Friday, March 23, 2012

Self-Cheat > Else-Cheat

Probably everyone one of us in this world is a cheater. At one point or the other in our life we have cheated. Please dont get me wrong. I am not blaming anyone here. Its the basic instinct of any living being on this earth to take the easier path. Seldom do we select the longer and harder path for any of our tasks. I am not against taking easier paths. Any sane mind would always choose the simpler and easier way of doing something than the harder one. But one thing we need to be cautious is that we are not breaking any rules of the game while going for the easier shortcut. Would we take the same shortcut if the monitor of the task is right in front of us? If the answer is YES, cheers! carry on but if the answer is NO, then you have started cheating.

In life we would have witnessed innumerable people who cheat others for different kinds of reasons. They always feel that they were just intelligent enough to fool the other person but they are absolutely wrong. They have forgotten that in the process of cheating someone else they had cheated their own conscience. Lets bring down the level of cheating now. Forget cheating others there are numerous instances when we cheat ourselves. If we can win over this self-cheater we can win over the evil devil of cheating others.

We would have decided that we will be on a diet for next one month but the sight of junk food makes us cheat ourselves to eat it. We would have decided to study for 4 continuous hours but the news of sports update cheats us into watching the game for one hour. We would have committed to work extra in office but the peopleless environment pushes us out of the seat to cheat our own commitment. You would have promised your mom to complete the housework but the thought of your friends partying makes you forget the promise. All the above instances may seem so natural and too silly to be discussed. If so, its how silly you take your own word. If you can cheat yourself, you can cheat anybody in this world.

The choice of cheating the self and taking the alternative path may bring momentary pleasure but never contentment. Try to challenge this inner cheating sense for once. There will be dilemma and negotiation in the mind between you and yourself for sometime but once this confusion subsides you will be able to see the clear path of fulfilling the commitment and the eternal happiness of having self-control rejuvinated. Instance by instance when you grow stronger through this experience of cheating-self versus yourself fight, you will achieve the highest level of self-control. From then on you will never have to yield to the excusitis syndrome and will be able to fulfill every commitment that you make to yourself or others.

After all , life is all about commiting to your dreams and fulfilling them which never gives an option to cheat yourself.

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  1. suab sir...... its fantastic.... its a really true sir....agreed with you sir...:):)

  2. @Swathi
    Thanks a lot for agreeing. I hope this blog would act as a reminder and a solution during the tough situations of life.