It's just that I am putting across my views regarding my observations of the world around me. (I feel this is a very nice diplomatic way to put across my point.) I have noticed it often that daughters are more close to their dads and sons are more close to their moms and it is vice-verse true as well. Dads' favourites are daughters while the moms' favourites are sons. I am sure that even you would have observed this phenomenon among your circle. As I am completely unaware about this topic, I wanted to write about it to know what I already know but am not aware about as recommended by Steven Pressfield.

Girls are curious to know what the guys talk about while guys are curious to know what the girls talk about. It's an inbuilt curiosity to know about the opposite sex among humans. Remember that curiosity always lies in the unknown. Until extinction of the homo-sapiens you can be sure that the females will always have things to discuss about which the men will never know but always would want to know. The same holds good vice-verse as well. There are certain topics which shall be discussed in a certain way among males that will never reach the females' ears though they want to hear. When it comes to the father-daughter or a mother-son relationship, the same thing holds good. Father being a male can have every idea possible as to how his son would talk, think, react, respond, plan, emote and act at what particular age and in which particular scenario. Similarly even the mom being a female can anticipate every step of her daughter on the lines of female mentality. Even though the same anticipation might not work out exactly still it's pre-decided in the mind of the parents and a feeling of known always prevails which doesn't ask for further interest in finding out the next step. However, when it comes to the criss-cross relationship between a dad and a daughter or a mom and a son, the male and the female mentalities cross paths. As a result both the parties are curious to understand the next step from both the ends.

This willingness to understand more about the other person is what brings relationship closer between people. Whenever a relationship is fostering patience and sympathy towards each other always accompany. As a result it gives a good ground for the relationship to get stronger and more often this happens between people of opposite sex. You might have observed as to how boys are more tolerant towards silly girls and girls are tolerant towards naughty boys. The desire to understand and attract the opposite sex is embedded in the DNA of animals cum humans by the grace of God which is quite difficult to change. Every girl expects her husband to be as protective and possessive of her as her dad and every guy expects his wife to be as caring and lovable as his mother. All these factors sum up together towards making daughters the favourites of their dads and the sons the favourites of their moms. You are totally free to comment about my opinion on

61st National Level Bodybuilding Championship

On March 16th, 2013, a grand function was unveiled in the coastal district of Karnataka, Udupi. It was the 61st National Level Bodybuilding Championship conducted by Indian Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation supported by Manjunath Hegde Sports Foundation hosted in Shamili Convention Centre situated on the National Highway in Udupi. The prelims for the competition were conducted on 15th of March itself. On 16th, the stage was set to witness the best bodybuilders from all across the country.

The real competition commenced at around 11 am in the morning. Even Doordarshan's DD sports was present to cover the entire event for the television medium along with the press media. Initially the first title to be contested was for 'Bharath Kesari' where in bodybuilders above the age of 40 contested. There were bodybuilders from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Jharkhand, Chatthisgarh and other places who competed in this event. It was shocking to see people above the age of 50 who had maintained hardcore physique. Then it was the turn of 'Bharath Uday' title to be contested for. Different groups were made based on the height of the bodybuilders as short, medium, tall and super-tall groups. So minimum of 4 groups existed for each title contest. Among each of these groups 5 places were given from 1st to 5th and the gold-medal winner i.e, the first place winner would be selected for the final round. Like this, four 1st place winners among the four groups were selected and made to contest in the second round. Out of these four, finally one winner was selected and awarded the title. 'Bharath Uday' title is contested by freshers who enter the bodybuilding competition for the first time. (I don't remember the exact names and places of the bodybuilders who won these competitions, so kindly pardon me for the same).

The next title to be contest for was 'Bharath Kishore' which is once again for younger bodybuilders. People of the age 20-25 participated in Bharath Uday and Bharath Kishore titles competition and it was surprising to see the muscles that these young chaps had developed. I could really see the years of hardwork and perseverance that had gone behind such sculpture out of natural muscles. By this time, entered the chief guests for the day namely, worshipful Swamiji from Udupi, Superintendent of Police of Udupi and the famous film director of kannada film industry, Dr. Rajendra Singh Babu. They inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp and shared their appreciation for Manjunath Hegde who had hosted this show in memory of his brother Late. T. R. Chandrashekar Hegde who was a national champion in bodybuilding.

The last two titles to be contested for were 'Bharath Kumar' and 'Bharath Shree' where in 'Bharath Shree' is considered to be the most prestigious award of the entire event. Once again senior bodybuilders from all across the country displayed their cut-to-perfection muscular bodies. The audience roared the names of their heroes as the bodybuilders took the stage for the show-off. They flaunted their biceps, triceps, wide back, 6-8 pack abdomen, marvellous thighs, lemon-like calf muscles, vast chests, wing-like lats with the music adding more energy into the show. Finally, by 10 pm both these titles were given away to the winners. Exclusive cash prizes were presented to the title winners along with a victory cup to carry to their homes and homelands. National and international referees also presided over the event. Mr. Balnaidu, the general secretary of IFBF along with other Vice-Presidents made sure that the competition was conducted to the best standards possible and there were no hiccups throughout. Overall, it was an inspiring as well as an enjoyable experience to be a part of this competition for me.

