Monday, November 12, 2012

Every pie counts

Financial crunch is the best time to teach the value of each and every pie left in your pocket. Unfortunately today's generation has been cursed from understanding the value of each pie courtesy the pampering parents who want to provide the best life for their children. I remember this famous incident which repeated in two entirely different places. When a small kid of age around 14 was asked as to what would he do if he got hundred rupees from his father, he replied that he would party with his friends. When asked what would he do with the same hundred rupees if he earned it from his own efforts, he replied instantly that he would save it.

The value of money is known to the one who earns it by him/herself. Just think of those poor people who earn their food only by the daily wages they earn. If a day goes without work they have to go without food. They don't have the choice of choosing the tastiest food out of the umpteen choices available. They can only afford what can fill their stomach at the lowest cost. They clearly understand that every pie counts. Not just them even the people who jump into the field of business and entrepreneurship also learn the same lesson repeatedly. A job may give you the necessary income of constant flow irrespective of whether you like or dislike the work. Unfortunately 'every dream counts' is the lesson that majority of the job-goers fail to realise. However when you are in business you are the owner of your time and money and no one else is their to guide you or push you in this regard. You have to choose wisely on how you spend or invest each of the two. That is when you realise that every pie/second counts.

The lavish lifestyle shown on movies and the company of few rich brats have unfortunately spoilt the young minds who fail to recognise the value of each hard-earned pie of their parents. Some children take it for granted that parents are there only to spend on them and suffer due to this mindset when they grow up. IS THERE A SOLUTION FOR THIS?
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