Tuesday, November 29, 2011

YOUR BIG YEAR - Sujit Lalwani

This BLOG is dedicated to the Brilliant Global Platform YOUR BIG YEAR!!! - A Smaller Earth Initiative! All of you must repost this on all your BLOGs!!!

I am indeed glad to share about this platform which is unique and the prize is life transforming indeed. For people with a global vision and a vision to change their nation and the world, through their actions, this can act as a nitrogen booster!!!

Sujit Lalwani is working towards winning this competition and want many more people to participate in this next year and prove their worth. I feel proud to share all the information about this platform with you all!

The Your Big Year Competition brings a large number of talented people from all over the world to compete on a common platform and the final 12 get to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Congress this year at Liverpool in March 2012.The prize is a life changing experience, which involves exploring countries and cultures, meeting World Leaders, innovators, and inspirational entrepreneurs, executing projects in different parts of the world.

"Last Year’s finalists were so incredibly impressive and showed how people from different countries can work together to make things happen. They had a hugely positive impact on me and I am now expecting this year’s competitors to do the same. There are many ways to make positive impact and the most important thing is to try and do so at every opportu-nity."

Chris Arnold is the founder! Chris’s professional experience is in leading and developing Businesses. An entrepreneurial spirit has put him in a position of Director in a number of com-panies and he has a motivational style of leadership. His increasing success & experience has provided him with the chance to acquire new skills, like guest speaker, and he has also become part of a number of steering groups and boards for regional and international organizations. Amongst others, these have included being Chair of the Further Education Enterprise Hubs Project, being on the Regional Board of the National Enterprise Academy, and now being on the Steering Group for the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Congress - to be held in Liverpool!

His first goal however is to aggressively integrate cul-tural exchange and travel into education, citizenship and personal development. For Chris, traveling with a purpose and with the idea of giving something to an unfamiliar community is the best route to accelerated learning. He also clearly has a passion for facilitating entrepreneurship, as shown by some of the specific boards and steering groups he has worked on.

Friends, I am really glad to share all this with you, and wish Sujit Lalwani to make it to the finals of this and bring back loads of knowledge and experience for you all!

This year the YBY global festival is happening at Li-verpool in the month of March. Liverpool Vision is the city of Liverpool’s economic development com-pany. It was established at a critical stage in the city’s urban and economic renaissance. Now the company is enabling Liverpool to complete and accelerate the considerable economic recovery and growth we have witnessed over the last decade. They are focused on building a strong, sustainable economy that can com-pete more effectively in international markets than ever before.