Saturday, September 06, 2014

Not everyone is you

In the tight race of making many things happen it becomes quite difficult for everyone to play the role like everyone else. Each one shall follow a style of one's own in a speed of one's own. Everyone needs some space to pitch in one's own performance. Unfortunately not all kinds of work are individual-centric. Lots of tasks are dependent on more than one individual. That is where coordination and coherent speed of working need to be maintained to accomplish the results. While doing so, due the slowness of few people the entire team shall follow a slow process. No one can blame the other because it's all team efforts. All that you need to know is that not everyone is you, not everyone is like you.

God has bestowed each human being with some or the other talent. Each one of us go through or each one of us is waiting to find that Eureka moment when we discover our passion. It takes quite some time for all of us to discover our true passions. It's not just God alone who decides your talent. The environment you grow up in and the influences that you undergo during childhood also matter in moulding your talents and skill-sets. This being the case, one must not hurry on concluding someone else's capacity. One must always have the God's advocate eye to search for positive stuff in the most adverse situations. One must be able to recognise the true strength in the person standing opposite him. A fish can win a swimming race but never a running race. Likewise the moment you have spotted strength in a person in your team, make sure that he gets only those kinds of opportunities where his strength gets utilized the most. This shall empower him as a great leader. A leader must stop expecting that even the people working around him should have the same calibre and deliver the same results. God has never produced clones on this planet. So, no matter what, two people cannot work the same way at all points of time. Hence a leader must know that not everyone can be him, and guide accordingly. The moment there are expectations out of people to perform the same way like that of yours, they shall only shatter and bring more sorrow and lesser progress for the team.

A budding leader also looks up to his leader/mentor and it is natural for a budding star to imagine being a leader someday later. It takes committed hard work to reach a significant leadership position. Never ending efforts are indispensable while working to become a strong leader. When you are growing you must close your eyes and ears for any sort of stuff wherein you're pitched against the notably strong people. You need to remember that everyone cannot be like you and you cannot be like your leader at one shot. Treat people as they are than treating them for the way you desire them to be. None can ever be like you.

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