Sunday, January 06, 2013

What will others think about me?

"Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log". This is a transliteration of a Hindi statement which means that the biggest disease is 'what will others say?". It inertly indicates the worry about what others will say about me. I had always thought that this was a very simple and well-known topic and hence not necessary for me to address. But I find that each one I come across is suffering from this disease and sometimes even I tend to forget this saying. The best reinforcement is by sharing.
Man is a social animal. As a result of all other homo-sapiens surrounding us we are answerable to lot of them for our words and actions. The worst part is when we need to even answer the strangers about things completely unrelated to them. So many people suffer from the pain of worrying as to what the other person might be thinking and saying about them. This worry doesn't have any logical reasoning because it is just made up in one's own mind by a mere assumption without any confirmation from the other person whether s/he actually is thinking about him/her in the way s/he imagined. The person is really not sure if the other person spoke the way s/he has imagined him/her to have spoken. We interpret gestures with different meanings at such worry times and reaffirm our nonsensical made-up thoughts to deepen the pain further. If it really mattered to both about what the other person thought or said about you, s/he will share it with you directly and the matter can be resolved. If the other person has not spoken to you directly about what s/he is thinking or saying about you then it's none of your business to worry about that.
"An idle mind is devil's workshop" was a previous slogan. Today's slogan is 'an idle mind is devil's paradise'. All these thoughts about other people come to our mind only when it is not generating thoughts about our work. So either there is a scarcity of work or goals. So the moment you think about what others will say or think about you, you can be sure that you have to once again revise and reinforce your goals. I hope you liked this blog. If so, pour in your valuable feedback on

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