Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Look in for your advantage

"Work is the second name of Life" says Sujit Lalwani, well reknowned inspirational speaker. If so, no doubt that every moment of life we are doing some or the other work. Sometimes might be because of our very own personal interest or sometimes because someone else has forced us to do it. Whether we accept or not everyone of us is bound to work to have a life. The only choice here is what kind of work you would love to do. Would you be happy only if you get to do the work that you like to do? Are we really sure that we know the work which we would love to do forever in life? These are some of the questions I would like you to ponder over as I share my experience with you in next few minutes.

"Unceratinty is the other name of Life" I say. You never know when God throws a challenge upon you. You can just escape it and lose the experience of it or you might just want to catch it to gain the advantage of it. Beware! God keeps throwing one after the another. Its your choice whether to catch or miss it. I have observed many times that whenever a tough task is assigned to anyone the first reaction is that of frustration in most of the cases barring a few exceptions. Some cases it might even end up in rejection of taking up the task. The prominent reason for these frustration and rejection is the fear of deadline and the lack of willingness to put in extra efforts. If there's no deadline then there is no point in doing anything in life. Infact even Life itself is not spared from not having a deadline. At these instances either people try to put the task on someone else's shoulders or start giving silly reasons even before starting the task as to why it can't be completed. This seems more like a negative approach to me. This is where I say "Look in for your advantage".

No doubt that whenever there's a challenging new task you are bound to learn something new. Learning new means growth in life. When 'Growth' itself is the synonym for 'Life' as stated by Sri. Sumit Lalwani, why not take up the new task? The tougher the task the more you will learn for sure. Coming to the point of fear of deadline, when you know you have put in your hundred percent efforts to the maximum extent possible, you would have definitely made progress in the task if not solved it completely. Everyone around you would be sane enough to understand it if explained with proper proofs. You might not have found a solution to the problem at hand but you would have atleast found 'n' number of improper ways which won't yield the result intended similar to the story of Thomas Alva Edison. Sometimes we would have underestimated our own capacity. You might just finish off the task almost in half the time than that given to you. You know about your performance only when you perform not by just speculating it.

In any work or task or challenge or problem you are offered look in for your advantage. More than worrying about what benefit the task has for anyone else look in for what it has to offer you might be knowledge or experience or fine tuning of your performance. I would like to conclude this topic by the famous quote of the young energetic speaker Sujit Lalwani - "When you love something do it, when you don't love someting don't do it but whenever you are doing something, better love it".

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  1. Mr. Mohan BN, your blogs are just getting deeper & deeper in their depths! Amazing..

    1. Thanks a lot sir. I just feel experience when expressed becomes blogs.