Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh my God! Tussi great ho!

Just when you think that nothing is happening as per your desire things change their course and start falling exactly beyond the expectations that you own. Whether you would like to attribute this fortune to luck or randomness or uncertainty as per Nicholas Nassim Taleb or to favourable environmental conditions as per Malcolm Godwell’s Outliers it’s up to you. All those efforts which just feel like are going in vain, all of a sudden start yielding results out of nowhere. Being a theist I would definitely love to attribute this extravaganza of unexpected positive circumstances to the grace of God. Hence I repeat, “Oh my God! Tussi great ho!” (Oh! my God, you’re great!)
I remember a story which I had heard almost 2 years ago. As per Hindu mythology Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati are considered to be the divine deities of humans. As Lord Shiva observed that on earth many had lost respect for God and had been ignoring the value systems it was leading to huge chaos and a lot of misery for the followers of the Lord. Hence Shiva decided to teach a lesson to these ungrateful humans who had forgotten His existence. As a punishment, He stopped showering rain on earth. After about 6 months, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati decided to travel around the earth in disguise to find out if the humans had learnt a lesson or not. There was huge famine on the face of earth and everyone was struggling for food. They were chanting prayers in the name of the Lord and conducted many sacrifices to please Him. Lord Shiva and his wife were happy to see that their plan had clicked. A few steps ahead they met an old man who had been ploughing his land. Lord Shiva was wonderstruck as he heard from other people that this old man had been doing so everyday despite the occurrence or absence of rainfall.
Goddess Parvati was puzzled and Lord Shiva asked the old man as to why he was doing so. The old man replied, “Oh my Lord, ploughing is my job and if I don’t do it regularly, I will forget it. Showering rain is Lord Shiva’s job about which I needn’t worry.” Lord Shiva realised that he had almost forgotten how to shower rain and immediately recollected his power to shower rain on the earth so that he wouldn’t forget it completely. The old man’s perseverance and daily practice influenced Lord Shiva to shower his blessings on the living beings on earth. Likewise, even in our daily life, some rewards will be snatched away for some time. All that we need to remember is to keep our efforts continuous and focus on our work. Anyways God will do his job of showering the rewards at the right time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trust and belief

Every new seed turns into a sapling with a dream to evolve into a tree with the belief that it will match the sun’s eyes in the morning and the trust that sun won’t deceive from rising the next morning. Not just the plant, every living being on this planet goes to sleep with the belief that it will witness the time after sleep and the trust that the surrounding environment won’t eat it up while asleep. Life itself stands on the two wheels namely trust and belief. Without these two nothing is possible to accomplish in this world.

In the modern day world, there have been a lot of examples wherein the trust and belief of people have been taken advantage of and people have been cheated and betrayed very badly. As a result, people have lost hopes on words like trust or belief. Man has become the biggest enemy of man himself. Due to the innumerable instances of having been the victim of such emotional betrayals, people have started eyeing everyone with disbelief and distrust. It takes ages together to earn the trust and belief of people. Unfortunately there is no other better way to work and rock in life. A group of people have to trust each other and believe in each other’s integrity to work together towards massive goals and visions. Nonetheless, it’s even important to evaluate the people on whom we entrust our beliefs. Doubt and deceit are the best ways to win the competition but not to build a team. In a competition only one person wins but in a clear-hearted communication the entire team wins. Never is an individual a successful person (though only one face represents success on most of the occasions), it’s always a team that flourishes in success or perishes in failure.
By trusting none we don’t even open an opportunity for others to prove their integrity and austerity. Hence there is no probability of achieving anything called success than a mere routine life filled with notions and presumptions. The world has to move towards a better future and for that, we have to unite together trusting and believing each other. No wonder that life will show its dark colours at times but we need to ensure to toughen our evaluation process with every darker shade that blinds our eyes and visualize the brighter side of life. What we visualize is what will materialize.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good Better Best

In this world of hi-fi competition, everyone is busy comparing oneself with others in terms of talents, skills, ideas, performances and so on. Each one wants to know how good s/he is in whatever s/he is doing. Nobody wants to be told that someone else is better than her/him. Everyone craves to believe that s/he is the best in the business s/he is in. There is no perfect specific scale to rate anyone numerically. Even though there is one, it is impossible to have all the stochastic variables required to measure perfectly the performance from all dimensions and rate one person against the other. Hence comparison itself is a redundant process, on which many spend years of their lives in vain.

