Friday, August 31, 2012

Someone always raises the bar

Man used to use stone-made articles for his day-to-day necessities in the stone age. Someone found out a metal and then evolved the metallic age of using metals for all work. Similarly wheel was one such invention which completely raised the level of transportation used. Even though this evolution happened, why did it take ages to happen is a big question of concern. The existing people were complacent enough with the ongoing and spent years and generations through the same routine but someone came in with a new thought to raise the bar of living and hence there was a transition in the age itself.

In our daily life we can see so many such scenarios where certain standards are already set and people work and perform under the same standards. But there is always one new person who enters the existing scenario to push up the standards. He/she raises the bar of expectations. Automatically everyone else is forced to perform to these standards because it was just one more human being completely similar to them who made the elevation of change. No one lies to be at the sub-standards like in earlier times. Everyone wants to move up but the question is who takes the iniative and moves up to set an example for others. Students were meant to only study during school and college days but few men like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page started off companies during their study time itself. Some dropped out of graduation, some continued but raised the bar of possibility of what a student can do at a young age. This is a very simple example but I am damn sure you would have noticed many such examples similar to this in your surroundings.

People often get complacent in the norm of things already set, there is always a necessity of some extraordinary person to enter the scene to break the mindset and raise the bar of thinking. The point is whether you want to be in the complacent lot or be the person who raises the bar everytime to set new standards for others to follow. Observe your own life and introspect if you are raising your level in your own eye everyday. If you don't see yourself growing on a daily basis, probably you are moving into the ordinary lot that just follows the extraordinary.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feel, Felt, Found

'Feel, Felt, Found' is one of the age old philosophies used by wise men to solve problems of others in this world. I am glad enough that I was able to learn this quickly in my life during my experience in sales and marketing. Some call it a technique, some say its lying. Well all that doesn't matter as long as it serves the purpose of improving one's life. Humans are all about feelings, they buy things not out of logic but out of feeling. As a result this is a technique used by many sales professionals to improve their sales conversions. The bigger role played by this method is to solve misconceptions and help build a better harmonious relationship between people.

Whenever a person is in problem, quite often one thinks that it is the problem which he alone is facing in the entire world. Its very normal that we see our problems bigger than that of others. It is the trend of human psychology followed from years together which will continue forever with the majority. When the person is unable to solve the problem, he goes to a wiser man seeking a solution. If the wise person suggests a solution directly and if it involves some correction within the problem holder, then its difficult for him to accept as it will hurt his ego because most think that they have acted exactly right in their situation. At this time the wise man recollects one of his past experiences similar or sometimes the same to the current problem of the person and explains how he had felt at that time. He shows the same emotions and feelings that turmoiled his peace of mind just like they are doing for the problem holder now. As a result of which the wise man actually feels the pain of the problem of the other person right in himself right at the moment of giving the solution. Then the wise man explains how he found a solution for himself to come out of the problem. This step is more than enough for the problem holder to understand how another human being could get out of the problem similar to that of his and hence can apply the same in his life.

On very few exceptions, some are satisfied by the hope of having understood that the problem was not new and it had a solution already applied by someone else but still want a specific solution for their problem. Its easy to sow the seeds once the field is ploughed well. Similarly its easy to sow the solutions once the pessimistic barrier is broken. Then its a cake walk for the wise to suggest the simplest solution that can easily solve the problem. This builds more trust and strengthens the relationship between the wise and the novice.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Be the mirror

"People are not difficult, people are just different" - This is one of the famous quotes by the serial entrepreneur Er.Sujit Lalwani. This statement is so true that we an apply it in our day to day life as we keep interacting with lot of people. Since man is a social being, he has to live in a society with the best interpersonal skills to achieve his objectives. People are different and as a result their opinions are different, their attitudes are different. Some might be in sync with your way of thinking while some might not be. If you are aiming to convince all by your point of view then its going to be absolutely impossible. You will have to do so in their own style. This is what I mean by 'be the mirror'.

Everything in this world has a meaning associated with it which is generic enough for everyone but people define their own definitions for different things as per their background, education, experience, exposure, attitude and other factors. Some of the unquantified words oftentimes take the definitions defined by individuals and when two such people argue about them there's a clash due to different perceptions as well as perception levels. As a result of these differences people with more authority will definitely try to dominate with their definitions. In such circumstances there is no point in arguing between two perceptions. Let's use the solution of mirror effect at this point. Just observe the way other person talks and figure out his/her prominent points used to confront any argument. This requires good observation and learning as well. Then apply the same method to your arguments and present it to the opposition. Its as simple as fighting with a person who is having a gun with a gun itself. There's no point in using a sword against the gun.

Every person has his own strong means of winning arguments and to prove his point just for the sake of ego. There's no point pointing out the ego because some cannot just live without it and even that pointing out will hurt their ego. Just behave the way they do in their own style in front of them. Showcase the exact reflection of the other person by being the mirror infront of him. They cannot face their own self when they are wrong and that will give them a chance to correct themselves and a chance for you to put across your points on the same bridge.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project your work

World is not as good as we presume it to be. There are people around us who are just here to use us for their personal benefits. Many of us follow the culture of modesty. Also if one talks about his/her own work or achievements people consider that person to be egoistic. Hence many concede their work to themselves and don't project it to the outside world. This is the pit that we dig for ourselves. If you have to get what you deserve then you must show what you have done as well, however small the work may be because ultimately you have done it.

Make a note of every minute work that you do which you're suppose to report to someone else. If you're working for yourself then you will have this data as a progress chart of your own work. On the other hand, when we are reporting to someone else we tend to report only the major things as we think that the smaller ones could have been done by anyone and its not correct to expect credit for it. Let me reassure you my dear friend, however smaller the work is, work is work which has to be done by somebody. If you've done it then there is no point not showcasing it and getting the reward it deserves however small even the reward might be. Every minute, every effort of yours is precious which gets invested in doing any amount of work and you definitely deserve the credit for it. There are very few people whom you may find if you're lucky enough who will recognise your hardwork and reward you accordingly. Rest of the world is here to just eat you up to maintain and promote their own positions.

