Sunday, September 14, 2014

Questions and Answers

The world would have been completely silent and calm if we hadn't had the fortune of speaking to each other. I am damn sure that, my dear reader, you are able to hear my voice in your head right now. You might be just reading what I have written here, but definitely there is a voice running deep down in your brain which is not audible to the outside world but, for sure loud enough for your head. Communication forms the intricate part of establishing a bond in any relation. It involves just exchange of opinions. Whenever no discussions are happening, then it only means that there are a lot of questions building up in our minds. All you need to do at such points of time is to throw the questions and get the answers. If you are on the other end of the table as a leader then pull out the questions and give the right answers. Questions and answers have the power to calm down all highs and lows of our feelings and emotions.

People would have been more than happy if everyone around them did exactly as they expected each one of them to do. Unfortunately, what happens in a human's brain seldom reaches the people around. As a result, exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings in terms of words are very essential. Sometimes, or should I say, a lot of times not all the points made satisfy a person's appetite for information or confirmation of the information received. At such times, there are always possibilities of confusions, distrust, emotional conflicts and a whole lot of other silly issues to creep up. The assumptions that build due to too much of gap in communication also submerge the truth and the reality and build a mountain of unnecessary heap on top of the objectives, due to which the complete essence of the objectives is forgotten. The arguments and disagreements arise. Losers give up fighting on such issues to resolve them either due to ego or laziness. But a leader must take the stand. He must be ready to put down his ego, crush it and take the first step to make the person in front of him sit, and help in solve the queries bothering the relation. Heaps of irrelevant and irrational questions need to be answered until the true objective surfaces itself. Every human being is at least blessed with the ability to realise the importance of lost objectives, and when made realised to be ready to relearn them. Some souls get their ego as a defence just to win the argument rather than the true discussion or the objectives. Once again you need to question and get the answer or answer the same old question until the ego is satisfied.

The biggest role of a leader comes to picture here. A leader must be ready to dig into the mountain of doubts and uncertainties that people carry in them, due to which, neither they proceed in life, nor allow someone else to move ahead in life. A leader's job is to make people answer the questions and thus form a channel for them to leak out all their negativity so that positivity can be filled into them. The process is not as easy as it can be spoken about or written or read. It's a tough job of a leader and only a leader can take up such tough challenges and solve them to make the world a better place to live in for people around him.

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