When an amateur starts a new work, be it some kind of practising a skill or trying to develop a new talent or in sports, his peers support him, encourage him and appreciate him so that he improves. In fact, there is no benchmark to compare with anyone. Hence the word 'good' comes into picture. The moment he rises to a level of competency among his peers, the comparison of who is better than whom begins to happen. After swaying through umpteen comparisons, when one out beats the records set by all his predecessors, then he is considered to be the best. However strategic or logical the entire process might sound, it is absolutely relative in its existence. If there were no other people trying or doing the same thing then this amateur wouldn't get promoted to the levels of better or best. The predecessor who cannot compete right now feels that the current champ is a good player than attributing him as the best since no duel has happened between the bests belonging to two different generations.

The moment we measure ourselves in comparison to others we lose the individuality which is a proprietary property of an individual. Good, better and best are just words indicating the relativity between each other. Attributing oneself to any of these words will only freeze our levels. As life itself is a symbol of growth, or rather, I can say it as the process of growth, our capacity levels and performance levels also must be incremented on a regular basis. There is no upper limit to growth and development. It is just as unending as the expansion of the universe. Doing your level best will only draw a particular level for your best performance and conceal the possibility to extend beyond. Let's leave the job of rating to others while we are engaged in improving ourselves in whatever we are doing.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Being an Indian I am very happy and proud to celebrate Indian Independence Day today. I appreciate the Google doodle as well for the amazing depiction on the occasion of Indian Independence Day celebrations. On this occasion, I would like to take the opportunity to salute and pay respect to all those people from different parts of the globe who have worked for the freedom struggle of their respective countries. There are a million lives that were sacrificed for a billion lives to breathe the air of freedom today. The question is how well are we making use of this freedom that has been passed on to us.

All of us know that nothing comes free of cost. Everything that we receive takes some kind of payment either in terms of cash or kind or efforts. Likewise, freedom for the oppressed nations wasn't bestowed just by asking. It took ages of years, thousands of lives and millions of movements to break the shackles of the dominations to achieve the freedom for the respective nations. All of these were done with only one hope, that the country with freedom would progress much faster than a suppressed one. I am not here to comment about which country is progressing at what rate because a country never progresses, it's the people who represent the country, who need to progress. How well are we using our freedom to grow much faster and much bigger? Are we still in the mindset of surrender where in we are afraid to even nudge a step out of our boundaries? The mindset has to change. We have to dream beyond the existing support. Only then will we be doing the right justice to the freedom vested in our hands, in the best way possible.

It's up to us to use our time the way we want. The same way it's our wish to use the freedom that we possess in whatever way we want. There is no authoritative body which tells us to lead the life in a particular fashion. We can make the choice of the type of education we want to and the kind of work that we want to pursue. As long as what you're doing is moral, legal and ethical, there is no one who will question you. This is the biggest advantage of freedom. Let's use it to create wonders that shall stand as iconic examples for the future generations to follow our footprints. Let's make the best use of freedom to create more opportunities and platforms, which can help loads of others to succeed.

Hats off to Amitabh Bachchan sir!

