Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You need to hasten the work

People are different. No two human beings have the same fingerprints or the same DNA structure. When the basic formation of a human being is itself unique to each one, how can one person expect someone else to be same like him/her? Anyone can only get closer to be as you are but no one can be perfectly like you. Each one has a pattern associated with his/her subconscious when it comes to work. Everyone develops an algorithm for the work in front and works at a speed distinctive to each individual. By the way, this blog post will work out for you only if you are one among those people who likes working fast, who likes results to happen quickly than merely waiting for results to come. Only momentum attracts more momentum. This blog post can add more momentum to your work only if you love to have momentum in your life, be it at home or at work.

Nothing happens on its own on this planet. I truly agree that the sunrise and sunset are not controlled by any switch. Things that are taken care by nature shall happen without any interference by humans but those things that form our work don't happen on their own. We need to work to complete the work. Our efforts, energy and time are required for things to move in our lives. How fast or how slow we complete the work determines how fast or how slow, how big or how small we achieve our results. A lot of work in our daily routine needs involvement of multiple factors from environment and other people, on which we don't have any control apart from few words of motivation or caution. All that we can depend on to the maximum level is our very own efforts. Self-dependency is the best dependency. You need to jump into action the moment you see slow progress. You need to take initiative to hasten the momentum around you. A lot of people out there are completely goal-less and target-less. They don't have immediate deadlines nor a series of tasks on their to-do lists which need to be completed one after the other. As a result, people are used to a very slow paced life and emulate the same in any environment they are. You need to influence them back instead of getting sucked by their slow speed. Hence you need to jump onto the floor and take work into your hands and finish it at rocket speed. This automatically fills in energy into the environment, which eventually starts infecting the people around and hastens their speed too.

The faster you complete the more you can do. Time is limited to 24 hours a day and the speed of time is constant at one second per second. Time neither runs fast nor slow. It's you and me who decide whether to be in sync with time or get out of race. Accountability to get things done well within time in the best optimized manner is your responsibility if you're a leader. It might sound like bossing over if you're instructing the work to happen fast. If it sounds so for people around, then just jump and do what a boss is supposed to do. He needs to jump on field, start working and show that results can be achieved within the required time at the best efficiency level. Actions can speak more fluently than words and are better understandable by people who turn deaf to some of the advices.

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