Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Experience to empathize

In one of my previous blogs I had spoken about empathy. Empathy is a very important quality that one should have to understand others emotions and feelings. You can check more about its importance in the following link http://mohanbn.blogspot.in/2012/12/empathy-art-to-learn.html. However here I would like to touch upon the topic about how to develop the power of empathising with people.
Experience shall form the core of empathy. Unless you have experienced the situation what the other person is narrating, you can never empathize with the other person. In fact no two people shall undergo exactly the same process. So complete empathy can ever be achieved at all. But it is definitely true that all of us undergo similar situations in life if not the same exactly where in the emotions and feelings felt by us would match at least if not the situation. This is the required experience of emotions and feelings that can help us develop empathising power. Unless you haven't even experienced the emotions same as the other person in a similar situation, it shall be highly difficult for you to empatize with the other person's situation.
Empathy is an art to learn if you want to network with large number of people and work towards grand success. Then it becomes essential for you to get into someone else's shoes day in and day out to empathize with the other person. Hence it's important for you to explore various experiences so that you can instantly remove your shoes and slip into another person's shoes the moment s/he is narrating their story to you so that you can empathise in the best possible manner. I really empathize with the difficulty of writing a feedback with my reader as I have also been asked for feedback by many other authors. Still, I would invite my dear reader to post a comment about the blog on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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