Monday, September 08, 2014

You got to feed the baby

I am sure that each one of you must have witnessed some or the other time in your life as to how a baby is fed. The infant might cry to have its food but her mom doesn't leave it just like that. There is a tussle between the two when it comes to having food. No matter how much the baby fights, mom wouldn't allow her to sleep with an empty stomach. Mom shall try all possible different ways of bribing up to scolding to the extent of beating the child if the child disagrees to have food. Because mom knows that the baby has to be fed, else it shall only spoil its own health. The objective is to feed the baby no matter what strategy is used. Mom becomes powerful enough to even bring the moon on earth just for the baby to have its dinner.

For leaders the world around them and the people around them are like their children. Leaders know what's right for the world and the people inhabiting it. If you're a leader you must take the step to take care of your surroundings. You must take up the challenge to make sure that people around you are fed well and leading quality lives. It doesn't matter whether people are ignorant about you, whether they are ridiculing you or they want to rebel against you. All that matters will be your love for them. No matter how much a baby kicks its parents, the parents do not let go off the child because it's their future in physical form. Likewise, leaders must be ready to bear the blunt of people around. Not everyone will be ready to trust you the moment you are taking some initiatives. It's not even necessary for everyone to believe what you're doing is right. Results should speak of your work. Your confidence in the work you have jumped into and the perseverance to bring your vision into reality shall drive in confidence amongst people around you to start believing you. It shall take some time before people are convinced about your leadership traits which they can imbibe in themselves. They need a proof already doing it and it can only be you. Beware! You will never be able to satisfy everyone around you. Someone somewhere or the other will definitely be unhappy or disappointed about you. Keep continuing your work irrespective about who appreciates or not until you reach your visions. As long as people are benefitting from your being on this planet there is no turning back in life.

Remember the baby crying and hesitant to have its food whenever you find people who are not ready to listen to your advice or suggestions. You shouldn't get angry being a leader. Instead you should only feel pity towards the person not paying heed to what you say imagining him/her to be a child in terms of maturity though s/he might have grown in age and physically. You should never give up on changing his/her mindset towards positivity. This task might take a minute or an hour or a day or a week or a month or a year or a decade or a lifetime. No matter how long it takes, you need to be the grown up mature person to innovate different strategies in order to make people follow your right directions.

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