Saturday, July 21, 2012

Maintain distance

The world is in itself a family and all of us belong to that. All of us have to gel with each other and cooperate to make the world a happy place to dwell in. Humans should not allow their ego to come in between relationships and make the best use of different talents of different people to yield the best positive results to the team. Every moment of our life we keep interacting with one or the other person either directly or indirectly as man is a social being. During these interactions our relationship grows to different extents with different people. So what is the extent to which another person can interact with us or to what extent can we take the other person for granted is dependent on the distance that's maintained between us.

In case of a stranger, the distance is just infinite because neither you nor the stranger interact with each other. In case of parents or spouse, I feel its the shortest distance that can be maintained in life which tends to zero. In case of relatives, friends and colleagues this distance between you and them takes different sizes. Its very important for us to understand that we can't be close to everyone like that of a family. So there should be some extent of limitation for any kind of relationship outside family. Neither can you take anyone for granted nor should you allow anyone to take you for granted. Always keep your mind clear enough to recognise when either of you are crossing the boundaries. In case of any relationship it is necessary for you to clearly understand what is the respect and dignity that needs to be exchanged between the two of you. Sometimes either we get too harsh to enter the personal space of someone else or on the other hand we become too modest to allow the other person to intrude into our personal space. Just make sure that you alert yourself when you get into any of these scenarios. If its the first case, please don't have the ego to apologise to the other person for stepping a bit extra and if its the second case, inform the other person in gentle words that he/she is crossing his/her limits. Else the relationship is going to ruin one step ahead for sure.

I wanted to narrate some personal experiences in this blog but have avoided it only because my reader shouldn't get influenced by them. Everyone has self-respect and love for one's own interests in this world. At anytime a comment on it by an outsider always hurts. I feel in this world people are killed more by words rather than bombs or swords or guns. Let's spread smile and sweet feelings all around us by maintaining proper distance. Please feel free to share your feedback on


  1. I have two questions sir.
    1. When Gentle Words is not understood and keep Crossing the Limit?
    2. When Apology is not accepted?

  2. First of all thank you Mr.Anil Kumar KN for not just stopping at the end of reading but also questioning. Below are the answers for you;
    A1. When gentle words are not understood, just make sure to clearly explain where exactly the other person is crossing the limits and do tell him/her that's hurting you and if it's continuing just cut off the interaction because there's no point being too lenient to the one who doesn't understand even after clearly explaining.
    A2. When apology is not accepted you just don't have to worry because the ball is the other person's court as soon as you genuinely apologise and not repeat the same. No point wasting one's time convincing someone else about your apology. Clear your mind of the issue and move on with other work. Now or later the person will realise th truth of your apology