Last but not the least, your job doesn't end at just reporting every work that you have done. The next and final step is to prove that you deserve the reward for your accomplishments of work and getting it. Even the fighting for what you deserve is a step to be completed to completely get what you need to get. You have to develop this skill as well to respect your own work. In the process you have to be stern enough to tell the other person not to cheat you. So don't mind of any emotional hurt when you're asking for your right.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sale means to solve

Sales and marketing is an enormous field that has been serving the mankind right from day one of its beginning. Everything on this earth that one earns is by selling something. Selling is an art inbuilt in humans. Any company with the mightiest intellectual property can falter down if it doesn't have the strong sales and marketing division to back it up. At this point I would like to convey my regards to great salesmen like Joe Girard, Zig Ziglar, Shiv Khera and others who have taught the world the great qualities of a salesman.

In this world of competency where each one is trying to sell one's product by hook or crook to make money, there has been a general misconception built that salesmen cheat people. There is an age old adage in kannada saying that a spoilt monkey spoilt the entire forest. Similarly due to the faults of few salesmen the whole community had to bare the blame. Sale means to solve. When anyone is facing a problem, another person provides a solution to it and the one who provides solution to your problems is the salesperson. During summer the weather is very hot and as a result it's very uncomfortable staying indoors. Someone had invented a device called fan which could circulate the air inside a room and direct fresh air towards you. But the fan was manufactured in the factory and you were at your home unaware of the existence of the fan itself. Though fan could solve your problem, you didn't have a solution. This is the time a salesman stepped in to sell this fan to you. He knew that you had the problem and solution existed in the fan factory. He built the bridge to make the solution meet the problem. Hence I affirm once again that 'Sale means to solve'.

Every moment of our lives we can observe sales happening around us. If all the salesmen on this earth went on a strike for just even one day the entire life on the earth would come to a halt. There would be no one to sell you even the basic necessity of life as food or even water for that matter. Only a salesman can show the benefits of a product that even the inventor of the product cannot see. Sale is what bridges the gap between problems and solutions.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Unsettle the settled

Have you played the zig-zaw puzzle ever? Have you solved the rubik's cube? What did you feel when you saw the unsolved zig-zaw puzzle or the randomly arranged rubik's cube? Obviously if you're one who is interested in these you would have felt the urge inside yourself to try solving them. How would you feel after solving them? You would definitely feel happy to have solved them for few momemts after you solved them but later you will start losing the excitement that you had while solving. This is because there is no more challenge to your capability and there's nothing to solve, the problem itself ceases to exist. If there is no excitement in life then how would you feel living that boring life? This is not just limited to solving a zig-zaw puzzle or a rubik's cube or some maze, this is the crux of life.

Most of them are in the pursuit of settling their lives as soon as possible. Infact we are coached right from our childhood to achieve the same. The meaning of a settled life in today's world is to have a constant flow of income, constant hours of working, constant day-to-day work with a weekly off to complete personal work. Is this all life about? Did mankind evolve through series of civilizations only to live like a machine at the end of 21st century? People are under the false assumption that once life gets settled as said above you can live a happy life. How can one even accept this fact when one is being so monotonous with no adventure or excitement doing the same stuff in and out of the day? Friends! there is nothing called as a settled life for one who wants to explore life. Its only those who don't dare to put their strengths and skills to test and remain complacent with what's available think for a settled life. For those of you who are strong-minded to achieve and accomplish mighty dreams in life, settling is the last option that you can even think of. The moment you start feeling that you're doing the same work without any new innovation in it and start getting bored just switch on the light to take a leap. This is what I mean by unsettle the settled. Even in the age-old civilizations, those who settled down where good soil and water were available created small tribes but those who travelled and explored more of the world became the immortal names in the world history. The choice is yours to choose the life that you want.

Its a misconception that life gets settled once you start having a constant flow of income staying at one single place. New challenges and problems keep bouncing to challenge our settledness. People who don't modulate themselves for these new obstacles obviously get unsettled in this stream. So its upto us whether we wait for the problems to unsettle our lives or we move towards them because problems exist by default. Remember that you cannot construct storeys upon storeys with the same foundation, you have to break down the existing bungalow to construct the new monument.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Restart from Scratch

All of us start our lives right from our birth. We are all the same on the first day of our birth unaware of alphabets, numbers, concepts, formulas, current affairs etc. Probably we remain the same for almost one year from our birth. We start learning things one by one, one after the other. Many of us are lucky to be enrolled in an institution for a structured form of studies to understand the world around. We also know that human memory doesn't store all of what we study. We sometimes go back to study what we have already learned only to understand it with more clarity though those concepts are very basic. This is what I call as 'Restart from Scratch'.

We are already busy with so many responsibilities in our hands and the day to day issues. Along with that we are also forced to keep updated with the current world ongoings just to be competent enough for our very own survival. In doing so, we rush through the load of information that keeps pouncing upon us from different media like newpapers or radio or television or internet or people. We also take up different courses to understand different subjects in further depth for years. Still one fine day we find that we don't remember what we had learned for 3-4 years and just need to revise all of it back to start applying it. This happens with most of the degree courses. This is not something that is odd as it happens with all. More than this sometimes due to compounding work our capacity to handle all of them just gets exhausted and we start feeling as if we will never be able to do all of them. Be it studies which are forgotten or the umpteen amount of work that exceed our to-do list, both of them start putting their stress upon us to handle them. At this point one will be left in the hallow of confusion of what to do or what to plan because everything seems at high priority and to be done immediately. This is the point we feel like restarting from the scratch reorganising our goals and priorities once again.

Just be sure of one thing which is that even if you are restarting from scratch, your work and efforts may start from scratch but you already own the experience of having done it before. This is what will make your progress faster when you restart. This experience of yours will help in better planning and execution moving forward. But don't be complacent that everything will be completed in the way you imagined because new challenges are awaiting you and tough calls will come up once again asking you to restart from scratch. How well you can avoid these restarts depends on how well you have learned the lessons from previous failures and have a foolproof plan to avoid them next time.
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Decipher the discussion

Decipher means to read or interpret. We keep talking day in and day out with ourselves and others. Which are those times we actually discuss? Few instances in a day wherein we discuss on different topics hold some concrete data however stupid the topic of discussion might be. How many discussions do we remember point to point depends on how deep the discussion touched our intellect. We keep conversing with our friends everytime we meet or call or chat. But there are special occasions where some really serious discussions happen. These discussions actually help in resulting in a better understanding of each other involved in the discussion. Probably lot of insight would have gone in the discussion itself on the topic but later once you are home you can go back to decipher the discussion to learn more from it. This is the experience that I want to share with my dear readers today.