The first day he entered facebook he garnered more than 10 lakh LIKEs. He is our evergreen and ever-young iconic actor Amitabh Bachchan sir. The consistency that Amitabh Bachchan sir carries on social media can only be compared to the commendable commitment of the sun to light the earth every morning. Generally, his posts have LIKEs, COMMENTs and SHAREs in numbers of thousands or ten thousands. I had assumed that Amitabh sir wouldn't be able to go through any of these comments but to my surprise I was totally wrong.
I was going through some of his latest facebook posts and found that  in one of the posts he has addressed the fact that he had skipped the post number from 288 to 299 and has wholeheartedly accepted it and apologized for the mistake. Not just that, in one of the comments someone has said that Dilip Saheb is a better actor than Amitabh sir. For that too, he has replied that he definitely endorses the same viewpoint and shares his respect for Dilip Saheb. In both these instances, he has mentioned the name of the person who has pointed out the mistake in skipping the number and the one who mentioned that Dilip Saheb was a better actor. Being so busy at an age where he is, he has patience and time to read through the comments and answer them. I was bowled out by his humility and his commitment to answer his fans and that too, addressing the right person.
Many of us feel that we seldom find time to answer the number of people around us who are connected to us by relations. Here is the legend Amitabh Bachchan sir who has been cumulatively posting on facebook and tweeting every now and then but who just doesn't stop there. He takes care to revert to the questions from his fans. Only a busy man can find/make for more work at any point of time. Amitabh Bachchan sir has proved that it doesn't take age or the busy schedule to steal away the commitment and the dedication from the soul of a person who has made up his mind to work hard.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Procrastinate the dozing off

It's not an easy job to stay awake all through out night. In fact, our body requires the necessary amount of rest in the form of sleep for proper rejuvenation so that we are able to rock the next day. But, in many cases we see that people are yielding to sleep and ending up with their work incomplete. It's a terrible fight to battle against sleep and stay awake to finish the work at hand. I have gone through this for a number of years now. However, as I have repeatedly written again and again, time is limited. You either choose to sleep or stay awake and work.
For those strong supporters of minimum requirement of sleep, I have been one so in my past. After seeing many people who could be equally efficient having slept just alternate nights, I had to question my notions. As I read about people like Donald Trump, who just sleeps for four hours out of 24 hours of a day, I was surprised. I even went on to the extent of enquiring with doctors from experience of 10 years up to 45 years to find out the exact requirement of sleep for a human body. All they suggested was a sound and deep sleep of 4 hours only per day. It is one of my goals to reach the efficiency level of just sleeping 4 hours a day, but still being the best at my work and energy levels.
Having narrated about my research regarding the amount of sleep required for our body, I want to jump into the problem of those people who find it difficult not to yield to sleep and hence end up sleeping for long hours. It's around 11-11:30pm during which there is a feeling of dozing off. If you can just get up from your place and splash water on your face, you can procrastinate your sleep. Set up some kind of a work that you have to do at that time, which will automatically drive you out of your seat, which will eventually put off the dozing. When we doze, there is a natural pull towards going to the bed and sleeping. This pull has to be fought against. That's why during night times, I plan up different tasks for every twenty minutes so that my mind keeps working in different directions and avoids dozing off. I just wish that some of these tips shall help you to procrastinate your sleep for sometime so that you can invest extra hours in your work.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What is the meaning of your name?

Name is an identity for any person born on this earth. I am totally amazed at the way we Indians name our kids. With every name there is a well-defined meaning associated unlike those Western names such as Wall or Tall. Sometimes, there is even a history associated with the name that is christened. The meaning and history associated with the name automatically casts a huge influence in forming the character of the person. Though in many of the cases the person and his/her name's meaning are contradictory, still there is a meaning to the name. It's better to have something than nothing.

India, being a multi-religious country, there are many religions and as a result, many Gods whom Indians worship. The same God takes different incarnations during different times to save people from different evils. In fact, there is a proverb which says that God is only one but only has several names. So, each incarnation or form of God carries a different name based on different reasons. A simple example is those names which end with 'esh', like Mahesh, Madhesh, Ramesh, Nandeesh etc. All these names have 'esh' at the end which signifies Lord Eshwara (Lord Shiva). Names of Gods are very much prevalent in Indian society. Even different aspects of environment are attributed as names for people. The beauty of naming after non living entities is that the people with such names bring life to such non living entities. Knowing the meaning of your name is always a strong confident booster because it has a meaning.

