Monday, June 25, 2012

Listen to what you talk

Thanks to the Almighty who has blessed humans with wonderful sense organs and also has given the right usage to each one of them. Even animals have tongue but they can't use it to talk like us. Barring a few exceptions of people with special abilities most of us are lucky enough to have this wonderful ability to talk and communicate with ourselves and with others. We keep talking the whole day with our family, relatives, friends, colleagues and sometimes strangers as well. Sometimes we chatter even while sleeping and indeed its fun to watch those who do this. There is a famous saying that our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions. Probably its too difficult to control our thoughts but my question is can we control what we talk?

We chat about innumerable topics and gossips, we talk about cinema, politics, religions, opinions, sports and trillion of other topics. Most of the times our thoughts just get converted into words and flow out of our mouth. There is no check in between whether what we are talking is going to make some sense or not. Also our ears are not placed in front of our mouth, they are placed on either sides of it far from it. Seldom our ears actually listen to what we say. They are more inclined towards listening to what the others have to say. Even physically its tough to bring your ears near your mouth. I was just thinking, had it been the case somehow that our ears would have been the first to listen to whatever we spoke then this world would have been rid of half of the talk pollution that exists now. The ability to talk is called in Sanskrit as 'Waakchhakthi'. I probably couldn't write in sanskrit here. 'Waak' means to talk, 'shakthi' means power, both combine to give the word 'Waakchhakthi' which means the Power to Talk. In the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhiji, he explains how he used this power of talking so well that his silence and his words were both equally powerful enough to help him become powerful to lead huge masses. Even Rajnikanth explains that when you're silent, people wait to listen to you talking and when you talk they give their full concentration. Also the weightage to the words of a guy who speaks less is more than that for others who keep blabbering always. Use your power to talk wisely.

Feedback loop is one of the best ways to drive ourselves towards perfection. I suggest you to listen to what you talk. Pay complete attention to what you're saying, record it and play it again in your mind and try if you can find a better way of saying the same. This will not only improve your efficiency but will also fill the necessary power into your words. When you analyse what you want to speak, you will definitely convey more in less words. This will strengthen your mental ability as well. Silence has power, control yourself from blabbering unnecessary speeches because people characterize you by the way you speak. Don't allow yourself to become a chatterox, listen to yourself- what you talk to others and what you talk to yourself in your mind. Filter off the junk and produce the required right combination. Lets utilize Waakchhakthi - the power to talk in the best way possible.

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