Saturday, August 02, 2014

Old lessons die hard

Recently while speaking to one of the students I came across one of the most important lessons of life, and that was 'Hard work is the route to success'. The student came up saying that in today's world, hard work doesn't yield anything. If that was the case then donkey would have been the most rewarded animal. Hence smart work is the trend of the modern world. Only smart work leads to success. That is where I was trying to find out how come a lesson that stood firm and true for 20 centuries suddenly was failing in the 21st century. The Laws of Science haven't failed till date and I was only wondering how Laws of Success could fail.

Today, people are searching for new reasons which are stopping them to reach their goals or others expectations from them. Hence they wish to disprove every existing theory that leads to success. A simple example of this is what I have presented above. One of the proverbs that always comes back to my mind is, 'Old is Gold'. One can go around and ask all the successful people around about their secrets of success. All of them shall share the same old lessons on hard work, passion, commitment etc. For example, Sachin Tendulkar is known for his patience, consistency, passion for Cricket, hardworking nature and other positive qualities. Shah Rukh Khan also expresses the same attributes that have led him to success in the cinema industry. Even the Ambanis from the business field exhibit the same positive qualities like commitment, love for people, perseverance etc which make them the undoubted Lords of different businesses. No matter which field you are in you can always achieve pinnacle in that field through the same old dedication, discipline and devotion which have been taught to us by our parents, elders and teachers from time immemorial. There is no point in searching for new ways to achieve your dreams. Follow the age old proven principles of success and excellence shall be your present.

Excuses and success don't go hand in hand. There is no point in debating about why a particular rule cannot apply to you which has applied to a lot many achievers. You don't even need to know all the Laws of Success to bring life to all your dreams and passions. You just need to know many, understand some, adopt few and implement one. One such lesson is more than powerful to help you connect to your dreams in reality. A single lesson realised and inculcated in life is much better than a million lessons learnt and forgotten to remember.

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