Friday, September 12, 2014

Everyone needs that trigger

All of us are loaded with huge amounts of talents, skills and abundance of intelligence and energy. Each one of us possess a diamond or a dynamite in ourselves in terms of the worth and explosive capacity respectively. We need to explore the hidden treasure in each of us to scale the unimaginable heights of life. In the search of finding the strength and support that can accomplish his dreams, man has travelled across the world, and sometimes into space too than trying to find them in himself. No gun which is loaded with bullets fires all by itself at the enemies. There is a trigger for every gun that fires away the fears of life. Everyone needs that trigger to jump into real-time action. You have the chance to be that right trigger in the lives of those who are in your network; use it well.

Going back to the story of Ramayana, an ancient manuscript of India, there is an episode wherein someone has to fly across the Indian Ocean which is widespread thousands of kilometres to reach Lanka, the land of the evil king Ravana. Many monkeys claim different distances that they can fly across but Hanuman, being the staunchest devotee of Sri Rama doesn't raise his voice. This startles his seniors who were very much sure that this magnanimous feat could be achieved by none other than Hanuman only. Then one of the seniors goes to Hanuman and speaks to him about his strengths and his achievements when he was a child. Hanuman, being one of the Supreme deities starts recollecting his inner strength and starts growing in size to get ready to leap across the Indian Ocean, a massive feat which he finally accomplishes. Likewise each one of us has expressed our best forms or our best performances in some or the other places or at times. Since the human memory is not as long-lasting as that of a computer, we tend to forget our own capacities and credibility. At such points of time, all of us need some triggers that can put us back into our peak forms once again. Sometimes situation can become one such trigger. Sometimes people around us become the triggers for us. All that we need to know are that we are needed to get triggered as soon as possible. There is no point of loading the ammunition if you're not using the weapons. In the same way, there is no point having loads of talents in us if we are unable to use them for a good cause.

Different people get triggered for different reasons. One must excavate his thinking process to find out the reasons because of which he can get triggered. Humans are experts at studying about others than themselves. Using the same strength each one of us has the ability to assess our friends or relatives much better. Let's use the same power to find out what are those triggers which are absent in their lives. Being an outsider we can find those missing ones and supply such triggers to others on a regular basis whenever required. If each one of us can be those triggers for the people around us then each one of us stand the chance of getting our triggers from the people around us. This mutual triggering can empower each one of us individually and our society as a whole.

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