Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let me give an example

You would have heard this phrase a million times till now. To explain any particular concept, everyone tends to use an example to assist the authenticity of their concept. We see that examples exist even in our text books to prove the theory mentioned previously. Each one's life is an example to someone else. My only question is, how many times do we actually give or get the right examples?
First of all, let's see what is the necessity of giving an example. Whenever something explained to us, we may not understand it to an extent to which it has been explained. Let me give an example for this. When someone says that s/he has headache, you/I might just understand the existence of pain but we will not be able to understand the extent of the pain. When the same person gives an example that he is feeling the pain which happens when someone is hammering your head continuously, immediately we understand that the amount of pain is too much to sustain. Examples emphasize the depth of the concepts and situations. They help in better understanding and learning. Examples work as similes. Our brain can remember things by correlation. Hence every concept associated with an example is easy to remember and reproduce.
However, giving example is also a skill is what I believe. Unrelated examples completely take away the integrity of our understanding itself. One can give more examples only if one has read a lot, travelled a lot, met a lot of people and experienced a lot. Only when you can explain a simple concept by giving multiple examples do you become a great teacher and can spread your knowledge to a large mass of audience. Please feel free to share your feedback on

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