Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sanskrit - the mother of all languages

My most favourite language is Sanskrit. The rich cultural and scientific heritage of the Hindus is reflected in our ancient Sanskrit scriptures and literature. The modern day scientific discoveries which are named after people from the Western world were written and proved in our old Sanskrit books. A lot of information regarding our space and solar system which were discovered after modern equipments were invented, were observed by eminent personalities who resided thousands of years ago in India. Mahabharatha and Ramayana, which are the biggest epic manuscripts in the entire world were also written in Sanskrit. It is even believed that the Gods and Goddesses converse in Sanskrit. As per the modern world's research it has been proved that Sanskrit is the best language for the understanding of computers at a binary level. Sanskrit being the oldest language to exist till now is considered as the mother of all languages which originated much later.

Indians were considered to be highly intelligent and intellectual during the olden times even before the invasion of foreigners. Wealth and knowledge were the key resources of the ancient Indian kings and emperors. Some of the foreign rulers attacked India and purposefully burnt a lot of libraries and lakhs of books were lost in this manner. Cutting down on the education tools of a man can bring down his growth opportunities and that is what exactly people who attacked India did. However, after going through all these hardships Sanskrit has still survived reaching as many new people as possible. Sanskrit carries pure divinity in itself. According to me, only the pious ones get the chance to study Sanskrit. Vice-versa is also true. Those who study Sanskrit can also purify themselves and their souls is one more strong belief of mine. Being the oldest language, today patrons of Sanskrit language have decreased due to the onslaught of foreign languages like English, French, German, etc. People are losing interest to learn the language of their own motherland and are paying fees to learn those languages which are not even related to their motherland. Sanskrit carries the beauty that none other language can even come near to match it. The diversity in the kind of literature that is found in Sanskrit language is second to none other.

The Vedas, scriptures which are considered to have no author but recited by the sages during their penance due to the blessings and teaching directly from the Almighty carry the most powerful lessons that are required for anyone to become successful in life. Due to lack of encouragement by the modern education system which focuses only on national language, international language and regional language, Sanskrit is lacking the back up needed to be the part of our lives. It's time we start valuing the language of our land and foster it in order to gain back the identity that it deserves. Sanskrit must become the part of our daily lives is my dream. Sanskrit has the power to bring you out of any problem and is the best way to get showers of blessings from the Gods.

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