Just like how life without a purpose is meaningless, even a name without a meaning is totally meaningless according to me. In fact, whenever I get to know someone newly, I try to describe or translate the meaning of their name. If I don't know one, I seek an answer for it. The best part about Indian names is that none of them have a negative meaning attached to them. Each and every name has a positive side embedded into it. As a result, just a mere recollection of what one's name stands for itself acts as a rejuvenation for a person. Know the meaning of your name and enjoy its fame.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Upgradation and expansion are must

Some of the chat shops at the corners of the streets make the tastiest of the foods that are sometimes unavailable in the big star hotels. Many enjoy having the junk food that these roadside standalone food-on-wheels shops provide. Obviously, I don't exclude myself from this list of foodies. Just few days back when I visited one such food cart, I saw that, right next to that a new food shop on the footpath was open which served variety of other food items with people swarming around it. It automatically caught my attention and I could hear the earlier shop owner grumbling at the business that the new competitor was taking away from him. All this jealousy filled grumbling was only because he was losing business and the hindsight reason for the same was lack of upgradation and expansion.

If Microsoft had stopped at just first version of Windows operating system, they would've been out of business long ago. If Apple had stuck to their first model of iPhone, Samsung would have eaten up all the clients of Apple within a matter of few months. Every big company that we see has evolved through the gradual process of upgradation. Only if the shopkeeper had worked on establishing shops of similar kind in different areas or hired more workforce to upgrade his menu and prepared and served new snacks that could provide various options to the customers the new shop owner wouldn't have seen any business opportunity next to him. Alas! the first shopkeeper was content enough with having one food cart with 5 items on the menu as it had been working for him from years together. Unfortunately, on one fine day a competitor landed up right next to him, who took away majority of the market share in the form of a black swan.

If you're not updated, then you're outdated. If you're not upgraded, then you're outsmarted. Just like how evolution is the natural upgradation phenomenon of nature, just like how the universe is expanding, we need to learn from them that even we need to upgrade our products, skills and services. We will have to expand our work geographically as well as dimensionally to make sure that we aren't shocked by the surprise arrival of one of the competitors in the market one fine day. Customers will always be in search of new things in the market. If you're not providing them ,then definitely someone else will capitalize on the same. It's up to us to upgrade and expand our business wings to serve the huge and diverse customer base. No wonder that upgradation and expansion are must for survival just like the Darwin's theory on survival of the fittest.

The young and dynamic duo from Bangalore

It has been an amazing week for the selected individuals among the many applicants for becoming a part of IU1010 Season 2. All these youngsters from Bangalore were on a massive mission of educating the government school children about the lives of freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives for Indian freedom struggle. With a holiday in the week, and the activity of IUY2C starting on Tuesday, these 8 elite enthusiasts had just 4 days to address students in government schools where such topics are seldom spoken about, to drive in the patriotism spirit among the younger lot. Among the 4 teams of two each involved in the activity, there was one team which went on to inspire 6810 children in a matter of just 5 days across 31 organizations/institutions with the help of ten volunteers panning 4 different cities of Karnataka. Megha and Moumita were the young and dynamic leaders of this team which cast the maximum impact.
It was a phase of Indiapreneurship that was being celebrating by team Inspiration Unlimited on the occasion of our 67th Independence Day. Inspiring people to work towards solving the problems of India with simple solutions was the core agenda of Indiapreneurship. Moumita went on to share her feelings about how she felt when she got to know that she could mentor people younger than her. She felt really proud and happy for having done so. Megha shared about the learning she took out of these sessions where she addressed hundreds of budding Indians. They spoke about how the mindsets get formed as we grow up in life and how difficult it is to break mindsets once people grow up. They were overwhelmed to see that students from primary classes were far more enthusiastic in participating and learning when compared to their seniors in schools. Overall, Megha and Moumita expressed their deepest gratitude towards Sujit Lalwani sir for having designed this amazing activity.
It was an exhilarating experience to listen to these young duo sharing their lessons from their experiences. The confidence they had in their eyes of having accomplished the feat of reaching out to so many kids in a matter of just few days and transferring the energetic inspiration with the future of India was exemplifying in itself. It has been a vision of IU to build massively strong leaders among the youth of the globe starting with India. Witnessing such hardworking and high spirited souls like Megha and Moumita has, in fact, enhanced our belief and faith multifold that it will not take much time before we see India as a transformed and intelligent youth led developed nation of the globe. I extend my warm wishes on behalf of entire team IU for the amazing work that these young-STARS are doing and request them to continue the same with the same zeal and relentless passion.

