Friday, August 01, 2014

Restarting the Reign

After quite a pause post the reign of blogging 555+ blog posts during the period of 2012-2013, once again I am jumping back to the field of daily blogging. During this time of silence many of my readers were asking me the reason for not updating my blog on a daily basis. Well! The pause was for a reason. New developments have taken place and a small surprise shall be out soon which took shape during this time of blogging silence. I am eagerly looking forward to the day on which I can release the cat out of the bag. Just like how after every night there comes a day with light, after a long pause even I am back on daily blogging promising to share my experiences and lessons with my dear audience on a daily basis. I am overwhelmed that finally, I am back into the field that I rock!

In History, I used to study of kings and emperors who established their empires and kingdoms by conquering other states. Their reigns used to start in new places. After sometime due to different reasons they used to recede back to their original kingdoms. Once again they used to prepare much better, launch a war, re-conquer the kingdoms and restart their reigns. There have been many rulers in the past who took the king's position the second time after stepping down the first time. A king's duty is to lead the kingdom whenever the circumstances demand no matter how old he is or how tired he is of the king's job. Likewise blogging, especially daily blogging has been that field of mine which I ruled for quite some time for more than one and half years. It's time to restart my reign of daily blogging once again no matter how busy my schedule gets or what time I reach back home at night. I am all set and ready for the challenge. This thought of restarting had been running around in my mind for some time, but today I have hammered it down and the proof is that you're reading my first blog post for the day, for the month, as well as for the New Year 2014. All that I realised during this phase was that there is always an option to restart whatever you have stopped in the past no matter what all and how many were the reasons for pausing (not stopping).

Many people tend to end their passions and hobbies during the school days as they get busy with competitive exams and the college life. Many of the same set stop their exploring and enjoying nature as they get busy with their professional and adult life (post-marriage phase). As the years pass people turn back to see a decade that has run away putting all their dreams and passions below its wheels. Then they think of restarting their passions but neither have the touch of those nor the zeal to pursue them with the highest motivation. Hence they see no means of restarting and continue to drift with life as it takes them. The human generation has seen major catastrophes and erosion of civilizations. In spite of such massive disasters the human life has restarted inhabiting the same arenas. If life can restart from ashes then our passion can also restart in our lives. Press the restart button on all those dreams and passions of yours for which you had pushed the stop button for a temporary interval of time.

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