Monday, September 01, 2014

Passion to Pressure

In today's world, everyone is mad behind one thing or the other. Someone is crazy about movies while someone is crazy about studies. One paints a lot while one writes a lot; one talks a lot while one speaks a lot. Different people carry different kinds of interests but there is always a limited set of practices that take highest priority in their lives and they go on following them. While doing so, many don't even realise as to why they started prioritizing certain kind of interests more than the others. Over a period of time such interests get converted into passions. Passions start defining a person from then onwards and build the pressure to perform each time.

It's not difficult to develop passion towards something. It happens naturally for every human being. Unfortunately some of the people get into wrong notions of passions and also wrong passions that don't lead them to good progress in life. No matter whether the passion is good or bad, it encompasses us as we spend more amount of time with it. Gradually we start living just to pursue our passions. Passions become the leader of our lives. Passion is what gets us an identity and we wouldn't like to lose respect that's once earned. As a result, performing our passions on a regular basis becomes more of a necessity than responsibility or vested interest. This builds pressure on an individual to perform well each time the audience expects him to do so. This pressure convinces any depressed soul on this planet to launch himself back on the stage and show what he became famous for. This is positive pressure. Pressure is very much required on all of us to perform to our peak levels. Without pressure no one ever gives his/her best. Coal lying under the pressure of the earth's crust for thousands of years finally converts into precious stones called as diamonds. Likewise the passion pressurizes us to work hard to live up to the status of the passion. Under this pressure we become those diamonds which start glittering and emitting light in the form of our passion.

Each one of us is talented in one or the other way for sure. All that we have to do is to explore our hidden treasures in ourselves. The world out there is waiting to see what you have in store for it. People who lack opportunities and resources behold a dream in their eyes that you have the ability to give them freedom from their apathy. You have the responsibility of this universe to make it better. Discover your passion by trying out all that you can get your hands on. You need to search through a million pebbles to find the real pearl. Once you find it, it shall rule your life from then onwards to take it to the best extent possible.

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