Monday, November 12, 2012

The Real Failure

"Failure is the stepping stone to success". "Failure doesn't mean the end, it just means that your success is postponed". You might have heard 'n' number of such other quotes on failure. Any failure that you face in the process of your work towards success is not a real failure at all. It was just an experience and a knowledge building incident which was bound to occur in the path to success. However let me reveal to you the REAL failure here. The real failure is when you fear and fail to start your work.

I can guarantee you that there are more number of people in this world who have been afraid to start their work and have failed than those who have actually started the work and failed. As I said above the real failure is when you haven't started the work also because no one can really estimate at what point you reach success. So your success might meet you at any point during the progress of your work and hence once the work has commenced you are already in close connection with success through your work. Your work is just a bridge between you and success. But when you have not started the work at all then all possibilities of having the bridge also cease to exist and hence it's a self-declared defeat. More than that, I can say that your dream or goal or vision has failed to lure you towards it because failure when expanded becomes 'failed to lure'.

Let me take you to a higher level of perception now. Folks! there is nothing called as success or failure. Both are just perceptions. It's the way you look at the situation you are in. However there is no other bigger mistake than not starting your work towards what you want to accomplish just because of fear. Face the fear and mail your feedback on

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