Saturday, February 25, 2012

A new terminology - LIKER

Hellooooooooo friends! Its been a long time since I transferred my thoughts into words on the blog. Tonight an amazing flow of thoughts in my mind was intrigued by a super amazing term which I heard for the first time in my life. The flow broke there immediately. It was this new word called "LIKER". Now you may want to ask me what does this word LIKER exactly mean? Well! here's the answer. I was actually thinking of writing a blog on Arnold Shwarzenegger who was very fond of Adolf Hitler. I was thinking of a name for it and this phrase struck my mind: 'A Tribute to the Liker of Hitler' as this sounded rhyming a bit too. Then the question mark stood up in my mind asking if there is any word in english called as LIKER? Side by side an exclamation mark also stood how would it be if such a word existed! I couldnt control my curiosity. I searched in google to verify the existence of such a word called LIKER. To my happiness it DINT. My face widened with a big smile and I decided to coin this new term called LIKER.

"One who loves is called a LOVER; one who likes is called a LIKER"

Often most of us are saddened by the fact that there arent much people who love us in this world at one or the other points in our lives. Also when it comes to the topic of relationships, you cant have more than one LOVER to be ethically and morally right. So list of lovers sounds as a limited edition to me. But not the same with the likers. Different people might like you for different attributes of yours. A stranger might never love you but he can like your overcoat while passing by. So this increases your likers list by one. I now understand why Mark Zuckerberg came up with the 'Like' button but not the 'Love' button in Facebook.

Someone likes your thoughts, someone likes your words, someone likes your actions, someone likes your dress, someone likes your smile, someone likes your muscles, someone likes your position, someone likes your house, someone likes your family,..... this list is never ending.

So my friends, even if you dont have a lover I can bet you have many likers in your life. A new term to cherish, share and be proud of ------------- LIKER

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