Saturday, August 30, 2014

Marketing in the market

The world around us is just too vast and wide and there are people in all directions. Each one is buying something or the other regularly. People spend on food, entertainment, clothes, sports, medicines, properties, rights, patents, investments, and a lot of other unknown stuff too. Each one of them is trying to either gather more things into life or enjoy the temporary experience like the taste of an ice-cream through expenditure of money. There is a huge market out there because people earn to spend their money. Only thing they need to be convinced is on what they are spending. Convincing need not happen logically also. So, if you are marketing any of your products or services then you have to decode that illogical instinctive reasoning for them to buy because people don't buy out of logic, they buy out of instinct.

Law of averages has always taught the sales and marketing team that not everyone you explain your product to necessarily need to buy your product. There will be a huge chunk of people who shall reject not just your product but you too. Marketing is only focused at reaching out to people with the information and awareness about your product. Those who realise the worth of your product at the first shot itself would go ahead to buy. Or I can put it as, that set of people whom you're able to convince just with your presentation shall go to buy your product. This portion of people is generally smaller. Next comes the huge section of the market which needs to be reminded about your product time and again. This portion of the market doesn't exactly know where to spend the money. Anyone persuading them to pay the money shall get them as the customer base. So, marketing doesn't stop until the targets are reached. Marketing is independent on the portion of the market that buys your product. The reason is the market is diverse and very large to even measure. No matter how much volumes of your product you produce, you shall never be able to reach out to the entire market of seven billion plus people on this earth. Hence the marketing spree has to continue until you have earned enough to purchase your bread and butter.

Since marketing cannot assure the right time and date by when all the sales will happen, it needs to continue and only catch up more speed and fire as time passes by. Counting the number of people who buy your product against the number of people whom you informed about your product is the biggest mistake a marketer can do. The market is too huge for your to not be able sell your product. A person shall spend his money elsewhere if not on your product. Not every expenditure of his is highly profitable and essential. So, instead spending anywhere else let him spend the same amount on your product. Don't give up until then. A marketer who gives up marketing shall only mean to give up his means to survive.

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