Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What is more precious than time?

This was the question on which I had pondered over time and again. Time is one thing which is completely not under our control. By the time you read these sentences probably five seconds have gone by. Everyone of us know it very clearly that our time on this earth is limited. No one has ever lived on forever. Inspite of knowing this truth we waste the precious time that's blessed upon us. I just feel that Shiv Khera is coming to slap me to remind how time is very important when he writes in his book 'You Can Sell' that it doesn't require a master degree to understand that time is precious enough not to be wasted. I don't have to say anything beyond this to emphasize the value of time. Then what is the answer for the question in the title of the blog?

The answer is your mental energy. We humans possess different kinds of energies such as physical energy, mental energy, spiritual energy and emotional energy. Here I would like to touch the topic of only mental energy because that is the one which keeps working continuously non-stop. The human mind can never stop thinking. Thoughts keep jumping from one nerve to the other continuously. Probably you are imaging the picture of the brain while reading this. That fast is the power of our mental energy. No doubt that in our daily life we come across challenging situations. Some might see them as irritating scenarios as well. The moment you take something as a challenge your mental energy works to find solutions but if you view it from the negative perspective your mental energy gets wasted in thinking about why it happened only to you, why is it so worse and so on. For example, I was just observing the people in a cab while leaving the office. There was a delay of two mintues since all cabs came to the exit at the same time and people started scolding the situation. Further the driver took a wrong route by mistake due to which the cab was held up in a signal for two extra minutes and people in the cab were pissed off. Guys come on! mistakes keep happening. Lets really worry when the mistake is big enough to make a huge impact. If its a small one which won't affect you and which will get resolved within few minutes then why the hell do you have to worry about it so much. Calm down people. These petty things are too tiny to seek the attention of our precious mental energy which can think and plan about big inventions and discoveries. Let's not heed to these unnecessary tensions.

Your mental energy should be focused on thinking positive things that can help your development and the same of the world. Probably even if you waste time playing or relaxing a bit extra you can catch up by using your mental energy in the highest efficient state possible to cover up for the lost time but on the other hand if you waste your mental energy on unnecessary silly things the trauma of it just continues to spoil the mental energy and time further. In a way you lose both mental energy and time. So program your mind in such a way that it doesn't respond to small minor distractions or distrubances rather is more focused towards your goals and dreams.
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  1. You touched the most complex imaginary and infinite possible topic.
    Handled very well in the simplistic manner.
    Appreciate the simplicity in the narration.