Monday, June 04, 2012

Ladies! Learnt a lot from you

This blog is a complete dedication to all those beautiful girls, ladies and women who have made this earth a better place to live in. Before starting off with this post my mind was in a dilemma whether to take up this topic or not. I was quite unsure about my preparation on writing this blog. Also there was a small inhibition that friends might tease reading the title itself but then I thought to myself that this topic has been running on the mind quite often. Either today or some other day I will have to put it into words and I chose TODAY itself because I remembered that as soon as I woke up today the first face I saw was that of my mother's. Everyone of us have been lucky enough to see unknown face of God in our mother's heart. Neither me nor anyone in this world can prove if any love is bigger than the love of a mother for her children. Well! God didn't stop at one. He knew that there was a requirement of lot more of these fabulous females to look after these menacing males. So He also blessed us with sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmothers and friends who are girls(I know I couldn't have used the short form here because you might just take me wrong).

I think while God designed men, He introduced lot of functionalities that they could perform various amount of vareity of functions but didn't give much importance to UI(User Interface). As a reason though lots get done inside the output shows to be very plain like the initially designed operating systems of the world. If you are not a techie I would make this simple saying that men are really low on expressing themselves and their emotions. Anyways they are still better than a stone. But later God realised the error in the early design and made sure that the best form of display with all the best functionalities was introduced while creating females like that of Samsung Galaxy S3 which has the tagline - "Designed for humans". I think females were created with a tagline - "Designed for mans"(I apologise for the spelling mistake). Trust me girls! We need you. Men by themselves are not capable enough to extract their full potential. We need you to be not just behind us but along with us because you are the powerhouse of inspiration. Men can create anything but women will be the ones who will fill life into the creation.

Like most men even I grew up from being a boy into a man. In the process I was forced to think that I was no more a small kid but a grown up who should always be seriously focused on work and work more on logic than feelings. Thanks to the Almighty that this misconception was broken soon. I must confess here that when I used to see girls around who were grown up still behaving as kids I used to get irritated. I would take it as rather childish than childlike. But as time progressed when I saw the same girls taking up serious decisions of life for themselves and for their families I had to admit that I was a fool to think they were kiddish. They had really grown far more than I had imagined. That was the time when I learnt that you don't have to be really serious all the time just because you are no more a teenager. No one on this earth has ever defined how a child should behave and how an adult should behave. Its all influenced by the society we live in. Its time to change guys. In childhood we were lot more happy because we enjoyed every small thing of life. We didn't need a Samsung Galaxy S3 alone to be happy. We could be happy with just a chocolate a day. Might be we guys forgot but thanks to these marvellous ladies who never let go off the child within them.

Ladies are special. They get happy when you buy them a rose a day rather than a rose garden after ten years. They value precious moments of life like the first time you met them, the first time you called them, the first time you went out for a movie, the first gift you presented them etc. We guys are sometimes really low on memory(manufacturing defect) that we forget these precious moments but remember the score of Sachin in Sharjah Cup. Ladies know the right time for fun and the right time to be serious. Your spouse or girlfriend would enjoy the bike ride with you more than a ride in Mercedes Benz driven by a driver just because you bought it to enhance your prestige in the soceity. They would love to get wished from you first than anyone else on their birthday. I used to think that whistling was a bad manner but offlate realised that girls enjoyed it when done in the right manner. They love to get impressed, impress them you boys.

Well before I conclude I would like to thank every woman on this earth for having been such a strong support for us. Might be if not for Smt. Sudha Murthy we would have never seen Infosys or Sri. NarayanMurthy. If not for our mothers we would have never been the sane guys that we are today. As the old adage says home is the first school and mother is the first teacher, indeed ladies are the strongest support to hold families together. Thank you once again ladies! I have really learnt a lot from you.

Its easier to find out the footsteps of fish in water than to understand whats going on in a girl's heart. Well! guys haven't grown to that level still. Keep teaching us ladies. Indeed I have learnt a lot from you.

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  1. article looks ok. but why shoukd girls support u for realising ur potential. u should actually support them to achieve what they want. i dont understand why women should be behind or along with men and support men. girls have their own ambitions. we should support that first.

    1. First of all thanks a lot Rajendra for your interest in reading the post and commenting on that.
      No doubt that we should support women to help them achieve their dreams. We must do it.
      Coming to the question of why we need their support? This is purely based on the individualistic opinions. From my experience I have found that when there is a woman to give the moral or emotional or any kind of support it always yields in great results than mere good results. This woman can be mother or wife or just a friend and also we cannot deny that a woman bears the highest responsibility to run a family and being the best homemaker is one of the greatest support a woman can provide a man with.