Looking forward to host and conduct more such bodybuilding competitions in coming future.......

Friday, March 15, 2013

Responses differ at times

The most unpredictable thing on this earth is the mood of a person. You might have experienced it many times that the same friend of yours reacts in different ways for the same thing at different times. The reason is the change in mood of your friend. The teacher comes to class and scolds even the best student for no reason while the same teacher on some other day is cool with the antics of the students. Once again the mood of the teacher was responsible for this contradictory behaviour.
Incidents on a daily basis keep influencing our moods and emotions. The worst part is that they carry their impact on other things that later enter the daily schedule of a person. As a result, the other things face a response which is a carry-over from the earlier experience. It so happens that we are not aware about what kind of a situation that a person has undergone before we go up to him/her to share our thoughts. At such times, the imagination of the response of the person in our mind is much different that that happens in the real scenario. At such times we make a general mistake that we conclude about the character or the attitude of the person which is not completely right. All of us are humans and not hard stones. As a result our moods are bound to swing with varied experiences across a day. So, whenever the response from a person is different from what we expected because of the wrong mood, instead of getting disappointed we should give some time or soothening words to the person to come back to the normal state and then re-narrate our words.
Not just humans, even non-living things respond differently under different circumstances. A very simple example is that of an iron rod which gets bent very easily when heated but is strong as a rock when cold and unbreakable. Understand the situation of a person before evaluating his/her response or attitude. You can feel free to share your feedback on

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Work is the only best source of self-motivation

Someone recently asked me as to what to do when one doesn't have a person to motivate or any other source of motivation. Parents, teachers, cousins, relatives, friends and colleagues are the set of known people who enter the nearest circle of our life to motivate us. Their act is a direct one where they provide motivation to us. On the other hand, there is a passive way of motivating onself when we draw motivation by reading about great men and women who have taught the world the lessons of success. Drawing motivation by observing the hardworking ants, flying eagle, honest dog, big and strong elephants or the wonderful nature around us is also a passive way. However in both of these ways there is only a surge in motivation levels in us which may eventually lead to action but the action is still pending and not guaranteed. There is the third way which is apt and the best because it not only induces motivation but also makes sure that the motivation reaps immediate results and that is "WORK".
Whenever anyone tells me that s/he is not motivated, I just ask them one question, 'What are you doing?' and the instant reply is 'Nothing! because I am demotivated.' The clue is right over there. The moment we aren't doing anything, we are setting up our mind in idle state and all us know it well that, 'An idle mind is a devil's workshop'. While entering the modern age of the world the phrase has got reframed as, 'An idle mind is a devil's paradise'. Whenever there is no work on our mind, there is something else on our mind for sure because there cannot be vacuum in our mental space. As a result of this, enter the lethargic elements which pull down the focus on our work which eventually leads to lower self-esteem, in other words called as demotivation. Work is the only special way where in the moment we get into action, our motivation levels are bound to rise because the body is in action while the actual role of motivation is to lead us into action. So work forms that mutual path that brings in both self-motivation as well as the action required to take our life one step further. Let's work and the work shall work for us. It can be of much help to me if you provide your feedback on

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Don't waste time evaluating others

I sometimes regret that we are unable to see ourselves on a every moment basis. Our eyes are so specially placed that they always see others apart from us. I feel this is the reason that we are more focused about others than ourselves. What comes in front of our eyes enters our mind, then our words and actions. Hence most of the times majority of us waste time on thinking, talking about and evaluating others.
Man is born as a social animal and forced to live among his fellow-mates. In due course of life, we get so influenced by others and what others are doing that we start engaging our thoughts and thought-processes only in thinking and evaluating about others' actions more than concentrating on what we are supposed to do. However, I am not completely against the fact that we observe or discuss about what other people do. Getting influenced and inspired by others to do good and positive things is always welcome. The more this happens the better the world is going to be. But we see that many of the times people are just worried about what other people are doing. Some of us start evaluating as to why someone did like this or that in that particular situation. How good a step it was or how bad it was, is none of our business. Based on some deeds of a person, people start tagging the person with different conclusions when neither the person nor his deeds are related to them.
More the time we devote on thinking about others or judging someone's character or actions more is the amount of time that we waste which could have been used to improve ourselves. Unnecessary wastage of time is always harmful for our own lives because they are an asset of our lives and can never be recylced or reused. Hence stop concentrating on others and start building your life. Feel free to pass on your feedback on