Today, I had a fabulous discussion with one of my best friends whom I know from almost 3 years now. I have had many discussions with him on different topics but today's discussion was something special. Until now most of the topics used to be just plain exchange of opinions or factual matters but today's discussion was about a new venture that we would be coming up with. We had a mild discussion about the same about a week back and had come to decisions of the ways of its execution. I feel this earlier discussion was just a preface to what happened today. Today we were able to criticize our own approach which we had planned around a week back. We were able to modulate a new way to project our venture. We had points and reasons tossing between each other on the table. Then both of us gave our thoughts about them based on our experience. I am more of a guy having a background of addressing masses as an inspirational speaker. My friend is an ace tech-expert who knows the technology and its applications to the best detailed level possible. When both of us sat down to discuss as to how we make the technological applications meet the masses, it was a wonderful travel time for almost 3 hours. I understood more about how technology is perceived among common men and among the people in industry. I shared my thoughts on how this point needs to be communicated with the general public to have the maximum impact.

By the end of our discussion we could formulate key points and almost an agenda-like document for the new venture that we would be coming up with. This was such a fruitful learning for us itself that we were able to clearly put down our thoughts into an organised form of words. Even after I came home the points on which we discussed upon are roaming  in my mind and I can clearly see a rise in perception level in myself and my friend. Hoping to have more such discussions to learn more and grow more.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Uncommon from the common

Probably you're still wondering as to what the title means. Before proceeding let me make it clear that this blog might not apply to all. Generally I write blogs which are generic enough which can be felt and experienced by almost all the people in all the situations but this blog is going to be an exception. This blog is dedicated to those exclusive set of people who feel they are quite different from the general public around. Some individuals exist who don't care about the norms of the society having a very high level of thinking and find it quite difficult to get down to the level of ordinary man's thinking. If you're one among these, you need not feel odd about it as I have the solution for you.

Sometime back when I was watching an interview of Dr.Kamal Hassan in a management college he made a statement something similar to this (as I don't remember the exact words) - "At the age of 22 I thought that I was the lonely genius in this world and wanted to commit suicide but later I got down to the level of the world around and started my work". I also had had conversations with few other exceptional people in their career and success who shared the same feeling. They felt they were really talented and skilled enough and that the surrounding world didn't understand their value. I am not talking about aliens here. Some of us are like this right from our childhood. The silly ego competitions among common men don't interest us, we have some of the most brilliant ideas and thoughts that the general public doesn't even understand, we think quite different and positive than the existing pessimistic world which is always under the fear of survival. When we discuss certain topics with ordinary people, they can't even match the plane of thinking and the talk which just irritates us. When Mahatma Gandhiji announced that he would get freedom through non-violence, no doubt that people laughed at him. In today's world if you go out and say that you're equivalent to Mahatma Gandhiji in terms of thinking and work, people discard it as either you're crazy or just casting your pride around. No one seems to accept when you declare yourself as a genius. But the worst part is we know what we are and that we are right about it and hence can't take any rejections in this regard.

The world is foolish enough to buy aerated drinks just because a physically fit actor advertises for it who never uses it. If you average out the IQ of the world you will find very few geniuses and a large number of stupids, eventually due to which the IQ of the world falls even below average. So just don't worry as to how the world treats your credibility or beliefs. The world understands only factual results. There is no wrong in thinking yourself as the best in the world or the lonely genius as sir says. Just keep patience not to expect any acceptance of the same until you use your ideas and knowledge to create the unimaginable results that the world has never witnessed. All the best to those exceptional people around the globe!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Incessant Practice to Perfection

Just 2 days back I had written a blog named as 'Create Thyself' wherein I wanted to convey the message that any person can become what he/she wants to be by developing any talent or skill that he/she desires to through proper planning and dedicated efforts. After this blog I got some questions from people as to how one can develop a new skill all of a sudden. To answer these doubts and questions I come up with the current blog 'Incessant Practice to Perfection'.

No one can ever develop any talent or skill all of a sudden. Everything takes time to grow and develop. We know that nourishment, minerals, water and sunlight help a seedling to grow into a tree. Similary persistence, perseverence, interest and efforts help any talent or skill to develop in us. The first step is the decision to develop the new skill that you intend to and to define it precisely to yourself. I would like to give my own example here as to how I developed my skill of blogging. Long time back when lot of people were already involved into blogging and used to share their thoughts, I used to feel very inferior to them because I didn't have the capability to put down my thoughts into right words. Then one fine day I decided that I must blog irrespective of my own comebacks and develop the blogging skill in me. Similarly in anyone before starting there's always a fear of lack of expertise. Expertise comes only after you've exercised your skill enough. So just accept the fear and move into action first. Once started practice must continue incessantly until one is satisfied of the degree of perfection developed. To do this there must be a commitment unto onself or a public one. I declared openly on facebook to my 500+ friends that I would be writing a blog a day and named it as ABAD commitment. As per the second step, once you declare what you would be doing publicly it always serves as a push on your subconscious mind because many conscious minds are aware because of your declaration. The third and final step is to keep practising consistently on a daily basis and innovating in every practice to make yourself better at the new skill which is an unending process limited to only your expectation and imagination.