The first generation entrepreneurs

In today's world, there's a huge fuss and pseudo-fame associated with the word entrepreneurship . Becoming an entrepreneur has become a craze among the youth because of the respect and limelight associated with the word entrepreneur. Just registering a company doesn't make someone entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship requires one to invest every bit of his/her soul to establish his/her idea to yield fruits for many who shall believe in it. Such core entrepreneurs are called as first generation entrepreneurs who are ready to sacrifice everything that they have just to see their company take the shape that they have dreamt of from a long time.
After a company is established, the power shall get passed on to the next heir either based on genetics or talent. The one who is running the company may take up new businesses and run them. The board of directors decide the investments to make and the shares to sell. Even they are entrepreneurs who run the business but they aren't called the first generation entrepreneurs. They are the entrepreneurs who shall manage the passed on legacy of an established business. Their goal is to stick to the objective vision defined by the first generation entrepreneurs. Unlike their predecessors they aren't ready to put their own personal assets at stake for the sake of the company. They will give their best to manage and play with the company assets to build or break the company. This is the prime difference between the first generation entrepreneurs and their successors.
Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Michael Dell and other great founders of extraordinary companies fall into the league of such first generation entrepreneurs. They invested their sweat and blood to build every ounce of their visionary company. Only visionaries become such first generation entrepreneurs. They are the people who had complete faith in their idea and were ready to sacrifice everything they had to see their vision turn into reality. Every entrepreneur should consider himself as a first generation entrepreneur if he dreams of building a firm that shall last through ages and which shall definitely keep his name immortal.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Risk is the ratio of...

I miss those awesome leadership empowerment sessions where people used to gather in huge masses to witness the real stories of special individuals who had turned around life with their hardwork and dedication. They hadn't memorized the lessons from the many available self-help books. They had undergone the tough life scenarios that had taught them the real lessons of life. I still remember their examples from their own lives and the lessons learned from them. One such extraordinary personality had addressed the topic of risk required for success. Being an engineering student, his mathematical definition of risk had impressed me.

He defined risk as the ratio of fear of failure to belief to succeed. If the fear of failure in the task that we take up in hand is really high, then the risk felt is also really high. If we are unaware of the result and we don't have much belief to succeed in the endeavour, even then risk is high. On the other hand, if our belief to succeed is greater than the fear of failure in the challenge that we have taken up then automatically the denominator is greater than the numerator. As a result, the risk substantially reduces. Risk is just one of the those anxious and apprehensive mental states of mind. It is a clear cut result of the kind of feelings and emotions that we showcase towards our work. I do accept that the factors in the equation are subject to random uncertainties of life. They do influence the factor of risk as well. However, this equation gives us a measurable form of risk though the quantities on the RHS are not exactly measurable quanta.

Each individual will have to decide the amount of fear of failure and the amount of belief to succeed that he has in his heart and mind for the undertaken task. These will definitely change their values at different instants of time owing to various factors. How well can one manage their ratio constantly is all that will show the calibre of the person in working towards his vision or dream. Proper planning and a strong conviction towards achieving one's own goals with the ability to flexibly adjust and adapt oneself to the random unexpected scenarios and still move steadfast towards goals will always help to reduce the risk factor and increase the result factor.