Monday, March 11, 2013

Remembering noteworthy dates

Birthdays, festivals, wedding anniversaries, dates of joining and
leaving jobs, dates of starting new careers and many more such noteworthy and important dates form the different dots of our lives that we connect later. Unfortunately due to the growing number of such dates, it's seldom easy to remember all of them.
However if we make a small effort to remember such important dates it can make a whole lot of difference for those who are also concerned with those important dates. Just this evening, I had a small experience which made me realise the importance of remembering dates. I was working on developing my new skill, when I got a call from the institution for which I work as a teacher. The lady on the other side was asking for some information about my qualification and also asked about my date of joining the institution for which I responded with the exact date. She was astonished and smiled which I couldn't see but only sense. She was surprised that I remembered the exact date of joining the institution. It happens with many of us many a times when we are really surprised when far off friends remember our birthdays and wish us when we least expected.
People have special feelings associated with dates. A simple example to cite is that of lovers who remember the time as well as the date when the boy proposed the girl, the first time they went out for a date and so on. If remembering important and noteworthy dates can bring about a surprise and a smile on the face of a fellow human being, let's do it more often. You can remember to provide your feedback on

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Food habits

I have heard it from many people that we are what we eat. Food is one of the most important basic necessities of man. Today millions of people around the globe are unable to reach out to this basic necessity of life and many are dying due to the lack of the same. Food is a saviour of our lives but unfortunately today it's disgusting to see that food is becoming responsible for different kinds of disorders in people and eventually affecting their health and life.
The reason that the sacred food is seeming to be disastrous to lives of people is because of the bad food habits that many of us are carrying. Obesity and diabetes have become so rampant with many people today because of their dirty food habits and even due to lack of physical exercise habits. It's a sad scene to see that people are replacing simple, pure and clean drinking water with aerated drinks for drinking purposes. Fried items with heavy oil content have become the trend in the fast food restaurants. There is no intake of balanced food by majority of the people. High calorie content in the food is leading to every other type of disorder in people today. Cleaning of vegetables and fruits is taking away most of the nutrients along with all the pesticides sprayed on them and as a result there is not much nutritional value added to what we intake nowadays.
Hrithik Roshan, a very famous Bollywood actor said in an interview that when he wanted to get back in shape for his movie Krissh3, he googled out to find the best trainer and that trainer taught him about the best diet that is tasty as well as fulfilling and equally best for health during the bodybuilding routine. There are so many bodybuilders in India itself who could have trained Hrithik Roshan because bodybuilding is the field that teaches you the best regarding physical health by instructing on proper food habits, sleep and exercises. It's my vision to help lot of bodybuilders to reach out to every person in our surroundings and guide them towards good health and hence have a healthy nation. Drop in your feedback on

AWAKE celebrates International Women's Day

Congratulations to every woman out there in this world who has been working to make this world a better place to live in, as we celebrate the 102nd
International Women's Day today ie. March 8th, 2013. On this occasion AWAKE
(Association of Women
Entrepreneurs of Karnataka) had hosted a grand function at the 4-star hotel 'The CAPITOL' and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it and add more energy and entertainment to the event as the host for the 2nd half of the day with IU games on behalf of TENUVISE.
The hotel banquet hall was grand with glittering and hanging lights. It was a wonderful scene to witness more than 100 women entrepreneurs who had gathered to celebrate the spirit of women entrepreneurship ranging from the age of 20's till 60's. The enthusiasm these women showed was just more than mesmerizing. A total of 8 teams with 8 members in each was made before we kicked off with the games session. It was an astonishing surprise to precisely have 8 teams of 8 members each on 8th of March. I just believed that it was divine plan to make this happen.
We started off with the game called 'Sell your slogan' where in each team prepared slogans for the item that they were suppose to sell. People got items ranging from onion, chair to love letter to sell with their slogans. Each team participated with equal interest and enjoyed the game. Then came the exciting game of the day called as 'Papyrus Raja Rani' where in each team decorated two of its members with just newspaper as king and queen within 10 minutes. All the teams were superbly involved in this art game and at the end of 10 minutes we had 8 pairs of King and Queen who beautified the stage with their ramp walks, proposes, hugs and kisses which was a scene not to be missed. This was followed by couple of individual games like film dialogue delivery and ball games. Ladies delivered dialogues in different languages and entertained the audience.
The program concluded with a splendid cake cutting ceremony as a mark of celebrations and the prizes were given away to different teams and individuals by the President of AWAKE. It was a great occasion for me to emcee and I enjoyed it thoroughly well. I would like to thank all the lovable audience, the AWAKE board of members and not to forget my beloved IU team who supported and made this a grand success that people relished the joy of the session to the best extent. Looking forward for more event hosting and emceeing opportunities to entertain and energise a lot more people. You can contact me on