I force myself to bring in a new concept into my blog everyday, include new vocabulary, new quotes, frame new similes and phrases and lots more. This is what keeps me also interested to do the same blogging everyday. As a result of my consistent practice for more than hundred days today I can write any blog within a matter of few minutes while I keep hearing that many others struggle for hours to put up one blog. Last but not the least results are very important. As a result of my blogging the output is nothing but blogs which are being read by lots of people all across the world because I displayed my talent as well. So while you are practising don't wait until you become perfect, keep showcasing whatever you practise to the outer world because recognition is one more source of motivation. I feel very happy that today people are taking print-outs of my blogs for reading and my articles are being published in online magazine. Also I received an e-mail from Mark Stuhlfaut(PhD),
Assistant professor in School of Journalism and Telecommunications, College of Communication and Information Studies at University of Kentucky after he read one of my blogs. You can just imagine the power of internet and the reach of my blog :)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guidance for untreaded path

Christopher Columbus is one of the prominent examples who quite often took the untreaded path. He was an explorer who sailed across huge oceans to discover new landscapes. Probably no one had ever treaded the paths that he set upon. The reason he was the discoverer of many places on the world map was because he set out to take the path that's often forbidden by the ordinary with a vision to explore and know the world better. There would have been numerous people who would have advised Christopher before he set out for his journey. People would have definitely warned him about the high seas and storms, fierce winds, cunning pirates and lots more but the truth was that people had never explored the path that Christopher would be starting but still gave their blemished advices.

How is it possible for one to guide any person along lines which he/she himself has never travelled on before? Infact it is almost impossible to provide guidance along a path which one has never seen before. When one decides to take upon the challenge to walk the unknown path, immediately doubts, questions and fears start pouring on him/her from the surroundings. The worst part is that all these are thrown by those who actually don't have enough courage to take the same step and are under the shadow of 'Fear of Unknown'. People have got used to the natural flow of things in life. Something new or unknown or a change always frightens them. This has spread into the psychology of people so deep that any new act of expedition to explore the unknown is always considered as risky and dangerous. Still there are quite few examples of exceptional cases in this world wherein men were courageous enough to go beyond fears and take up the risk to conquer the darkness of unknown merely with their visions. Likes of Christopher Columbus were Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dhirubhai Ambani, J.K.Rowling and many more who took the offbeat path and beat the odds to materialise their dreams into reality.

When you have strong belief backed up with the right guidance of the mentor who knows the way often untraced by others, you can fearlessly move ahead. The most important factor that will determine your success will be the self-belief and self-motivation that you can restore in yourself time and again. Life is not meant to be glued on to the cushions of safety all the time, it's meant to be expanded and explored to unleash the limits of life and the strengths within. Listen to the right guidance from those who know the path and not from those who are afraid to see the new path. Life is once, live it to the fullest.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

When non-living spoke

Human beings are one of the lucky lots to have this amazing ability to speak. Verbal communication has built businesses, civilizations, prevented wars, created inventions and discoveries and lots more. How calm and silent would be this world if none had the ability to speak or hear! Probably then the world we are living in would have been thousand times less developed. Verbal communication has just made the progress spectacular. How would it be if there was a world wherein even non-living things spoke!!!!!

I am sure you have entered your imagination world trying to listen to what the pen or fridge or washing machine or computer is speaking to you. Just imagine that while you are writing with the pen, it shouted at you when the ink was getting over - "Hey friend, ink is getting over, can you refill and continue? You're just rubbing my nose(nib) too hard". When you opened your wallet to take out money to buy a gift for your love, it called out to you- "Hey buddy, you use me to keep your money safe to gift so many, have you ever gifted a velvet cover for me?" When you tried to kick start your bike on a cold day it exclaimed-"Please stop it!!!!!! You can't just keep kicking me all the time, the battery has completely drained out, get it recharged first!" When you kept working in front of the laptop at your office and were literally tired it might have tried to console you saying-"It was your choice to become a software engineer and to struggle to stare at me eternally for hours together. I will never get tired because you provide me power continuously and have kept me in AC but you are not a machine like me dear friend! please go out in nature for sometime and take rest so that meanwhile I can restart and make your work a little faster."

These examples can continue forever unending. You might have even more better conversations with non-living things. We humans presume that non-living things have no life. Just alter the tought a bit to give life to them. Probably there might be a million things that you can learn from them. We learn from others and this 'others' always meant humans. Why not extend a bit further to even learn from other things. Every thing in this universe is significant and that is the reason it exists. Its upto you to discover its significance.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thank you Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir

Narration of any experience is so very important so that those not involved in the experience also are made aware of the experience. Similarly valuable lessons for life need to be constructed into words so that many can learn easily just by reading these words. There are so many quotes and I thank all the originators of the quotes for bringing feelings, emotions and lessons from life's experiences into verbal form. One such orginator whom I specially thank is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir for his amazing statement "Dreams are not those which you see during sleep, dreams are those which don't let you sleep".

In one of the conversations today with one of my best friends about the topic of waking up early in the morning I was just reminded of how I used to question everyone about this topic sometime ago. I couldn't wake up early in the morning earlier and used to ask everyone about how I could accomplish it. But today I wake up at 4:30A.M early in the morning to get ready to go to the gym. Bodybuilding is a passion that I have taken up seriously now and have completely altered my daily schedule to meet my requirements to wake up early in the morning to go to the gym. Working out in a gym to have a fit body was one of my dreams for which I am working today. This dream has gone so deep into the subconscious of mine that even on those nights when I sleep late, still my mind wakes me up at 4:30 A.M the next morning. This experience of mine coincided perfectly well with the statement of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir. Similar experiences had happened while I used to study for my exams in my school and college days. The dream of topping the exams wouldn't allow me to sleep. Probably I couldn't explain this to anyone in words as it just happened whenever necessary. Hence I thank our ex-president for framing this into a fantastic sentence which can be a guideline to lot others devoid of this experience.

Sometimes we learn from our own experience, sometimes based on the advice of others. Great men have lived their years of lives learning the most solid lessons for a successful life and have penned them down onto paper in the form of quotes and books. My sincere advice to all my dear readers would be to have no doubt on any statement made by great men and just follow them modulated to your current lifestyle to take the maximum advantage of the years of life of experiments and results lived by these men.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

2nd lesson for freshers

Long back I had written a blog which had some of the guidelines to the freshers who enter offices to start their official career. Hence I call the current blog that you are reading as the 2nd lesson for freshers. In this blog I would like to share some personal experiences of mine and the lessons that I learnt out of them. I am very much sure that everyone of you will come across these scenarii and I hope that this blog will serve you as the torch in the unawareness of darkness.

