Sunday, April 29, 2012

ALL Alone

Before I start off with this blog let me make one thing very clear. You might feel that I am way too pessimistic while you are reading this blog or I have completely lost hopes on all the people around me. Trust me, this blog has been churning waves inside me from a very long time but I couldn't put it on paper or blog because I, myself din't believe it enough. But after going through series of the same lessons repeatedly finally this blog comes out live in front of you through my very own experience.

You were born alone in this world. Even if you were born as one of the twins or triplets your birth was independent of that of the other's. Except for those rare siamese twins you don't share your body with anyone. I want to drive in a point that you were born ALONE, strictly ALL Alone. No one accompanies you during your process of birth. Sameways the death, when a person dies he dies alone. Even in case of a mishappening every soul that leaves a human body has an independent death path. No one else will go through the death at the same time in the same way you will go through whenever it occurs. You die ALL Alone. At the time of the two most important instances of our life called birth and death we are all alone. There will be no one else who will tread the same path along anyone of us. People feel that between this birth and death they are sharing their lives with everyone and vice-versa and are not alone. But let me tell you that you live your life also ALL Alone.

Get serious pal! Every moment of life that you breathe you do it ALL Alone. You might be sharing your food, costume, room, books, ideas, thoughts etc with your friends, family, 
colleagues, strangers etc. So you might be feeling that you are not at all lonely but let me remind you that you surely don't express whatever you feel and think with the people around you. You keep almost 90% of the true brain generated thoughts and heart generated feelings within yourself throughout your life. When this is the case when people around you know only 10% of you where is the question of the so called true social life? It is the misconception that has been built over thousands of years. Everyone walks around with the shield of the self and what you see of people is just the upper crispy crust. What lies beneath  the shield of self-protection is the core with which you live your entire life ALL alone.

With this being the case why do you have to wait for people to come and support you? No one will ever be able to understand your deep inner cravings inspite of you explaining them several hundred times. No one can ever feel what you feel with the same intensity no matter how much they tell that they can empathize because he/she can empathize only at that moment of conversation neither before nor after that. You have to go through every fight of your life ALL Alone. Infact I don't hesitate to tell you that even your parents are not spared by this wonderful miraculous creation of barrier between souls. Realize soon enough that you will be waiting until your death in vain if you are expecting that someone will come to fulfil your wishes, achieve your dreams and accomplish your visions. It's not going to happen my dear friend. Take charge of your life ALL Alone. You might falter many times but be happy that you will be ALL Alone whether you win or lose. Life is just the battle between your efforts and your expectations. You will have to think ALL Alone, you will have to plan ALL Alone, you will have to act ALL Alone to accomplish whatever you want to. You might still feel that we can do all these along with a team. Let me challenge you that not even a single person in your team can see the common dream the way you visualise it. When no 2 of you can even imagine or visualise the same do you still feel you are going to accomplish the same? A big NO! It's your life boss. Take it up ALL Alone.

Only saviour that's going to accompany you will be your Law of Attraction which will make the entire universe conspire to bring to you what you sternly believe in but you will have to implement the Law of Attraction also ALL Alone. I wouldn't take leave before reminding you that even while reading this blog you were reading ALL Alone. Your friend might be reading the same along with you but definitely you were ALL Alone while living through this blog.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Power of Decision making

Every moment of our life we are in a continuous process of making decisions. If you are reading this line then definitely you have just now made a decision to read this blog. Infact whether to breathe or not is strictly under your control. Apart from those actions which happen as a result of response to stimulus every other thing you see, speak, act is governed by your own sole decision. You can even go to an extent of concluding that your life is designed mainly by your decisions.

Either consciously or subconsciously our brain has the power to take decisions and act according to them almost everytime. Inspite of this I have come across a lot of people who feel that they lack decision making capability. This is a big misconception that people carry on their mind because they have decided that about themselves. No doubt that their decision rules their life. Except for those offsprings of God who are mentally challenged everyone of us can choose to decide on every aspect of our life. Then why do we sometimes fail making the right decisions? Because at those tough times we don't stop taking decisions, we decide to not decide our next step and instead decide to follow the flow of circumstances. When we don't decide our actions we have decided to make such a decision. At such moments just pause for sometime and tell yourself "DAMN IT! IT'S YOUR LIFE". Sometimes our heart goes so far from us that we are forced to shout at it to call it back.

