Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The convincer's power

I have heard it many a times that there's your way, my way and the right way. You tend to hear such statements whenever there are arguments. Coming to arguments which flow to a proper logical end without either of the parties escaping, you can always notice that there is one side which has a strong convincer who has an answer for every argument of the opposition. This convincer has the ability to reverse the debate if he is made to team up with the oppostion side. This is the power of the convincer.
No matter how much ever logical reasoning exists, still it's the ability of the convincer that decides the detination of the debate. No matter whichever side the convincer is shifted to the debate tilts towards that end. In this diverse world with different cultures and different people, nothing is right while nothing is wrong. Some things are right according to some people while the same things are wrong according to some other set of people. No one really knows the real depth of good or bad. So as long as the powerful convincer is able to convince others to follow his path, they shall follow. Whoever has developed the courage, ability and urge to convince others to agree to his viewpoints always wins the debate just by the mere confidence more number of times than the rational reasoning.
This world needs a person who can rule over it. People are confused as to what is right and what is wrong. They need a leader who shall show them the right path but not all shall express this inner feeling of their's. So it's left upto each one of you to decide whether to take hold of the reigns of this world and drive it in the best direction or not. Really looking forward for your reviews on

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