Friday, March 08, 2013

Gap widens the relationship

Communication is one of the most prominent bridges to maintain relationships. Whenever there is communication gap between two people it automatically hurts the relationship. The more the gap the more departed the people go. Communication is the strong bonding that holds people together. Out of sight is out of mind.
Relationship is all about better understanding of each other. The strength of a relationship can always be estimated by the measure of the depth of understanding of each other between two people and to understand a person one has to spend time with that person. This spending of time with each other can be in the form of meetings or phone calls or email communication or any other type. At the end of it all, communication is a must to establish the trust or respect or love between any two people which eventually moulds into some sort of a relationship. Whenever there is a slight communication gap between two people, either of the two must take the initiative to communicate. Unfortunately in today's self-esteemed world, both the parties have ego issues because both feel that the first one to initiate communication might just surrender to other person's ego and hence both restrain communicating and eventually the realionship falls apart.
We build relations not to break. Also, building alone doesn't suffice. Everything that has been built in this world has to be maintained else it deteriorates and perishes. Likewise even relationship must be maintained once built and communicating on a regular basis is the best way to maintain and sustain relationships with lot of people and hence a great human network. Your feedback is also a communication that can help our relationship grow stronger and hence you can mail it on

Sunday, March 03, 2013

The media hype

Television, newspapers, radio and all the online media have revolutionised the way world sees itself today. Those news that get highlighted on media tend to garner more attention from people that those actual breaking-news kind of stuff that happen without the notice from the media. Media has become so powerful today that it has started influencing the governance of countries as well.
The moment any person is seen on a TV or the moment his photo comes in a newspaper irrespective of the reason, he becomes so popular among so many people that he gets recognised wherever he goes. Media reports both good and bad things of and to people. Today most of the people do not even bother about anything bad that's being said about them just because they know that 'positive or negative, publicity is publicity'. All the gossips and rumours are forming the core of yellow journalism which has been much bought by people and is definitely growing as a profitable industry of business. Some might disregard this massive power of the media saying that all the media coverage is only for hype and there's nothing authentic about it. The hype itself is the authenticity of the media. It transfers information to a large audience at one shot. Hence the media power can never be ignored. Though it has been used for some wrong purposes by certain people, it remains ready to give support to the right reasons as well if right people are ready to take the initiative of leading the media.
None of us need to get influenced by the hype that's generated in the media about anything. We need to be careful enough to recognise the relevant information only from what's being reported and disregard the rest of the spice. But this is not possible by most of us. All of us want to read or hear or see something spicy which is more than the originial news. Hence even different media are competing to increase their TRP ratings by involving as much spice as possible. It shall be a responsibility of each citizen of a country to make sure that the media power is used in the right field for the right purpose. You can comment your feedback on

Do you want to sparkle or shimmer?

Each one of us have dreams that are mighty big and wonderful. No doubt that all of us are working towards our own goals, dreams and visions. In fact it's the DNA code of any human being to dream for more and work for more. Still why do we see that there are some people who really shine out of the world while there exists the rest of the mediocre society?
All the people in the world want to have the highest wealth with them but there are only few people who amass this massive amount of wealth. All of us want to be big celebrities of the world and have the power to rule, still only few people really become celebrities who rule the hearts of the people. The reason for these differences in results though the same dreams had taken birth in the same way in all minds is because everyone wants to run but not all want to run faster than everyone else. People fail in keeping targets for themselves and hence miserably fail their own expectations. Majority of the people give up when they are half-way through as they find the road to success highly difficult. With all these obstacles and decreasing level of self-confidence most of them just shimmer away in front of the eyes of the world. Only those few special people who have decided that they are going to be where they wish to be no matter what, reach the top and sparkle.
The choice is completely in your hands. If you want to sparkle like a star, you need to burn all your energies to become a bright shining star such that you can sparkle all the time. Else the high initial energy keeps decreasing as we cruise through the challenges of life and the moment our hope and beliefs are lost we just become those shimmering stars which die away eventually. Do sparkle your feedback on

