Thursday, June 28, 2012

How do Winners think

First of all let me make it clear that winners are not a set of people who are born winners right from birth, I am talking about the winner attitude here. There was a very nice statement that I had heard from my Mathematics lecturer in college 'Everyone is good, everyone is bad, only the percentage varies'. Just elaborating this statement, everyone has every possible attitude inside, the question is which one he/she develops the most and showcases to the world. In this particular blog I would like to talk about the winner attitude which is very essential to lead a life that's worth living. Before I start I would like to quote the famous oneliner of Mr. Shiv Khera - "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently".

Oftentimes we might have noticed around us that there are people for whom nothing is impossible, they seem to have all the energy, all the time, all the knowledge that is required. Its not the question about time or effort or knowledge or intelligence or anything else, its all in the attitude and that is the attitude of a winner. Winners always see the results first in their mind and then bring it into reality irrespective of whether other people agree to their imagination or not. Winners are never taken aback by anyone's lame comments because they are very sure and honest in their trials. Even if they fail in achieving something that was planned, they have the egolessness to accept their mistake and the childlike curiosity to unlearn their faults and relearn the right methods. Winners are not selfish to win only for their ownsake at the cost of hurting someone else. They keep in mind the well-being of their peers before doing anything. Winners know it clearly well that celebrations come for one day after days of hardwork and perseverence. They always know that they will be the winners and that is the reason they behave always like winners. They clearly know that there are never any shortcuts to hardwork. They know very well the consistent consistency that is required to be a winner. They know that the games keep changing and new challenges keep coming up, so they can't rest after winning over few problems of life, they continue to play the game of life and its hurdles as passionately as a kid forever. They clearly understand the mortality of human life and hence strive hard to accomplish and contribute as much as possible in one single life.

How people think is the way how people do things in life. If you have a reason for not doing something, someone else has a reason of doing the same thing. The world can never stop for you, the time is eternal and always ticking and we have a limited amout of time on this planet earth. Lets develop the winner attitude in us which will not just specialise our area of expertise but will expand our credibilities in every field that we step into. I didn't want to use the antonym of winners in this blog because winners don't even like to think about that subject. Their thinking is just pure enough to concentrate on winning.

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