Any kind of technical work is always logical in its approach. Hence there is no special miracle to understand or do any kind of technical work. Most of us in our work would be doing this. There are hardly few careers such as marketing or public relations wherein one deals with people and not technology. There are complete set of different lessons for this field which I will convey in another blog. As of now lets take up the technical profession where we work with computers and machines. You might have studied completely a different subject than what you will be working in your office. So be ready to accept this new sphere of learning. Every basic logical block has already been embedded in our brains. How well we assmeble them to understand the complex logic at job is in our heads not hands. When something is new no wonder that we are filled with questions and doubts and the immediate answers we see are the seniors filled with experience and we approach them instantly for our solutions. No doubt they also help initially but later it just gets distrubing for them as well. I was a prey to one such bad experience. Just make sure that you give your extra time to understand the problem at hand even before going to the seniors. Tell yourself that you are going to learn everything without taking anyone's help. The best friend who will always help you in this phase will be GOOGLE. Search for anything and everything and gather information. Explore and learn the answers for your own questions and doubts.

Every problem either has a solution or no solution. If it has a solution I am damn sure you can crack it with the help from internet. If there's no solution then make sure that you have tried out as many approaches as possible to find the solution but in vain. But these efforts don't go a waste. They serve as the R&D work of finding out the different methods that cannot yield the solution to your problem. Learn the process well and practise good documentation. Both of these will build your reputation in the team.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A day to never forget

Indian Independence day is a mark in the world history to resemble the significance of non-violence. We have been celebrating independence day from a long time since our childhood. Hoisting flags, distributing sweets and chocolates, singing national anthems etc have been our natural process of celebrating our independence day but today was the day when few youth of Bangalore decided to celebrate the same day in a rather different way. They decided to make a small mark of their own in the Indian history today. I am just so happy to share the experience of this exciting day with all my lovely readers.

Around 70+ youth gathered in the morning at 9:30am in S.R.N.Adarsh College. The Inspiration Unlimited team and the founder Er.Sujit Lalwani were there to arrange series of events as part of their corporate social responsibility under the banner of "IUCares". All the students were seggregated into 14 different teams first. Each team chose a team name, team colour and team leader. Then one by one teams were sent to a task room where they were assigned different tasks to create a positive social impact. Each team was assigned with just three hours to complete their task. Some of the tasks were like fund raising to buy meals, stationery, books, vicks, dental kits, soaps etc and donate them to the needy in different areas of bangalore. Some had to visit old age homes, orphanages to celebrate independence day with the people there, some had to collect statistics and data regarding the state of the areas in bangalore. All the teams were really excited to work in the hot sun in a team of complete strangers but yet contribute something to the society on ocassion of independence day. Students learnt different lessons in due course of the journey, understood the real situation of our country, felt really happy for celebrating this day in such a fantastic practical manner. After the activity all the teams shared the photos and videos they had taken during the tasks and shared a presentation of their project with the best energetic feeling. Each one of them was present from morning 10 am till evening 7 pm to create a positive difference in the society.

Hats off to the management of S.R.N.Adarsh College for their commendable support to this special activity. May more students take part in such activity time and again. Let's not wait for independence day to create such positive impact on the society. I welcome everyone of you to participate, learn and contribute alongwith IUcares. A brilliant salute to IUteam as well which during this entire busy schedule created a website and started off with facebook pages for IUcares to promote all the noble activities. For more information visit, and

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 1 degree difference

Have you played golf? If not have you seen people playing golf? The golf ball is a hard white one which is kept on the ground and the player hits it hard with his golf bat. The ball travels through the air to reach the target hole. In this process if you can trace the path of the ball you can have an arc. When the same shot is repeated by the player if the ball rises at a different angle from the last trial, you can clearly have another arc traced in the air. Just imagine that this difference in the angle between first and second trials can completely change the destinations that the ball reaches. Probably if you have played angry birds you can find this difference but I took the example of golf here because it travels a lot of distance. Our life also is a long journey in itself.

When we are having a destination or a goal in our mind and we work towards it, it is obvious that we come across a lot of challenges and problems. No doubt that we have to deal with each one of them and reach our destination. But are we really travelling towards the destination that we want to reach? If the golf player was an ace player he would have hit the ball keeping the target in the mind. On the other hand if he was an amateur he would have just striked the ball and the ball would have found its destination. Something similar happens with most of us. We are unaware about the clarity of our goals and are just going through life. As a result of this amateurish behaviour we end up reaching wrong destinations or I can say that we don't end up accomplishing our goals. If one can be clearly aware of the goal of his/her life then he/she can take up everyday of life and prioritize only that path which would lead him/her to the target that's set in the mind. We know that when the goal is different the problems that come are also different. So just by choosing the right goal that we intend to reach we can clearly select the problems that we need to face.

When the golf player plays his strikes a difference of just 1 degree can completely change the targets that the ball reaches. In the same way our small difference in action can completely change the goals that we reach in our lives. How well we can define and describe our goals determines the course of action that we will take. Beware and recheck your goals once again else you might be ending up in the wrong place just because of a one degree difference.

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Just a call away

Civilizations have evolved from time immemorial on this planet earth and the life is still evolving.  The only reason that human life has continued so far right from the old stone age is because no human could survive all alone on this earth. One had to co-exist with the other for the living and continuing the race. Probably communities and big joint families symbolise this point of interdependence of humans on one another for a lively life. The reason today we are facing the highest cases of depression and suicides are because of the division of people and their vain efforts to survive all alone. Loneliness is eating away many lives in this busy world where people don't have time for others but only for work.

How nice is it to find that anyone you need is just a call away. Thanks to the technology that has made the earth shrink into a small village. A message over a phone or a mail over internet or a call over a cell or just a shout can bring the people we need near us. There are so many countries wherein the situation is so pathetic that one single family cannot live together and there is no one to be seen even if called a million times. Be grateful to the freedom that you're enjoying. The best part of a friend who can come to us just by a call is the sense of security that gets satisfied. The fear of being alone gets killed. Moving a step further, how would it be if the person who can come to you and join for a lunch or a dinner or a movie can also join hands with you to work for a common dream and a common vision? A simple yet stupendous example of this is Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both these guys got together for a project and just made a fortune out of it together. There are several such examples. My blog here saying 'Just a call way' is to convey the point of how good your call is that nobody can deny. There are so many personal things that we would never share with anyone but only with one person on whom we have bestowed the highest amount of trust. But its also important that this person is present and reachable at the time of necessity and that's why I name this blog as 'Just a call away'. You can be sure to be the luckiest person on this earth if you can find the one whom you trust the most and who will join hands with you for your dreams, is just a call away.

