Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Not interested but compulsory

I have met a lot of people who say that they are not interested in doing certain things but are forced by their parents, relatives or society to do the same. Especially coming to students, some of them don't like to study. Some employees don't like to do the work and follow the rules of the company. Lack of interest coupled with forced implementation is just lengthening the gap between the work and the people. I am damn sure that each of us are committed to something that we have no interest to do. So how do we deal with this?

Let's accept that the world doesn't run on our words. There is a structure that has been established by many civilizations through decades of decades where all of us have landed up in. I haven't heard of any person who has proclaimed that he is very interested and passionate about brushing his teeth and taking bath everyday. Still we do these 2 activities no matter how difficult or boring they are. {I really pity those people who surround the specimens who don't perform even these 2 basic essentials}. Coming back to the point of interest in the work that we do, let me not inhibit from claiming that not every work is interesting. It's upto the person who is entrusted with the work to perform the work with complete interest in it. When certain work is compulsory and you can't escape from it then it's good to do it. Even more better is to generate and vest some interest in it and doing it.

If you like sweets you can't keep eating them daily because very soon you will get bored of it. There should be other spicy and sour food that you must taste in between so that you completely rejoice the sweet once again. Same case with the work. Complete the work that's compulsory and once you have done it you will be filled with double the interest to work on your passion. Completion of any form of work is what that gives the ultimate satisfaction to human life. I have completed my work of blogging, can you complete your work of writing a feedback how much ever disinterested you are about that on is.mohanbn@gmail.com


  1. what you say is so true it always happens with me.. but as you have already said, i complete the boring part as early as possible and do with joy the thing i like to do the most... :)