Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rules in Life aren't Laws of Life

Every now and then in our day to day activities we see rules before proceeding. We follow certain rules and we break some. Knowingly or unknowingly some rules are designed to cause more trouble than to provide any good. Some of us formulate our entire life around these rules but get entagled in the spider web whereas some break the rules, go beyond them and either get penalised or successful. Its quite a contradiction that sometimes you win only by breaking the rules.

Having a one-way is the rule of traffic, but when an ambulance is having a patient this rule can be broken because the Law of life is to live, not to die because of the rule. While signing a contract a person can dedicate his time and efforts for the work as mentioned in the rules of the agreement but he need not dedicate his life for money as it is against the Law of life itself. Life is much bigger than money. Strictest of the rules are broken during the 2 most important phases of life as engraved in the writing "Everything is fair in LOVE and WAR"  because rules were meant to be broken infront of the Laws of life.

There is a big challenge to the framers and followers of rules because rules have their own dimensions to operate within. Once the boundaries of caste, religion, state and colour are crossed even the most followed rules become completely invalid when they are found to intimidate the Laws of life which are happiness, love and satisfaction. I would definitely recommend you to follow the rules but be cautious of not ignoring the laws of humanity in the process. Depending on the situation, certain rules can be ammended in order to safeguard the laws of mankind.

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