Having talked from one direction now I would like to conclude this blog by switching to the other direction. Are you that someone for anyone who has the highest trust in you? Can you be that 'just a call away-friend' for anyone if he/she has faith in you that you will help them realise their dreams? If you can be the answer to these questions for masses then definitely you are the asset of this universe. May you have a wonderful life ahead!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The internet highway to salute the martyrs

Each Indian knows the struggle that the martyrs of our country who have laid down their lives for our independence. Each time you walk free on the roads of India you can be sure and proud of the fact that you are free because of all the sacrifices made by our martyrs. As a tribute in the e-way we bring to you from IU(Inspiration Unlimited) a speacial patriotic app to pay your tribute to our martyrs. Just follow the simple steps below to display the patriot in you;

Pay e-tribute this year to the martyrs of India in the e-way. Support this effort of IUindia & the CBBJ College, Bangalore. Share this link with all your friends!

Step 1: Change your account settings (under security settings & disable secure browsing!)Note: Be patient throughout! Little effort for our martyrs for the lives they gave away. next 3 days lets get as many people to pay tribute the e-way this year! 

Step 2: Click 
Step 3: Like the page
Step 4: Be thrilled by the little effort of IU of what we tried to create.
Step 5: Click Pay Tribute

Happy 65th Independence day!

The (n+1)th task

We are humans and we are destined to prepare and execute 'n' number of tasks everyday of our life. Some of the tasks have become so embedded in our lives that we don't even consider them as tasks but just daily habits. As we grow everyday in our life, in our education, in our business, in our career new challenges keep coming just to help us grow through them. In this process I am sure that everyone of you have been through some of the tough challenges of life. Probably the number of these might be one to many. Every time you were in a tough one you would have prayed to God that 'let there be no other task that's tougher than this one'. Also I can guarantee you that God would have definitely placed the next task in sometime damn tougher than the existing one. This is the task which I call as the (n+1)th  task.

Most of us are afraid of taking up a new task that we haven't faced before. Even the most optimistic and enthusiastic people who always keep exploring life have some sense of butterflies in their stomach when there is a new challenge which they have to face. Also we know the fact that we have to face it anyway to move forward in life. Hence we face it. No doubt that when its a question of life to move forward we accomplish it as well. Also that is the time we tell others it was the most tough challenge till then in life. We are still unaware of the next thing planned by God for us. It was a new experience for me also today when I was asked to take up the first half of an inspirational talk to six hundred plus people. It was just like a boulder of challenge that was thrown on my empty hands. I was one person who would be the last person on earth to take up the first part of any session because it's the most difficult challenge to break ice with hundreds of people at one shot and make them involve in a discussion or interaction for next two to three hours. I was very comfortable to take off from a session once which is already started and the first speaker has already made the crowd to gel enough with the speaker. This challenge of taking the first half of the talk came as a surprise just this morning when I had advised one of my friends just yesterday not to take the first part of any talk. God has his own plans and this was the (n+1)th challenge for me which I gracefully accepted.

I was all set for this challenge and executed my part to accomplish it in the best way possible. That's when I learned that even though you want to stop facing tough situations God always keeps increasing the toughness levels of the life just to make us grow our wisdom and keep life exciting as it happens in the games that we play. I am sure that no one would want to play the game which has just one level. So my dear readers, whenever you feel you have worked very hard and have completed 'n' number of tasks just know that God will soon be back to you with the (n+1)th task.

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Follow your craziness

I am born in India which is known for its unity in diversity. There are different cultures all across India. Every state has a unique language of its own. Every hundred kilometers the accent of the language changes within the same state. The food habits are different in different locations of India. Such is the strategic location of the country. Being very small in size still its known as a subcontinent in itself. I feel proud that I am born in this motherland of mine. If you just observe a currency note of India you can understand the diversity of the number of languages printed on it. I have just taken advantage of this.

I used to be really inspired and influenced when I used to watch cinemas wherein the same actor could act in different films of different languages and yet deliver super-solid performances. I definitely have to mention Dr.Kamal Hassan and Padmashri Rajnikanth who have been the highest inspiration in this regard. I used to feel that being multilinguistic meant being multi-talented. I was caught with this craziness of learning different languages and I started executing the same. I started watching films of different languages, started repeating the dialogues of the hero, learnt byheart some of the lyrics only to increase my multilinguistic skills. Friends around me started pulling my leg, ridiculed against this not-so-common-hobby. Some even said that I was killing the other language by trying to learn it. It hurt when those words were spoken but I didn't give up but continued the same. As a result of this craziness of mine, I learnt speaking in Telugu by the time I completed 2nd year of my graduation, by 3rd year completion I had a hold on tamil, by the end of 4th year I could handle a simple conversation in malayalam. I had no idea what this craziness would yield me in future but I was sure of only one thing that following the same was keeping me happy. Since being happy itself is the purpose of life I continued my craziness.

I thank God today for giving such a craziness to me because today this multilingual ability of mine stands as my asset for my career of inspirational speaker. I had wathed a video of Late.Steve Jobs who had mentioned that for succes you need to be crazy because any sane person will give up when he has no logical reason to follow. Only a crazy person would still retry to reach success. Hence endorsing his words I would like to share with all my dear readers to just identify your craziness and follow it irrespective of the criticism around because you never know what God has to offer. Your craziness might be the key to your life's treasure.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sacrifice the luxury sometimes

I am not speaking about renouncing everything that you have like Budhdha, I am just advocating one to see the part of life without luxury also. Today, I see so many obese people around and the shocking fact is that obesity is catching up even with kids. Small children who are supposed to be playing, runnning and jumping around are being pampered so much that they are not unable to drain off the calorie-intake. KFCs and McDs are just hotspots for today's kids along with other fast food junk. Parents have become so possesive of their kids that they are always safeguarded against any injuries or pain. As a result of this excessive care and nourishment today's kids are growing up only to expect the same care later in their lives in the world which completely turns out to be a disappointment that can't be beared.