Saturday, March 02, 2013

What grows faster perishes faster

I have observed in gym that most of the times this happens with newbies. The moment they get their hands on the dumbbells or barbells, they feel that they have all the power in the world to lift them. More than training it becomes a challenge to their pride of physical strength. They start thinking that they have to lift heavier weights immediately to grow faster and build muscles. As soon as they get into this habit of building muscles at the fastest rate, they get into seeking every possible way of achieving it. They heed to all types of supplements which are not so recommended for health, they start taking medicine as well and get into drugs in some cases just with the desire to build a hunk-like body at the fastest pace. All these definitely build their body faster but with all the added side-effects which are far from getting resolved in future. Once they reach their highest extent, they stop all these and it has disastrous effect on their body and health. All the side-effects start to expose and all the muscles that they have built perishes making them look highly pathetic.
Many people have been a target of such mad rush for pace. The same scenario follows everyhwere else in our life. We have to build things at a steady phase. I don't say 'slow and steady' here but only 'steady' because slow itself tells that its speed is lesser than that of the normal required/expected speed. So whenever you are in a pursuit of achieving something you have to evaluate all possible ways of building that work which shall fetch you the achievement. There are lot of means to achieve, some are good while some are bad. You have to be ethically correct to choose the right path. This right path itself shall show you the time that will be required to build your path towards success which shall be stable, maintainable and further scalable. Every algorithm has the time of its implementation associated with it and you can only tweak it to reduce the time but keeping the result and logic the same. In the optimum time allotted to your work, you need to perform to your best efficient extent and work towards your success so that whatever you build doesn't perish away. Feel free to share your reviews on

Who taught these animals?

All these ants I see always keep walking in a line and I have never seen an ant sleeping or standing still. The birds that build their nests never seem to have got an official training from their parents but still they build thier nests as beautifully as their ancestors. Tigress search for the cleanest place to give birth to its babies and holds on to the pain until it finds the cleanest place that is safe for its newborns.
All these were the statements that I heard my mentor during a talk and other elders. All these even put me into question. Even I started to wonder as to how all these is possible though I haven't seen any formal coaching being done to any of these animals. I haven't even heard of any specific language that these animals use to communicate. Still these animals outsmart the humans when it comes to discipline, common sense, hardwork, strategy and other talents. Animals also plan their attack on their prey, they also plan for their future, they also get involved in entertainment games with their pals. So where is that man so distinct from animals or vice versa. Man is unique only in terms of deceiving his own natural instincts. When the ant knows it has to work, it does irrespective of any motivation or inspiration. The bird builds its nest for its family in spite of all the troubles in building it. All these are natural instincts that the animals follow because they don't know to pretend.
But man on the other hand can pretend to be sad though he is happy, can pretend to not understand the seriousness of the situation though he is well aware of it. Man has this extra talent of deceiving himself as well as the people around him and that's what sets him apart from these animals. So who do you think taught these skills to animals? Pass on your answers on

Congratulations! Grab your copy of LS by SL!

All this time, I used to take out phrases from the book 'Life Simplified!' and elaborate on them as blogs. Further more I cannot deny you the opportunity from accessing the book yourself in your hands. Congratulations to all those people who have been waiting to get their hands on this marvellous simple book that carries the power in it to simply life.
I have been getting queries from many people all across India that they wanted to get the hardcopies of the book 'Life Simplified!' but were unable to get it due to various reasons. No doubt that in today's world internet has made it highly feasible to access anything that we require by just ordering online while sitting at home in front of our laptops and desktops. Finally, you shall be happy to know that you can order your copy of the book 'Life Simplified!' on either through your debit/credit cards or netbanking facilities. It shall be no more a dream but a reality soon the moment you order your copy of the book. According to me 'Life Simplified!' is one of the few books that carries immense power in the less number of pages that it contains. It is stripped of the power to bore you at any point of time. You shall not feel like dropping the book down until you finish reading it completely. This was the first book that I, myself completed reading at the first attempt itself.

I am sure that everyone of you who has either heard to Mr.Sujit Lalwani's talk or just heard of him would love to know what he has come up with in his first book that has been even appreciated by the networking queen of the world, Carole Stone. You can even order more than one copy for your friends and family and I won't take much time of yours as you want to share this online book launch for purchase with your near and dear ones right away.

It's all about earning the trust

Trust is the costliest feeling is what I have come to understand in the present times. There is a severe scarcity of trust among people in today's world. Each one is working for their own selfish motives while each one is doubting every other person has what become the thinking of majority of the people today. All these are a result of betrayal of the trust that happened in our society in the past. The human population has gone beyond control and amidst the limited resources people seldom even find time to think about others.
However, since all of us need to co-exist on this earth and co-operate to bring about each others' dreams materialise into reality, it has become a must to develop trust among people once again. So everyone is just hoping that the people in their life trust them. Many are even making prompt attempts to win the trust of people in every occasion that is possible. a student completes all his assignments on time to win the trust of the teacher, an employee takes care of all his assigned work with utmost responsibility to earn the trust of his boss, politicians have to work for the good of the society to win the trust of the people who are the real voters. In order to grow in life, we need to earn the trust of those people who hold the key to our growth. Not just that, we also need to win the trust of those people who look upto us for help because as Robert.T.Kiyosaki says, "if you want to be successful in life then you just have to make enough number of people successful". Trust has become the major part of the relationship bridge between any two people today. If there is no trust then you can be sure that both these are not working on any work that's going to become productive to the world.
Trust has become the necessity of the world in order to function. It may take ages to win the trust of people but it might just break with a simple blunder of ours. Hence we got to be very careful when it comes to the matter of trust and I believe that people vest trust in those people who have a solid formidable good character. Hence develop a character of your own that doesn't ask for trust but commands the trust of other people. Please share your feedback on

