Monday, August 11, 2014

The world around was still the same

Tough phases are bound to be a part of everyone's lives. Likewise are the good phases. You never know what phase is the person sitting right next to you in the bus is going through. You never know if her eyes were red because she was crying unable to let out her tears or was it the mistake of the kajal that made her eyes go red. You never know if he was sleepy or was it the pressure of disappointment that made the blood rush through the veins in those white eyes. Phases are a part of everyone's lives but none show them to the world around. When the phase is going on the person has no idea of what's happening around in the world. The moment one is out of it and comes into realization of the world around, what s/he sees is quite astonishing. The world around is running the same way like before completely deaf and blind to the kind of phase one has just gone through. This is the real truth of this world.

Different phases of life make us go through different feelings and emotions. Some can be expressed in front of others while some can't be. In fact, differentiating between happy or tough or learning phases is also very difficult and the distinction is solely decided and felt only by the individual going through the phases. People in the world around might have gone through the same phases but yet might be completely helpless to empathize with the person. As a result, the individual is left all alone to go through the phase and grow through it. None is spared from these tests of life. It's a lonely battle out there. Everyone is involved in such lonely battles in their own respective lives while none of such battles are exposed to each other. The moment we are out of our homes to face the world, we get back to our normal selves who seem to be carrying on with life just like how it was before. The lips widen to smile big and the speed catches the legs to not miss the bus to office. We become the same part of the world which seems completely unchanged for a person who has just got out of the toughest phase of his/her life. All of us do know it very clearly that humans are mortal. All of us might have born to different parents but the mankind is one single community. Animals or machines might be unable to understand about your phases but other human beings definitely can. Yet we don't share with the world what's happening in our lives. Reasons are many because, at the end of the day, all of us are just humans, neither animals nor machines.

The moment we are unable to get the expected responses from the world around, we start blaming the entire world and make generic statements that the world is cruel, bad and sad. All that you see in the world is what is occupying your mind at that current state of mind. When you're happy everything that's colourful and bright in the world catches your eyes. When you're hurt only resentment and discouraging statements fall into your ears. When you are completely clear without any expectations or anticipations coming out just after a tough phase the world reflects the same. It doesn't show any expectation out of you and is completely unaware of the kind of anticipations that you shall make out of it. I saw the same as I came out of one of the challenging phases of my life, the world around was still the same.

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