Friday, June 15, 2012

Frustration means Fluctuation

Everyone of us are ruled by these non-physical entities called as emotions. Our moods vary from time to time. No doubt that with great efforts and continuous training of the mind we can reach the level of being stable irrespective of the mood variations but this is not at all a simple task. Also not everyone will be able to achieve it. Even the best who were believed to have the highest control over their feelings had to surrender to the same at times. Lot of things result in the emotions that we emote. The surrounding circumstances, our perception towards situations, our very own health conditions etc culminate together to result in the emotions that at times take complete control over us and our decisions and hence actions.

In this particular blog I am taking up the topic of 'Frustration'. Probably everyone on this planet have gone through this state of mind. Might be sometimes even God gets frustrated watching the things that humans are doing. In general, people have an expectation set against the work they do, the treatment they get from peers and family and lots more. Whenever these expectations are not met there sets in frustration. The worst part of frustration is the resultant of it. When we get frustrated we make some of the most nonsense decisions possible which might later cause trouble not just to us but even others for which we regret later. Frustration sets in when our earlier logic is disproved. Human mind is very good in logically analysing what has happened than in forecasting what can happen. So when the mind sees that what it had planned to happen doesn't match with what has happened, it can't digest it and hence puts us into confusion because the mind can't accept that it's logic can go wrong. By the time the mind understands the situation the emotion that settles in us is frustration. We get into a dilemma about our own decisions. This is what I call as fluctuations. So frustration means fluctuation. So how do we resolve this?

When a mathematical problem is given to you to solve without sufficient data obviously you cannot find out one perfect solution for it. In the same way when mind doesn't have all the information it needs to analyse something it gets confused. This is what happens during frustration. Obviously its difficult to stop the frustration from getting in but it definitely is possible to ward it away soon enough. The moment you get a hint that your mind has too many random thoughts running and you can't take your next step immediately take a sheet of paper and start writing down whatever is running in your mind. This will be the best way to put down valid thoughts on paper and mind gets rid of unnecessary ones and starts focusing on writing. Thus you make the mind free from confusion. Once you have written down all possible information, think over about your goal and what might have missed to reach it because of which you got frustrated. Add that and setup the next action plan. The main part here is to bring back the mind from jittering condition to stable condition to think.

Try this method the next time you get frustrated and let me know your feedback on

I just hope you don't get frustrated ever!

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