Friday, February 08, 2013

Let Go and Let's Go

Two words form two different phrases with just an extra apostrophe and a 's' and the meaning of both the phrases are exactly contrary to one another. English language gives this power to play with words and the author of this quote has just used it to the perfect extent. This is a quote from the book 'Life Simplified!' written by Sujit Lalwani who is a worldwide reknowned inspirational speaker cum entrepreneur. As I was going through this book, this particular quote struck me and I wanted to bring out the deep meaning of this quote into light to all my dear readers and hence am blogging about it.
In life, we desire for, crave for, ask for so many things in spite of knowing that we might not be able to have all of them. The instinctive desire to own what we like is born along with us and this basic instinct stays with a human being until death. It's the brain that decides whether to go for what we desire for or just not yield to the emotions of the impulsive heart. The author mentions in the book that letting go of things and deciding to go after what we want are the two toughest things to do. So the decision made by the brain is what decides whether we are going after what we want or just sacrificing the desire due to current circumstances. This decision making is not at all easy. On one side is the ever optimistic heart that says we must work no matter what, to accomplish what we desire for whilst on the other side is the logistics that show a completely improbable unclear path towards the same accomplishment. Which side does the brain take is an interesting yet a very difficult scenario for all of us at such instances.
The decision that shall churn out of all the mixed emotions and feelings will depend on our past experiences, intuitions, beliefs and principles of our life. We might just consider it as any other decision and move ahead but each of these decisions mould our attitude towards life. Hence it becomes of utmost importance to have made the right decision whether t0 go ahead despite all uncertainties and fears or to let go off the chance or the dream due to uncertainties and fears. You are always welcome to share your perceptions on
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