Monday, July 16, 2012

Walk Jog Run Sprint Bolt

This was a quote on a T-shirt that I observed in the gym. Initially at the first reading I couldn't understand it then I realised that these were the measures of our pace of movement and in that category Usain Bolt had achieved so much that his name was also included in the measuring scale metrics. For the benefit of my dear reader I would like to let you know that Usain Bolt has been one of the fastest men on this earth winning many competitions in running sports. You normally jog faster than you walk, you run faster than you jog, you sprint faster than you run and if you are ahead of the speed of sprint then you are in the Bolt category. This is what the title symbolizes.

While thinking about this topic I just saw around how lethargic the world was. People are walking slowly, someone is sipping the coffee at the rate of 20 seconds per sip, some are working so patiently that the work itself would get bored to be completed. Just observe the scene around you friends. You can see how slow things are moving. The construction projects taken up by government take years to get complete, the plans set up for development of the common man take ages to get implemented and so on and so forth. Infact when I observe myself when there is no pressure I just take all the time in the world to finish the task. Have you been through those fabulous experiences of having delicious lunch for more than an hour? If you can just collect all these scenes in your mind together and press the fast forward button you can watch how funny it would be. No wonder on the other hand that the tasks would get over so soon that you would have enough time left to rejoice other things of life. I agree that there are certain moments that we must savour with the highest patience and time but for all other things I think having pace is a good advantage.

Just remember friends, that we we don't have time for eternal with us. All of us have limited amount of time vested into our life by the Almighty. How much we make use of it is what counts at the end of the life. Every second that you give extra to a task is your denial of that extra second to another task. If you can walk a bit faster to save few seconds, if you can read a bit faster to save few minutes, if you can work a bit faster to save few hours, if you can think to plan a bit faster to save few days probably you would end up saving few extra years of your life which can be invested in a lot of other productive activities. Your time starts now!

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  1. Good one.... Very true.... Hani hani seridare halla.... Ade tara kshana kshana seridare gantegalu.....

  2. Wonderful Santhosh! The best simile stated