Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fun, Work, recreation- All need time

Childhood days were the happiest is what most of them regard as. The reason being there was play everyday and the only work was homework. Recreation was something which we hadn't even had heard of in those days of enjoyment. Work was divided exactly into homework everyday and preparation for tests and exams at the time required. Winter holidays, summer holidays, Christmas holidays, Dussera holidays and so on formed the best times for our trips and recreation. We knew really well as to when to play, when to work and when to rest. But what's happening with the current generation?
Today, you will find so many people working in offices but sad that they are unable to enjoy life while at the same time you will even find people who will be on vacation but will be complaining about loads of work at office and insufficient salary. People think about work while having fun and worry about not having fun while working. They want to take rest during office hours but can't sleep at night since they haven't completed the office work. Earning money and satisfying all the desires and deadlines are mounting pressure on people's heads day by day. At any point while you are at work someone else will be on vacation or at play, while you are playing someone else is bound to be working which is a universal fact. Groupism forces people to do what their peers are doing and the moment one finds him/herself in a different sect than the peers, jealousy and dissatisfaction start to eat away the mental energy and time.

Friends! life is supposed to be an amalgamation of all these three entities- fun, work and recreation. You can't keep working all the time, you can't keep playing all the time, you can't keep resting all the time. So plan and divide your time as to what to do at what time. When you plan your time like this, you are not bothered about what others are doing because you know for sure as to where you are heading. Work excites the brain, fun satisfies the heart while recreation rejuvinates the soul. Keep pouring your feedback on

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