The state of mind attracts the past of kind

In one of my recent reading through an amazingly exquisite book, I was learning about how the human brain is trained not to learn from history. Though we repeat huge number of times that we learn from our past mistakes, we seldom implement what we have learnt form our past in our present to make the future more pleasant. A very simple example to prove this epiphenomenon is, though we are aware that good and bad times keep coming and going in our life, we are fooled by such repeated occasions and we assume them to be long-lasting as long as they last.

Try to evaluate your state of mind right now. Whatever it may be as of now; it can be happy or sad. If you actually scan through the scenes running on your mind right now, they will be similar to your current state of mind. If you're very happy, all those memorable unforgettable moments of life when you won and people appreciated, the good times that you had with the closest people in your life shall be ruling your mind. If you're sad and down on energy, all those bad times of bad health, bad incidents, others mistakes causing your misery shall be ruining your mind. Our state of mind persists as long as we allow it to persist. If we feed it sufficiently and succinctly with the kind of fodder of the like, then it keeps building on it. It's up to us to choose what we want our brain to harvest on. The kind of input given will result in the same kind of thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Everyone has had his/her share of good and bad times. Life hasn't been cozy for anyone all along. It has offered its own share of rough times for man to become stronger to face such recurrences. If we don't hold on to the reigns of the horse, the horse shall take the path of its own choice. Same is the character of our mind. If we don't control what it thinks upon, it shall think about all the garbage available in the memory world. Hence, we need to take the extra step to raise our states of mind to be every happy and exhilarating with bubbling energy all the time. To make it happen we must go back to those past instances when we were in such states of mind and bring them back to rejuvenate the present state.

No input no output - No reading No speaking

Only nothing can be created out of nothing. All that we create is from the existing. It proves the simple theory that without any input there can't be any output. This is true in any case. In the arena of speaking as well if we don't have enough information in our brain, we can't convey much through our speeches. Information inflow has to happen to cause information outflow. Reading is the best form of giving us knowledge and information at our finger tips and to feed our minds with. Hence reading is a must for one to excel at speaking.

In today's world, knowledge is growing or rather multiplying in quantities unimaginable. I totally respect and accept the fact that it's impossible to garner all the information in the limited capacity of our brains. Still, our brain is large enough to gather sufficient stochastic information that's required for our professional, personal and spiritual growth. There's, in fact, no limit on the amount of information that can be burdened on our heads. It's scientifically proven that the maximum extent to which a human brain has been used till now is only 13%. In most of the other cases it's lesser than 10%. If this is the case, then we are sure that no one lacks the resource or space to collect information. If we can exploit this amazing memory reservoir between our shoulders, we can have huge statistics and logistics remain imprinted in our brain cells.

Once we have this collection of huge amount of diverse scattered data occupying every possible memory cell, we can pick and connect any two of them using the CPU of our brain to produce in front of others. This mode of expression can either be writing or speaking. Just like when a soldier surrounded with a thousand enemies will for sure hit someone by randomly shooting, we will be able to deliver content in any comfortable format by picking up any of the available data. However, if there's nothing to pick from then nothing can be spoken about. Hence I reiterate, no reading, then no speaking.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Business on mind

