Tuesday, September 09, 2014


All that I can do at this point of time is laugh at the turn of events in life. It makes me wonder just like how my mentor wondered once upon a time, “Why is God doing all these things?” As I see things unfolding from a higher plane it becomes quite difficult to even anticipate which pawn He is going to play from which direction. It is His world and He has all the rights to move around things and take anyone of us for a ride. I have learnt that we must stay calm and focused with complete belief and faith in Him that He is acting only in our favour. No one can even contemplate why something happened. He knows it all. I bow to Him. I shall stay calm and stay focused.

There are two ways to look at life, or rather lead life. Decide what kind of a life you want and work hard to convert everything in your favour until you get to live the life you want. The second option is- accept the chain of events as they come in life and take the given ride. Everyone has an option to choose the kind of life one wishes to live. The second option is pretty straight forward. Hence there is nothing much to discuss on it. The first option is quite interesting. It teaches you that you can’t demand from life whatever you want. You need to earn every bit of what you desire to deserve it. The turmoil, be it emotional or physical, shall attack you, either separately or together. Be strong at such points of time. Reacting to any situation shall only make matters more worse. Stay calm and tell your heart, “ALL IZZ WELL” in 3 Idiots style and know that every problem has a solution. Don’t let your focus divert from the end result that you have already envisioned to happen. Your belief is tested by these temporary challenges. They are short lived. Being loaded with many negative thoughts gathered from past experiences of life, even the mind might undergo the fight to maintain itself positive. Stay calm!

There can be no achievement in life which can be accomplished without facing the tough challenges of life. Achievement that is achieved without any obstacles overcome sounds as no achievement at all. Stay focused on your goal and shield your mind with the strongest weapon called “BELIEF”. Every coming trouble should only go back disappointed that it couldn’t even shake you a bit. No one knows which decisions are right and which ones are wrong. Taking decision is a responsibility and one must stand up as a leader to take decisions. One should be ready to even fight to make the decisions right after being taken. To carry out such responsibilities on your shoulders during the most critical juncture of your life you need a mentor to guide you how to handle the burden. I am lucky to have one and I am happy if this blog post can guide some, who miss a mentor in life. You need to stay calm to take adequate decisions and stay focused to make the right set of moves to receive what you believe.

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