Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Find your light tower

The world boasts of a diverse population consisting of multi-talented people from all races of life. Each one born on this planet carries an exquisite talent of his own. Life is all about finding the real strengths in oneself, and making sure that all those come to right use for the enhancement of the lives of beings around us in our environment. This being the case, every human needs to know his true potential as early as possible. To find it and use it in the right direction he needs a light tower which can guide him.

This light tower is none other than a mentor. Every human being is a bubbling mass of massive energy and potential. All that one needs to realise is how to channelize this enthusiasm. People keep exploring new things voluntarily until they find something strong that catches their attention for a long span of time. They want to contribute to this world in some way or the other, but are unfortunately unaware of the right ways to do it. A horse which is trained to run in a race can make the jockey win and win good sum of money for the people who have bet on it, but the same horse in a wide open field might run in any direction but won’t make even a single pie. The reason is, in the race there’s a goal and person to keep the horse focused on the direction of the goal. In an open field there is no jockey, nor any kind of direction towards goals. Hence each one of us should find a mentor who can guide us to run in a focused manner towards the goals and dreams that we have set in life. There is no harm or any rupture to our self-esteem if we are ready to accept the guidance of an experienced person. No matter how much we are independent we have to accept the law of nature that we cannot see anything without light.

Choosing a mentor or searching for a mentor doesn’t mean that you don’t know what to do in life or how to do what you want to do. Any person walking can reach from one place to the other in darkness also, but the moment there is a light tower, it shall guide him with light to reach his destination in the safest and  the shortest way possible as he can see things much clearly now. Likewise the addition of a mentor in our lives will always give us more clarity in our paths towards our dreams. Once you reach your destination you not only complete your journey, but you also leave footprints for those who are following. Your footprints might become the direction for someone and that person is right now searching for a mentor like you. Can you be one?

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