I am damn sure that you would have heard stories of your ancestors who used to walk miles together just to study in a school, who read under streetlights like Sir.M.Visveswaraiah to pass their exams, who slept on a stone due to lack of proper hut, who went fasting days together due to lack of money. From that phase they have build their life and the life of further generations that today's generation is enjoying. The real desire to have a better life comes from the lack of it at the first place. All of us know that 'Necessity is the mother of all inventions'. Similarly 'the derth of something is the birth of the desire to achieve the same'. If you have been always provided with food at regular time intervals then you would have never felt hungry at all. If all your wishes are being catered to by your parents then there is no hunger in you to work for anything because already all your desires are getting answered. Then for what does one have to live a life for? I still remember the statement of Shah Rukh Khan who used to work for twenty hours a day during his earlier part of the career which goes like this "I was afraid that I would be poor if I didn't work hard". King Khan had realised the difficulty of being poor and that's what made him work hard to become the Badhshah of Bollywood. If you haven't tasted bitter then you can't appreciate the sweet, if you haven't faced the failure then you can't appreciate and enjoy success. So its time to sometimes sacrifice the luxury that you have and walk the hard path only to appreciate what God has blessed upon you already.

Try to walk to your college or office once in a while instead of taking the vehicle so that you can appreciate your very own legs, try to fast a day once in a while to test your stamina, try to extend yourself continuously studying or working just to know the value of sleep. Sacrifice some of your wishes to be satisfied from your parents, take a challenge to earn them on your own doing part-time jobs. Luxury need not be always car or a bungalow, anything that you get without working for is luxury, anything that you earn is always your asset. Sacrifice your small luxuries to learn great lessons to build bigger assets.

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Accept wanted Reject unwanted

People are different, same person is different in different situations and at different times, acts of the same person are different. This is the diversity embedded into the world that we are living in. More so in the human beings' DNA code. Man is not a machine to do the same act in the same manner everytime. For that matter even machines are influenced by nature which alters their quality of work as time passes. When non-living things are not spared by deviating from the monotonous style how can we expect humans to be the same all the time?

Most of us have certain perceptions built about people in our mind. The moment we see a movie hero, we expect him to be a celebrity and live a glamourous life. The moment we see an entrepreneur we expect him/her to be busy in business all the time growing the company. These are just two simple examples about the type of perception that we build by just a sight of the outer life of a person. The same movie hero might be a technocrat about whom you're not aware of and when this comes into light people can't take it, the same entrepreneur might be a poet/poetess also. One cannot expect any person on this earth to be in the idealistic way that one thinks that person to be always. When a person delineates from the perception built people start rejecting the person. A very simple yet profound example is that of Mahatma Gandhiji. No doubt that most of them respect him for the struggle he went through for our freedom but few of them are interested only in pointing out how He treated his children, how He allowed the Indo-Pak separation. One of the most recent examples was that of Arnold Shwarzenegger when he was accused of having an illegitimate relationship. Some of them forgot the contribution that Arnold had made to the field of bodybuilding, sports, cinema, society and completey put him down from the image of an idol. Come on friends! There is good and bad in everyone. Accept the good and reject the bad. Why does one have to reject the person who is a package of both?

Never hate people, probabaly you can hate their deeds. When you're mining an ore, if you 're just throwing off the big stone of gold just because its covered with mud and unwanted matter then you're the person losing the GOLD. Learn from people for the good deeds that they have performed. For their bad deeds they will be paying the price about which you don't have to worry about. Infact its already taken away precious time of their life, why do you also want to lose your life's time for those thoughts. Accept that we are all humans and 'Human is to err'. Keep the filter of your mind clean enough to accept the wanted and reject the unwanted.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Stress Pressure Discomfort

Well! this was a topic that I wanted to address from a very long time. Infact I myself have been through these situations many a times and have lost many battles to come out of the same. As experience grew and exposure increased I started using certain preached techniques and also discovered few on my own to combat these. In today's busy world wherein people are burdened with 'n' number of work and responsibilities it is quite natural for one to yield to situations of stress, pressure and discomfort. Be it a student or a working individual in any field, there are challenges everywhere that need to be faced and accomplished within predefined deadline with the expected quality. Unwanted restrictions are just making life more miserable for people. So what are the reasons for this and how do we deal with them is the content of the next part.

Information keeps increasing everyday. Restructuring of knowledge evolves continuously. Methods get finetuned and new developments are bound to occur in every phase of life. Unfortunately the human mind cannot update itself in comparison to the development happening around but in order to survive one is forced upon to improve on a daily basis. There's a famous quote that I had heard which goes like this "If you are not updated then you are outdated". Indeed the statement is very true. So this simple expectation of everyday growth is itself a big hurdle which is putting people under pressure. Evaluation techniques of one's skills and knowledge are also getting tougher day by day just to filter off the rest from the best. This heavy competition is putting tremendous pressure on people to extend their working hours to survive in the competition else they know that they will be washed out. While struggling to update and compete one is surrounded with lot of other restrictions which make life even more uncomfortable.

The very simple solution logically to deal with this but a bit challenging approach practically
is to first give time for yourself to talk with yourself. The worst thing that can happen to someone is that he/she might die and death is something that is bound to occur. When you're definite about the worst thing that can happen to you and have accepted it then anything else is just a passing phase of life for which you don't have to give away your life. Just tell yourself that you will give your best to accomplish everything that is possible and start listing down the tasks that your have to do. "Too many things undone on the mind is stress" - courtesy Er.Sujit Lalwani. Once you have listed down, chart out a rough plan of the approach that you're going to follow and the time you require to accomplish each task. This will clearly tell you if you can complete all of them within the prescribed deadline or not. Then you can reorder the priorities and probably extend the deadline as well as per the new plan to complete all the tasks. As soon as this plan is charted out and finalised you will be surely releived of all the pressure. Last but not the least important point is to then make sure that you enjoy while executing your plan and try to increase your efficiency in order to complete the tasks well before the deadline so that you have enough time for review as well. This has been the method that I have been applying and which has worked out really well for me.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

God has lots to offer

Oftentimes in our day to day life its really hard to find people who are completely satisfied in life. Everyone keeps blaming one or the other for the lack of something in his/her life. In most of these cases the target is God only because no one can question Him to find out the real truth. Some blame it on fate which indirectly refers to God. "Man proposes but God disposes" is a famous one-liner among us humans but just believe friends that God always has a better plan than yours.