Corporate social responsibilities

It was those times before when people worked in their own particular arenas and grew them bigger. With the growing population it has become a necessity today that people should contribute in each and every field. Just because you are studying it doesn't mean you mustn't work, just because you are in work it doesn't mean that you can't do business, just because you are in business it doesn't mean you can't be in politics, just because you are in politics it doesn't mean that you cannot be a religious saint.
Everyone is given equal rights and opportunities to enter every other arena and more so, it has become the need of the hour today. Hence business corporations are requested to extend their help in development of social sectors. So companies today have certain socially oriented responsibilities called as corporate social responsibilities. Infosys has been responsible in imparting education by building schools for under privileged students and providing education opportunities to the have-not's. Melinda-Gates foundation which is a NGO started by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft has been responsible for bringing out positive changes in the society in a lot of places. Even Mr.Warner Buffet has contributed majority of his wealth to Melinda-Gates foundation to make lot of social service reach the needy people. Corporate Social Responsibilities, CSR as they are called as have been a major contributor in bringing about practical implementation of the social service that is spoken about by different NGOs.
Businesses exist to make money by providing customers their services and products. The best part is that they are taking out a share of their business profit to use it positively for the benefit of our society. Thus businesses are feeding not just those who are involved in their business but also those who aren't. I salute all such companies who are bringing about massive social impact through their CSR projects. You can message your feedback

It's His plan

You can be cent percent sure that the world shall not behave precisely as you want it to behave. 'Man proposes, God disposes' has been a saying that has survived through the tests of time of human ego and domination. I am sorry to those people who think it is bad when something happens against their plan because if it happens so then it's His plan.
It was around 4 months back that I was in a marriage celebration of my dear friend when I learnt this lesson. My friends and myself had planned to go out for an outing with the guests who had arrived. At that time, we were making a plan for our outing as per our calculations but when the time of execution came we committed a superb blunder and had a strange situation to handle with and I was completely tensed at that moment. At that very moment came my dear friend's brother who taught me this. Whenever things turn out the way we had planned then cherish it. If it happens that the things do not turn out as we planned then cherish it even more because it wasn't our plan but God's plan which was more suitable for that occasion. This lesson immediately relieved me of all the worries and tension. Such a powerful lesson it was for my life that I have been applying it whenever I got tensed about something and it always has successfully evaded the tension away.
I pity those people who take in all the tension of the world at once on their head when something that was planned doesn't go their way. More and more people add more tension to the same situation and progressively build the pain of the situation. If once at least one of them realises that this was His plan and it was lot better than what they had planned keeping future in the mind then all the worries would move way paving way only for happiness. While God is busy making His plans for us, you can share your review on

The chime of rhyme

Santhanam is one of the comedy actors in tamil film industry. He is just too good with his dialogues and his dialogue delivery. He comes up with a counter statement for every simple statement and that is what adds comedy to the situations. He has a great presence of mind because of which his sense of humour impresses everyone. While watching his comedy I observed that he brings about rhyming words to make the dialogues more easy to repeat and remember.
Then I went back to my old childhood days when I used to learn poems, all of them rhymed at the end of every line. Rhyming has in fact been used to elevate the readability and the beauty of poems and songs in numerous occasions. That's why I named this blog as 'the chime of rhyme'. Chime is a kind of instrument that brings about sound that's quite persistent in our ears even after the source has stopped producing it. Similarly whatever rhymes also persists in our memory easily for a longer period of time. A very simple example is right in front of you in the title of the blog. Both the words 'chime' and 'rhyme' rhyme with each other and hence their combination serves as a worthy title. You might have even observed that some of the greatest statements told by successful people have rhyming words in them at the end of their lines. Rhyming just adds beauty wherever it is used aptly.
Try to incorporate rhyming style of writing in your articles as well. In fact the search or the thinking involved in finding the most suitable words which rhyme and still maintain consistency with the meaning is a bit difficult process but as time goes by and experience builds every word of yours shall seem soothing and enjoyable to the listener's ears. Please feel free to share your opinions on

