Sunday, August 03, 2014

Know Understand Realise Practise

Talking about different lessons of leadership or success, I have met a lot of people ranging from kindergarten kids to sales heads, marketing managers, CEOs of many companies and heads of big organizations. People from all these strata of age, work and status know about the same old proverbs that have been ruling ages together. Nowadays students also have such 'Thoughts for the Day' at their fingertips as they need to present them in their morning assembly. When such a lesson is repeated many people don't pay much heed to it because they feel that they already know it. They even underestimate the value of a person who shares a common lesson because they feel that even s/he is sharing the same thing that they already know. Friends! Knowing and practising are entirely two different aspects amongst humans.

All of us know that an atom bomb explodes but not all of us understand how it does so. Not all of are aware about the chemical reactions that take place. Not all of us know how to make one such atom bomb. Likewise knowing a lesson is just like merely knowing the name of a person, but you don't know the complete person's personality. It takes conversation or sufficient research to understand little bit about the person. Likewise in-depth understanding of any lesson also requires quite a good amount of reading. More than understanding how true the lesson is, it's very important to realise how it can bring about changes in your life at present. There is no point in learning it if you are not using it. Nevertheless after understanding and realising how well your life can change if the lesson is implemented, you have to take that initiative to inculcate the lesson as a part of your daily life in every aspect. Only then can the lesson also yield the expected results. You can go and ask any successful person about their message to people. Their answer shall consist of just one lesson that they have strictly followed all through their lives, which has bestowed them with the fruits for all their investment of time, energy and efforts.

One of the most profound examples that I heard some time back was that no matter how old you grow, you shall always drink water to quench your thirst. You might have cool drinks, milk, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks or fruit juices also, but ultimately, all of them have water as their raw material during preparation. We drink the same old colourless, odourless and tasteless water to quench our thirst. So, the same old lessons can solve every problem of ours and help us achieve what we aim at. Let's learn those few powerful principles of life, understand their meaning with the highest depth (depth of understanding shall deepen with more of experience resulting from more of action taken), realise their importance in our lives and practise them on a regular basis to convert all our visions into reality.

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