However coming to the point of what can we expect from God or how much can God shower upon us is completely in the hands of the humans. God can only respond to what you ask and you work for more importantly. I remember this famous example of a person who once asked God to help him win a lottery for one crore rupees. He did severe penances asking for the same for many years but his wish never fructified. Finally one day he died and went to heaven. He was very furious with God that He hadn't responded to the man's penances. This soul of the human went and shouted at God as to why his wish wasn't fulfilled. The God gave him a tight slap and asked him whether he had bought a lottery ticket at the first place. The poor soul got disappointed as he had never bought a lottery ticket and shut his mouth. Proabably this was a very funny example but it has loads to teach us if we are ready to learn. Only if the person had bought the lottery ticket probably his years of penance would have got saved and he could have enjoyed the money in his life. He forgot to do his primary duty and wasted his entire life. Similarly, most of us crave for something but work for something else. Someone wants to become rich and keeps praying God to shower on him loads of fortune but never works for the same. There is no system in the unvierse which runs on zero input. Only if you input some work can God amplify it to give you big amounts of output.

Just observe yourself on a daily basis on what are the things that you complain about, what are those desires that you are wishing would get fulfilled by God. Note them down and ask yourself honestly whether you have even started a single action in any of those directions. If not better begin else sacrifice the thought of it. If you have already started working on what you're asking for then you would have definitely found out the future of it because God definitely sends signals. Folks! stop worrying for what you haven't got, start giving your action inputs on what you want and God will for sure bless upon you the rewards that you deserve. Rememeber, God has lots to offer, only if we make sure to give inputs and also remember that only actions speak not words.

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Monday, August 06, 2012

What are your priorities of life?

Right from the time we are born we are fed by others, taken care by others, taught by others, coached and guided by others. Obiviously I wouldn't expect a newly born baby to take care of itself independently. But my question to my reader is as to how long will we be a dependency stack on someone else in our life. I am not just talking about the dependency in terms of money such as children depending on parents. Sometime or the later everyone has to start earning for the self because the supporters cannot be immortal. Independence day of India is nearing and I have a question to all of you - "Are we really independent?"

We are influenced by the society we live in, we are influenced by the opinions of the people around us, we are bound to follow the existing rules and regulations even if some of them don't make any sense. The regular pattern of two decades of education followed by job and family is running through the minds of all parents today for their offsprings. If you even try to deleniate from this pattern you're perceived as an outlaw. In this everlasting race of life many of us are spending our time, thoughts and energy in competitions just to climb up our career in comparison to those around us. Most of the times we don't even know if this was the career that we dreamt of pursuing but still all our eyes are blindfolded from seeing the future. Forget work, even before that, many of the students are not even aware of the degree they are entering into which they would be pursuing for next 3-4 years and building a career based on that. The herd mentality has put curtains on the creativity of students today. Even parents are not spared from this vicious arrangement. Folks! I clearly understand that money is a necessity commodity for life and we have to earn it to lead a fulfilling life but when you forget the priorities of your life and just keep money in the first position of priorities then you might be just filling your lockers than your life. Even this money is a very talented actor which can play the role of either the cause or the effect. You might want to earn money and that's why you might be ready to do anything. On the other hand you might just want to earn money following your passion. Either ways money comes into picture. Its upto you to choose where to place it.

If you feel that you are just sailing with the wave and can't do nothing about it please rethink for a moment. Anyways you will sail with the wave, why not give one try to rediscover the priorities of your own life? Why not give just one more chance to the child inside you to see the future it had dreamt during childhood? Remember pal! Life is once, the worst thing that can happen is that one might die. Even more worse is killing the dreams also in the process. Let's open our eyes to see what the future has to offer us, lets open our ears to listen to what the soul calls for. I wish you a very happy journey in the awakened life henceforth.

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Let's make time

In this busy world where we are struggling to make a living everyday seldom we remember that once upon a time we were just small babies who couldn't even speak but only smile and cry. In the rapid pace of the ongoing events we seldom find time to talk to our own family. Where can one expect to have time and patience to spend with a small baby which is just few days old? All of us are into the cloud computing world of messages, emails, phone calls so much that we have forgotten the feeling of personal touch. Touch screen smartphones can definitely never satisfy the feeling of a personal touch. A baby remains a baby only until its a baby. I felt guilty that I couldn't go and see my nephew who was born just seven days before because of the work pressure that was pounding on my head. But at last I made time for him and I feel happy about it.

It was such a wondeful feeling of taking the 7 days young baby in my arms and I was smiling at it continuously. Proabably it couldn't understand even if I spoke in 6 different languages as I am a multilinguistic inspirational speaker. I just had one style of communication possible which was just a big wide SMILE. This newborn in my hand was way lighter than the dumbell that I use during my workout but I had to have extreme care while holding it. It just blinked its eyelids seeing me and smiling back at a new face after entering this world on the 7th day. I had to walk for more than 2 kms due to lack of bus facility just for these few precious moments of holding the newborn nephew of mine in my hands. I desperately felt that I had to make time for him. Meeting him was not on the to-do list of work or hobby or recreation but it was the topmost on the priority list of life which I had already procrastinated by seven days. Finally I had made it. Friends! at the end of the day all of us are just humans. No wonder that we have to study and work in order to make a life but remember that at the end of the day you can have only 3 full meals a days and that too until your stomach says its full. I know that there are competitions surrounding you pushing you forward everytime you try to halt for something. Inspite of all these ratrace it's very important to build the bond of family and relationships. Events such as a new childbirth, marriage, festivals are few occasions that have been culturally constructed by our ancestors to develop strong unified bond among families. Please make time for them.

I hope everyone celebrated friendship day with wishes, gifts, parties today. My celebration of this friendship day was with my new 7day young friend. His face still comes in front of my eyes as I type these lines. I wish him a wonderful life ahead. Also wish all of you a very happy friendship day once agian. Keep smiling....................

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