Thons not thorns

Marathons, triathlons, walkathons, cyclothons and other different types of thons are frequenting our daily news more and more nowadays. Some happen as a competition while some happen for a cause. These different thons test the physical strength of people. They provide physical exercise for people who participate in such a cause just for the sake of participation to serve the cause.
Such thons attract and gather large numbe of audience at a single place at a single time. They help strangers exchange their experiences and to know each other. Some of them are good fun to celebrate. Some of these thons have become regular habit of few people who have taken the decision to regularly participate in such thons. No more does a walk or a run for 5-10 kms sound as something that gives thorns to your legs. It becomes an enjoyable experience when done in a crowd. Even bigger advantage of such thons is that they bring about an awareness in people watching them because of the large number of people supporting the cause. Thons also differ in their schedule, time of conduction, place of origin and the challenges involved. Irrespective of these variations they are the best ways to bring about mass participants to participate in a single type of an event.
These thons have made the thorns of physical stress sound very negligible or probably seem unnoticeable in front of all the benefits that they provide. If you get any chance to participate in any of these thons that you come to know, do go ahead and enjoy them. As you know, experience cannot be explained. Do let me know if this blog was helpful to you on

Be natural not artificial

'Act natural' is one of the most common phrases that we hear during the movie shootings. Act itself symbolises the action to be an artificial one. Being natural is far from trying to act natural. When we take time to prepare then whatever comes out of us is artificial, when we speak or do stuff in the natural flow of things then all that comes out is natural.
We are the most natural with ourselves. With all other people around us, I think we most of the times put up an artificial presentation. Whenever someone questions us about something that we don't know, we would not want to immediately accept that we do not know. We want to show off that we know something else or the reason that we don't know what we were asked. The reason is because we tend to feel that the opposite person might undermine us if we directly declare that we don't know the answer for the question that s/he has asked. To maintain one's own prestige that is completely invisible, we pretened to give an answer that doesn't accept our unawareness or ignorance or negligence.
All that we make up to protect our own image just shatter when we are in front of a person who has surpassed such stages of life. When the highest truth of life is itself to be as you are, there is no point in trying to project an artificial image of ours that's not tangible. That which comes out without our thinking is what we are feeling at that moment and that's being completely natural. Do share about what you feel on

Friday, March 01, 2013

Admiration to aspiration

There are those worthy individuals whom we come across in life many a times who just carry their aura and influence us to admire them and their qualities. It would have taken a lot of hardwork and efforts behind building such a wonderful talent or skillset or success by such blessed souls. All that we have for such amazing people is a whole lot of admiration.
So what's the next step after admiration? Everyone of us admires those successful people who have made it big in the fields we are passionate about. When everyone admires that success or calibre, why doesn't everyone develop and achieve the same? The reason is here. They either consider that it was the fate that took the person to the pinnacle of success or it was the favourable circumstances that made it happen or the last option is of giving credit by saying that the person really worked hard to get what s/he deserved. I just believe it that if you admire you need to aspire for it. The natural reason you admired something shall be because your heart loves it and your mind likes it and hence it's natural that you need to develop it.
Successful people also have learnt some of the best lessons from other successful people. Hence it's no copying, if you develop an aspiration to become like someone. You shall reach that pinnacle of success through a different way and shall be admired for it by others who shall look upto you in the future. Make sure you start converting every admiration of yours into an aspiration so that you get lost in admiring yourself. You can share your admirations and aspirations on

Appreciate, if not at least acknowledge

It was just 2 days ago while I was conversing with my younger brother who is studying in 8th std, he was sharing about some experience of his in the cricket field. I just took the liberty of pulling his leg and made a comical reply for every statement of his. This went on for 4-5 dialogues between us. I was pulling his leg with every statement and finally he lost patience I think. He just said that he feels like bashing those people who counter every statement of ours at times. That statement was just a tight slap on my face and that too from a kid who is 13 years younger to me. Can't help! I had to learn another lesson of my life.
Even you would have been in such situations where in there is a counter statement by the person talking to you to whatever you say. Often such counter statements are funny, ridiculous and attempts to laugh at you. Probably we might have been in the other position also like myself in the case with my brother. We might have been those people who made fun with everything that a person told us. It seems funny and witty to do away with such antics. When taken sportively by both the sides, it might not harm much immediately but in the long run it sets in a cold feeling between the two of them. No one is perfect enough to remain perfect all the time or make perfect statements all the time. So, it doesn't mean that we have to laugh at the imperfection of someone else. It's just like throwing stones at someone while we are in a glass house.
It's important to appreciate people for what they share so that it builds their confidence and trust in you so that they can share more. Even if you can't appreciate just acknoweldge whatever the other person is sharing with a smile or nod else the frustration might build to such an extent that it gets converted into a negative action. Feel free to share your views on

