Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Right Time

Knowledge is in abundance around us. Lessons are in million numbers. Theories and agendas are running pages together in books lying in the libraries. Immemse wisdom circulates through the brains of highly intellectual people whom we are surrounded with. Stories of rags to riches and solutions for all problems in the world are printed and picturised in movies. Yet not even a single person on this earth knows every lesson of life or every solution to a problem. The reason is not just because the information world is vast. The reason is also that the discovery of a solution happens only when the person faces the problem.

'Necessity is the mother of all inventions'. This quote is so famous that even a school going child knows this. The reason for every invention that has happened was the necessity of it that demanded the invention to happen. Bringing this concept at the individualistic level, everyone of us learn new lessons and find solutions to problems only when we require it. It all happens at the right time. Sometimes we feel that we know the answers for certain questions posed by life but later we realise how cliched our answers were when we really face these questions in life. Very few among us actually put an effort to learn solutions even before the problem occurs. Most of us search for solutions only when the problem occurs. Probably this is the law of nature as the first statement of this paragraph says. I am not inclined towards whether you find the solution before or at the time of the problem because I believe in either case solution works only when the problem occurs. Therefore I am fine as long as you find the solution.

Its always necessary as human beings that we grow in our wisdom and intellect day by day. But we know that this growth happens only when we start learning new lessons and solutions to new problems. New questions and problems arise only when you start venturing into new activities and new information. Hence I would recommend my dear reader to expand your horizons of learning and increase your areas of interest so that you get a chance to learn as much as possible and also exercise your skills in every direction because we know that the learning will happen at the right time when you encounter the situation that demands.
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