This morning I was accompanied by my brother for breakfast at a hotel. We ordered the staple food of South India, Idly+Vada (Idly and Vada are dishes made for breakfast across many parts of South India). We got our orders served. Once we finished with Idlies, we tasted the Vada. It was crispy and amazingly tasteful. I was totally impressed with the taste and feel of the Vada. Immediately, I extended my heart full of appreciation towards the server and appreciated the good quality of the Vada. Instantly the reply came from him, which was, "Shall I serve you one more Vada?"
The server didn't forget business just because he was flattered by an appreciation. Most of us resort to saying a humble 'Thank You' whenever we are appreciated for some good work of ours. The time of flattery takes us on cloud 9 and we forget everything else at that time. But the server was not of one of that kind of people. He had a presence of mind to convert the appreciation received into a sale which could benefit his hotel. Presence of mind on what is the need of the hour should be more on our mind before any flattery tries to take its place. There are lot of tricksters out there in the market who will try to take everything from you just by flattering you with their sweet and nice words. We must be shielded to such flattery. Even if it's a genuine appreciation we must try to take advantage of it as to how it can benefit our business and organization. Only then do we make the right us of what comes our way.
Taking advantage of an appreciation to convert into a sale is no mean job to do. In fact it's the right thing to do because when a customer is happy, he is bound to appreciate your product/service. At that time, if you can serve him with more facilities which might come at a cost, it will definitely serve the customer. As long as the king is served he loves to be the king. Since customer is the king, servitude attitude towards him is an important requirement to grow your business. No matter how many appreciations or humiliations come your way, make sure to have your business and its targets keep running on your mind continuously.

Happy Friendship Day!

Probably you can go through Wikipedia or Google to find out the roots of how Friendship Day originated and how it was decided to be celebrated on the first Sunday of every August. However, over the last few years such special days depicting the celebrations of some form of relationship between people have gained huge recognition. If not for the existence of the calendar, such days would have seemed completely meaningless but thanks to our ancestors that we have a calendar completing 365 days every year but the 4th time. Once again wishing you all a very Happy Friendship Day!!!!!!!!!
Friendship is that kind of special relationship that doesn't demand any kind of blood relation. It doesn't command a public commitment like that of a marriage. It has even happened on so many occasions that friendship has been the only reason for survival when both the prior relations have failed to help and support. Blood relations and marriage relations generally have an assumed kind of a trust but in friendship the trust has to be earned. An earned pie always teaches more than a passed on pie. Likewise the earned trust teaches us a lot about life and supports us in the most difficult situations than an assumed trust. The best part about earning trust in friendship is that all our friends were strangers to us once upon a time. We earned the trust of strangers and vice versa and that's the reason we have friends today, some of who become an integral part of our lives.
At the end of the day, every relationship is based upon trust be it assumed or earned. If we can see a friend in everyone who surrounds us and forget that we knew the person before and start working to earn the trust of the other person then every relation of ours will be as powerful as that of friendship. Man was born as a social animal and he has to engage with everyone in his society. Hence, it's essential for each one of us to see a friend in everyone around us and work for the good of each other. Only when we support each other can our society be a wonderful place to thrive in.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Ask GOOGLE uncle

It was almost more than three years back when I joined freshly as a software engineer at Oracle, I was exposed to the industry tools of which I had no idea of. I was put into the unlimited ocean of DBMS to play with the tools available. Whatever I tried on the tool, it shot up an error which prohibited me from proceeding further. I had to get out of my seat every 5 minutes to ask my senior what to do next. That's when he told me that there was an uncle whom I should ask all my queries to and that uncle was GOOGLE.
Google is a company founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It provides us the best search engine on internet. People have got so used to Google that it has become analogous to internet today. The moment someone is asked to search through internet, s/he goes to Google. It's highly difficult to even imagine a world without Google today, which has been helping us find any kind of information at our fingertips. In spite so much of popularity of Google, still some are suffering not knowing as to how to use Google properly to resolve their queries. Google itself provides a lot of educational tutorials to learn on how to use Google better. Some of the best industry experts have written innumerable blogs on how to use Google to get exactly what you're searching for. I am not intending to share any such techniques about Google search because there is already lot of information floating online which you can make use of.
I wrote this blog post only to pass on the message that one can learn how to use Google in an efficient way using Google itself. In fact, I also wanted to express my gratitude towards Google for the amazing support that it has been in a lot of my work. Google has reduced the information gap between the source and the destination. The reason Google thrives is not because it's a company which has the best
search engine but because it's a vision which is benefiting mankind to a large extent. Thanks a lot Google!!!!!!!!!!!