Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God has planned it all

For those believers in God I need not go into deep description of this title of the blog but for those people who don't believe in God, I hope atleast you believe in energy defined by science. Energy that we can't see that has set the structure of evolution of the universe. There is this universal energy responsible for the planets to go around stars, the energy which is responsible for life to exist on this planet earth and so on. There is a systematic process set rolling involving so many non-systematic incidents. I am sure you have atleast heard of how the earth balances the life population. So behind all these happenings there is some master energy and some master plan against which we humans are too tiny to challenge and fight. This master supreme energy is what I bleieve as God. When you plan you might fail or succeed but you can just be sure that whatever happens will result in good for you if you believe that it was planned by God to make good happen for you.

In my childhood when my grandmother used to say that everything is already planned in the drama that God has written and that's why the past incidents have happened the way they have happened, I used to argue with her that there's no drama and if there is one it should tell us the future. I was so stupid that I didn't understand that it required wisdom to read the drama not just a question. When I turn back and see the past incidents of my life, I just realise how well the dots were placed and connected by God to help me reach the position I have reached now. Might be it will be too small of me to analyse everything of it by logic though I can do it. I just feel satisfied and blessed that God planned it so well for me. When I extend this thought to the world I can clearly see that inspite of so many efforts by man to systematize the running of life, God keeps surprising him with new things, fooling him with randomness and exciting the game even more day by day. If you are standing with the ego of the self that things will happen only as you want them to, you are just spoiling your time with disappointment. I am not trying to say here that one shouldn't put his efforts in doing things. That is the utmost necessity because God has planned it so well that if one person has no reason to do a certain thing some other person has million reasons to accomplish the same because God has planned a dynamic drama not a static one.

At the end of the above conversation what I would like to convey to you my friend is that we are in this world to play our roles. Circumstances and situations will keep changing. Some might favour us while some might deceive us completely. Just keep a hope and belief in the eternal energy which I refer to as God that everything has been planned to happen only for the good of you. Don't jump into conclusions anywhere about how things happen because God always loves to surprise you. Keep learning through the game of life, explore and most important of all enjoy it. Afterall at the end of the day we know the truth that birth, death and change are the only three constant things on this earth and the time in between birth and death is meant to be lived with utmost life in it.

I would love to read your perceptions of God and life. You can write to me on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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