We can be 100% sure that not every decision that we make is going to be right always. Even the best men/women of the world don't achieve this accomplishment because 'Human is to err'. So forget the fear of making wrong decisions. Be rational enough to take logical decisions. If the situations belong to the early life's syllabus then your decisions will definitely be right else your wisdom will decide the fate of your wishful decisions. Even if some of the decisions go wrong the immediate next step should be to take the right decision to compensate for the earlier wrong decision because ultimately the power to decide lies within you. The power to live your life lies in your powerful decisions.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

It's time to meet your loved one

The heartbeat rises. The eyesight flashes. The foresight sparkles. The mindnote increases. All these happen when you get to know that you are going to meet your loved one. Hats off to the creation of the Almighty. He dint make humans only of flesh and bones but of feelings and emotions as well. Not only humans even the animals are not spared when it comes to the beautifully marvellous sensation of love. We stop hearing the noisy horns on the road, we stop seeing the dirt on the glass, we stop feeling the hotness of summer when we are completely submerged under the mesmerizing imagination of the near future when we meet our loved one.

Years, months, days and minutes would have gone by from the time we met our loved one and one confirmation that we are gonna meet again can make us forget all the distance so far like mere seconds. This is the power of love. We jump into the imagination of how the meeting will happen, where the meeting will happen, at what time the meeting will happen. We are so sure that it might not at all happen the way we imagined but still we will invest our time and creativity to build the imaginary future meeting not out of madness but out of madness of love. The smile this imagination brings on our face, the glitter in the eyes can only be compared to that which happens at having just a look at our loved one.

We know that the wait is over, the time has come to meet our loved one. The thirst to converse increases, the hunger to shake hand expands, the crave for a hug zooms really big and we are aware that when all these are satisfied we are not on earth for sure. We are in the 9th heaven and thats the feeling of love with our loved one. Enjoy the feeling, remember the sensation, repeat the situation because "It's time to meet your loved one".

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you cry
But talk to yourself before hurting your heart
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you laugh
Never stop your heart from enjoying it
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you fight
But dont allow it to break your relationship
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you love
Fulfill the world of hearts with it
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you dream
Make sure that these dreams convert into words of history
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you scream
Just think twice before hurting your vocal cords
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you angry
But you can pause the anger with a smile
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you sing
Go all out to enjoy this wonderful feeling
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you dull
Keep in mind that it won't take much time of yours
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you go mad
Control before you lose yourself
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you go sad
Remember there is a day after every night
What's there in a word? Everything

A word can make you happy
If this is the case keep repeating the word
What's there in a word? Everything

- Mohan.B.N.
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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Team - Necessity of the hour

No doubt that everything on this earth that exists was because of a team. Might be the naturally found resources were because of the teamwork of earth, wind, sun and water. Coming to the man-made things nothing could have been created if it was not for a team. Its quite obvious that we here only single names when it comes to inventions and discoveries. But there is a big hidden misnomer in this. All the supporting theories and existing inventions that helped the new innovations to come by were provided by others. Hence the new ones also were created by a team.

The biggest advantage of having a team is that you can feel free enough to share your thoughts, ideas, talents, skills, feelings and emotions with a close set of people whom you trust more. The best of the fights and the best of the celebrations happen within a team. The team size really doesn't matter infront of the team sight for future of the team and as well as every individual in it. A closely knit team which can create a revolution can even bring down the biggest structures. "A single  finger can't do much but as a fist we can be really strong"- Sumit Lalwani. Energy, passion, love, respect, enjoyment, skills not just add up but get multiplied when we are in a team.

Inspite of these advantages, people find it difficult to co-exist in a team long enough due to the ego-clashes, difference in opinions, miscommunication and wrong assumptions. If as a team everyone of you can make sure that these do not happen the future world is yours. Sharing the best and the worst moments of life with the team you can walk miles together bare-footed but still enjoy the ride. The most necessary thing for the team is the role of a team leader who spearheads the team who ought to have the highest wisdom and courage to know that he is the right person to lead the team. To be the team leader or team player is your choice but make sure you play whichever role you choose really well because everything that you do affects the team's spirit.

The best learning that I got from Sumit Lalwani sir was - You have 3 roles to play: 1. An individual, 2. Team player and 3. Team Leader. Your roles will keep changing depending on situations. Better know your role as per the circumstances and play the game because only then you get the maximum output that is expected out of a team which will serve the ultimate aim of developing the world we are breathing in.

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