All of us need an approval

While I was working out in the gym this morning, I had planned to work out double muscle. For past 2 weeks I was just working out on one muscle per day. I felt that it didn't give the required growth to my muscles and hence I shifted to double muscle workout a day. However it was my own decision to change the workout style. But at the end of my workout, I went and told what I was doing to my trainer although he hadn't recommended any. When I spotted this scene in my mind, I went back to all those occasions in gym when I used to perform my workouts and go and report about them to my trainer though he hadn't advised any of it. All I needed was an approval from him as I consider him a professional in the field of bodybuilding. I just wanted to make sure to myself that what I was doing was correct and hence needed an approval from an expert.
The same happens with all of us a lot of times. We work on lot of stuff on our own. Sometimes we are guided by others while sometimes we do things on our own. Whenever we perform things on our own, though we have learnt the same from some book or someone's experience, we tend to have a feeling to get it certified by someone who has the expertise in the field we are working in. I am sure that you remember those instances during your childhood when you used to write a page of alphabets or draw a simple picture on a paper and show it to your parents, friends only with an anticipation to get their approval that you had done it right. Be it at home or work, everywhere we need someone to approve of what we are doing. Else it just feels that we might not be completely right though we would have done our best. Hence I say that 'all of us need an approval'. Feel free to share your views on

No option, you gotta FIGHT

I am a hardcore WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment fan. I have been watching WWE right from my childhood when I was studying in my 6th std when Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock used to contest for the WWE championship. I watch it even today and the fascination for it continues. Some of the best lessons of my life have been due to WWE. So, thanks to Vince McMahon.
In WWE, it's often observed that human emotions are at their extremes be it positive or negative. Anger, hatred, jealousy, trust, betrayal, love, and a lot of these are showcased with the highest power possible. It's natural that a wrestler who becomes the favourite of the people to have more number of people attacking him to take away his top position. In fact the title holders are targeted by every other non-title holder. Different people keep challenging the champion to fight against them. In such cases the wrestler has to agree to face the opponent irrespective of how stronger or how bad the opponent is. It's the law of WWE. The challenger must be faced, no matter whether you're prepared to face him or not. Likewise I feel that even in life we come across a whole lot of new problems or challenges at time. At such occasions we don't have any of our backdoors open and  all that we can do is only FIGHT.
Sometimes life gives us no other option apart from fighting the problem. If the champion in WWE is afraid to face the challenger, he will have to surrender his title. Similarly in life, if you are afraid of the problem in front of you and surrender, then you will have to give away your cherished dreams which doesn't make sense while you're alive. Hence everytime life corners you, just know that there is no other option and you gotta FIGHT! Feel free to share your feedback on

Double shades

Everyone is good, everyone is bad, only the percentage varies. This is what my mathematics professor had taught us in my first year of engineering. I remember this statement to its word-level perfection even today because of the greatest truth of life that it carries in it. A lot of us don't know the different between good and bad while we still fight over them and this statement just concludes it all.
Each one of us present on this earth love to do good things that satisfy us. None of us would love to do things that harm us. Unfortunately there are those unfortunate souls who harm themselves thinking that they are doing it for their own good by getting into the bad habits which I don't want to mention here as you people know it well, courtesy the spoilt environment around us. However devoid of such cases there exist double shades in each one of us based on the scenarios we are planted in. No one can claim that s/he is completely clean with their work and actions all the time. I am not sure if you have heard about the experiment of that mother orangutan which puts down its own child and stands on it when the water level in the drum which it is present in rises above its manageable level of surviving. It's difficult to say whether the orangutan was good for saving itself or bad for killing its own child. It's hard to see ourselves in its position.
Every hero or a villian appears in good shade to people who support him while in a darker shade to those who oppose him. Even the earth has day and night. Even the moon has a full-moon day and a new-moon day, even the sky is clear and dark, likewise double shades are just the law of nature. Feel free to share your views on

Twists and turns

All of us like surprises. The human mind finds routine stuff boring and the moment there is anything new which is a change from the existing trend, it catches attention of our senses. Since the human mind can logically anticipate and predict the next step, if the same happens then there is no much surprise to the brain. That is when it needs some twists and turns.
For those people who love mathematics, I am sure you would be much more happy to solve aptitude questions that involve different tricks to solve the problems. You would enjoy solving those competitive exam questions rather than writing answers for derivations which might carry more marks. Brain needs exercise and it needs something to think upon which is unpredictable. Based on this psychology of people, today's movies are coming with different stories and screenplays. If the story is straight forward then a reverse screenplay using flashbacks is employed to create the necessary suspense. It's much more enjoyable to watch movies that have twists and turns woven into the storyline itself. The Shawshank Redemption was once such movie that nearly shook the chair that I was sitting on towards the climax. The slow paced story for nearly first 90% almost made me stop watching it but the thundering revealing secret of last 10% made it one of my all-time favourites.
In life definitely we wouldn't expect any twists in our education or career or family life though we expect the same in movies. However even movies were made by people seeing the world around. So you have to be strong enough to face any kind of twists and turns that the uncertain life might throw at you at any point of life. If you are ready, then share your feedback on