Saturday, June 09, 2012

Small dreams are the catalyst for bigger ones

Even before starting off with the blog I have posted the conclusion as the title of the blog and I am also very sure that many of you will agree with me. Dreams have been the driving force of life. Some dreams are assumed to be the basic necessities of life and everyone has to work to accomplish them. Infact the best definition that I had heard about the dream was "Any positive thought that enters the mind" from Sri. Sumit Lalwani. If you can think deep about this statement you can realise that you can live your dreams not just everyday but every moment. Different people attribute different sizes for their dreams. I just feel more than the size of the dream the satisfaction and happiness of accomplishing it is more important. No doubt that bigger dreams when accomplished give more happiness but in this journey let's not forget that every small dream is also every important.

Today was the first time that I took my younger brother and mother to Cafe Coffee Day. I had treated so many of my friends and colleagues in CCD but not my family. So this was one small dream that was inside which materialised today. Might be my mom din't like the Cappuchino of CCD that much but I could see the excitement of coming to the CCD the first time in my her and my bro. They were really amazed to see the arrangement of chairs designed for sitting so comfortably just for a sip of coffee. The music that was running around amused them. Also the new fun filler combo contained a Belgium chocolate shot which tasted the best today because it was the first time. Remember 'First impression is the best impression'. The most happier part was that they could just sit over there and have coffee and the shot without any urgency to leave or the server disturbing them to order the next item which is the normal case when you enter the old-fashioned hotels. This was indeed a dream accomplished for me after a long time. May be I never observed so much about what happened in a CCD in my previous encounters. I had attended so many meetings and celebrations in CCDs but this was something special. May be that's the reason I say 'I was living my dream today'.

This was a very small dream but the accomplishment of it motivates me to take upon bigger ones. Most of us in our chase for achieving big dreams forget to live so many of the small dreams which would have added more enthusiasm into us. After all life is a string of beads of small moments. You never live life at one stretch for a year or even a day. You live it moment by moment. Make every moment special by having dreams which can be lived for a moment. As I said previously dreams' sizes differ from person to person. Might be some of your small dreams can be the big dreams of others. In the process of enjoying your small dream you might have helped the other person live the dream of his/her life. You are the designer of your life and its components called dreams. Dream of every smallest thing possible because life becomes more enjoyable not by just living it but by living its dreams. While we connect the dots of life lets also connect the dreams of life as closer as possible.

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