Monday, February 18, 2013

Reputation is Temporary

All of us want name, fame and reputation(though all three mean the same, I still want to emphasize on the size of desire in us for these) . We want people to know us, adore us and respect us. We like and love to be in the limelight. Probably some of my dear readers might be nodding their head sideways disagreeing with the want, still its a human instinct to seek attention, credit and recognition. Some might not desire for reputation but will definitely not mind a bit if they gain some. Let's dig deep into one more quote from the book 'Life Simplified!' by Sujit Lalwani, a pro in sales and marketing and the master of networking.
Each one of us are working in our streams contributing something or the other towards the world around us. Some work harder while some work smarter. At the end of the day when it comes to return for the efforts we have put in, it's always either in the form of cash or kind. Cash is a complete monetary aspect which we won't touch in the current blog. Coming to the 'kind' it might be some kind of a honorary gift or a reward or a momento. When the number of these rewards start increasing, the name of the person shall start spreading to more number of tongues and in recommendations of the required type. As more and more of such occasions repeat where the person is being referred to among large audience definitely the image of the person grows in the eyes of the people and this is what reputation is all about. Most of us seek this kind of a special attention
where in we expect that  people should recognise us wherever we go because our name should have reached the place before us.
Just like how a human life is mortal, even the reputation is short-lived which is built just around us and not around our work. Reputation that symbolises only a person is as alive as the person is. The moment the person ceases to exist on the planet even the reputation vanishes. In fact the reputation that we try to build is so fragile that it breaks away with a simple misunderstanding. It is just like trying to build a monument out of the softest glass on this earth. Hence the author suggests one not to run behind something that itself doesn't have any value. You too can share your perceptions on
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